Head massage in numerous techniques Execution: classic, point, Indian …


Have you ever tried to massage your head in your life? In such
case you have lost a lot! It’s not too late yet
sign up for this procedure or learn how to do it
herself. It will transform your curls, make them not only beautiful, but
also healthy. Techniques and techniques are here.


  • Why do I need a head massage
  • What head massage do you need
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Approximate execution scheme
  • To help you

If you think that massage is intended only for relaxation
and treatment of osteochondrosis, you are deeply mistaken. This procedure
the mass of useful properties: therapeutic, cosmetic,
psychologically soothing. With proper appointment and
professional performance, he will speed up recovery, improve
appearance and will give peace. And all this to the fullest extent.
performs a head massage that can be done
alone at home or complete a course
specialist in the cabin. Hair fall out? Tortured dandruff? Strands
thinned and hang lifeless even with careful care? Can
try a lot of cosmetics, but the problems never
decide. In this case, it’s time to ask for help.

Head massage for hair growth

Why do I need a head massage

Cosmetics available in salons and at home
head massage for the hair, which has a light healing
effect. But already in clinics and hospitals a doctor may prescribe
a procedure that will truly heal as a component
component of the main therapeutic course (therapeutic massage
head is able to reduce pressure, improve sleep, calm nerves,
make the rehabilitation period after a stroke faster and
painless). This article focuses on the techniques
aimed at improving the appearance of curls, recovery
roots, treatment of diseases associated with the scalp. Similar kind
Cosmetic massage has the following effect:

  • accelerates blood circulation, thanks to which follicles get
    adequate food and oxygen in sufficient quantities;
  • causes hair to grow faster because it “wakes up” asleep
    bulbs rate of metabolic processes and blood flow;
  • stops and warns their loss;
  • has a therapeutic effect in some forms of alopecia, gives
    hope of recovery from baldness;
  • soothes itching for dandruff, relieves irritation when
  • improves the condition of the fat strands as it controls
    the amount of fat produced by the subcutaneous glands;
  • almost completely eliminates dandruff;
  • It has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect in seborrhea.

After the first session, you should not expect that immediately
dandruff will disappear, and oily hair will never again
become covered with greasy shine. Actually cosmetic
scalp massage cannot transform curls so quickly.
Need a course to achieve the long-awaited effect. Largely
the result will depend on how professional
procedure is performed. So keep in mind that if to speed up
the growth of curls or prevent their loss will be enough
self-massage in the evenings, then dandruff or seborrhea treatment will require
service specialist. And each type of massage will solve some
specific problem, and they will cost differently. So in advance
decide exactly what you need.

What about the money? Head massage can be
different. And each will be listed in the price list under its cost,
the difference in which can be very palpable. For example,
Classic head massage in most salons costs $ 5-8, but
Chinese will cost much more – in the area
$ 20-35.

Why do I need a cosmetic head massage for hair

Have you heard of hair keratinization? It’s time

Sea buckthorn oil will heal damaged and split ends

What head massage do you need

Cosmetic massage of the scalp can be performed with
using different techniques. Each one is different
orientation, technique, price, time spent on
procedure. All these points are best discussed in advance with the master if
You went to the salon. If this is a self-massage at home
conditions, you have to choose the right equipment for your problem
on their own. The main thing is not to make a mistake.

  • Burmese – soothing irritated skin
    head and itching for dandruff and allergies;
  • vacuum – stimulating hair growth,
    stopping their loss;
  • darsonval – massage with a special
    nozzles on the cosmetology equipment;
  • Indian (can be called in different salons
    in different ways – lymphatic drainage, ayurvedic, champi) – resulting in
    the order of the external hair, the condition of the scalp and roots;
  • classical (or traditional) – improving
    blood circulation, soothing irritation, ideal for home
  • myofascial – affecting the fascia –
    sheaths of neurovascular bundles and muscles;
  • Thai – anti-stress, improves
    blood circulation, stimulating hair growth;
  • pinpoint (Chinese, shiatsu) – acting
    on points located in special places of the head and responsible for
    the work of various systems of the body (including – improving
    hair condition);
  • energy – giving hair shine and
  • Japanese – providing nutrient flow
    substances and oxygen to the hair, restoring secretory work
    sebaceous glands.

Although each head massage technique has
unique features and performs only its inherent
destination, after each one you will feel relaxed and
satisfaction from the procedure. And after a full course you will see with your own eyes and
the way your lifeless lives are filled with life force and energy
this curls. Any impact (point, hardware,
myofascial, etc.) on the active points of the head leads to
improve circulation and metabolic processes. And all the beauty and
hair health depends on them. But in order to achieve
result, you must strictly observe the testimony and
contraindications for this procedure.

