Highlight air touch (airtouch) – the pros and cons, photo before and after, what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Complicated multicolor hair dye is increasingly replacing
traditional monochrome techniques. Especially when it comes to such
creative novelty like the Airtouch, which allows you to look stylish and

Highlighting Airtouch: the essence of technology

The content of the article:

  • Highlighting Airtouch: the essence of technology
  • Pros and cons of the method
  • Indications and contraindications to whom this method is suitable.
  • Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting?
  • How much is done in the beauty salon
  • How much is highlighting
  • Prices in the salons and at the masters
  • Reviews
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Is it possible to make highlighting at home?
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Translated from English, the name of the device Airtouch sounds
like “touch of air”. It successfully combines staining by
the type of highlighting and the effect on the colored strands of a hair dryer.
The air flow from the wide strands literally blown out.
individual hairs that acquire the color of the selected
dye. Highlighting Airtouch

As a result, the boundaries between the colored and “native” strands
blurred, and the lines lose clarity and linearity.
Smooth and gentle tones that are created during
procedures make the final shade more voluminous and

How to paint

After combing the hair over the entire length of the master proceeds to
blowing a hairdryer. To do this, the strand is separated and processed.
air stream. At the same time thin and damaged hairs that
easier healthy, blown out of the general beam and not amenable
processing. paint application

Important! The air flow from the dryer should
be cool so your hair won’t get hurt.

Depending on the planned result from the initial
The amount of hair must be half or even a third.
The remaining hair in the beam is dyed by type of highlighting:
enclose a strip of foil under the strand and process it by painting
composition. From the roots indent from 3 to 5 cm, trying
blur the contour between painted and unpainted

What paint is used

Paint color is selected depending on the goals that
expected to be achieved during the use of the Airtouch technique.
Suitable as a non-professional paint factory, and
special preparations that provide effective clarification
without yellowness. hair dye

Creative look hairstyles, in the range of which added bright
shades that are suitable for color type. Sparing pink dyes,
mint, purple and gray will make a clear focus on
hair and will be an interesting solution for the summer season.
To achieve a shining effect staining tips will allow
hair – they are given a lighter shade, different from everything
volume hairstyles.

Pros and cons of the method

Why do visitors to beauty salons increasingly give
preference for the Airtouch technique:

  • it allows you to protect from chemical exposure weakened
    hairs (they are blown out by hair);
  • allows you to achieve the effect of rejuvenation thanks to competent
    the distribution of color contrasts;
  • Visually increases hair by creating light
  • hairstyle looks natural due to soft transitions and
    blur shades;
  • does not affect the roots and does not injure them;
  • does not require frequent tinting and updating.

beautiful hair

Like any dyeing technique, the Airtouch is not without flaws.
The main one is the complexity and duration
beauty process that entails a significant increase
prices compared to conventional staining. If supposed
pre-bleaching strands and the use of brightening
means not to avoid injury to the hair.

Important! In some cases you have to resort to
services master colorist. He helps to choose the right combination.
shades so that the final color looks the most harmonious and

Indications and contraindications to whom this method is suitable.

The “Air Touch” dyeing technique is considered truly universal.
The advantages of the technique can be experienced by both mature ladies and
very young girls. Innovative highlighting looks good
on almost all types of strands, with the exception of perhaps very
dark hair. Previously colored and natural hair will be
look equally natural, but with the right approach
skilled hairdresser.

When Airtouch will have to be abandoned:

  • if strands are often built up;
  • if the hair is severely damaged – moved
    perm, numerous staining and lightening;
  • if the hair is often exposed to irons,
    ployok, powerful hair dryers;
  • if the owner of the hair often uses varnishes,
    makes tight hairstyles and curls on curlers.

Damaged strands are especially sensitive to anyone.
staining, so the results of highlighting can be
lamentable. Hair will break and fall out more intensely.
and the tips split even more.

Is it possible to do during pregnancy, the opinion of doctors

According to doctors, chemical reagents that
used in the process of dyeing hair, can be dangerous as
for a pregnant woman and for the fetus. All the fault
toxic fumes that emit dyes. They provoke
allergic reactions in women may increase the manifestations
toxicosis, cause dizziness and headaches. pregnant woman

Inhalation of toxic fumes adversely affects health.
baby, and even can lead to abnormal development.
Especially dangerous is exposure to chemicals in the first trimester when
only is the laying of the internal organs. More about
highlighting during pregnancy

“Air Touch” on dark hair

On dark hair masters strive to achieve more
light shade, so in some cases the hair will need to
lighten up But even with this approach, do not expect
on a radical color change – the contrasts should be soft and
smooth, with beautiful natural tints. on dark hair

Highlighting Airtouch brown hair is often carried out using
paints of nut, caramel scale and a shade “coffee with milk”.
Highlighting brunettes – the task is very difficult, many masters
discourage owners of very dark hair from dyeing
If the desire to change color is great,
hair bleaching and then phased implementation

Airtouch for blonde hair

On blond hair, highlighting is performed in the opposite direction.
direction – hair trying to darken a little to make
the overall composition is more expressive. You can dim separate
strands or sections of hair at the roots. Rejuvenate the image and give
shining hairstyle helps lighten the tips of the hair and separate
pryadok face. blond hair

Airtouch for light brown hair

Light brown hair, especially light blond – fertile soil
for highlighting. They can be used as bright,
and dark shades, and even their combinations. As a rule, masters
prefer to use a lighter palette – literally 2-3
tones lighter than the natural color of the curls. for blond hair

Airtouch for redheads

Owners of red hair is recommended to choose a shade by
color type. If your skin is dark and your eyes are brown, dark
painting option. Light-skinned beauties should pay attention to
light shades – wheat, golden, light-brown.
Airtouch looks bold and bright on red hair
of red color. for redheads

Important! If the hair lacks volume and
lightness, should dwell on light shades. Dark tones
make the hair more squat and “heavy”.

