Hairstyles for long hair do it yourself in 5 steps

braidLong, luxurious hair is undoubtedly
wealth of a woman.

But you can not always wear only loose strands.
There are cases when the hairstyle is a must,
Yes, and the diversity in life has not hurt anyone.

So, go ahead to the experiments. Consider how simple
hairstyles for long hair with your own hands can be done
alone in just 5 steps.

  • 1 Simple tail base styling
    • 1.1 Tail Rope
    • 1.2 Longline tail
    • 1.3 Reversed tail
  • 2 Quick styling
    • 2.1 Braid rim
    • 2.2 Loose hair with a braid
    • 2.3 Spikelet
  • 3 Bundles
    • 3.1 Normal
    • 3.2 Of the nodes
    • 3.3 Bundle-bud
    • 3.4 Sheaf with braids
  • 4 Simple evening do-it-yourself styling
  • 5 Add decorations

Simple styling at the base of the tail

Tailings are chosen by many young ladies. And rightly so.
Such hairstyles would be appropriate everywhere. On a date,
as a daily hairstyle in working hours or holiday. If done
hair, then the hair will seem bulky, and with the help of several
gum, longer. The tail may be located at the crown, below or
at the side.

You can decorate your hair by wrapping the base with your own hair,
adding a braid or curling.

Tail rope


  1. We collect all the hair in the tail;
  2. Divide in half;
  3. Separate the little strand to decorate the base
  4. Take the main strands and begin to twist the harnesses clockwise
  5. We intertwine what happened and fix it with an elastic band.

Tail-rope step by step

Long tail

Long tail

  1. We make an ordinary tail;
  2. Combing it;
  3. We process a varnish;
  4. Visually divide the curls into equal parts and fix them.
    decorative or monophonic rubber bands;
  5. Place the “interception” can wrap strands, and the tip of the tail
    fluff or smooth out.

Long-tailed tail photo lesson

Twisted tail

This bundle, like bundles, is often used as a business.

  1. Make a low tail;
  2. Pull down the gum from the neck down a few
  3. The hair above the rubber band is divided into equal parts;
  4. We strand together with the elastic band into the resulting hole.
    from above.
  5. We tighten the gum and comb the hair. If you want some
    complicate the styling, you can make two such tails as on
    a photo:

Inverted tail

Fast braid piling

Braids are always very popular. With their help, the image made notes
romanticism and tenderness. The variety of weaving is simply amazing. Spit
can be the basis of hairstyles, and can be easy unobtrusive

On the Internet, enough photos with instructions to any girl
was able in a matter of minutes to create real beauty to herself.
Consider the steps.

Braid bezel

Bezel of braids

  1. We make bouffant or curl hair;
  2. Separate the strands on the right and left behind the ears;
  3. Of them weave two braids;
  4. We throw each on the opposite side;
  5. The tips are hidden from the eyes with hairpins.

How to make a bezel of braids

Loose hair with a braid

  1. We take a strand above the temple;
  2. We weave from it a French braid or fishtail;
  3. Weave need towards the back of the head;
  4. When the braid reaches the middle of the head, we fix it
    elastic band;
  5. Perform a similar action on the other hand, combine
    braids and fasten.

Loose hair with a braid


  1. Comb all back;
  2. Right and left take on the strands;
  3. Impose the right over the left;
  4. Next, a new left strand should be placed under the right, and a new
    twist the right with the left;
  5. Tips secure.


Even more options for flowing long hair can be
see here.

Interesting. The longest hair grows between
14 to 17 years old. Alas, then the hair becomes thinner and shorter.


Bundles have already managed to win the love of many representatives
beautiful sex. They are made to go to work, home
gatherings and for special occasions. All right After all, what could be
simpler, laconic and graceful. Thanks to this simple hairstyle you
You can always look like a queen. More about bundles for long
hair read here.


  1. Combing;
  2. We make a high tail;
  3. Divide into two strands and twist them together:
  4. Wrap around the base and hide the tip;
  5. The design is fixed with studs and varnish.

normal bundle

Of knots

  1. Make the tail where the bundle should be;
  2. Divide the hair into two strands and tie them in a knot;
  3. Repeat until the hair runs out;
  4. We turn off what happened in the bundle;
  5. Secure with studs.

A bundle of knots


  1. We split the hair in half horizontally;
  2. Comb back and tail the bottom;
  3. Each strand from the upper part in turn we fix on
  4. We wrap in one direction and fasten.



  1. We collect strands on the crown and divide it into two strands;
  2. Each braid;
  3. Braids should be pulled by curls to give volume;
  4. Wrap in turn around the base;
  5. Fix with studs, fix the varnish.

Bundle with braids

Simple evening styling do it yourself

Is the release coming up? Thinking how to put long hair
most? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Decorate your head with braids;
  2. spit itself

  3. Make a high tiered tail;
  4. high tails

  5. Lay the bang back;
  6. evening hairstyle

  7. Make a high braid or a plait;
  8. Pretty quickly you can make hair for long hair in
    домашних условиях такие как “shell” или “бабетта”.

ракушка Of course, do not forget about loose hair. Their
You can curl, straighten or make bouffant. How to twist curls?
Use curlers, tongs, curling irons or just braid on
night pigtails. See even more evening hairstyle options.

Interesting. Neem Lynmey didn’t cut her hair
55 years. During this time, their length was more than two meters.

In this video, another version of a beautiful evening hairstyle,
which you can easily make yourself long hair:

Adding decorations

Do not forget that any hair can be
decorate with appropriate accessories. Especially good
focus on long hair. Use:

  1. Scarf;
  2. shawl as decoration

  3. Elastic bands (in the color of the curls, suitable for clothes or with
    additional details);
  4. Hair clips;
  5. hairpins for long hair

  6. Crabs;
  7. Combs;
  8. Diadems;
  9. Rhinestones;
  10. rhinestones

  11. Tapes;
  12. tapes in braids

  13. Fresh flowers.

flowers in hair Studs and Invisibles can play a role too.
not only fixing hairstyles, but also decorative design.

You can do any hairstyles with your own hands for long hair.
Let the fantasy know no boundaries, and courage will allow to embody everything in
a life.

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