Healing Yeast Hair Mask

Yeast hair mask recently began to gain all
great popularity. Women use homemade products for
skin care and hair for more than one hundred years. Practice
shows that their use has very good effects:
masks from natural products that are in the refrigerator at any
housewives help hair get a luxurious look and get rid of
many problems. Yeast hair mask thanks to its
the unique composition of the hair returns to health and restores
natural shine. Surprisingly, many women about her are not even


  • Secret mask
  • How to make and apply a mask with yeast?
  • Popular recipes

Secret mask

A yeast hair mask can solve many
problems with hair. First, with their help
strengthen the hair roots. Secondly, they improve the appearance by helping
hair look more volumetric. Third, yeast curls
more shiny soft touch. Fourth, the mask with yeast
facilitates styling due to the fact that curls become more
obedient. However, most often yeast is used to activate
growth. You can feel the effectiveness of this tool after the first
use, and after a month of use you will get a staggering
result. Hair masks at home are no less effective
than in the beauty salon.

How can this efficiency be explained? It’s all about the composition
baker’s and brewer’s yeast (for the manufacture of masks use both
kind of). Each element of the product has a beneficial effect on the structure.
hair, acting on it at the cellular level.

Ingredients that make up the yeast and their effects
on hair:

  1. Thanks to vitamin B9, which is more than enough in yeast,
    it is possible to protect the hair from harmful atmospheric
    impact, negative impact of forceps, hair dryers, irons and
    other tools that are used for styling.
  2. Thanks to amino acids, which are part of baking and
    beer yeast, curls get strength, resilience, elasticity,
    become strong. With the help of amino acids you can pause
    dropping out.
  3. Vitamin E makes curls shiny and well-groomed.
  4. Vitamin PP treats early gray hair, dull appearance, treats
    strands after dyeing and perming, restores
    color saturation of burnt curls.
  5. Vitamin H helps moisturize dry strands.
  6. Yeast also contains a lot of other trace elements that
    take part in metabolism, significantly improving the appearance
    skin and hair on his head.

Yeast complex attack all sorts of problems with hair.
After 2-3 applications dandruff disappears, loss stops,
appearance of gray hair. Contraindications for use – individual
intolerance. To avoid unpleasant consequences, better
pre-test for an allergic reaction by inflicting
a little money to fold the elbow and hold for 15 minutes. If no
there were no unpleasant skin reactions, feel free to use

How to make and apply a mask with yeast?

In order to feel all the healing effects of yeast,
preparing the mask you need to strictly adhere to the recommendations,
who developed the beauticians. Yeast Mask Preparation
It has its own specific features that are necessary
to take into account.

For the preparation of masks use any yeast – and in the dry
form, and in liquid, in briquettes. For the preparation of therapeutic agent
2 tsp. yeast is diluted in warm water (sometimes used
lemon juice, decoction or infusion). After that, a mixture of liquid and
yeast left for an hour in a warm place to start the process
fermentation. During this time, the mixture must be periodically
stir to prevent the formation of lumps that may
get stuck in the strands and impede the combing process later.

Before applying the head should be washed and slightly dried.

Apply the product to a slightly moist curls massaging.
movements. First of all, the scalp is processed, then – the strands
over the entire length. The ends of the hair is best not to handle
prevent them from drying. After application you need to ensure
thermal effect to enhance the fermentation process. For this
on the head put on a package, and then a terry towel.

maska ​​dlya vovlos s drojjami

Exposure time – from 15 to 60 minutes depending on
ingredients used and the effect to be obtained. Not
it is worth keeping the mask for a long time and even more so for the night –
this can lead to the formation of a dry peel which will be hard
comb out Wash off the product from the head with warm water, into which
add lemon juice (4 tbsp. per 1 l of water). If necessary
use shampoo. Mask enough to do 1-2 times a week. Course
treatment – 10-12 procedures. After that it is recommended to do

Popular recipes

Hair mask with beer yeast, egg yolk and essential
lavender oil against dandruff and to moisturize hair: mix 2 tbsp.
l beer yeast with 3 tbsp. l water, add the yolk, carefully
mix and leave for 40-60 minutes to ferment. Thereafter
add essential oil to the mixture and apply on the head. Time
exposure – 35-45 minutes.

Hair mask with yeast and kefir to improve growth and
prevention of loss: 2 tbsp. l yeast pour a little
heated kefir and leave for 1 hour to ferment. After an hour
apply on hair and keep under the hood for 45-50 minutes.

For nutrition: add 1 st. To fermented yeast. l honey and
sour cream. Stir and apply. Keep on head 30
minutes Excellent effect on the hair of yeast mixture, mixed
with cranberry juice or viburnum. This recipe will quickly return the strands shine
and nourishes them with vitamins.

This cosmetic procedure does not require much investment.
means and skills of a beautician, but nevertheless the effect of it sometimes
more than from salon procedures. Use these recipes regularly.
and your hair will always be at its best.

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