Highlight ash colors – the pros and cons, photo before and after, what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Ash highlights look very impressive due to the depth
and features of this shade: silver tone dyed strands
adds to the hairstyle elegance and gloss, and the image as a whole
acquires a noble become. In addition to effective painting
gray hair, such a highlight is also suitable for young girls who
want to highlight the beauty of their natural hair color and
add hairstyle zest.

Ashy highlighting: who is suitable, the pros and cons

The content of the article:

  • Ashy highlighting: who is suitable, the pros and cons
  • Types of ash highlighting
  • Ash highlights on hair of various lengths
  • Ashy highlighting on curls of different colors and types
  • Ashy highlighting at home: the technique of implementation and
    necessary tools
  • Price of the procedure in the beauty salon
  • Hairstyles with ashy highlights
  • Hair care after ash bleaching

Staining individual strands in ashy tint capable
Refresh and change the image, making it more stylish and
original. At the same time, this tone should be chosen with
caution as silver ash staining is
rather specific kind of highlighting, which in
some cases may add age.

Ash highlights help hide gray hair and add
in the image of the highlight.

Best of all this method of clarification will look at
owners of cold color type, who have fair skin and
eyes. Such coloring favorably emphasizes the delicate skin tone.
and add expressiveness in blue, gray and light green

This method of highlighting is very well combined with light-brown,
light chestnut and blond curls. For brunettes with
snow-white skin and light eyes ashy shade also

Advantages of the procedure:

  • effective painting of gray hair;
  • giving an image of elegance and freshness;
  • emphasizes the beauty of natural hair color;
  • makes the eyes more expressive, and also focuses attention
    on regular features;
  • visually adds volume to a hairstyle;
  • suitable for haircuts of any length.

Ash highlights emphasizes the beauty of natural
hair colors.

Ashes of clarification of ashes:

  • the specificity of the shade may not be suitable for owners of warm
    tsvetotipa appearance: dark-eyed, dark, red;
  • may accentuate existing skin imperfections: acne,
    redness, wrinkles;
  • on dark curls such highlighting is often carried out in two or three
    approach that natural color is completely clarified;
  • a shag subject to this type of lightening requires
    special care;
  • there is the likelihood of dryness and stiffness of curls.

Is this staining harmful? Generally,
silver lightening is quite gentle and delicate
the way of painting, so it will not bring much harm to curls.
However, if such a highlight is repeated too often, the head of hair
may become dry and stiff. To avoid this problem
it is recommended not to abuse the procedure and not to neglect
regular correct care after clarification. Where you want
to highlight? In salononema

Types of ash highlighting

There are several types of this coloring. All of them
differ in tone intensity, hue variation,
paint application technique and, of course, the result itself.

Ash highlights add elegance to the image.

The most popular are pure ashes,
graphite and silvery ash and gray shades.

  • the classic variation of this type of rendering is
    simple highlighting, in which the strands are lightened along the entire length.
    The width of the painted curls in this case is about 1 cm;
  • partial and zonal coloring allows you to create an effect
    silver highlights on the hair that looks very stylish even on
    young girls;
  • selection of curls using a wide method of highlighting
    allows you to give the hair volume and pomp;
  • the fashionable technique of this highlighting, called “salt and
    Pepper “is a gradient type of coloring, in which
    The tone smoothly changes from white or grayish to black.

Sometimes the curls are painted in such a shade only at the ends,
starting a soft contrast transition from the middle of the length of the hair to
tips, while the tone changes from dark to
ash silver. This method is suitable for young girls with
dark hair color.

Ash highlights on hair of various lengths

Such coloring will transform every haircut and ideally
emphasize the beauty of the hair of any length. Depending on length
curls and their condition is usually chosen method of staining, and
also the width and frequency of the selected strands.

  • for a short haircut. Short haircut like with
    bangs and without, including asymmetrical short
    hairstyles, well in harmony with the classic ash lightening.
    The width of the highlighted areas in this case may be
    combined, varying between wide strands of 2 centimeters and
    thin 0.5-centimeter curls. So in this case
    often used several methods of staining –
    classical, wide and thin;

Short haircut blends in well with the classic
ash lightening.

Ash highlights on the caret with

  • on average length. Average length is often
    subjected to zonal lightening when not too wide strands
    painted in a random order with a thorough shading
    color transitions between natural and dyed curls;

Highlight hair medium length ashen

on long hair. Long hair perfect
suitable for ashy ombre salt and pepper, as well as for isolating
hair ends, leaving the root and upper zone without

Long hair perfect for ashen

Silver-ash and platinum tones look very impressive
on long curls, stained with zonal

Ashy highlighting on curls of different colors and types

In this type of staining is very important to choose
the right shade of paint. Selection of color and
specific shade is made according to the natural hair color
and their species.

  • on the bright head of hair. Owners of light
    hair will suit the following shades of ash: silver,
    vanilla, ash-platinum, light graphite. Thanks
    a light shade of gray-silver contrast will not only become brighter
    but also get rid of yellowness;

Due to gray-silver contrast, light shade
not only will become brighter, but also get rid of yellowness.

Ashy highlights blond hair.

