Hairstyles of greek goddesses

Hairstyles with rimIn retro fashion.
Wherever you look, everything recalls the 60s. Practical dress and
comfortable shoes firmly occupied places in the wardrobe of modern girls.
Of course, it is much more convenient to go all day in ballet shoes that
look neat and beautiful than on shoes with a huge sole
and a long hairpin. But the retro style is not only manifested in clothing and
shoes, but also in hairstyles. Girls began to wear hair with a rim on
gum making them look like Greek goddesses. Such headbands
wore and hippies, but in the modern world it is a sign of good taste and

Hairstyles with rim, rubber can create a variety. Or
not to create … It is enough to decorate the head with such an accessory – and that’s all
it remains only to comb your hair. Hairstyles with a rim with a rubber band already
have adopted many stars of show business who know exactly
sense in fashion.

Headbands can be in the form of braids, small rubber bands, decorated
flowers, rhinestones, braid. The bezel itself must be chosen for the outfit.
There are a few rules for a good hairstyle. To create it you need
so that the hair was washed … yesterday. But if the head is clean, then its
You can “pollute” a small amount of mousse. Base bandage
It is better to fix the invisible. If there is no bandage, you can instead
use a handkerchief, but not silk. If everything is correct
prepared, then the hairstyle will look perfect.

Bohemian image

On the long hair the hair of the Greek goddess is very
simple, but it’s still worth practicing before an important date.
Hair needs to be combed, divided into parting and slightly
comb at the roots. On the hair to wear a bezel, which is better to fix
invisible, so as not to subside. Take one strand and lay the ribbon,
so continue to the ear. In another embodiment, this hairstyle
strand must be twisted into a braid and twist to the end with the rim. Such
hairstyle looks volume, and loose strands give effect
disheveled that men like so much. Hair can be decorated
artificial and fresh flowers. Modern brides with
enjoy using this accessory to complement the wedding

For medium hair, as well as for long, French braid with
The rim is perfect. In general, the bezel is universal
An accessory that can be worn like a day, creating an image
frivolous girl, and in the evening, to be known as elegant
lady Individual strands can be placed on the face that give
charm, but do not need to smoothly comb the hair, as voluminous
hairstyles look much more beautiful, except perhaps
Make up retro hairstyles that create waves. Effectively look
ruffles and, of course, the famous Babette.

We should not forget that the hairstyle should fit the shape and
face type. For the girl who wears glasses, the bezel-gum
the center of the forehead will be out of place, as it turns out that the face is too
many different subjects. Those girls whom nature did not reward
high forehead, this hairstyle should also be avoided, better
raise the bezel higher, thereby visually increasing the frontal

If you want to have a bezel, but do not want to “weight” your head, or
just a girl is a strong opponent of various accessories and
trinkets, but always wants to look beautiful and stylish, saves
natural bezel that weaves out of your own hair. how
do such a bezel? It’s very simple, just braid at the ear
a pigtail of desired thickness, slice over the forehead to the other ear, and
to fasten all this with invisible beings, and after acting according to the scheme,
described above. But it is suitable for those who have long or medium
hair. Those who are short in order to create such
haircut will have to wear a bezel.

Do it yourself

Hairstyles with rimIf anyone
I did not find the bezel of your dreams, then you can do it yourself.
This has several advantages. First, the perfect size, so
as the needlewoman herself will remove or add the required length.
Secondly, there will be no second such anywhere else, and this is already
originality. There are several manufacturing options for the first
need: wire, beads, some black fabric, glue
gun and billet-rim. Beads are strung on wire and out of
her flowers are forming.

With the help of a pistol flowers stick to the fabric, and then the fabric
glued to the workpiece.

For the second option, you need a thread and a needle, some cloth,
gum, scissors and beads. The width of the fabric should be 10 cm, from it
the base of the flower is formed, for this you need to cut a square.
Then we cut a few more squares, but they should gradually
shrink in size. Total need 10 square shreds, from
which by eye cut circles. With the help of fire to process the edges
fabrics to give them shape and so that they do not crumble.
It is important not to overdo it, otherwise the flower will be black. Then fold
together the billet petals, and with the help of thread with a needle sew them into
the center, in the middle of the flower beads are sewn. When will the flower be
ready, you will need to take the gum, measure the circumference of the head and
fasten the edges together. If desired, gum wrapped with a cloth.
A flower is sewn on and the bezel is ready!

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