Hairstyles in the style of the 30s for the image of fatal women

Chicago retro hairstylesFor progressive 30s
became a cult musical called “Chicago”. After
The premiere was held, many fashionable women rushed to do hair in
Chicago style. All the desired volume at the roots in these hairstyles on
the first place, hair is fluffy, but at the same time smooth and slightly
wavy. Surprisingly, these hairstyles in the style of the distant 30s
so universal that they are suitable for any type of hair, any
face shapes and for any event.

Until the 30s, literally at the beginning of the century, dresses were fashionable.
in the floor, frilly multi-level hairstyles, the creation of which could
leave half a day. But the hairstyles of the progressive 30s are noticeable.
stood out soft and smooth lines. Definitely hair length
was small, no longer than the shoulders. Fashion in the people carried the popular
being an actress who was not afraid to experiment with hair and
dyed them in bright shades, such as ashy blond, fiery
red or gray-black.

What does the standard hairstyle of the turbulent 30s look like?

The ideal length was the hair to the chin, but this does not mean
that there were no short haircuts or long curls. Since in
The standard version of hair style in Chicago hair should not be
below the chin, too long hair needs to be tucked inside and
pin the studs. There is another option when long hair
pinned into a neat bundle and fix it with a special

The very shape of hair plays a very important role. No matter what
the length of the hair, it is important that soft hair be present in the Chicago haircut
waves, allowed the “wet hair effect”. It used to be a lot less
ways to wind your hair and keep such waves for a long time.
Fortunately, now there are lots of methods to make soft curls –
and hair rollers, and curling iron, and ironing.

The amount of hair 30s should be lush, but neat.
Heavy and thick hair was always desirable for women, therefore
they tried to curl to give splendor. But erratic
curls or disheveled strands are not in the style of the elegant 30s
years, smooth curls should be perfectly combed, a hair to

Chicago Style Hair Secrets

Each hairstyle has its own little secrets, knowing which
any woman will look perfect. For the ever fashionable hairstyle in
Chicago style, you can wear a veil or a hat to the image was
complete. For this hairstyle do not have to cut off long hair,
because you need a short length. You can cheat and just collect
hair in a bun or tuck. This Chicago hairstyle will also be
look very elegant.

Often owners of large or bulged ears suffer from
this and feel free to do beautiful hair, not to emphasize
attention to the flaw. Chicago hairstyles are just for
them, because this defect can easily be hidden with the help of hair
“Page”. In this stylish hairstyle, the hair adjoins to the
chin, smooth cut line gives a small amount and hides

The same curl – a characteristic feature of hairstyles in the style of Chicago –
It is made with the help of ordinary curling iron and hair wax.

How is chicago hairstyle done?

how to make a Chicago style haircutStylish hairstyles,
loved after the musical “Chicago”, now often do on
wedding, celebration or for the publication. Create a hairstyle
Chicago is quite easy, the main condition – the availability of funds for
stacking strong fixation.

With the help of ceramic tongs, hair can be laid like this.
in a way. First, they must be washed, dried with a hairdryer. Give head
“cool” for 20 minutes after drying and try hair with your hands: if
there were some wet strands somewhere, once again walk the warm air along
by him.

After the hair is completely dried, you can begin
wind in one strand, with each fasten special
clips or hairpins. When all the hair will be fixed
clips, sprinkle with varnish and allow hair to dry and purchase
form. After that, the clamps need to be removed. This Chicago hairstyle can
decorate with a bandage or hoop with a flower and mesh.

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