Hairstyles for stylish teenage girls from 10 years old

Girls 10 years and older follow the fashion, are active,
organized, trying to do everything, so the choice of hairstyles is often
dictated by the desire to create an original image in compressed

Hairstyles for stylish girls

  • 1 Choosing hairstyles for teenage girls every day
  • 2 What is the most popular now
  • 3 Features teenage haircuts
    • 3.1 Teenage short haircuts
  • 4 Hairstyles for medium hair
  • 5 Hairstyle long hair
    • 5.1 Dutch side
    • 5.2 Hair with three pigtails
    • 5.3 A wreath of flowers
    • 5.4 Spit from knots
    • 5.5 Hippie styling
    • 5.6 Braided tail
    • 5.7 Fashionable high knot
    • 5.8 Double Fishtail
    • 5.9 Hairstyle with accessories

Choosing hairstyles for teenage girls every day

Every day for girls 12 years old fit fast and comfortable.
hairstyles, for example:

  • Reversed tail, which is very simple
    do by fixing the beam on top and threading the end through
    finger hole in the hair between
    head and rubber band. Inverted tail
  • More boldly looks volumetric tail,
    which is also suitable as a daily
    hairstyles Volumetric tail
  • Hairstyle looks neat with
    a hoop. Hairstyle with a hoop
  • For a change instead of a hoop, you can braid above the forehead
    braids. Spit above forehead

What is now the most popular

In the fashion style “toggle” – artificially created negligence,
colored strands, neighborhood “bundles”, “horn”, “donuts” and well-groomed

Girls 14 years old and older are an image combining “nyashnost”, protest and
easy chaos will like it. To form
cool hair with buns can owners of any hair
are long. Hold leadership and all sorts of
pigtails that weave with pleasure and in 13 years, and
older girls

This video shows how to make a hairstyle for long hair from
braids and tails.

Features teenage haircuts

Hair “under the ticker” is not in trend, and with 13 years of ownership
long hair obey adult fashion.
A distinctive feature of models for teens – the desire to
length preservation. In this case, the haircut can be graduated, the ends
torn and bangs asymmetrical.

Teen short haircuts

Girls from 12 to 14 years old, eager to get rid of the length
hair, offered uneven, asymmetrical
haircuts Relevant are:

  • Bean Haircut Bob
  • Pixie Pixie Hairstyle
  • Hedgehog Haircut Hedgehog

Hairstyles for medium hair

Medium-length hair is the golden middle. Just for them
take care, and if necessary you can make the original

The simplest option is to dissolve a little twisted.
well-groomed hair. Naturalness is always in fashion. When the need for
self-expression has reached a peak, and spend time building hair
I don’t want to, you can touch up hair with color

The note! After flushing such a balm is not
ruin the hair structure, but for some time will please the eye
bright colors.

Medium hair can be braided basket. Spit
lagging from one temple to another, and below in turn
strands are picked up. With certain skills weaving is spent
no more than 5 minutes. Do not forget about the “malvin” on average
hair. Matched back strands will not interfere.
daily activities, with waves of hair flowing along the back
add to the image of ease and ease.

Matched back strands

Hairstyle long hair

Hair below the shoulder blades will never lose relevance. Having learned
to give such wealth the desired shape, girls of any age
will always be in the spotlight.

Dutch braid

If the classic French braid is crossed by overlapping strands
not at each other, but at each other, it will turn out Dutch
braid, bringing a highlight and a special charm to her hair
teenage girls.

There are several versions of the Dutch braid:
at the base, sideways, diagonally. Last 2
options are similar in performance, and the image, complemented by some hairstyle,
suitable not only for everyday life, but also for holidays.

Dutch braid on the side

To perform the Dutch weaving to the side
it is necessary:

  • align hair without combing knots and
  • separate a strand of hair from the right (left) part of the head just above
    temple and divide it into 3 fragments;
  • extreme strands alternately underlay under the center,
    drawing the hair to the left and right of the braid;
  • reaching the neck level continue weaving and
    fix the hair at the bottom with a hairpin.

Holding the braid in the center, gently straighten the links, making
hairstyle more voluminous.

Hair with three pigtails

Hairstyles from 3 braids will cause genuine delight
girls of any age, so original and
are beautiful. Very effective is the version of the execution diagonally.
Weaving can be any: Dutch, French, from 4

Hairstyle of 3 braids

To do this hairstyle, you need to divide the hair by 3
equal strands in this way: from the point in the upper left side
forehead to curl (top) of the right ear; from curl
left ear to lobe right. Weave starts from left to right along
diagonal strands are constantly picked up by one of
alternately braiding braids. After completing the work hair
can be connected either in one braid, or twist each part in the form
snails and fix the decoration.

