Hairstyles with oblique bangs can hide disadvantages and highlight the advantages!

hairstyle with oblique bangsOblique
bangs add femininity, temptation, intriguing
attractiveness. No wonder most movie stars with long or
short curls choose exactly this type of bangs. You too
like slanting bangs? Then the first thing you need to pay
attention to your face type.

Great oblique bangs for round face and face
with rectangular or square shape. Picking up a certain length
bangs, you can adjust the shape of a person with an oval, round
and square shape. Chelochka suitable for everyone who has long hair, and
also girls and women with short hair. To representatives
weak sex with curly hair oblique bangs are also suitable
regardless of whether they have a long haircut or not. but
curling chelochku periodically have to align with
rectifier (ironing). Hairdressers distinguish two types of oblique bangs:
short and long oblique bangs.

Long and short bangs

The elongated model touches the eyelashes, almost closing off one
the eye, thereby creating mystery. It will not only help to remove
a few years from your age, but also add to your sexuality.
The main thing is clarity. Long bangs should not climb into the eyes
or crumble into strands. As mentioned above, oblique bangs
for round face helps to adjust its proportions. Rare
symmetrical elongated chelochka visually reduces wide cheekbones
rectangular faces.

Short bangs, trimmed at the spike, allows you to reduce
outlines of the face. A clear geometric bust is suitable for girls with
narrow oval face, as it visually lengthens it, giving
extra sass look. Sparse haircut compensates
heavy chin Short model, diagonal,
Shaving on dry hair, so how if you do a haircut on
wet strands, there is a risk that after blow-drying your hair
will become shorter.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the haircut is not carried out across the forehead.
When trimming the tips, the scissors should be upright
position The hair is cut diagonally, starting from the very
short edge to the longest. Best oblique bangs
combines with short hair cropped, page,

Modern hairstyles with oblique bangs are able to create a bold
image for an interesting bright personality. The pigtail looks impressive
bangs. Have you always been attracted to hairstyles with slanting bangs? Means
it’s time to experiment! The convenience of this form is
in that it allows you to dismiss or collect
long hair. In one form or another, oblique bangs look like
the sides are bright and harmonious.

The company in which you work, provides office
dress code? Then make a smooth tail, setting it down, and
fix with an ordinary hairpin. And if necessary
change the style for a festive evening, then you can make
hairstyles for long hair in the form of a high tail or stylish

Transformation with torn haircuts

ragged haircut is especially popular with young peopleCan’t not
note the amazing ability possessed by oblique bangs –
change in appearance to create the image of a youthful lady. When
Stylists aim to remove a client for several years, they
use a method called “torn bangs”. Torn chelochka
visually creates mysterious mystery. Torn haircut in
It is currently one of the most fashionable trends.

It looks very original, which is why the hair with torn
Bangs are so popular among the younger generation. Also torn
bang is perfect for a cascade or asymmetric hairstyle,
the relevance of which today can not be noted. With
This torn bangs can be straight, oblique, elongated or

You are interested in what fashionable hairstyles of 2014 were noted by the leading
professionals and fashion designers? If you do not want to keep up with fashion, then in
This season you will need to change not only the wardrobe, but also
hairstyle In 2014, the hairstyles of various forms and
lengths And in the haircut should be traced color design:
effect of burnt curls, highlighting, brondirovanie. Trendy in
the coming season are the following tones: caramel, black
chocolate, blond warm colors, red and purple shades.

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