Hairstyles for girls in the garden: 15 ideas for each day

girl with tailsThe little princess deserves to
have a beautiful hairstyle, and for this not necessarily everyone
day run to the hairdresser.

Hairstyles can be comfortable and original for both long and
short hair

Knowing just a few simple techniques, you can easily and
quickly create a masterpiece on a charming head favorite

  • 1 Fast, comfortable, reliable. Requirements for children
  • 2 7 ideas for long hair
    • 2.1 French “reverse” braids with braids
    • 2.2 Two beams
    • 2.3 Sheaf and braids
    • 2.4 Free light bundle
    • 2.5 Ponytails
    • 2.6 Hairstyles with elastics
    • 2.7 Malvinka
  • 3 5 ideas for medium length hair
    • 3.1 Little Dragon
    • 3.2 Ponytails with rubber bands
    • 3.3 Malvinka with rubbers
    • 3.4 Weaving of braids
  • 4 hairstyles for short hair
    • 4.1 Hairpins and rims
    • 4.2 Ponytails and bows

Fast, comfortable, reliable. Requirements for children’s styling

Morning fees can be enjoyable if they do not deliver
none of the family members are uncomfortable and do not take much time. TO
Moreover, the little fidget is unlikely to want to sit still
for a long time while mom fixes her curls in a complicated set.

ponytails with elasticsDuring the day, children’s hairstyle a lot
times tested for strength: the child puts on a hat, fits
sleep in the “quiet time”, participates in active games and activities
physical education.

It is also worth listening to the wishes of the young fashionista, at the end
all, this is her hairstyle!

Based on the above, the conclusion suggests itself that the hairstyle
girls should be:

  • Quick and easy to perform;
  • Convenient and comfortable;
  • Resistant to any manipulation;
  • Beautiful

Depending on the length and condition of the baby’s hair, you can choose
the best option from several hairstyles for a whole week, where
the image of a little fashionista will be every day

It is important not to overload hairstyles for girls in
kindergarten iron and plastic barrettes, they are solid and
may interfere with the child during the “quiet hour” or under the cap. It is better
use soft rubber bands – they are much safer and
more comfortable.

7 ideas for long hair

The length of the hair of a little princess will allow her mom to come to
the process is creative, of which you can weave braids, put strands in
intricate bunches and tails.

French “reverse” braids with braids

Boring habitual braids are gone. Modern
ladies prefer French braids and weaving
from a variety of strands.

French reverse braids

Consider how the reverse French braid is woven.

  • Hair combed with a massage brush;
  • We separate part of the strands from the forehead (or immediately after bangs);
  • We distribute them into three identical strands;
  • During the weaving of the right and left strands we start alternately under
  • We take the snakes gradually from the temples and below, we attach them to
    right and left side;
  • When all the hairs from the sides are collected in a common braid, we continue
    weaving to the desired length;
  • Fix the tail with a rubber band.

As an option, the braid can be woven not in the middle of the head, but closer to
edge of the face or in a circle. In this case, weaving begins at the temple,
gradually going down to the opposite ear and below.

It is possible to finish weaving not only habitual for a pigtail
a ponytail, but also a flower formed from hair. You can weave in
Spit tapes in a variety of ways, as in the photo:

braids with braids

You can first part and weave each half
separately in the same way as described above.

Get two French braids. For bulk is recommended when
weaving slightly stretching spikelets spit to the sides, as in this

Two bunches

girls with two bunches

  • Combing hair;
  • Parting is done, each half is tied in
  • Each tail braids;
  • Wrap the braids around the base of the tails;
  • Hairpins or invisible fix hair.

This is the beauty that results from:

two bunches of braids

To make the beams quite voluminous, you can decorate
piles of rubber bands or rubber bands with artificial

It may be even easier to make bunches not from braids, but from

two bundles of bundles

Bundle and tresses

This hairstyle is perfect for kindergarten, classes
dancing and gymnastics.

  • High quality combing hair;
  • Parting from one to the other ear closer to the back of the head;
  • The upper part is temporarily fixed with a rubber band or clip;
  • From the bottom of the hair do the tail and also fix
    elastic band;
  • We twist the resulting tail into a bundle, and lay it in a circle in
    a handful;
  • We fasten the studs;
  • We dismiss the hairs fixed on top and do it at will.
    straight or side parting;
  • The strand on the right side of the parting is divided into three parts and weave
    braid with ploddings;
  • Fix the tip of the pigtail with a rubber band;
  • We perform the same manipulations with the hair of the left side;
  • The resulting two pigtails are wrapped around the bundle;
  • Fix the ends of the braids with studs.

beam and braids

Tip: new hairstyles are better to practice doing
in advance in your free time. So you can avoid the hassle and haste
during the morning kindergarten fees.

Free light bundle

  • Combing hair;
  • We form a “horse” tail, fixing a rubber band;
  • Fold the tail in half, and re-fasten with a rubber
  • Stretch the resulting loop and;
  • The remaining strands are twisted around the beam;
  • The tip is decorated with a beautiful hairpin or pins.


