Hairstyles for obese women

haircuts for a full faceIt’s no secret that when
hair care can drastically change their appearance. Special
great value hair plays for women. The ideal is considered
Oval face.

For lush girls, you can pick up trendy haircuts for a complete
faces. They will visually lengthen the face and hide their fullness.

Best haircuts for round face

For such girls, haircuts with a length of
hair no higher than cheekbones. The best option is to the chin. Short
hairstyles are not recommended, because it will visually make the face more
fuller. Stylists claim that the best haircut is the length
shoulder-length hair

Ideal hairstyles for round face – “cascade” or “ladder.”
They have several layers and steps, due to which the hair
looks more volumetric and harmonious. If with “cascade” strands
the hair is covered by the cheekbones and neck, it allows you to hide the second chin
(if available). Strands around the face should be
long. With the “ladder” the shape of the face is visually lengthened, due to
what it looks more thin.


To have a hairstyle for a round face look good, hair
must have volume, especially the crown. You can make a layering at
roots, then it will become even more. Parting is of great importance.
Fat women are not recommended to make it straight in the center,
because it will reveal the flaws. The ideal option is
side parting, which creates asymmetry, due to this face
looks more elongated. Side parting will also work well (in
the temporal area). With it, the head is divided into different
the size of the zone, which helps to hide the natural roundness of the face.

Full girls better not to wear short straight bangs, which
only add to the face of fullness. It is better to choose the option with a braid and
asymmetrical bangs.

Haircuts for a round face with long hair

haircuts for a round face with long hairIf the full girl or
women prefer long hair, you must choose
a haircut that will have many levels. Especially it concerns
those of the fair sex, whose hair does not curl
from nature. In addition, you must remember that the length of the shortest
strands (the length of the bangs should not be taken into account) should not fall below
chin lines.

If the multi-level option is not suitable for one or another
reasons, and hair from nature is straight, it is better to curl them in curls,
which will give hairstyle volume. Curls – a good option
Frames of the face, with the help of which it is easy to hide the fullness and give
the whole look is an additional attraction.

The most important thing for the owner of a round face and long hair –
Do not wear “sleek” hairstyle. The best option is volume and
pomp, especially when the strands frame the face from all sides,
hiding its fullness. Perfect haircut for full or
hairstyles for a round face are the absence of any horizontal
straight lines, parting, bangs or anything else.
The most suitable – harmonious asymmetry, in which there are
only oblique lines.

Haircuts, “slimming” round face

Now an increasing number of women seek to pick up for
yourself is an option where the full face will be visually
look thinner. The hairstyle in this case has one of
crucial values. For the full face is just too contraindicated.
a short length at which the cheekbones will be visible, because this is only
visually enlarge the face.

Choosing a multi-layered or stepped hairstyle, you must
adhere to some rules to make a haircut look
harmoniously and with its help it was possible to achieve the desired effect.
It is the right choice of styling that will help a complete woman
Your image is even more attractive and will allow you to emphasize all
the main advantages of the person and figure.

You can choose among the most fashionable and popular haircuts.
Surely there is one with which the face will look thinner, and
the girl herself will feel confident and comfortable. Worth remembering
that the full face does not fit too lush texture, straight and
excessively smooth hair, as well as curly locks. Such
options are more suitable for girls with long or too thin
the face.

Long bean for obese women

One of the most popular haircuts to match a full face
is a bean. Only it must be properly executed.
ladies bob will not work if its length to the chin. The best thing
looks long, asymmetrical or inverted bob. Exactly
visual reduction can be achieved.

For obese women who prefer to wear bangs, there are also
some restrictions, any hairstyle will not fit this type
faces. The most unsuccessful are the options with straight, too
thick and voluminous bangs. It must be neat and laid
askew. For ladies with curvaceous this option can be excellent
alternative to straight traditional bangs to which all
accustomed to.

Huge popularity is acquired by long layers of hair, with the help
which can be visually thin skinned full face. If hair
wavy or curly, it will lengthen the face. With simple
straight hair does not achieve the desired effect. Only with
uneven layers really create a visual effect to reduce
face sizes.

Short haircuts and haircuts for long hair

Another good option to “make” a full face thinner
are long disheveled hair. If they will
additionally added long layers, hairstyle may turn out
perfect volume, and strands will frame your face. Short haircut
“pixie”, which is stylish and fashionable, does not always help
cope with the problem of excessive facial fullness. It should be done
longer than usual and add more volume at the top. Besides
you should not smoothly comb your hair back, especially when combined with
thick bulky bangs. Therefore, do not achieve the desired

short haircuts for a round faceHaircut selection for full
Face is not an easy task. This is especially difficult to do.
when haircuts are short because in this way usually try
emphasize facial features and not hide flaws. But at the same time,
if a short haircut is chosen correctly, you can use it
create your own unique style. She is perfect mature
to women. It looks good haircut medium length on women with
small chin and low forehead. Visually thinner can
make a face with a hairstyle that is approximately shoulder length.

When choosing long hairstyles you should also consider some
nuances. For example, if the hair is laid in light waves, it is good
distracts from the round face. In addition, you can curl hair and
thus cover the cheekbones. If the holiday is coming
the event, the hair is better to dissolve, so they framed the face.
You can make a high hair, but in this case it is necessary
release a few curls. Do a smooth hairstyle with
using gel is not allowed.

Rules that women must adhere to with full

Subject to a few simple tips in selecting hairstyles
You can make your face visually thinner.

  1. Haircut should be done in such a way that its
    the wide part did not coincide with the analogous part of the face.
  2. The best hairstyles for a full woman – a cascade with
    oblique bangs and raised top.
  3. The most appropriate length is medium, but it should not
    match the line of the chin or shoulders.
  4. If the haircut is very short, a visual effect is created.
    too small head.
  5. Under the bans are straight bangs and parting.
  6. Do not chase the fashion, you need to choose a hairstyle for
  7. You can choose a haircut using your photo and special
    computer program.

It is the correctly chosen hairstyle that will allow to emphasize
dignity, create a unique style and help hide all
external flaws.

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