Hairstyles for oval face and no only

Hairstyles for an oval faceFlip your inner
condition in special life moments such as prom, wedding
or anniversary, will help the most stylish and original hair styles 2013
of the year. Medium haircuts are considered a great everyday choice.
caret with bangs and cascade. If you make yourself short, you can
Get rid of complicated styling in the morning. Well and some haircuts on
long hair without bangs or with it can be done even at home
conditions. One way or another, whatever you choose, you must
consider your type of face. After all, have their own hairstyles for oval
faces, triangular, round, etc.

Hairstyles for oval face shape

One of the most common types of face is considered oval.
It is recognized as a “standard of feminine beauty.” 99% haircuts
matched by a professional stylist, strive for an approximation
your face shape to oval. Well, if mother nature rewarded
you such a face shape, you are very lucky, because you can safely
afford to do any hairstyle or styling and she will
only decoration. Choosing a haircut for an oval face is necessary
to pay particular attention to such details as the type and texture of hair, their
length, shape and length of the nose.

The harmony of forms – the main rule when choosing hairstyles for
oval face. I mean, if you have a long nose and an oval face,
she must visually hide this flaw, not
to focus on it. In this case, such an ideal
hairstyles that will seemingly shorten the profile, for example,
curvy with bangs. But with a knot on the back of his head and smoothly combed
Curls choose not worth it.

Look great hair for oval-type face with
straight, short, fluffy or thick bangs. The length of the hair
it does not matter. Like a long haircut, short for
The oval face is no less popular. Straight, wavy, angular, with
torn or soft lines – it can be any. It all depends on
your tastes and preferences. Hairstyle with curls of medium length and
small bangs are considered standard.

In women with an elongated face, elongated chin and high forehead –
outstanding features. This face has one distinctive
feature: it has almost the same width along the entire length. So
that when choosing a haircut in such cases, you need to remember that it should
visually expand the face on the sides. It is advisable that in this case
chin area constricted him. If your little face is too long
and long, the choice should be guided by several
by principles. We list them.

1) The length of the hair should be limited, because it is often
“pulls” the face. 10-15 centimeters below the shoulder, and even better
– The maximum allowable hair length for this type of face.

2) It is recommended to do a hair style with a cascade or with a strong
pronounced multi-level strands on the sides.

3) Long bangs can and should be cut, as visually it is
will reduce the distance from the chin to the forehead.

4) A side cut is good for you. But the face will be
look more elongated if it is offset from the center as
can be more. So you should not experiment much. Perfect
option is a side parting located closer to the middle

Hairstyles for ovalfive)
Very fit lush frame. At the level of the chin hair is not
must end – this is the main condition when choosing this
case. No need to emphasize what you want to hide. As we already
found long hair is also contraindicated, they only emphasize
elongation of the face.

Therefore, a cascading haircut for medium length hair or
a clear classic car with a bang will be the most suitable, but with
Provided that there is enough volumetric styling. Stretched face
perfect curvaceous curls that completely cover the ears.
This will visually expand the cheekbones, and this we sought
in the final result. Hairstyles with thick long bangs too
have proven themselves: thanks to the many lines of the shape of the face

Haircuts with a lot of vertical lines should not be used.
We advise you to forget about it, despite the popularity of straightening.
shag Contraindicated and graded, can not be said about
multi-layered – they will look just great.

Now you know which hair styles are suitable for the oval type.
faces, and which for elongated elongated. It remains only to determine
your type, and you can safely go to the hairdresser!

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