Hairstyles for princesses at graduation in the children garden, 21 photos

How to choose a hairstyle for her daughter at graduation in kindergarten –
The question is no less important than the choice of holiday attire. Every mom
wants her princess to be the most beautiful on the holiday.

greek hairstyles for girls

But children’s holiday hairstyles have their own nuances, which
you need to take into account that for the baby prom was real

  • 1 What should be a festive hairstyle
  • 2 hairstyles for short hair
    • 2.1 Cute curls
    • 2.2 Flagella
    • 2.3 Tails
  • 3 Festive hairstyles for medium length hair
    • 3.1 Unusual weaving of tails
    • 3.2 Bundle
    • 3.3 Weaving with ribbon
  • 4 Festive hairstyles for long hair
    • 4.1 Curls
    • 4.2 Haircuts with braids
    • 4.3 Spit waterfall
    • 4.4 Spit basket
    • 4.5 Hair Bow
    • 4.6 Hairstyles with bangs
    • 4.7 Diadem pads
    • 4.8 Accessories and jewelery

What should be a festive hairstyle

Of course, most immediately answer: “Beautiful!”. And they will be right.
Only if an adult woman can tolerate a couple of hours.
discomfort that may arise from laying
funds or hair accessories, then a little girl – will not.
Therefore, you need to carefully approach the choice of holiday

  1. The chosen piling should be resistant and
    comfortable. Children at graduation in kindergarten will not be easy
    drink tea – they need to play, move actively. So if you don’t
    want the girl’s hair an hour later to be disheveled in different
    hand, make sure the hairstyle is suitable for
    outdoor games.
  2. If you braid your braids or make tails, don’t
    need too tight to tighten children’s hair. It will cause
    discomfort, and there is a possibility that the girl simply will not be their
    endure and the holiday can be overshadowed by childish tears because of such
    hairstyles Therefore, be sure to ask the child if it is convenient for him.
    with your styling.
  3. Try not to create too complex
    designs on children’s hair. Because for this
    it takes a lot of time, styling products and accessories for
    hair. And on a little girl complex hairstyles will look
    inappropriate. Therefore, it is best to choose those that are underlined.
    tenderness and spontaneity of a little princess.
  4. Be sure to ask the girl what styling
    she wants to prom. The most important thing to create
    I liked the image of a little lady. Then she has throughout
    holiday will be a good mood, which will only decorate it

hairstyles with flowers

Also in the selection of hairstyles for graduation in kindergarten need
Take into account the following nuances:

  • hair length and quality;
  • face shape;
  • the nature of the girl;
  • types of resistant styling without the use of styling products.

With the help of these recommendations you can create
beautiful festive hairstyle for graduation in kindergarten.

Hairstyles for short hair

short hairIf the girl is the owner
short curls, no need to be upset – you can create a beautiful
and elegant styling that will make the baby feel
the princess.

Lovely curls

Most often, such hairs curl into charming curls or
fluffy curls. And if you spray a little varnish on the curls, then they
can keep their shape for a long time.

They can be made using ordinary curlers. Depending on the
the diameter you have will be either small curls or
large curls. When the curls are ready, lightly blow them up with your hands.
and secure with a small amount of varnish.


If you do not want to use curling or curls it seems to you
Banal option, make a nice and simple hairstyle.

  1. Take from the temples on one strand, about 2 cm wide and
    twist them into flagella.
  2. After that, fix them with beautiful hairpins.

This option looks neat and strands will not interfere


hairstyles with elastic bandsVery cute and directly look.
small tails that can be decorated with beautiful rubber bands
or hairpins.

Such tails can be supplemented with zigzag partings – so
will look more original.

Optionally, you can curl the ends that will look

Festive hairstyles for medium length hair

This hair length is considered universal – you can pick up
many different original and solemn styling. It can
be tails, curls, braids – it all depends on your imagination and on
what the child wants.

graduation in kindergarten photo

Unusual tailing

  1. Making vertical partings, divide the hair into parts.
  2. Make small squares or diamonds.
  3. In each square / rhombus, take a strand and secure it in
    tail. Gum to create this hairstyle is better to choose
    close to the child’s hair color.
  4. Divide the tails into two parts and connect with
    strands near tails.
  5. Decorate the resulting pattern with hairpins or pins with
  6. The ends of the tails curl on curling.

unusual weaving for girls

And this video shows how you can make an elegant hairstyle from
braids girl for medium hair:


It is simple in execution, but decorated
beautiful rubber band or barrette looks elegant.

