Hairstyles for curly hair: restore order curly head

Hairstyles for curly hairCurly hair definitely attached
girls charming and romantic look. But at the same time, they
deliver and a lot of problems to their owners. And one of them is
hairstyle. How to make the right choice hairstyles for curly hair,
which will simplify their styling and make care easy?

It is this question often tormented by curly beauties.

Due to its structure, curly hair is dry along its entire length.
and sometimes (rarely) fatty at the roots.

They are pushed, tangled, difficult to comb and almost not
stacked. On the head of a curly girl is always “artistic
mess. “But with proper care it is possible to achieve neatly
curly curls that will please his mistress and fascinate

A few care tips

In order to choose a hairstyle that suits your image,
it is necessary to study the structure of the hair, the degree of its spring and
curl shape. It would be great if your hair got into
hands to a professional who knows a lot about curls.

To prepare curly hair for styling, it is necessary
use the basic rules of care:

  • After washing, wrap the hair with a towel, do not rub it, but simply
    blot gently;
  • dry preferably in a natural way. If you use a hair dryer
    for drying, use a diffuser. Hot air in this
    the nozzle turns into a diffused warm one and it allows you to safely
    dry hair.
  • shape the curls from the still wet hair, kill
    invisible. After drying you will get structural
  • The easiest styling – braid braids on wet curly
    hair. When your hair is dry, your curls will take a natural

Haircuts for short and long curls

Haircut bob – the most convenient for short and medium curls. To
kept the shape of hair, you need to visit often enough
hairdresser. The “kinky” bob fits oval, stretched and
square face shapes. To the round and heart-shaped face this haircut
will not work. If you choose a short haircut, remember that
short hair more curly, it is difficult to put and keep their shape

Growing out, hair is slightly straightened by its weight and
become more obedient – the hairstyle looks neater. but
without styling is also not enough. Owners of long curly
curls opens the possibility to create romantic hairstyles with
braids and curls.

Cascading haircuts also perfectly preserve the shape of hair.
A uniform volume of curls is ideal for girls with round
the face. For older women, you can add a bang “feathers.” Such
hairstyle does not require complicated styling and at any time going to
tail or bunch.

Wavy hairstyles

Feminine, sexy and at the same time innocent hairstyle,
when curls are laid on one side, it is not difficult in its creation, but
very spectacular. It is perfect for a wedding dress or
graduation party This hairstyle gets special chic with a dress,
opening shoulders. If you finish the image with elongated graceful
earrings, rest assured: the surrounding will not be able to take from you

Bangs – the perfect way to liven up a simple hairstyle.
The owners of curls are afraid to do bangs, as she immediately
begins to “live your own life”: scroll in different directions or
fit into intricate shapes. But if the bang is taken
a professional, he can find a “common language” with her.

It is possible to straighten a bang by the iron or a round hair dryer comb
using styling products, as well as winding on curlers.

And the option when combing curls with a nice straight bang will give
amazing result for those who want to decorate their appearance with stylish
and fashionable hairdo.

Spit – the most beautiful type of styling, which allows you to do
tidy head and remove hair from face. “French” braids, pigtails
with elongated strands, cascading braids with loose curls – this
ideal options that look very beautiful exactly on
curly hair. Try to weave more tightly to tame

Pigtails on curly hair always look gorgeous.
“Basket” is another everyday variant of charming
image. She will give you helplessness and femininity. Wonderful
held during the day, collected hair creates an “order” on
head. The disadvantage of this hairstyle is that it is difficult to make
the most.

Various bundles of hair, fixed decorative
accessories are hairstyles that you can quickly build for
festive evening.

If you learn to properly care for your curls and
will pick the right hairstyle, you will always be great
look and admire others.

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