Hairstyles with pigtails for long hair – fashionable, elegant, stylish

braid for long hairMaybe someone misses
Sixties hairstyles, seventies frivolous strands or
lush ruffies of the eighties. But no matter how changed from generation to
generation fashion hairstyles, no matter how tricks resorted
women in the preparation of complex hairstyles, pigtails for long hair
were and remain one of the most popular ways to lay
luxurious curls in a neat and very beautiful hairstyle.

Indeed, many consider elegantly braided braids.
not only traditional, but also very attractive, feminine
hairdo Moreover, this method of hair styling is not only
one of the most elegant, beautiful, neat, but almost the most
practical and uncomplicated. But if long hair used to be braided
one or two braids by the most elementary method, interlacing three strands
in the usual way, then today are gorgeous hairstyles with elements
braids so much that looking at them is impossible not

Hairstyle with originally braided strands of hair is appropriate everywhere
and everywhere – with a scythe, you can go to work and to a party to
friends, and a reception, and the beach. In addition, the braids
Great for any outfit, ranging from everyday
office suits and casual jeans to luxe
evening gowns and snow-white robes brides.

And what pleases even more – it is worth making a wish, perseverance
and patience to learn how to independently weave braids for long
hair. It is possible without resorting to the services of a stylist to make
unique hairstyles, original, unique and elegant!

How to learn to weave pigtails?

pigtails for long hairWe note immediately that the weaving
long hair braids are far from being such a simple task as
may seem at first glance. One desire to learn
modern braiding will not be enough. But if you are firm
decided to learn how to braid long curls in different braids
configuration, you should not start with complex options.

To get started, choose one of the easiest ways to model.
hairstyles with the help of braids, learn how to make it perfect, and only
After that, start learning the following options. For example,
if you master the technique of weaving tight or bulky braids for
everyday styling, you can quite simulate of them
gorgeous evening hairstyle for long hair, adding a few
additional items and accessories.

Such a consistent methodology provides several advantages. First of all,
You are guaranteed to be sure that with any
circumstances make yourself a great styling without assistants
funds and as soon as possible. Secondly, simple hairstyles on
long hair, braids in which weave in a simple pattern,
A great starting point for modeling various complex

And who can help you learn the basics of weaving braids, master on
special courses stylists or video tutorials on the Internet –
it’s up to you. The main thing is not to stop at the beginning and not
get upset at the first setbacks. Dare, and then the result
your labors will surpass the most daring expectations.

Experiments are welcome!

Various ways to weave braids, their styling and decoration
give tremendous scope for the manifestation of the fantasy of the master and
realization of the most unusual ideas. After all weaving braid on
long hair can be supplemented with bright ribbons, beads, exquisite
hairpins, fresh or artificial flowers, headbands, etc.

The only rule in drawing up a harmonious hairstyle with
oblique is the correct selection of accessories. It means that
Your chosen styling matched the style of your clothes, and
the color scale of the jewelry and the hairstyle itself was combined with a certain
make up. So, if you prefer sportswear, then
заплетите тугую косу-жгут, колосок или “fish tail” , под вечернее
dress make an elegant styling from a loose French braid,
and for a suit in an office business style, choose a classic hairstyle
with a complex taut braid.

And further. Even if you have already masterfully learned how to braid beautiful
braids for long hair, do not stop there.
Experiment, look for new models of hairstyles with pigtails in
Online, stay tuned, learn to create new
styling. So, gradually and imperceptibly, you can become
a real connoisseur and master of creating hairstyles with pigtails of different
forms, you can always emphasize your individuality and
dazzling beauty of gorgeous hair.

How to weave a fishtail braid

рыбий хвост“Fish
tail “or as often called this technique of weaving,” spikelet ”
Ideal for long straight hair. This type applies
tight braid to the basic options, and learn it is not so
complicated. Well, if in addition to zeal to show a bit of fantasy,
decorating a tight braid in random order with beads or small
hairpins with rhinestones, hair will look amazing!

We begin to weave “fish tail” with the fact that gently combing
all hair back. Then separate by one strand of equal thickness.
(approximately 2-2.5 cm) above the right and left temple. Cross them by
the center of the parietal part of the head so that the right strand of hair is
top left.

Hold both strands with your right hand, tightly pressing them to
head, and the left take another strand from under the already woven left

We impose a new strand over the right and press down the braid left
by hand.

So, alternately capturing all new strands from the right and left
parts of the head and acting in the same order, we braid the hair in
tight braid down to the neck.

A further stage of weaving a beautiful pigtail for long hair under
the wonderful name “fishtail” is in the same
cross strands on the right and left side. Only now them
need to grab from under the strands of the respective sides of the “horse
tail “, which is obtained in the process.

The end of a chic braid can be secured with a decorative rubber band, or
fix it with any hair accessory.

How to weave a braid

braid plaitSpit-Plait
– A great alternative to the classic type of braids. Perform
This variant of braiding on long hair is not difficult, because everything
what is required of the master is accuracy and proper execution
action sequences. But it looks spit-plait very
original, because the hair is intertwined in it like threads in
ropes or clothesline. Plus, learning to weave this basic
braid version, you can endlessly experiment with models
hairstyles, putting the “bundles” in bunches, diagonally, sides or

So, well comb and slightly moisturize the hair. Combing
gently pull them back and separate a small part of the hair from one temple
to another.

We divide the separated part of the hair into two equal strands
and cross them with each other.

From the total weight of the hair we take a new strand and add it to
right strand.

Likewise, we seize a new order from the total mass of hair and
connect it with the left strand. As a result, we are in the hands of two
thickness equal strands that should be re-crossed,
putting one part of the hair under the other.

Once again, grab a new order and add it to the existing one.
braided strands. Do the same actions with the right and
left side. Cross the strands again.

Without changing the order of action, we continue to weave braid-plait throughout
the head, to the neck, is identical to the way the French braids trail on
long hair.

But then the technique of weaving the braid-plait varies somewhat.
We take in hand both strands of hair, resulting in weaving braids on
head, and twist them along the entire length of the cord clockwise.
Now gently cross them from the right side to the left,
bringing the left strand of the harness under the right.

If done correctly, unwind and disintegrate
this braid will never be, because we twisted the strands into one
side, and intertwined with them in the opposite direction.

At the end, you can fasten the braid with a rubber band, barrette, tape or
any other decoration.

By the way, it’s not at all necessary to have long hair in order to
create hairstyles with elements of braiding. There are many
styling options in which masters use a variety of
braids for hair of medium length. So deny yourself
exclusive hairstyles with braids, being the owner of not too
there are no long curls. The main thing is that the styling was
performed neatly, with love and the ability to see the inner
harmony. Then surely admiring glances of men will
accompany you always and everywhere!

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