Happiness for hair and absolute happiness for hair – pros and cons, instructions, application steps, cost, care after the procedure

If you follow the novelties of the cosmetic industry and
are in constant search of a panacea for dry hair, then
probably at least once heard about the procedure “Happiness for the hair.” what
But what is it like and what can make the hair “happy”?

What is it and what is the essence of the procedure?

The content of the article:

  • What is it and what is the essence of the procedure?
  • Fodo BEFORE and AFTER the procedure
  • Indications and contraindications, who is suitable procedure?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How is the procedure in the cabin?
  • How to make at home?
  • Popular treatments
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Cost of
  • Reviews
  • Analogs of the procedure
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Conclusion

“Happiness for hair” is a procedure aimed at
reconstruction of the hair shaft at the molecular level. She is
It has a complex effect on the hair, scalp and
follicle, respectively, the structure is restored,
hydrobalance normalizes and dormant hairs awaken

The procedure is carried out in several stages, and at each of them
A new, narrowly targeted repair agent is used:

  1. At the first stage | – hair is saturated with moisture when
    serum care.
  2. On the second | – there is an enrichment of melanin,
    thanks to which strands become shiny and soft.
  3. At the third | – stage, the damage is eliminated.
  4. On the fourth | – hair treatment occurs on
    molecular level and replenishment of protein deficiency.
  5. In the fifth and subsequent stages | – implemented
    fixing the effect and smoothing curls.

Already in 1 session the hair becomes more dense, softer,
Shiny and easier to style.

Note! “Happiness for hair” is the first
the name of the procedure. After upgrading and small changes
chemical composition, it began to be called “Absolute happiness for

Fodo BEFORE and AFTER the procedure

Several photos BEFORE and AFTER the procedure “Happiness
for hair “and” Absolute happiness for hair “:

Indications and contraindications, who is suitable procedure?

Be sure to try “Happiness for Hair”, if your

  • curl and hard to comb;
  • porous, because of this, they constantly get clumsy and
  • repeatedly colored, discolored or depleted
  • thin and weak;
  • break and split along the length and on the tips;
  • grow poorly due to dehydration or dandruff;
  • suffer from nutritional deficiencies after childbirth or

There are not so many contraindications, but neglecting them
worth it. These include:

  • presence of open wounds or inflammations on the head;
  • infectious diseases;
  • allergic to one or more components.

Advantages and disadvantages

Thanks to its extensive list of benefits, the procedure
“Happiness for hair” received
such widespread:

  • the difference before and after is noticeable after the first session;
  • nutrition and hair restoration from root to tip;
  • visual and actual increase in volume due to stimulation
    the growth and awakening of sleeping follicles;
  • improvement and hydration of the scalp;
  • can be carried out both in the salon and at home.

The procedure has no obvious flaws, but conditionally, they can

  • high cost for salon procedure;
  • one session is not enough to cure completely
  • at home takes a lot of time.

How is the procedure in the cabin?

Like it or not, a qualified beauty salon master knows
better how to work with problematic hair. Even if you are very
an experienced amateur, you can hardly process each
strand on the back of my head without help. Of course, for the salon
“Happiness for hair” will have to pay a round sum, but the guarantee
the result is worth it!

All that is needed for the procedure is a set of professional tools,
comb with rare teeth, disposable gloves and one hour
free time.

As an example, the algorithm of the wizard with
set from the brand Lebel. Steps may vary by
used drugs and the initial state of hair:

  1. Shampooing the scalp for deep cleaning.
    It lifts hair scales and makes strands more
    susceptible to therapy. If the scalp is very
    oily or problematic – a cleansing mousse is used.
  2. Applying Cell Tune Mousse 1. Product
    massaged to the scalp and hair,
    then washed with warm water. Wet strands dry
    a towel.
  3. Alternately applying serum C, N, P. After
    each step, the curls are brushed across with a wide comb.
  4. Application of Element Fix serum – on the same
    the stage master puts a plastic cap on the client’s head for
    enhance the impact of all previously applied drugs. Time
    Exposures vary from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the source
    state of shag.
  5. Cell Fiber formulations,
    Cell Serum Silky and Cell
    Serum Melt and Cell Serum Sealed 4
    – after all means are applied, the master gently massages the skin
    head and hair and then washes everything without using
  6. Hair treatment with indelible essence and
    laying by means of the hair dryer on the cold mode of air.

