Hairstyles for gray hair

Many people perceive the appearance of gray hair as a sign that
old age is coming. But this is not at all the case. Gray hair can
appear even at the age of twenty due to heredity,
stress, poor ecology, poor lifestyle choices. Read more about
what makes gray hair come from and how to beat it.

As a result, the hair loses its coloring pigment melanin,
discolored. And this process is irreversible. But do not panic,
you need to turn gray hair in its zest. This is possible if you learn
to handle gray hair properly.

The best haircuts for gray hair for women

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  • The best haircuts for gray hair for women
  • Short haircuts for gray hair
  • Hairstyles for medium gray hair
  • Haircuts for gray hair in 40, 50, 60 years
  • Hairstyles, contraindicated owners of gray hair
  • Men’s hairstyles for gray hair
  • Nuances of choosing haircuts and hairstyles
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Ash color has long been a fashion trend, even many
stars of show business, cinema, pop music deliberately in whole or in part
“turn gray”. But if it appears gray it is important to know a few nuances.
on creating a hairstyle or choosing a haircut.

Photos of gray celebrities

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Jamie Lee Curtis

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep

Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie

The first thing to understand is gray hair in its structure.
different from color. They are tighter, hollow inside. When laying
or shearing gray strands behave differently, curls bristling in
different sides, which can give untidy hairstyle and

This fact is the reason why gray hair is recommended.
cut short enough. For a short hairstyle is much easier
take care, strands are better to lay and last longer to keep in shape.

! Advice For ladies aged haircuts are more suitable and
hairstyles that distract attention from the neck and decollete where the skin
getting old fast

Short haircuts for gray hair

Your attention 2 excellent options hairstyles for short

“Under the boy”

Haircut does not lose its popularity and attractiveness for
women of twenty and sixty years of age. Classical
option involves the presence of short hair on the back of the head and temples, and
on the top and front of the head they are left a little longer.

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Haircut under the boy on gray hair
Haircut under the boy on gray hair

Haircut “under the boy” fits almost any shape of the face, but
it looks especially fresh on women with round, oval
the face.

Short pixie options

Pixie short hair with short bangs suitable for
oval face shape. If the face is round, it is better to turn
attention to the version with elongated curls at the top

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Haircut with short temples will suit women who have
heart-shaped face. If you put your bang on your side, your face will
seem already.

Hairstyles for medium gray hair

Three hairstyles for medium hair with gray hair, haircuts that
blends beautifully with gray hair, smooths out flaws and
emphasize the dignity.

Pixie elongated

This option is suitable for women with a round and oval face shape.
It assumes the presence of short hair near the ears and longer
along the rest of the haircut perimeter. Pixie with long bangs and
profiled tips will look stylish on women
mature age.

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Extended Pixie
Extended Pixie

You can make a pixie haircut with short hair in the area
a nape, and from above to leave long multilayered locks.


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Kare – a win-win for women with gray 40, 50, 60
years old. It is simple to lay, it is young, the caret can be attached
various forms thanks to what it is possible to change the
image and look new Any woman can pick up
suitable option for haircuts and styling for your type of face and hair.

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A bob with straight edges is suitable for fine hair, and a short
haircut is preferred for curly curls and owners
square or oval face shape.


Bob – this is one of the haircuts, suitable for women over 40, 50 and 60
years old. It is suitable for those who prefer short haircuts and for
curls that lack volume. If the forehead has deep
wrinkles, haircut done with a little bang. Bob is the simplest
haircut that requires minimal care. After shampooing hair
just blow dry.

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Haircut Bob
Haircut Bob
Haircut Bob

There are several options for this haircut, so each
a woman will certainly find her:

  • kinky bob is one of the best haircuts for
    curly hair that does not spoil the gray. She will add charm and
    graceful silver strands;
  • long bob at which the hair is extended to
    the back of the head, suitable for thin wavy curls;
  • a short bob will be an excellent option
    haircuts for wavy hair;
  • bob car is a versatile haircut
    looks good with bangs and without it, on straight and wavy hair,
    fits any face shape. At the top leave the bulk
    hair, elongated strands go down. The transition can be smooth or
    imperceptible. This haircut is popular with women over 40 for its simplicity and
    elegant look. The bob is performed on both short hair and
    Medium length, it always looks neat.

