Hairstyles for girls: interesting ideas for medium hair, 45 photos

Hairstyles for medium hair for girls should be beautiful,
simple, comfortable. Properly laid hair does not climb into the eyes and
mouth, do not interfere with the game, keep an attractive appearance for
all day

Photo 311

  • 1 Hairstyles for girls in kindergarten
  • 2 Hairstyles to school
    • 2.1 Options with tails
    • 2.2 Bedding with elastic bands
    • 2.3 French braid
    • 2.4 Snake
    • 2.5 Children’s bundle
  • 3 Festive hairstyles for girls
    • 3.1 With bows
    • 3.2 Mesh
    • 3.3 Volumetric harnesses
    • 3.4 Accessories

Hairstyles for girls in kindergarten

In kindergarten, kids play a lot, run, go for walks.
Do not use a large number of pins, hairpins in the hair
and other devices that could cause injury.

Lush bows at the age of 5 are also not very practical for
everyday wear. The best hairstyle for little girls –
bright and fun accessories matching clothes: multicolored
soft elastic bands, knitted tapes, headbands. They securely fix
hair does not interfere, effectively complement the everyday suit.

Much depends on the type of hair, face shape and other

  1. Girls with lush thick strands fit braids like in the photo
    below. They can be left free or beautifully fastened around.
  2. Photo 312

  3. Babies with sparse light curls should make tails
    or stab the front of the hair, leaving strands on the back of your head
  4. Photo 313

  5. High forehead requires bangs that can be tamed with
  6. Photo 314

  7. Too narrow a face is easy to expand with tufts or
    braids rolled in the ear zone.
  8. Photo 315

Hairstyles to school

Hairstyles for medium hair for children attending school can
be more strict. Dress code in some schools
excludes loose hair.

Beautiful hairstyles for girls in this case, if it allows
haircut – smooth tails, braids, neat bunches (see photo).
Photo 316

Hair should not fall on the face. Too
long bangs better to comb back and secure stealth to match
hair. So that the strands do not fall out and the hairstyle keeps a neat look,
You can use safe cosmetics based on water:
moisturizing sprays that remove excess static electricity,
structuring mousses and hair gel of medium length.

Variants with tails

Children’s hairstyle for medium hair with their own hands can be
created in just a few minutes. One of the easiest
options – perky tails. So you can lay
curls of any length and texture.

Photo 317

Lush strands trimmed in a straight line, can be assembled into 2 tails,
displaced to the back of the head. Creating them is easy.

Photo 318Clean hair sprayed with a spray that removes
excess static electricity. Then the hair is divided into
direct or oblique parting.

Bangs can be left free or laid on its side, securing a pair
plastic invisible. The remaining hair is divided into 2 equal parts.
Each knotted bulk knit elastic in the tail.

Curls, trimmed with steps, it is difficult to comb at the back of the head. But
This does not mean that tails will have to be abandoned. Interesting
exit – make a few bunches all over his head. Separated by straight
or zigzag parting strands are divided into 4 parts, each
collected in the tail and tied with a rubber band.

Council Tails are better located closer to the temples and
the back of the head, so that when you tilt the head, they do not fall on the face.

Panty liners

With the help of thin rubber bands, you can create an original mesh of
hair. Such hairstyles for girls on medium hair are suitable.
for very thin and soft curls that are difficult to gather in
volumetric tail or braid (photo below). The job will take time and
certain skills, but after a few workouts all
work out.

Photo 319

The essence of styling – the separation of hair into small bunches. Each
secured with a thin knit elastic in the form of a mini-tail.
Neighboring tails are divided in half, parts are connected and also
secured with an elastic band.

The work begins with the top part of the parting and gradually moves forward.
way down. The hair behind the ears and on the back of the head remains free. In detail
look at the video:

The original version is a tail imitating a braid. Create it
very simple. Hair is collected as high as possible at the top and
tied with a bright knit gum.

The same rubber bands are attached every 3 cm, until the end
tail. It is advisable to select accessories to match the suit, hairstyle
will be even more spectacular.

Photo 320

French braid

Universal woven fabric, on the basis of which many are invented
beautiful and simple hairstyles, loved ones and older girls.

Any hair is suitable for her – thick and liquid,
wavy, curly or perfectly straight. Desirable
treat strands with mousse or a moisturizing spray, they will be less
get confused and lie flat.

Photo 321

Hair combed back without parting. Separated at the crown
wide strand, divided into 3 parts and woven into a braid. Through
every 2-3 crossings, locks taken from
left and right temple.

Bringing the braid to the head, you can continue the braid, tie it
rubber band tip. Then the hair is tucked under the braid and
secured with a flat barrette. If desired, the hair on the back of the head can
leave free, tying them in a low tail.

Photo 322


Photo 323Funny snake – a version of the French braid.