Be prepared) In some salons
offer to do a Chinese head massage under a strange name
Go-shua. With unaccustomed, he can scare, as is cast
plates made specifically for this of horns

Types of massage for the head

Indications and contraindications

Despite the cosmetic focus of this procedure,
The therapeutic effect is also present. On the head, really
There are a huge number of all kinds of points responsible for
the work of different systems of the body. And if there are any certain
diseases to influence them is strictly prohibited. therefore
The masseur must be told about all his problems with
health At the initial examination, he will also determine whether
you generally indications for head massage, i.e.
Do you need this procedure?


  • Alopecia;
  • seborrhea;
  • dandruff;
  • oily hair;
  • hair or does not grow at all, or very slowly;
  • their loss;
  • baldness;
  • irritation, itchy scalp.


  • Feverish state;
  • fungal skin diseases;
  • problems with heart;
  • recently transferred operations;
  • spondyloarthritis;
  • exacerbation of chronic pathologies;
  • oncology;
  • damaged skin on the head;
  • serious circulatory diseases;
  • spondylosis;
  • thrombosis;
  • embolism;
  • eczema

Contraindications require special attention.
for head massage, otherwise side effects and unpleasant
consequences in the form of headaches and exacerbations of chronic
diseases can not be avoided. Do not create yourself extra problems:
Be sure to listen to the opinion of a specialist.
resort to saving such a procedure or not.

Through the pages of the past. Amazing but
in ancient Rome, it was customary to massage the soldiers who returned
after battle. He eliminated bruises, bruises, abrasions,

Indications for head massage and contraindications

Approximate execution scheme

It’s one thing to trust the experienced hands of a massage therapist in the salon. AND
completely different – learn to do everything yourself. To start should
learn this useful art – learn how to do
head massage independently at home. Can
view the instructional video, read helpful tips from
specialists. The preparatory stage is very important in this matter.

  1. Find the head massage technique that suits you and look for its scheme.
  2. For the first time it is better to save money and sign up for a massage course.
    head to a specialist in the salon. But do not relax: watch
    and memorize how he does it, so that later it can be reproduced in
    home conditions.
  3. The first session of self-massage of the head should last no more than 5
    minutes Subsequent to gradually increase by 1-2 minutes.
  4. If, after self-massage of the head, there are painful sensations,
    nausea, dizziness, try to relieve pressure or
    change the technique of execution. If this does not help, from such
    procedures it is better to refuse completely: it means that you have to them

Rather difficult, the technique of performing self-massage of the head with
zeal and diligence can be learned in 1 course. Start better
all with the simplest – the classic, which does not require you
a lot of time and supernatural effort.

  1. Stroking yourself on the head without any pressure, starting from the forehead and
    finishing nape. Light movements should warm the skin.
  2. Increase this movement gradually. Feel the pressure
    in their own palms growing.
  3. Rub the scalp with both hands from the border of hair growth to
    top of the head, and then – in the opposite direction.
  4. Make several circular movements with your fingertips.
    the nape – to the crown.
  5. Begin to knead the scalp with fingertips in a chaotic
    direction. You can massage whiskey with one hand and another
    occipital part. But all circular movements should
    strictly clockwise. And one more thing: not
    slide your hands through the hair. Fingers should be pressed exactly to
    roots and skin, as you do a head massage, not curls.
  6. Change your circular motion with your fingers for vibrating, not lifting
    them from the skin.
  7. The next movement is rhythmic tapping jerky,
    strong (of course, moderately) blows with their fingertips.
  8. Go over your fingertips several times – by
    direction from the crown to the forehead.
  9. Complete the head massage with light, gentle stroking
    movements from the forehead to the back of the head. It is already allowed here
    feel the hair itself.

Properly performed head massage lasts 10-15 minutes. If a
spend more time on it, pain may begin. If less
– unlikely to achieve the desired effect. If the master is professional
can determine how long he needs to work with your problem
then at home you definitely need to fit into these
time frame. To make things easier for you and make amazing
results, you can purchase accessory accessories.

With the world – on a thread. In the Ancient East
massage was done exclusively by the clergy.

How to do a head massage at home

To help you

If you massage the head dry, only with your own hands,
the effect of it will have to wait a very long time. But you can advance
prepare aids and materials that will accelerate
his action.

  1. Massage the head with salt gives the effect of scrub: her
    crystals absorb excess fat, sweat, dirt, particles
  2. Head massage with hairbrush will accelerate hair growth and
    stop them falling out. There are contraindications: brittle,
    split, tangled, dry strands.
  3. Head Massage Murashkoy-Antistress – the best
    the discovery of humanity for use at home. This
    the magic device will do real miracles with hair after
    first session.
  4. Head massage with oils (olive,
    castor, burdock and others) will make the hair shiny, soft
    and silky.

Saloon or home, Chinese or Japanese, with or with oils
salt – any head massage should give only positive
emotions. This is a very pleasant procedure that allows not only
improve the appearance of the hair, but also improve them, save you from
many pressing problems (dandruff, seborrhea, alopecia, etc.).
The main thing is to correctly select the technique of execution, consult with
professionals learn to do it at home. The only way
You can achieve results after the full course of massage.

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