Hairstyles with elastic: we do styling quickly, nice and fashionable

hairstyle in the Greek styleIn our modern and dynamic time
for any woman, regardless of age, it is important to quickly
beautiful, and most importantly fashionable hair. And help her in this all
long known scrunchy. Various options
the use of gum, as well as fashionable hairstyle with elastic around
heads allow you to quickly bring hair in order.

The most popular use of an elastic band is the “tail”. “Tails”
moms start making their daughters as soon as the hair length
allows you to collect them in a bundle. Currently gum different
configurations and materials make it possible to experiment and
create a variety of styling options. Hairstyles with elastic bands for
Hair makes the image of a girl especially festive. The more them on
head, the more elegant little fashionista.

“Tails” are popular not only among girls and teenagers, but also with
enough mature women. According to the circumstances
change the height of the “tail”. For a holiday and party would be appropriate
high ponytail. And for training or work environment
better to make a low tail – just below the neck. In this version
open space for fantasy. You can decorate the “tail”
decorative accessories, as well as bundled or laid
hairpins in the form of a flower strands “tail”. For better fixation and more
clear lines is not superfluous to use laying tools.

Fix hair

In addition to the “tail”, fashion trends are very popular lately.
hairstyles with a rubber band around the head. They completely fix the hair
and, thanks to a variety of forms, allows you to create unique

The thin elastic band is an elastic strap with a length of
head girth. It consists of two parts: the rubber band itself (it will
closed strands) and decorated finishes, which is located
on the forehead. A wide variation of the elastic is a bandage that
worn over the hair or in the form of a rim.

Decorative finishes have a variety of variations of stones,
rhinestones, beads, cords and other decorating elements. Bows and flowers
Great for finishing when creating a festive

Creating such hairstyles does not take much time, and the result
You will be very pleased, because they are suitable for both business style and
evening party.

Use a wide elastic bandage

To complement the everyday image of long-haired girls
suitable option in which the dressing is wound on
loose hair But also he is great for girls with
thin, not having volume hair. Additional volume can
give, put on a bandage and lifting her hair so much
as necessary.

The wide elastic band can be put on, having passed under hair on a nape
in the form of a rim. Curls in this case, you can dissolve or braid
in two braids. The braid option is perfect for schoolgirls and
students, giving their appearance severity and originality.

Use of a thin elastic band

Recently, laying in the Greek style has earned a huge
recognition of fashionistas. Greek hairstyles to almost everyone
girls and young women. The technique of their creation is simple, and time
for laying it takes a little.

To do this, combed and parted hair
worn a thin elastic band. It should pass over the forehead. Further,
gradually, each strand is separated and wrapped under the gum. AT
as a result, all hair will be hidden and twisted into a “roller”,
giving the look of a Greek style.

Very effectively, this hairstyle looks decorated with
beads, rhinestones, stones and beads.

Stylist tips

A few weeks of training – and the process of creating these
original hairstyles will turn into very exciting

hairstyle in the Greek styleThere are some tips how to make
hairstyle with a hair-safe elastic and securely fixed
for a long time.

Do not forget that the decorative element of the gum is on
forehead. Be ready that he can “bump” into the skin and leave after
traces that do not disappear immediately.

For better fixation of the “roller” strands in Greek styling
use mousse and, if necessary, hairpins, introduce
which is necessary in the direction of curling curls.

If you have a bang, it is better to place it on top of the bandage.

Extra volume at the crown can be achieved by pulling
“roller” slightly up, with this movement slightly shifted
gum, lifting the hair to the desired volume.

Greek styling is “salvation” if you don’t have time to wash

When choosing accessories to create these hairstyles you need
pay attention to quality, because they should be as
safe for hair and scalp. It is important to control that
hair is not confused in volumetric jewelry: sometimes unravel it
impossible until you pull a shred of hair.

Do not forget that hairstyles created with gum should
please not only you, but also your hair!

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