On short hair

On short hair, a pronounced graduation of color is not
it will turn out, but bright contrasting ones will look impressive on them
shades. On very short haircuts (like pixies), the Airtouch doesn’t
it will turn out, but on an elongated bob or hairstyle bob is skilled
the wizard will create the desired effect.

On average

Medium length hair gives more room for fantasy than
short Airtouch allows you to beautifully frame tattered and
graduated haircuts and helps highlight the natural beauty
hair. Perhaps the use of contrasting dyes and
darkening of the root zone.

For long

Long straight hair is ideal for the implementation of technology
Airtouch They give an extensive field of activity for the master
and allow you to combine several techniques. Final choice
the shade and method of application will depend on the original color and
wishes of the client. For long

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting?

Although many are afraid of going to the salon with dirty hair, wash
head before staining is not recommended. Sebum (skin
fat) produced by the scalp will protrude
barrier against the aggressive effects of dyes.

After all, even sparing paints injure hair, and washing away greasy
film, we make curls defenseless against chemicals. If hair
By nature, greasy, you can wash your hair 2-3 days before
highlighting. Dry strands that are deficient
sebum, it is not recommended to wash earlier than 4-5 days.
hair wash

How much is done in the beauty salon

Highlighting the Airtouch is one of the most time consuming and
long staining techniques. After all, time is spent not
only on the phased application of the dye, but also on the blowing of each
strand hair dryer. Plus paint shutter speed (15 to 50
minutes), then toning and drying. Much depends on
the length of the hair and their thickness – the total in the salon can be carried out from
3 to 5 hours.

How much is highlighting

The stability of the result is due to 3 factors:

  • paint resistance;
  • hair type;
  • metabolic rate.

How much is holding up

Gentle paints and tonics will wash off after 3-4
weeks, and in a month the hair grows about 1.5 cm.
It is worth planning to update the highlighting in about 6-8
weeks after the first procedure. And if blackout was carried out
roots, enroll to the master will be in 10 weeks. AT
In general, the transition effect will be noticeable for at least 6

Prices in the salons and at the masters

Airtouch refers to complex highlighting, and therefore prices
service appropriate. Owners of short hair can
count on the cost of 3 thousand rubles, long – from 5
thousand. In some prestigious metropolitan salons for
staining Airtouch can ask from 7 thousand rubles. price in the cabin

The cost of the work of masters according to the portal profi.ru

Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome


Several reviews from popular resources https://irecommend.ru and

Hair care after the procedure

Caring for dyed hair is generally not different from normal
everyday care: they also require nourishment, hydration and


  • Use professional shampoos for shampoos,
    intended for colored or dyed hair.
  • Choose masks and balms with moisturizing ingredients.
  • Apply heat protection before ironing or hairdryer
  • After each wash, use
    conditioner conditioner.
  • It is better to dry hair in a natural way or with a hair dryer at low

mask for hair care

2 best recipe masks

Hair after dyeing becomes dehydrated, therefore from
home masks is best to choose moisturizing recipes:

  • Kefir mask. 100 ml of heated kefir
    apply on hair. Soak under the cap for 40 minutes, rinse.
    Kefir mask
  • Honey mask. Prepare 2 egg yolks, 2
    table. spoons of burdock oil and 2 tsp. spoons of honey. Honey mix with
    oil and heat up, add whipped yolks. Apply to hair under
    film and towel, wash off after 40 minutes. Honey Mask

Is it possible to make highlighting at home?

Do not independently highlight
forbidden. Better to do it with an assistant who
will help process the occipital part of the head.

What funds will be needed:

  • brightening paint or powder with an oxidizing agent;
  • toning drug;
  • shampoo;
  • balm.

coloring tools

Required tools:

  • a bowl for paint dilution;
  • 2 brushes (one of them is dry);
  • hairbrush;
  • hair dryer;
  • gloves;
  • foil;
  • clamps.


Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Divide hair into 4-5 zones – frontal,
    parietal, occipital, temporal.
  2. Separate a strand of thickness 1 cm, blow it
    hair dryer to drop short hairs.
  3. Put the foil under the remaining long
    hair, apply brightener indented from the roots 3-4
  4. Carefully paint over the tips,
    feather the borders between zones (along the length) with a dry brush.
  5. Wrap the colored strand in foil.
  6. In the same way to process all strands, leaving between
    they blown hairs.
  7. Withstand the paint according to the instructions, remove the foil,
    wash your hair with shampoo.

Tip! To color the strands acquired nobility,
at the last stage it is recommended to treat them with a tonic in a cold

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expert opinionSvetlana PodgornayaHairdresser-makeup artist

Is Airtouch compatible with others?

The winning Airtouch looks with the ombre technique. She is
allows you to extend the neat look of hairstyles and postpone the moment
next trip to the hairdresser. Using a few close
by the tone of the colors will allow to achieve a result similar to
booking To create sun glare effects at the end
dyeing can be made lightly colored somewhat chaotic
smears on hair. It will turn out shatush – not less harmonious and
natural technology.

What makes the Airtouch different to

When performing an ombra, the lower part of the hair stains
completely. In this case, the shade is chosen more contrast to
the transition between the colors was noticeable. This creates an effect.
gradient vertical. In the Airtouch technique, the color is obtained
more blurry, clear contours are not visible, but the gradient is preserved
more horizontally than vertically.

Technique Airtouch can rightly be called universal –
because it has almost no restrictions on age and type
hair. Once spent on staining, you can become
owner of stylish hair and stay in trend at least
half a year

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