This is the simplest and most popular hairstyle. To long hair not
disturbed, it is convenient to braid a part of them in braids, and to let the tips out into

It is very easy to make a tail with knots, as in this photo:

tail and pigtails

The parting “zigzag” will add originality to an image of the young woman of fashion.

Hairstyles with elastics

Long hair with gum turns into
a real masterpiece of hairdressing.

tail with elastics

To do this, it is enough to connect separate strands with rubber bands, as on
photos, starting from the front and connecting them to each other in
staggered order. This “mesh” looks original and not
requires special skills from mom.

See how easy it is to make such a beautiful haircut:

When creating hairstyles, you can use both colorless and
bright gum.


Festive hairstyles in kindergarten can be loose
hair where the top strands are gathered in a ponytail, bundle, or braided
in braids:

    • Malvinka with a tail. We divide the front part
      hair in half, obtained strands are twisted into bundles or weave
      French braid, connecting at the top of the head with a rubber band.

Malvinka with a tail

    • Malvinka with thin braids. We collect hair with
      forehead and weave two or three pigtails from the temples to the middle of the head.
      We fix the tips with a common elastic band. Experimenting with lugs or
      braiding pigtails, you can get a few more options
      stylish hairstyles.

Malvinka with braids

  • Malvinka with a bundle (or two bundles).
    Part of the hair is collected from the forehead, combed in the tail and fixed
    rubber band. Next, we braid the braid, and wind a pile around the gum.
    Tips to fix, decorate hair with flowers or bright
    hairpin Instead of a pigtail, flagella can be made

Malvinka with bunches

The lower strands will look more elegant if slightly knit them in

Caution: hairstyles for girls every day
It is recommended to do without the use of varnishes and gels, it is permissible to
application only for festive fashion styles where needed
fix curls.

5 ideas for medium length hair

It often happens that a girl’s hair is of medium length or even
long, but with a lot of podvoloskov that and
strive to break out of pigtails.

In this case, additional gum-interceptions that
fix unruly short hairs in her hair.

Little dragon

Literally 3 minutes, several multicolored
gum, and the baby has a new and stylish hairstyle:

  • Hair combed;
  • With your fingers, or using the sharp tip of the comb, in front
    separate the hair strand;
  • Fix the resulting tail with a rubber band at the head itself;
  • Below we pick up part of the hair again, combing the previous one into it.
  • Again, fix the rubber band at the very head;
  • We repeat the manipulations again until all the strands are collected in
    single tail;
  • If the hairs are still above the ears, fix them
    hairpins or invisible;
  • Extreme interception can be decorated with a bow, or as well as
    previous, secure with a rubber band.

dragon of tails

If at the beginning of work on the head to make a central parting and
alternately assemble each half in succession with rubber bands, and
then each “interception” gently stretch your hands, you get
such a hairstyle.

Tails with rubber bands

This hairdressing masterpiece is so simple to perform that
he can handle even dad or older brother!

  • Comb hair with a massage brush;
  • We collect them in the “horse” tail, decorated with an elastic band with
  • Over the entire length of the tail wear gum, observing equal
  • Decorate the tip of this tail with a rubber band with a decoration, as in
    the beginning.

ponytails with elastics

Another simple and fast version of the original nursery.

Malvinka with rezinochkami

malvinki with rubbers

This styling is convenient because the hairs do not climb into the eyes and
baby do not distract her attention.

  • We brush a hair with a massage brush;
  • From front to back, separate the strands from the forehead alternately starting with
    right temple;
  • Each strand is slightly twisted and fastened with a thin


pigtails for medium hairSimple hairstyles for girls easy
do on the basis of braids, varying the number of strands and technique
weaving. Your princess will surely like pigtails

  • Combing hair;
  • We make one or two tails;
  • Fix them with a rubber band and decorate with a hairpin or a bow;
  • The resulting tail is divided into two parts;
  • From each part we take narrow strands from the outer edge;
  • We shift them to the opposite part in the opposite direction;
  • We spin like that to the tip of a pigtail;
  • We fix in the same bow or hairpin as above.

Hairstyles in the garden for every day for girls, with hair length to
the shoulders are easy to make in just a few minutes, and they will look

Hairstyles for short hair

Sometimes mothers start to panic because they believe that with
short hair make a stylish hairstyle for a little
princess will fail.

But this is not the case at all!

Any woman, regardless of age or hair length can
look charming!

Hairpins and rims

The head of the baby will look charming if the hair
just comb and decorate with hairpins or rims.

headbands for short hair

Tails and bows

Even the shortest hair can be easily folded with elastic bands.
intricate pattern.

girl with tails

Even the youngest girls have a natural taste and ambition.
to be beautiful, and this can not be ignored. Help your baby
in this, create a unique image for her by listening to her
wishes, let your princess always feel loved!

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