The main idea is to keep the braids not in a straight line, but in zigzags.

After starting work, the hairs are taken to join the braid.
not from the temples, but from the top.

At the same time, the line of parting goes horizontally.

It is important to control the tension of the strands, depends on them
accuracy of work.

Council Do not braid braids too tight
This provokes hair loss.

Children’s bundle

Bundles for children are best done without the use of metal studs
and pins. They can fall out and even cause injury.

A simple, practical and safe option – bundles with ribbons.
The hair is divided into several parts, each braided into a simple
braid with the accession of knitted color tape. Braids
tied with a double knot, and then twisted into a tight bundle and
fastened with tape as in the photo:

Photo 324

And in this photo a more complicated bundle in
combination with weaving:

Photo 325

Festive hairstyles for girls

Everyday hairstyles are good for daily trips to school,
kindergarten, on the playground. But there are cases when a girl
wants to be especially beautiful. There are a lot of reasons: matinee, visit
theater, family celebration.

Festive beautiful children’s hairstyles are more
complexity. Allowed loose hair that can
combine with bundles, bundles, braids. For special occasions
straight hair is easy to turn into a shock

Photo 326 It is only necessary to moisten the strands with water or fixing
spray and braid them in thin braids. Then you can go to bed.
In the morning enough braid spit. Small curls can be left
loose, stab into a lush bundle or gather in the tail.

To create large curls should use curlers or
wide curling. Daily hot styling is harmful to children.
hair, but for the holiday you can make an exception.

With bows

Various bows – universal festive
option. The easiest and practical move is to collect
nylon ribbon on a thread, turning it into a magnificent pom-pom.

It remains only to pin it invisible to the finished hairstyle.
Such bows will decorate the base of the braid or tail on the back of your head, you can
attach over the ears, visually expanding too narrow face.
Great variety of options:

Photo 327 Magnificent nylon bows are beautifully combined with
large curls, French or ordinary braids.

Photo 328

A more elegant option – a bow of silk ribbon. He will give
Festive look spit-basket. Make it easy. Hair split
on the side parting, a wide strand of the left ear can be disassembled into 3 parts,
They are joined by a long satin ribbon folded in half.

Weaving is conducted to the right side through the forehead. Every 2
overlapping strands they are joined by free curls, taken from
crown. Photo 329

Pletenka led to the right temple, then through the back of the head
returns to the left ear. The free ends of the tape are threaded through.
the base of the spit and tied into a flat double bow. His middle
can be decorated with light brooch, it will securely fix the knot and not
will give the tape to unleash.

This video details how to weave such
wicker basket:


Photo 330Crochet mesh will give the simplest hairstyle
retro charm.

The hairstyle will turn out not only beautiful, but also very

Netted strands are not knocked out, do not require curling and

On sale you can find original hairpins with large
artificial flower and mesh to match.

Make a festive hairstyle can be a couple of minutes. Enough
comb the strands on the side parting, secure them with a hairpin in a low
tail, and then remove the loose curls in the grid. Will only
make a bang – styling in vintage style is ready.

Bulk harnesses

Photo 331Straight or wavy hair can be laid with
exquisite hairstyle that may seem complicated but
it is executed very quickly. Clean curls sprayed
moisturizing spray.

On the left side of the parting, the triangular strand is separated and twisted.
in a tight harness that is carried to the right.

On the right side of the head, a loose curl joins the harness,
and twisting continues to the left.

Photo 332Reaching the ear, you need to attach to the left
strand. Twisting is zigzagging, gradually included in the work
all hair

Reaching the nape, the remaining strands twist into a common harness,
rolled into a tight bundle and secured with a pin.

Laying can be decorated with a bow, artificial flower or
beautiful hairpin.


For decorating children’s hairstyles you can use reliable
accessories that do not fall out of the package and do not move down from smooth
strands. For strict school hairstyles fit

  • plastic and metal studs with non-sharp tips;
  • large flat hairpins with reliable automatic
  • crab clamps holding short side strands;
  • smooth rims without additional decorative element;
  • thin knit elastic bands in the color of clothes.

Photo 333Children’s hairstyles for girls attending children’s
garden, you can decorate with bright accessories. Hairpins and studs
excluded, preference should be given to soft elastic bands of velvet or
knitwear, non-slip ribbons, soft rims.

For special occasions, hairpins with rhinestones and pearls are suitable,
headbands decorated with ruffles and ruffles, large artificial flowers in
tone of attire.

Council The choice of jewelry depends on the dress. Than
The simpler the dress, the more unusual hair accessories can be.

Children’s hairstyles for medium hair are very simple in design. WITH
work without problems to cope any mom. Add decoration
simple installation will help properly selected accessories. Their
the choice depends on the type of hairstyle, costume, situation and, of course,
personal preferences of the child.

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