Tip! It should be understood that short haircuts come far
not all mature women. They completely expose the face and neck, and
it means all flaws are revealed. This fact must be taken into account.

For some women, short hair gives youthfulness,
sportiness, and the other deprived of femininity. Short haircuts
suitable for owners of the correct face shape, with gentle

Haircuts for gray hair in 40, 50, 60 years

Today it is fashionable among the stars of Hollywood not to hide their graying
strands, and turn them into a “highlight” of style with the help of hairstyles and
haircuts. Now women over 40 often prefer not
use paint to hide gray hair. And looking at Meryl Streep, Helen
Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis can be quite firmly stated that gray hair
looks quite sexy. In addition, the paint can damage
hair, then natural remedies can help.
gray and henna and basmo coloring excellent and safe

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But to look stylish, having graying curls, you need to be able to
treat them correctly. Here are three tips from professional
stylists, for women over 40 who will help mature women
with gray curls to be always in trend:

  1. Prefer short haircuts or

Ladies over 40 are better off choosing medium length haircuts or
short Just take care of them, they keep their shape perfectly.
Long gray strands visually add age or even
turn into an old lady. If the spit to the waist is pride, then you can
make curls of different lengths so that they do not lie monotonous
by weight.

  1. Make a bright accent on make-up.

Eyes failed, long eyelashes, clear eyebrow contour,
sensual juicy lips – all this perfectly compensates for the lack
melanin in the hair and create a bright, contrasting image.

  1. Do not forget about hair care.

To the haircut and hairstyle on the gray hair looked fresh and
stylish, you need to remember that they need special care. Gray hair
it does not appear just like that, it signals the loss of pigment
melanin, moisture. Moisturizing oil should be used to reduce
hair stiffness, special shampoo for gray hair with
tinting effect that will help prevent them

IMPORTANT! The best hairstyle is the one that suits the character,
temperament and fits the shape of the face. From a huge amount
haircuts and hairstyles for gray-haired women, you can choose the option
which will reflect the corporate identity corresponding
preferences in clothing and lifestyle.

Hairstyles, contraindicated owners of gray hair

There are several options for hairstyles and haircuts for gray-haired
curls, in relation to which stylists and hairdressers
There are opposing views:

  1. Long gray hair.

Gray Long Hair

Some stylists consider it not only not beautiful, but even
frightening, both straight and curly. Other
are of the opinion that it is, on the contrary, luxurious and bold. Here
each person is free to decide for himself, to keep gray hair long,
choose another haircut shorter or paint curls in natural
Colour. On the coloring of gray hair, read our special article. Besides
a very popular solution is to highlight gray
hair or coloring.

  1. A bunch.

Gray hair bundle

This hairstyle itself adds even to young girls.
some years. And if the bun is made by a mature woman with gray hair
hair, then she visually turn into an old woman, which is unlikely
someone like it.

  1. Braids.

Gray hair braids

Not the best hairstyle for gray hair. Spit, and even more so
pigtails, traditionally cause association with young girls or
girls schoolgirls. And they can not be combined with silver
tinged curls.

Thus, women with gray hair have several
options to create a unique style without changing the hair color.
Proper haircut, well-chosen hairstyle, styling,
suitable for the type of person will help to look elegant and elegant.

Men’s hairstyles for gray hair

Gray hair adorns the men. She commands respect. At sight
well-groomed gray-haired man, people think that he is successful
and wise. Hairstyles for many men are not as important as for
women. And even less they want to bother with styling. therefore
short haircuts are popular options:


This simple haircut is popular with athletes,
craftsmen and businessmen. Hair all over the head shave
evenly, or – a little shorter on the temples and the back of the head. Length – in
3-5 millimeters.

Hedgehog is gray for men

Think about it in the following cases:

  • dark hair;
  • oily scalp;
  • no time for laying.

Hedgehog – a variant haircut for men 60 years old with a tendency to
baldness, especially in the frontal or parietal areas. People with
thin, sparse or blond hair, this haircut is not suitable.
The man will seem bald. Also pay attention to the fact that
that the “hedgehog” will reveal the irregularities and defects of the skull.