Note! Deep cleaning shampoo is not
included in the set of tools “Absolute happiness for the hair” – his
have to buy separately.

How to make at home?

Algorithm home procedure is the same as in the cabin. Right
a way to avoid mistakes – to hold the very first session in the cabin,
follow the actions of the master and only then buy a set of tools.
So that the result of independent work pleased you no less.
salon, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not buy cosmetics from unreliable
    sources. Due to demand in the market, products from
    Lebel is often faked. At best, a fake will not have
    no effect on the hair, and at worst – the hair will be even worse,
    what was before the procedure. The best places to buy the Absolute
    happiness for hair “- beauty salons, where they spend the same
    procedure and network stores that sell professional
  • Get shampoo for deep cleaning.
    Thorough shampooing is a must before any
    a procedure that aims to structurally change the hair
    rod. Choose shampoos from the same manufacturer as yourself.
  • Strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Not
    swap steps, do not overdo it and spare no money. To
    Do not get confused – pre-set all products in order, and according to
    least use – remove unnecessary.
  • Get auxiliary tools –
    comb with rare teeth, disposable plastic cap,
    gloves and a towel.
  • Work with two mirrors or ask for help with
    parties so it will be easier for you to control processing
    strands on the back of his head.
  • Divide hair into sectors – this will make it easier for you.
    work with long hair. Process strands starting from the head and
    moving towards the face.

Popular treatments

Several popular brands:

Lebel cosmetics

This Japanese concern owns the development of the procedure
“Happiness for hair” and its modernized and relevant to this
moment version of “Absolute happiness for the hair.”

The classic Happiest set consists of 7 products:

  1. Serum number 1 – to moisturize the dried and
    colored hair.
  2. Composition No. 2 (N) – fills structural voids,
    smoothes scales.
  3. Serum No. 3 (P) – tightens the rods, making them
    more elastic.
  4. Composition number 4 (Element Fix) – valid
    as a retainer, keeping moisture inside the hair. Minimizes the negative
    environmental exposure.
  5. The composition number 5 (Gum Lipid 1) –
    restores the natural fatty film lost as a result
    permanent staining and thermal exposure. Makes hair
    more soft and smooth to the touch.
  6. Serum No. 6 (Gum Lipid 2) –
    complements the action of the composition number 5. Smoothes hair and gives them
    healthy shine
  7. Mask number 7 (Relaxing Slime) –
    designed to heal the scalp and
    awakening of the sleeping follicles. Prevents loss, eliminates

The innovative set of “Infinity aurum salon care” consists already of
11 products:

  1. IAU Cell Tune – mousse for intense
    moisturizing hair and skin at the cellular level.
  2. IAU Cell Fiber – Serum for Growth Activation
    hair and their preparation for intensive restoration.
  3. IAU Cell Serum Silky 3S – firming and
    softening cream for curls.
  4. IAU Cell
    Serum Melt 3M –
    intensive sealing cream.
  5. IAU Cell Serum Sealed 4 – Finishing Oil
    latch result.
  6. Cell Silky Lipid 5S – concentrated cream
    to give hair extra strength and density.
  7. IAU Cell Melt Lipid 5M – concentrated
    Cream for the normalization of hydrobalance in the hair shaft.
  8. Serum C – prepares hair for
    intensive care.
  9. Serum N – restructures damaged
    hair cuticle, restoring lost intercellular connections.
  10. Serum P – enriches with plant
    protein and thickens the structure.
  11. Element Fix Serum – retains beneficial
    substance inside the hair and forms a protective sheath.

Constant delight

In early 2018, this Italian brand introduced a new
product line aimed at intensive nutrition,
restoration, moisturizing and protection of weak hair – Happy

It includes 7 funds:

  1. Mousse-booster “Intensive Moisturizing” –
    envelops every hair, preventing tangling and static.
    Stimulates the growth of new rods.
  2. Concentrated cream – regenerates hair,
    filling the structural voids at the molecular level.
  3. Activator “Intensive Recovery” –
    promotes deeper penetration of nutrients from
    previous means.
  4. Serum reconstructor – contributes
    restoring damaged and awakening dormant hair
  5. Smoothing Fluid – makes curls soft,
    shiny and silky.
  6. The fixative gloss – fixes action of all
    previous products and also protects hair from aggressive
    environmental exposure, be it the sun, wind, increased
    moisture and urban smog.
  7. Deep Cleansing Shampoo – Washes Out
    hair residues styling products, dust, dandruff, and sebum,
    prepares for a therapeutic procedure.

