Have you done an enzyme peel?

We hear the word “enzymes” when we turn on the TV or read from
pages of all fashion magazines. Enzymes creams, gels and serums
promise to save the skin from virtually all problems. And today such
the procedure can be done both in the cosmetology salon, and
to carry out the enzyme peeling at home. But what is
is hidden behind these mysterious term, and is this really
Can the procedure solve many skin problems?

Another name for this type of exfoliation is enzymatic peeling,
since the active ingredient is a special
enzymes that destroy proteins. And the term “enzymes” is just
marketing word, more listenable to buyers. Principle
the action of these same enzymes is to dissolve the cornified
skin cells without the use of acids and other substances high

Enzyme peeling is a cosmetic procedure that has a lot of
advantages and a minimum of disadvantages. Enzymes of animal, plant
and bacterial origin will gently and non-traumaticly clean
the upper layers of the skin will improve the appearance and condition of the skin
faces. This is a rare cosmetic procedure that is suitable.
for all skin types, including problem, oily and sensitive
skin with rosacea, and is even indicated for the removal of age spots and
treatment of acne.

Enzymatic peeling

What is the essence of enzymatic peeling?


  • Enzymes of beauty and skin health
    • What problems does enzyme peeling solve?
    • How to make peeling enzymes at home?

Enzymes of beauty and skin health

Enzymatic peeling is a cosmetic
procedures for gentle action, and is used for deep cleansing
surface layer of the skin. Full course enzyme procedures
Exfoliation of the skin significantly increases the tone, smoothes small
wrinkles, gives the face an even color and healthy appearance, eliminating
long peeling and redness. Enzymes that are part of
peeling, possess soothing, decongestant and antimicrobial

The chemicals used in this procedure are removed.
dead skin cells along with the upper layer of the epidermis, revealing
new – smooth and flawless skin. Enzyme Peel Controls
manifestation of acne and blackheads, reduces the number of fine lines on
face, and also helps to remove skin defects. Deeper
enzymatic peeling is able to remove even precancerous
neoplasms, as well as pigment spots.

Enzyme cleansing of the face is aimed at gentle cleansing and
renewal of especially sensitive skin. This kind of peeling is great.
suitable for young skin as a protective and moisturizing
facilities. Fading – will restore the tone and relief.
In addition, enzyme peels can be used even on facial
there is rosacea, allergic rashes, rosacea or inflammation.

What problems does enzyme peeling solve?

Enzyme peeling is used as a prophylactic for people with
skin that is often stressed and unfavorable
environmental influences. However, this type of exfoliation
It has therapeutic properties and can be used for

  • Pigment spots, scars and minor effects of acne
  • Dry skin prone to flaking;
  • Oily skin prone to black spots and acne;
  • Clogged pores, comedones and milium;
  • Uneven dull skin.

This treatment is ideal for people with dark skin,
for which deep peeling is contraindicated. The most common
enzymes that are used in enzyme peels are found in
fruits: pineapples, pumpkin, papaya, green apples, and aloe vera.
The visible effect is noticeable after the first procedure, but for
fixing and strengthening the effect, you must go through several procedures

As a result of completing the full course, the skin will be cleared of
protein pollution and dead cells, will get healthy and fresh
appearance, fine wrinkles will become less noticeable, pores will narrow. but
more serious problems like deep wrinkles and scars given
the type of cleansing of the skin will not be able to decide.

enzyme peeling at home

Photos before and after the enzyme procedure

How to make peeling enzymes at home?

Enzyme peeling is designed primarily for the procedure
in the cosmetology salon, because it requires some
action. However, if you follow the entire sequence of actions, then
You can spend an enzyme peeling at home. It is worth
note that the effectiveness of the procedure at home is slightly lower, since
purchased peeling preparations are inferior as they are affected

Stages of enzymatic facial cleansing at home
conditions are similar to what they do in cosmetology

  1. Thorough cleansing of the face from makeup and impurities using
    special lotion or foam.
  2. Applying pre-treatment solution to all (!!!) body parts,
    on which will be applied peeling.
  3. Uniform application of the enzyme composition and its aging in
    for 15-25 minutes.
  4. Abundant rinsing of the peeling mixture with a large amount of warm
    boiled water.
  5. Applying a mask and cream, according to the type of skin – nourishing,
    moisturizing, etc.
  6. It is advisable to use in the coming days to protect
    skin from UV rays.
  7. In the next few days after peeling is also not desirable.
    touch your face.

During the procedure, there may be a slight burning and stinging,
and after the session a slight reddening may occur, which will pass
within 30 minutes.

Thus, enzymatic or enzymatic peeling is a great
a way to get rid of minor skin problems as much as possible
carefully and without significant financial investments. Moreover, this
the facial cleansing procedure will be absolutely useless when
it is necessary to solve significant problems – deep scars and wrinkles,
scars. Such deficiencies can only be solved by deep chemical
peels or other cosmetic procedures.

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