Hairstyles from braids with your own hands? Easy!

make hair out of braidsLong hair is great! And the main
their plus is that you can experiment with different
hairstyles, and at least every day to go with a new one. Today is very
relevant braids for long hair. Fortunately there are plenty of options
their weaving – from the simplest everyday to the most complex,
used for special occasions. Simple braids for long
absolutely any girl can braid her own hair. Braids
Harder usually perform professional hairdressers, but
some girls can do it too. Consider which hairstyles from
braid can be made with your own hands.

Types of braids

Long gone, the time when everyone walked with the same tight
braided braids. Today it is fashionable to use unusual weaving.
and combinations thereof. For example, complex braids of four and
more strands, French braid, cone, dragon, fish
tail “. Most of them are very simple, so if
Are you looking for hairstyles for long hair in 5
minutes, it will be a great option.

Traditional braid

Let’s start with the most usual braids, perhaps, someone else does not know
how to weave it. So, divide your hair into three equal parts, take
extreme strand and bring it over the next. Now this strand
become average, then take the outer strand from the second
edges and also place it between the two remaining. So go on,
until you get close to the ends of the hair, secure with a rubber band or
barrette Hairstyles for long hair make such braids
do it yourself is very simple. You can diversify this weaving by
increase the number of braids (two or more, optional), or
starting to weave not from the center, but from the side. You can also braid high
tail, and from it the traditional braid.

The French braid is the opposite

Here is the instruction for weaving the French braid on the contrary for long
hair. First, separate the small strand of hair at the point where
plan to start weaving. Secondly, this strand in turn
divide by three more equal parts. And third, start weaving
the same as a traditional braid, but do not bring the outer strands over
neighboring, and under them. Gradually to extreme strands when they
become workers, add small strands of free
hair. It turns out such a spit “around it” and it looks gorgeous.
To add volume, gently pull the strands out of the links of the braid,
holding her very foundation.

Fish tail

At first glance it seems that this technique is quite complicated and
it’s impossible to do it yourself.

But it is not. For clarity, tell you step by step how to do
hairstyles for long hair with this type of weaving.

Step 1. Prepare the hair: wash, dry and thoroughly
comb it. So it will be easier for you to work.

Step 2. Divide all hair into two parts.

Step 3. Take one part of the hair in your hand, and the hair of the second part
hold with two fingers of the same hand. Take second hand
a thin strand from the far edge of the second part of the hair (from that
which you hold with two fingers of the first hand) and transfer it to
the first part of the hair, i.e. diagonally.

Step 4. Put the two parts of the hair in the second hand, and the first one
in time, separate the same thin strand from the first part of the hair and
in the same way, throw it across the second part.

Step 5. So continue to the length you need, secure with a rubber band.
After fixing the braid straighten a little, so that it becomes more
wide and weave was visible.

Complex braids

Braids are made of four or more strands.
But to make them is not as difficult as it may seem from the name.
We will consider in stages how to make hairstyles from complex braids for long

  • First, as always, is the stage of preparation. Hair wash and
    combed. Leave them slightly wet – this will work.
    much easier.
  • Then you divide the hair into the right amount of strands, for example,
    by four.
  • The next stage is the weaving itself. Take an extreme strand and wind up
    it gradually over the second, under the third and over the fourth, that is, in
    staggered order. Then again take the outer strand (with the same
    sides) and go around her neighbors in the same way – above, below,
  • Scourge to the end, secure. Spit of five, six, etc.
    strands are performed on the same principle. As you can see, this
    quite simple.


make hair out of braidsSpit, made by this technology,
It looks like a grain of corn, and done so. Comb your hair and
gather them together at the bottom of the neck. In order to spikelets
turned out clearer and longer held, process hair
gel or foam. Divide the hair into two large parts. Take
strand from the middle of one part and throw over the other part
hair. Then do the same on the other side. Fine strands
must overlap each other, which is why the effect will turn out

So, as you can see, all these kinds of braids are quite within your power to do.
home conditions. We note only one more thing. Today in fashion
not tight braids, but more loose, even to some extent
sloppy Therefore, upon completion of the work, take a look at your
hairstyle: if it turned out too tight, slightly stretch
loosen it, giving it the negligence effect.

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