Health of hair to the tips!

how to deal with split endsBeauty hair is pride
any women. We strive to care for them so that we do not have
split ends, increased fragility, itching of the scalp and
etc. To help us various manufacturers of cosmetic products
let out the whole lines on care of hair. But many reviews
women say that much
It is more efficient to use natural hair products that
can be cooked at home. And this article will go
about the oil for the tips of the hair.

Background of the problem

Let’s start by answering the question, why does dryness occur?
hair tips? This is primarily the result of a violation
functional activity of the sebaceous glands, which are located
under the scalp. But because of what the work of the designated
glands? The secret lies in the correct care. Very many suffer
too frequent washing hair. You can also pick the wrong
shampoo, not focusing on the type of hair.

Modern girls very often subject their curls to different
Impacts, be it a hairdryer, paint or chemical
curling hair. But that’s not all. Even food can
greatly affect the state of your tips. After all
if your body does not have enough vitamins, they are in order to your hair
no longer reach. And, of course, do not forget about external conditions.
(ultraviolet radiation, rain, winds and frost) when we
talking about split ends.


After we decided on the reasons for the
problems, you can go directly to solutions. Their
there are many. Starting with the fact that there are ready-made masks for
split ends of hair that you can purchase in
specialized stores. But it should be noted that not all
reviews of masks from split ends urge to use it

After all, not many ready-made masks for the tips of the hair include
In its composition only natural ingredients. That is why
women for many centuries now have collected various
recipes that can help restore beauty to dry hair and
intersecting tips. Let’s look at some of them.

First recipe

The surest way to bring life to dry ends is
use butter. It is the oil for the ends of the hair has
truly healing action. Summing up the reviews, you can safely
declare that the mask for dry tips based on oil is
most popular recipe for solving the problem of dry split ends
the ends. This mask is successful because it moisturizes and nourishes
themselves curls and scalp, prevents dissection of the ends and
hair loss.

The easiest way to use oil in this situation –
This is a split ends mask. Make it incredibly easy –
it is enough to apply oil on the very ends of its dry and split ends
hair for 30-40 minutes just before you gathered
wash your hair Withstand the allotted time, you just wash your hair
shampoo as usual. However, the oil can be completely different:
olive, castor, burdock, almond, linseed, peach and
etc. Positive reviews about such procedures speak for themselves.

Second recipe

honey to fight split endsMask to restore
dry and split ends can also be made from whipped
protein (1 pc.) and natural liquid honey (1 tbsp. l.). If desired
you add a few drops of essential oil (lemon or
grapefruit). A similar mask should be applied approximately from
mid-hair for 30-40 minutes three to four times a week. Visible
the results are not long in coming. You will not notice how not
there will be memories of dry, lifeless and split ends.
Instead you will admire your smooth and silky

Third recipe

You can make your own nutritional composition of colorless henna.
It has extraordinary nutritional properties, and
changes color, unlike normal henna. You will be enough
Buy a bag of dry powder in any pharmacy. It is inexpensive.
This bag will need to be poured boiling water and let it brew.
about a quarter of an hour. After this time, the solution can be

Here are just a few popular recipes that
You may need to take care of your tips. Each of them
it is necessary to try first hand to understand which of
Ways to suit you more than others. Anyway, to
look, and most importantly feel beautiful, you need
constantly care for their appearance.

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