Henna without color – no hair better answer!

colorless henna for hairOn
Today, a huge amount of funds has been invented
able to affect the condition of your hair. Most of them –
these are finished cosmetics that are presented
manufacturers from all over the world. Not all of them will help to make
Your hair is beautiful and healthy. But there is a remedy that is not
one century successfully used by women around the world –
colorless henna for hair.

First of all, it is worth noting that colorless henna is sold during
many stores, and there is such a tool for hair quite
reasonable money. But this is not even the most important thing. It is important to understand that
colorless henna is a natural product whose use
able to create a miracle. Such a colorless paint for
hair can greatly improve their quality.


Colorless henna for hair reviews has simply excellent
due to its healing properties. First, colorless henna
useful for blood circulation of the scalp. As a result
hair roots are strengthened and excessive loss is prevented
hair. Secondly, the use of the product in question activates
Hair Growth. Thirdly, colorless henna can strengthen, thicken
and restore the structure of your hair. This is especially true for
those girls whose hair is weak, thin and
brittleness. This also applies to those whose dyed hair requires
careful and thorough care.

Fourth, colorless henna thus affects hair
and the scalp that you get rid of the problem that torments
very many modern people – from dandruff. Exactly so colorless
Henna effectively copes with dandruff, both dry and oily.
Fifth, colorless henna helps to rid the hair of excessive
sebaceous excretions. This quality will especially interest those whose
hair is very fat. Sixth, our application
miracle cure will return shine and volume to your hair.


Colorless henna can be used at home. For
this you have to do a simple procedure. 100 grams of dry
powder will need to be diluted in 300 milliliters of hot water.
After you get a homogeneous solution, you can apply
his washed wet hair. Having finished applying the mask, you
wrap your head in a plastic bag and wrap on top
head in a terry towel in order to maximize
the effectiveness of the procedure.

After waiting half an hour, you can unwind the previously constructed
construct and rinse hair with warm water. Repeat like
manipulation is recommended once a week for girls who want to
get rid of excessive oily hair, well, and with dry scalp
We perform the procedure no more than once every two weeks.

The above recipe is the easiest to use. But there is
many more different options that are designed to cope with
cosmetological problems. For example, from excessive loss
the following mask will help: 2 tablespoons of olive or coconut
oils, 2 tablespoons of castor, 2 tablespoons of ours
miracle powder, 5 drops of any essential oil, 2
tablespoons of green clay, herbal decoction or ordinary boiled
water. All listed ingredients must be mixed and
to distribute on hair. Wrap your head with plastic wrap or
wrapped in a regular pact, and with a handkerchief or towel on top, you
wait an hour. Then wash your hair with shampoo.

colorless henna for shine and volume of hairMask for shine and
the volume is done as follows: steam the henna sachet, then
add one tablespoon of almond seed oil and one teaspoon
spoon Dimexidum (if you have it). As in previous recipes,
the mask must be kept warm for at least an hour, after which the head
should be shampooed.

To strengthen the oily type of scalp to the steamed powder you
add two tablespoons of lemon juice and blue clay,
one tablespoon of castor or burdock oil. For those, who
enjoys regular drying, styling and staining, suitable
the next mixture: 2 tablespoons of powder, boiled water and
infused for 15 minutes, avocado, a little
castor oil. Manipulations with this mixture are repeated.
previous recipes.

Precautionary measures

The product described in this article does not have any
contraindications to use, but in humans it may well
observed individual intolerance. That is why before
first application is best to test the product and find out
the reaction of your body to its action. Test actually
extremely simple. You only need to dissolve some of the powder in the water and
apply this solution on the elbow or on the wrist,
about half an hour. After that, the treated place is necessary
to wash If within 24 hours you did not show a burning sensation and
redness, the drug can be safely used.

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