Hairstyles in the Japanese style – a choice of bold, daring and creative people

Japanese hairstylesJapanese hairstyles are now fashionable.
And they are equally loved by both girls and young people.
And not in vain, because the hairstyle in the Japanese style are distinguished by elegance,
a variety of stylistic decisions. They will fit and tender
romantic persons, and creative people who want to show their
originality – everyone will find something in their Japanese style.

Japanese geisha hairstyles: traditions and modern times

Traditionally, Japanese women’s hairstyles are done with kanzashi. it
such long sticks that are made of wood, bones,
turtle shell. With such hairstyles, geisha went back in the 17th century.
Now with such hairstyles, no one walks, although some
girls choose just such an image on the occasion of a celebration (for example,
at the wedding).

Far from everyone can repeat the traditional Japanese hairstyle
modern hairdresser. It is very complex, time consuming and long.
process. Yes, and wear such an original hairstyle of ancient Japan
not every girl can: an innate is necessary here
the grace and aristocracy of the Japanese woman in combination with
a certain outfit.

However, if you like the culture of Japan and you want
closer to her thanks to the external image, you may well
make a Japanese hairstyle in a modern way. It is easy to
such hairstyles look organic with modern clothes:
jeans, sundresses, flying skirts, etc.

There are several important elements of modern hairstyles in Japanese.
a style that vividly characterizes it:

  • long bangs that hide most of the face;
  • hair painted in red color or the presence of multi-colored
  • asymmetry.

Hairstyles for girls in the Japanese style can be done on long
hair, and short – will look the same stylish.
Hairstyles and haircuts in the Japanese style are equally loved by both girls and
young people – for dynamism and originality.

How to make a Japanese hairstyle for long hair

There are many variations on the theme of classic hair. And among
they can choose those that can be done independently and
pretty fast.

Hairstyles for long hair are striking in their diversity. Here is
Some images that you can easily repeat yourself:

  1. hair geisha. In order to make this hairstyle, you
    you must have on hand sticks kanzashi. As we said
    They can be made from a wide variety of materials. If a
    you make such a hairstyle for a celebration, choose a more expensive one
    version of the sticks, and if you plan to wear your hair like an everyday
    option, fit and simple. Bundle your hair, twist
    knot and secure it on both sides with chopsticks. As a result you
    get an interesting hairstyle in true Japanese style;
  2. Another option that will bring diversity to your image
    also performed quickly and easily. Gather the hair at the crown. You
    get a tail that needs to be pulled in several places
    rubber bands;
  3. bundle your hair, wrap it in a loop shape, fasten
    studs and sprinkle with varnish to fix the result. Such
    “loop” you can do on any part of the head: at the crown, nape
    or lay it on its side.

Japanese anime haircut

This is the undisputed leader among the most modern hairstyles for
girls and guys in japanese style. Japanese cartoon characters
Anime conquers more and more fans around the world. Everyone has it
of them have their favorite characters, which young people sometimes
imitate in everything, first of all in clothes and a hairdress. There are even
separate subculture lovers anime.

Anime style haircuts are dynamic, original and complex. And
Sometimes they are complex not only in the technique of execution, but also in the installation.
They require careful hair care, dyeing in the most
unimaginable colors, constant styling and fixing varnish. None
however, girls and boys are not afraid of such difficulties, and they create
your own unique image with anime haircut. Perfect option
for such hairstyles – hair of medium length and short.

Option for girls who have medium length hair: hair
painted with paint (the more incredible the color or combination of colors, the
better), trimmed and layered in layers, and the ends of the hair are twisted
inside or outside, depending on the desires. Mandatory stroke –
long dense bangs that cover part of the face.

On short hair female anime hairstyle is done for the same
scheme: layered hair, painted in whole or section,
long ragged bangs – anime hairstyle is ready. Interesting,
that men’s haircuts in this style are performed according to the same scheme. Such
haircuts are suitable for informal and creative young people who
seeks to emphasize their own individuality, as well as state
about your passion for Japanese anime art. Overlooked such
guys just will not stay!

A variety of Japanese hairstyles: options for every day

Japanese hairstyles for every dayThere are lots of different
options for haircuts: from the most exotic and creative to completely
simple ones that create an image of a cute female student and that
importantly, they are distinguished by convenience and versatility. By the way, such
Hairstyles are really popular among female students.

One of these simple options is a caret. It can be any
lengths If the hair will cover the back of the head, such a haircut will
more universal: it can be stacked in various ways,
decorate with flowers, hairpins, etc., make a tail. This hairstyle
convenient and unpretentious in terms of everyday styling. To add
such a haircut variety, hair can be dyed (fully or
individual strands).

You can make a more creative option, leaving the front long
strands, gradually shortening the length of the hair on the back of his head. Wherein
the back of the head can be completely open. Also strands are shortened by
upward direction: at the top of the hair can be completely
short, which will give your hair extra volume. To lay
This haircut is also very easy and quick, you can decorate, but the tail
you can’t make it out of it.

Both options look great in combination with big bangs,
which is the main attribute of hairstyles in the Japanese style.
By the way, you can leave the native hair color, and bang paint in
some bright color – this option can often be found among
hairstyles This makes the image both creative and cute.

If you have long hair, you can create a very stylish,
practical and bold image. To do this, divide the hair back into two
equal parts – upper and lower. Twist the top
(it can be both dense and free – it depends only on
your desire and mood), and leave the lower part uncool.
Thick, dense bangs will add style to the image, reaching the line
eyebrows or slightly lower. It can be flat or trimmed with an “arch”.
Be sure to leave the side strands much longer than the bangs, but shorter
main hair length. This option hairstyle looks great on
dark hair and fits under many styles.

Japanese style men’s hairstyles

men's japanese hairstylesTraditional hairstyle for
Men are the ones worn by samurai. Of course, now a man with
This hairstyle can be found except in the movies or on
themed party. Samurai hairstyle gave way to creative,
bright, bold haircuts.

For young people choosing the Japanese style, there is also where
to roam As we said, these are anime hairstyles,
which are chosen, in fact, by fans of this type of art, but
also very many guys who prefer the emo subculture. Much
taken from this style and punks.

The main distinguishing characteristics of men’s haircuts

  • long bangs, necessarily thick and profiled on
    the ends;
  • dyed hair. This is optional to make
    Japanese hairstyle, but very desirable. Hair can be painted as
    in white color and in bright. The main goal is not to stay
    unnoticed by the crowd;
  • torn hair ends.

The main hair length can be any: from ultrashort to
hair of medium length. By the way, very short hair is long
bangs look even more spectacular!

If a young guy is not burdened with the rules of the dress code on
work, can afford an original haircut, then a young
a man can hardly afford such a luxury. For such
men there is a male Japanese haircut, adapted to
European standards.

It will suit men with straight hair covering the back of the head.
If you have exactly this type of hair, you can ask a hairdresser,
so that it is very smooth – under one line – to cut your hair down to
neck. The upper part you can arrange depending on
how strict is the dress code at work, etc. Can you make narrow
long sideburns – they will add zest to the image.

And you can go a little further and make a slanting bang, almost
reaching chin. This bang will highlight the lower part of the face, nose,
chin and lips, while her eyes will be slightly covered by her. But
remember that such a haircut may suggest that you –
the person is secretive. So if you work with people, think about
the psychological effect that your

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