  1. Tie your hair where you want to
    make a bunch.
  2. Take the foam roller (base) and, starting from the ends,
    spin your hair on it. Need to do carefully so that small ones
    strands are not knocked out of her hair.
  3. Then fix it in a circle and distribute the hair so
    so that the roller was not visible. Fix a bunch of invisible and
    decorate with a beautiful rubber band or barrette.

for graduation in the garden

Weave with ribbon

Often to create hairstyles use tapes at the prom in
Kindergarten. Usually they are woven into braids: French, dragon,
spikelet. Even a simple pigtail will look elegant, if to her
add a ribbon.

    1. Collect the hair in the tail.
    2. Take a tape of small width and suitable length and with the help of
      hide her gum.

It is important that the ends of the tape on each side be
the same length.

  1. Divide the hair into three parts, to the extreme attach
  2. Perform weaving a classic way.
  3. Braid secure with tape or elegant rubber band.

This video clearly shows how a ribbon braid is woven:

Festive hairstyles for long hair

Very beautiful styling is obtained on long hair. They
provide a lot of room for creativity, so you can
create a variety of weaving bundles. And accessories will be
the final touch to the hairstyle.


Girls with long hair will fit large curls, which
Easy to do with large diameter curlers. After
unwinding, curls fix varnish. Can leave hair
loose or gather them into a ponytail. An elegant accessory will make
image more solemn.


Hairstyles with braids

Especially beautiful and charming are styling with
weaving. Of course, the usual scythe does not surprise anyone, but if
make a few and connect with each other, you get an elegant

If the girl is mobile, then weaving will suit her in Greek.
style. The bezel in this case replace the braid around the head. Her
decorated with flowers, pearls – it turns out elegant and comfortable for
games hairstyle.

Cute looks spikelet, braided to the side, decorated with flowers
or padded with a small tiara. Perfect for
the ceremonial event of the French braid, through which
You can create complex weaving.

French braid

Braid weaving is becoming increasingly popular because it
convenient and elegant hairstyle.

Important! Find the middle ground in weaving –
if the hair is braided too tight, the child will feel
the discomfort. And if the braid is too loose weaving –
hairstyle can not last long. Better extra
fix some links invisible.

Spit waterfall

We should also highlight the weaving “waterfall”. This hairstyle
combines pigtail and flowing hair, creating an image
this little princess. You need to braid a thin braid,
releasing from each link on the order. Weaving need to start from
temporal region to the opposite side of the head. Falling hair
can curl into small curls.


Spit basket

The basket weaving looks original.

  1. Gather a piece of hair on the crown in the tail.
  2. Take three strands and braid the braid, taking small strands from
  3. Weaving is done in a circle until all the hair is gathered in
    braid. The tip of the pigtails hide and complement the small basket
    hairpins or beads.


Hair bow

Looks fantastic laying in the form of a bow, made not from ribbons,
but from curls.

  1. In the place where you want to make a bow, collect hair
    in the tail.
  2. On the last turn of the gum do not fully pull out the curls.
    Separate a thin strand – the middle of a bow.
  3. Divide an unusual tail into two parts – these are the sides of the bow. WITH
    using the strands make the middle and fix the resulting
    laying invisible. To this hairstyle, you can add a bezel or
    bright and unusual hairpin.

children's hair bow

Hairstyles with bangs

Most often, young girls have straight bangs of medium length. it
due to the fact that too long can spoil the vision, slanting –
the child will be uncomfortable to play, and too short will not be very
harmonize well with a child’s face. To bangs, too, seemed
festive, it can be curled on a curler, and then fingers give
final form. The bangs go well with tails, braids and

Hairstyle with bangs

Attention! This element of hair can always be
remove with different hairpins.

Diadem pads

Every little girl wants to feel
a real princess. Solemn event in
kindergarten is a great opportunity to try on it
small crown or tiara.

This accessory is better to choose a small size to
the children’s image was not overloaded. Good tiara looks with
loose curls, with a beam or oblique, made in the Greek

Diadem Pants

Accessories and decorations

Hairstyles for girls at kindergarten graduation is
A great opportunity to try on images of fairy-tale characters:
fairies, princesses or other heroines from your favorite cartoons. With taste
a matching hair ornament can be the highlight of everything

hairstyle for promTherefore, when you do your hair
for a holiday, use elegant headbands, wreaths with
flowers – it will make the image more delicate.

Bright ribbons, hairpins — it will emphasize
child immediacy.

The main thing is moderation in their use,
so that they do not pull all the attention to themselves, but complement the image
young princess.

It is not necessary to go to the salon to create a festive
styling. A graduation hairstyle can be done with your own hands, and she
will look no less beautiful than if an employee did it
salon. It is also a great opportunity for close communication between
mother and daughter, who will give positive emotions and make them
relationship is even stronger.

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