Herbs for hair – strengthen your hair and give them life force

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The condition of the hair can be judged by several criteria:
how bright they shine, easily fit into the hair. And if
the curls are not pleased with their brilliance and vitality, it is worth seriously
think about taking urgent action to restore them. With the ancients
At times, people used herbs for hair care for their hair. On
Today in the arsenal of many cosmetic companies have
products containing extracts, tinctures, decoctions

Medicinal herbs have a huge positive effect. WITH
using herbs, you can accelerate hair growth, improve their overall
condition, get rid of dandruff, give hair a light shade, and
even get rid of unnecessary hair. Herbal hair treatment is very
simple and affordable way to make hair one of the decorations
women. Just need to remember that for each type of hair is better.
use different herbs. Herbs for oily hair are herbs.
having an astringent effect (oregano, sage). Tanning herbs
effect better bind and wash away excess fat from hair. Herbs for
dry hair is a softer herb (nettle, hop,

At home most commonly used decoctions of herbs for
hair and herbal extracts for hair.

Herbs for hair growth

To the list of useful herbs for hair can be attributed calamus root,
aloe, birch leaves and nettle, burdock. And cooking recipes
decoctions of herbs for hair growth are very simple.

A decoction of calamus roots. Tablespoon of crushed calamus roots
pour a glass of boiling water, and insist thirty minutes.
Ready broth can be used in the form of lotions, ointments,

Cast aloe grind in a blender, pour boiled warm water,
let it brew for an hour and a half, strain and use as

A tablespoon of nettle leaves or birch pour a glass
boiling water, let it brew, strain and use for
rinse. In addition to improving hair growth, casting nettle attached
hair shine and silkiness.

From burdock, you can make a decoction or ointment. For broth dining
a spoonful of chopped burdock leaves must be poured with a glass
boiling water, let it brew, strain and use for
rinsing hair. For the preparation of ointment ready decoction need
boil and add lard (internal). Ready mass
put in the oven to thicken. Rub the finished product into the skin.
heads five or six times a week.

Herbs to strengthen hair

The following medicinal herbs are suitable for strengthening hair:
mother – stepmother, ivy, thyme, oak bark, calendula, fir. Dining room
a spoonful of any of the above herbs pour a glass of boiling water,
let stand, strain and use as a rinse
hair herbs.

A good effect in strengthening the hair has a tincture of burning
pepper. A tablespoon of hot red pepper pour 70% alcohol.
Insist two weeks in a dark place. Ready tincture to rub into
scalp, wrap over the cling film and wrap in a towel.
Thirty minutes away.

Tangible effect brings a mask of propolis. Alcohol tincture
propolis mixed in equal parts with vegetable oil and
to boil. Apply to the scalp three to four times a week.

Herbs for hair loss

In the fight against hair loss, you can use a lime blossom,
plantain leaves, herb oregano, sage leaves, chamomile flowers.
Mix these herbs in equal proportions, prepare an infusion and
use to rinse hair after washing.

Against hair loss, a mask of onion gruel helps well.
The smell certainly leaves much to be desired, but nothing can be done – in
the fight for beautiful and thick hair all means are good. After such
Mask very good rinse hair herbal infusion.

And finally, a few words about how to get rid of unwanted
hair. Depilatory effect has a dope’s grass, walnut juice

Grass dope from hair (unwanted)

50-200 grams of dry grass Datura ordinary fill with 1 liter
water. Boil on low heat until the amount of liquid
will not decrease to 200-250 milliliters. Cool, strain and
refill any tight-fitting container. Ready decoction can be
store in the refrigerator for a long time. The decoction is poisonous! maybe
external use only.

When used 2-3 times a day, tightly apply a napkin,
wetted in broth, on the parts of the face or body on which you want
remove hair. Top cover with plastic wrap to decoction
longer dried and absorbed better. Just do not cover the film
tight, leave a small amount of air.

Keep it until the napkin is completely dry. Gradually hair
will begin to fall away by themselves. How soon will the process of falling out
– depends on the quality of the grass of your individual characteristics –
someone starts to fall out after a couple of days, and someone has to
use the decoction for several months.

However, do not forget that the beauty of hair depends on the overall
body condition, proper nutrition, sufficient income
in the body of vitamins and minerals.

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