Haircut for sporty men, but it will fit in the business style
regardless of color and thickness of hair.

Began to cut hair sportsmen-boxers, after which the style
quickly gained popularity among the masses.

Men's haircut boxing

There is nothing difficult in a haircut: hair is cut short (to
centimeter), gradually reducing the length of the temples and crown. Sometimes in
the indicated places the vegetation is completely shaved. Modern
option – cutting patterns and drawings on the parietal part.

Haircut is suitable for rare, oily hair and for those
men who are too lazy to care for their hair.



Haircut is like a box, but more suitable for lovers
take care of your hair. The difference between haircuts is
that when a semi-box on the back of the head, the top of the head and the frontal zone is left
hair unchanged, cutting them only on the temechke. Elongated
Curls allow you to create different styling.


A haircut option that looks like a halfbox, only with a soft
transition between short and long hair on the head for
create visual density. Suitable for men over 40 or more
mature, since the hair color does not matter. If a
on the dark strands the canadian looks serious and stylish, then on the gray
– elegant and solid.

Canadian haircut for men

Haircut has several advantages:

  • You can do various styling (smoothed hair, parting,
  • suitable for straight and curly hair;
  • hides small bald patches and defects of the skull;
  • helps to correct the shape of the face. If it is square, then strands
    shorn shorter. With a long, elongated face saves a long


This is a haircut for fashionable gray-haired representatives of a strong
half of humanity. Male square fit graying brunettes or
absolutely gray men. It is better for blonde to refuse her,
because it will make the image frivolous.

Male car

This haircut indicates the presence of creativity. Caret has
many styling options (on the side, parted, back), so
allows you to create a new image every day.


Haircut for men who love to care for themselves. On the frontal and
the parietal part leaves most of the hair, and from the bottom it is cut
short, which creates a contrast. The distinction between the transitions of hair
they make it smooth, sharp, sometimes an expanded parting is created.


Suitable haircut red-haired, brunettes, gray-haired men with
signs of baldness on the parting line or forehead. Laying make
differently, but most men prefer straight tuft,
sharply contoured with parting from both sides.

Nuances of choosing haircuts and hairstyles

To choose the right haircut for gray hair is only
half the job of creating a “young” image. Need to know
Some subtleties when creating hairstyles:

  • The volume will help oblique parting and slightly subdued ends.
  • Multi-layer haircut with shoulder-length hair with separate strands
    Medium length suitable for any type of person. She creates the illusion
    thick hair, so goes for women with rare, thin
  • Careless curls will help you to lose a few years visually. Their
    you can create it yourself by curling your hair and then
    shaking hands.
  • Before choosing haircuts and hairstyles determine their type of person. AT
    In this case, the hairstyle will look great and will allow
    “rejuvenate” for several years.

To the oval type of face is a square with a bang or bob-square.
Square features help to soften torn or milled bangs,
the rest of the hair mass is cut short. Triangular face type
fit haircuts and styling with a volume in the area of ​​the cheeks and chin.
Chubby preferably choose haircuts with a curvy top and
oblique bangs.

  • You can rejuvenate the image with the help of bangs. She saves by having
    high forehead. But the whole forehead is better not to hide behind the bangs. Good
    a perm will be a perm of several shaped strands,
    thrown from one side to another.
  • For festive occasions retro style. it
    creating body waves on the head. This hairstyle will create an image
    an elegant woman when combined with a strict dress and shoes on
  • Do not wear bouffant, especially on curly and wavy
    gray hair. This will break the hair structure, and the hairstyle will be
    look scruffy, sometimes even frightening.
  • When laying it is better to use means of easy fixation,
    otherwise the hairstyle will look unnatural due to the strong
    glueing strands.

Fashionable, elegant and stylish you can look at any age.
regardless of the state, the color of the curls. The main thing is right
to choose a haircut, in accordance with its status and character,
but, not forgetting the physique, the shape of the face and its features. Well maintained
hair neatly folded into the hair, rejuvenates the woman and
man, creating an individual, unique image.


Several reviews from popular resources, the image can be
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