Council For a change, you can try the options
of 3 braids woven on the sides and in the center and connected into a knot or

Wreath of flowers

You can decorate any hairstyle with a wreath. The composition includes
live or artificial flowers that emphasize
eyes, features finishing finishes.

Wreath of flowers

To make such a venox self, you need
purchase wire, flowers, ribbons, accessories. Wreath
wrapped in flowers around the circumference or only in the front
parts of the structure, taking the form of a crown. From purchased flowers
the stalks are cut, floristic is skipped under the sepal
wire fixed around the frame. The presence of glue
a pistol will facilitate the task. A small drop of glue allows
securely fasten the flower on the braided frame

Spit of knots

Images of adolescent girls diversify
hairstyles from knots. They are simple to perform, they are made very
quickly, and look intricate and original.

Pigtail of knots

A braid of knots is woven from 2 strands. They need
tie alternately this way:

  • first knot – in the area of ​​the bang, hair in the right hand
    tuck on the left strand (so knit all the odd
  • add a little hair to each part of the braid and
    we tie a new knot (left strand under the right knot in all even
  • continue to knit, picking up the hair, to the level of the neck, then
    to form a knot, tail or braid a braid
    end any way you like.

You can make several braids from the nodules and
to dream up a new hairstyle.

Hippie style

Hippie braids

Hippies are total freedom of expression. Away
frameworks and restrictions, young persons of 14 years old strive to escape from
original, boring images, and a hippie hairstyle like no
another allows you to express yourself through creativity.

What you need – complete freedom of action, arsenal of beads,
beads, baubles, and, of course, an essential attribute
hippie girls – hirat, – a bandage around the head in the form of a pigtail,
fabric with a bright graphic image.

This video shows how to make summer
hairstyle with weaving.

Hippie hairstyle is careless, slightly flimsy. Hair can be
loose, individual strands braided in braids with bright braid.
Floristic compositions, beads and
rezinochki in hair.

Braided tail

Active teenage girls will like a braided horse tail.
To make a hairstyle, you need to collect hair on
the top of the tight bundle, select one strand, wrap it
the base of the tail and secure with a transparent rubber band.

Braided horse tail

Design the tail in any convenient way: weaving fish
tail “, gathering 3 separate pigtails together, holding together strands
elastics in the form of a grid.

Important! This hairstyle will not spoil the wind, heat,
moisture, and the whole day the young lady will look cute and tidy.

Fashionable high knot

To form a node, you need to fix the tail on
top of the gum. Around him with a triangle pin 3
invisible. Loop the tail, and stretch its end through it.
from below and fix the knot with pins from all
sides, summing up each under pre-pinned

High knot

Knot – perfect hairstyle for
adolescents, girls dancing or

Double fishtail

The double fishtail looks more volumetric and incredibly beautiful.
For weaving it is necessary to divide the hair in a ratio of about 1 to
3. The thinner part is fixed with a barrette, and from
greater weave braid standard method.

This video shows how to weave a double fishtail braid.

After the drawing starts to be viewed, release a little
hair and pin them to ¼ previously assembled parts. This manipulation
repeat after 3-4 cm of weaving. When the main
the piece will be braided, you can form a fishtail on top of the braid
the selected beam, gradually weaving the released hair.

Hairstyle is suitable for school and for the solemn release.

Hairstyle with accessories

Hair accessories are not only hair decorations, but
and special devices to give
design the desired volume, shape, fix in a certain
position naughty curls.

To secure the bun, use studs with decorations
in the form of gems. Put complicated hairstyles,
suitable for the holiday, help studs and invisible.

Accessories for girl's hair

To form a volumetric “bagel” allow soft rounded rollers,
artfully hidden strands. Combs give an elegant look,
tiaras and train with original design.

Choosing a haircut or styling is often spontaneous, but better
still think about whether it will be convenient to later engage in
sports section, do hair before school.

Attention! To choose a hairstyle for a passport 14 years
need to avoid smooth combed hair. The main thing is to wash your hair, and
so that the strands do not look randomly in the photo – you can slightly
fix the hair with lacquer.

Self-expression is essential for girls, and it’s not important whether
is it a stylish and dynamic short haircut or
romantic intricately laid curls.

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