How often do you need to do and how much does it hold?

Already on wet strands, the recovery effect is noticeable – they
become incredibly smooth, soft and docile. Disappears
section and down the length, the hair ceases to electrify when
combing or coming in contact with synthetic clothing.

Depending on the initial state of the hair, the effect lasts from 2
up to 4 weeks, after which the procedure will need to be repeated.

The full course of recovery is 5-6 sessions. By his
the completion of “Absolute Happiness for Hair” can be repeated
once every 2-3 months as a prophylaxis.

Hair care after the procedure

After the procedure, the hair does not require any special care,
however, to keep the effect longer, follow these

  • The first 3 days after the procedure, refrain from washing
    heads. The fact is that the first days the active components are all
    still attached to the hair and moisture can simply wash it off.
  • Do not wash your head with chlorinated water – bleach
    detrimental effect on the structure of the hair and skin. For your health
    make sure that there is a water filter at home.
  • Wear a hat – this rule applies
    both hot summer and frosty winter.

Cost of

One “Absolute Happiness for Hair” procedure will cost you from
2,000 to 4,000 rubles, depending on the salon, its reputation,
qualifications of the master and the means used by him.

A full course of 5-6 procedures will cost from 10,000 to 25,000

If you want to buy a kit for home use, then
prepare to pay from 22,000 to 25,000 rubles, but keep in mind that
This set is enough for several courses, which significantly saves
facilities. Your attention to the price of procedures in Moscow salons
Beauty with a popular resource zoon.ru.


Some reviews from | irecommend.ru:

Analogs of the procedure

If for some reason the procedure “Absolute happiness for
Hair “did not fit you, look at the following methods:

  • botox;
  • shielding;
  • biolamination;
  • glazing;
  • lamination.

Note! Lamination is exclusively
cosmetic procedure and only temporarily gives the hair well-groomed

Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between “Absolute Happiness for Hair” and
“Happiness for hair”? – “Absolute happiness
for hair “- this is an upgraded version of” Happiness for hair “from
Lebel Cosmetics. The kit includes 11 tools instead of the usual
7 and restores hair more intensely. In addition, the procedure
called “Happiness for the hair” can also be found in the brand
Constant Delight.

What to choose: “Absolute happiness for hair” or
“Olapleks”? – Compare these procedures
impractical because, despite a similar method of implementation, they
affect hair differently. Products | “Absolute happiness for
Hair “is based on natural extracts and serums
origin. The effectiveness of Olaplex is due to the presence in its
the composition of the molecule Bis-AminopropylDiglycol Dimaleate. For execution
procedures “Absolute happiness for hair” need 11 components, and
for “Olapleks” – 3. In addition,
“Olapleks” means stage
heat treatment. As for the price,
Olapleks is much cheaper
– from 3000 to 5000 thousand rubles per set.

Reference! Experts recommend not to choose between
“Olapleks” and “Absolute Happiness for Hair”, and make them
alternately, as both procedures complement each

Can I do during pregnancy?
– In the composition of the complex of funds are listed only vegetable
components that are safe for the future mother’s health, and
her child. Apply “Absolute Happiness to Hair” during
pregnancy and lactation is not prohibited. This is great news for
young mummies, faced with the problem of dryness and lifelessness
hair after childbirth. But, despite the assurances of the manufacturer,
Be sure to consult with your doctor and show him the composition.
Perhaps the contraindication will be due to allergies to one of
components or toxicosis due to perfume.


Restoration of health of a head of hear is long and laborious.
a process that requires a lot of investment, both financial and moral.
Understand what is really useful and what is only fruit
marketing is very difficult.

Only a competent and complex impact can return
curls life force. The procedure “Absolute happiness for hair” –
it is a collection of effective herbal ingredients that
help you get close to the head of your dreams.

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