Hairstyles from braids: stylish and easy

Fashionable hairstyles from braidsAlso in
antiquity long hair, braided in braids, were the most important
adornment of the woman. And today fashion braids and hairstyles on their
basis – the main hit of the season. More than half of stylish hairstyles
made with braided pigtails. Today the stylist is able to create from
simple braids are a real masterpiece, make the perfect evening hairstyle
for a holiday or carelessly disheveled, as with ripped jeans
will be just right.

Pigtails have become a versatile and simple means of creating
well-groomed image, because with some of them you can cope at home
literally 10 minutes. Weaving many of them is not so difficult. They
do not require a large number of accessories such as studs and
barrettes, in most cases just one or two elastics are enough,
sometimes not superfluous and hairspray.

In the pursuit of women for individuality, fashion is included in all
exotic hairstyles are dreadlocks, African braids. but
such transformations are far from common to everyone, and not in every case
they are relevant.

We advise you to pay attention to the classic fashion braids – they
always and at all times were the most stylish and relevant. Such
hairstyles can always be diversified and augmented by accessories
their selection is now huge. After all, the concept of “fashionable” and “artsy” for a long time
already ceased to be synonymous. Stylish has long been considered
natural, natural. Hair should decorate a woman
Beautifully complement her image, while being simple and discreet.

Most of all hairstyles with braids are based on mostly
weaving. This is a French braid or dragon. Weaving her
known to almost everyone, but let’s still
remember. It makes 2 side parting on the right and left, they
form the tail at the crown. We divide it into 3 parts and start
braid like a regular braid, gradually picking up loose hair
now on the left, then on the right. At the bottom we fix the rubber band. This is a classic

French braid vice versaAT
This season, the French Spit has become very popular
vice versa. It differs from the classic braid in that
weaving goes inside. That is, the tail on the top is divided into three parts
and we begin to weave, only we start strands one under the other.

This weaving technique makes these braids incredibly stylish,
the most beautiful images are created in this way. Moreover –
it becomes possible to stretch the strands as weaving, which
gives an unusual and beautiful look to a hairstyle. Spit becomes more
flat, but at the same time wide, which significantly changes the look
habitual pigtails “dragon” beyond recognition. Looks like this
Spit stunning, especially if you add it a beautiful rubber band
with a flower.

The French braid, on the contrary, looks even more attractive.
braided to the side. This is certainly a find for any occasion, because
it will look equally stylish as in the daily version,
and with an evening dress (you just need to choose the right elegant
hairpin) Weaving on the side is absolutely the same, only you need to start
not from the crown, as in the classic version, but from the side, a little higher

Practice it, you can easily learn how to weave such a braid
yourself. Try from the left and right side. The main thing is
consider: if you weave a braid, pulling strands, at the end of it
it is better to fix varnish, because it can easily be disheveled.

Based on the basic fashionable braids – the French and the dragon
on the contrary, you can create some more beautiful hairstyles. This is 2
dragon (distribute hair into 2 parts, make an equal or
zigzag parting, further weave each side as described
above), 2 French braids in reverse with elongated strands. Here is your
fantasy is almost unlimited.

Spit “fish tail”

Hairstyle, known to us since childhood as a “spike”. Now
acquired special relevance and many options for weaving.
Consider the classic scheme.

  1. Before starting to weave, comb your hair well and lightly
    moisten them with water.
  2. Divide hair into 2 equal parts. Take a strand in one side and
    we put it in the middle, then in the same way on the other side and again
    put in the middle.
  3. We continue weaving in the same spirit – we take strands from one, then
    on the other hand, and lay out in the middle. Strand thickness can be
    vary, this will change the final result. More
    thin strands will look elegant and gentle, but weaving will take
    more time. The size of the strands must be the same.
  4. At the end of weaving, fasten the pigtail with an elastic hair band.
    You can give the “fish tail” even more volumetric appearance – stretch
    a little strand on both sides. After weaving, you can decorate the braid
    small crabs and hairpins.


weaving braid techniqueThis hairstyle is created as follows
in the following way:

Separate the hair along the hairline, from
ear to ear, the remaining hair is collected in the tail. Starting from the left
ear, weave dragon or French braid (normal or
vice versa).

Weave further to the right ear. No need to take too thin
strands so that the bezel does not turn out thin and small.

Further 2 options. If you want your hair to be loose,
at the end of weaving secure them with a rubber band. Or you can collect in
the tail is all the hair at the right ear and then weave a regular braid.


They create a whimsical embossed hair pattern, making your
hairstyle unique. The principle of weaving is similar to the French spit.
– weave extra strands.

  1. We divide the hair into 2 parts, leaving a smooth vertical parting.
    We fasten one part with an elastic band. On the other begin to weave.
  2. Strands in this case it is necessary to constantly twist into bundles and
    twist between each other.
  3. Similarly, we braid the other side. Below we connect the braids between
    by myself. You can leave the tail or bend the pigtails inside and put on
    gum with decoration.

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