  • on dark strands. Dark-haired fit
    standard ash colors with shades of brown, gray,
    chocolate Such tones can give the curls a violet-blue
    low tide that looks stylish and luxurious;

Dark-haired suit standard ash

  • for brown hair. Light brown type refreshing smoky
    shades with a silver tone. Thanks to this staining
    natural color will become brighter and more expressive;

The light brown type refreshes smoky shades with silver
in a tone.

  • on curly. Curly tones curls usually
    matched contrast: vanilla ash, silver and
    platinum. The width of the selected strands should be wider than two.
    centimeters so that the shade is not lost in the thick

Contrasting tones are usually selected for curly locks:
vanilla ash, silver and platinum.

  • on straight. Straight curls fit standard
    light tone that will make the hair more voluminous. Hue itself
    Shine and shine to hair. Width when painting, as a rule,
    is about 1 cm.

Straight curls fit standard light tone,
which will make the hair more voluminous.

In order to personally make sure that the correct shade is chosen,
you can make the melirovanie using temporary tinting
composition that is easy to wash off in case of failure.

Ashy highlighting at home: the technique of implementation and
necessary tools

Coloring in such a tone can be done at home.
The most crucial and most difficult step here is
the correct selection of colors, which would highlight the merits of appearance
and hide the shortcomings.

Ash highlights can be done at home

Necessary tools and tools for this type

  • two combs – one with frequent teeth, for combing, and
    the second is sharp, to highlight strands;
  • lightening agent;
  • paint a suitable tone;
  • foil;
  • gloves;
  • plastic utensils and brushes for mixing;
  • soft shampoo and balm.

In this type of dyeing hairdressing hats used
just for a very short haircut. In all other cases
use foil.

Tools for highlighting.

Phased highlighting technique:

  • 2-3 days before the procedure starts, the head should be washed soft
    cleanser, get rid of split ends and moisten
    a light balm hair;
  • prepare your hair, combing it and dividing it into several zones,
    securing hairpins. Usually allocate from 4 to 7 sites;
  • dilute the lightening agent according to the instructions on the packaging and
    put on the first selected strand approximately 1 cm wide.
    It should be painted with smooth fast movements from the bottom up;
  • place a sheet of foil under the dyed curl and comb
    strand. Then gently wrap the hair in foil, as in
  • wait the required amount of time indicated on the package with
    clarify and gently wash off the composition, trying not to
    touch the rest of the strands;
  • wash your hair with a mild, safe shampoo and apply on
    curls balm for moisturizing;
  • after some time toned strands selected shade
    ashen color.

Step by step instructions highlighting.

Start painting and tinting preferably with the occipital
parts, gradually moving to the temples and bangs.
You need to act carefully and quickly. The room should be good
to be aired, and even better, if possible, to carry out such
procedure in the open air.

Price of the procedure in the beauty salon

The cost of the procedure of this staining
is about 5,000 rubles. Price may vary by
depending on the length and condition of the curls, experience of the master and
used means.

The cost of the procedure of ash highlighting is
about 5,000 rubles.

The duration of the procedure. This way of changing
colors take an average of about two hours.

How much is holding up. The result of this highlight.
will be noticeable for 3-4 months.

How often can you repeat. Repeat ashen
melirovka preferably not earlier than three months. Exactly like this
The term is necessary for hair to recover.

Hairstyles with ashy highlights

Virtually any hairstyle will get stylish, effective and
original look thanks to a few silver interspersing

The most successful with such clarification look the following
types of haircuts:

  • short and asymmetrical. Pixie, bob, page, square. Each of these
    hairstyles will look new and irresistible, and contrasting
    lightened curls will add a fuzzy shine to the hair and

For ashy highlighting fit short hairstyles:
pixie, bob, page, square.

  • medium and long curls. Ladder and cascading haircuts will be
    excellent “field” to create a classic, gradient, thin
    or mixed colors in a trendy ash color.

Cascading hairstyles look great with ashen

A well-chosen haircut, combined with a suitable shade and
kind of highlighting, gently emphasize the beautiful features of the face and add
an image of true charm, elegance and brightness.

Hair care after ash bleaching

In order to preserve the spectacular look of the strands painted in
such an unusual shade, it is necessary to ensure a special curls
attention and care, and this care should begin immediately after
carrying out the painting procedure.

After highlighting, it is necessary to provide a special curls
attention and care.

The focus should be on moisturizing.
shag, especially at the tips. For this should be 1 time in
week apply oil masks on the ends of the strands. It may be
a mixture of oils, or one base oil, for example, coconut,
argan, almond or castor. Before applying the oil
It is necessary to slightly heat it under hot water.

It is important to use shampoos and balms intended
for dyed or bleached hair. In the composition must
there are natural ingredients and no sulphates,
parabens, silicones and other harmful supplements.

In order to keep the shine and healthy look of the hair,
It is advisable to apply a moisturizing spray throughout the day, especially during
heating season time. Do not forget also about
means of thermal protection, which is recommended to distribute
the entire length of the curls each time before using hair dryers, curling
or ironing.

Ash highlighting is ideal for owners
fair skin and bright eyes, as well as women who
wish to disguise gray hair in an original and effective way,
adding a head of hair contrast and brightness. Profitable emphasizing
natural hair color, such coloring changes and refreshes
hairstyle, visually making the hair thicker and more magnificent.

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