Highlight colored strands in several colors – to whom goes, popular types and shades

Color highlighting is one of the few trends that
has grown from street fashion into something more ambitious. Bright strands
neon shades are no longer a sign of teenage rebellion against
established standards are a way to emphasize your
individuality regardless of age, gender and social

Color highlighting is suitable for most
of women

Who is color highlighting?

The content of the article:

  • Who is color highlighting?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The most popular types of highlighting color strands
  • We select the appropriate type of highlighting color strands
  • Depending on the characteristics of the hair
  • TOP 8 most suitable shades for color
  • How much is highlighting colored strands?
  • How much time is being done?
  • How much is holding up?
  • How often can you highlight?
  • Color highlighting at home
  • Photo before and after color highlighting
  • Popular hairstyles with highlighting on colored strands
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Conclusion

Some girls are delighted with not striking strands of natural color,
others cannot live without bright color accents. Diversity
existing techniques and coloring pigments gives the right to argue that
color highlighting suits the absolute majority
the fair sex. However, before you purchase
paint with the picture you like and go to the salon, it is worth
read the list of indications and contraindications.

Indications and contraindications

Color highlighting will complement the image if you have
there is:

  • Multi-layered, asymmetrical or graduated haircut.
  • Unpainted or naturally blond hair.
  • The desire to focus on the features of the exterior.
  • The need to hide regrown roots.

Color highlighting will make the image
more spectacular

However, despite the number of testimonies
There are also contraindications, which should also be taken in

  • Hair, colored henna or basmoy.
  • Perm or straightener made less than 14 days
  • Thin, porous, desiccated and damaged hair.
  • The prevailing amount of gray hair (more than 70%).
  • The presence of inflammation, wounds and lesions on the scalp.

Advantages and disadvantages

Color highlighting has a lot

Color highlighting has a lot of undeniable

  • refreshing image;
  • transforms and rejuvenates the face;
  • emphasizes eye color;
  • perfectly masks gray hair;
  • corrects facial imperfections, and makes skin tone more
  • large selection of color options.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • some shades wash off pretty quickly;
  • if hair is prone to dryness, there is a possibility that after
    staining they will look more untidy;
  • very complicated and expensive dyeing process.

Reference! When home highlighting is very difficult
get a clean shade without prior clarification.

The most popular types of highlighting color strands

Color dyeing can be performed in almost any technique.
We consider the most popular and in demand.


Classic color highlighting

Classic highlighting is a uniform coloring of strands over
the entire length at equal distance from each other. Thickness
Curls may vary.


California color highlights

More gentle type of highlighting, implying
effect of color highlights or burnout curls on
the sun. When coloring is used up to 6 shades of one
color range.


Color Ombre

Ombre is the transition from the dark root zone to
lighted tips. In the classic version
is a smooth gradient between two shades, however,
the longer the hair, the more colors you can use.


Color shatush

The procedure is attractive because it does not take a lot of time (until
hours) as well as for her you can use natural
dyes (henna or basma). It is an imitation
burnout in the sun, but in some cases it is permissible
use of extraordinary shades.

Reference! Shatush is not suitable for hair more than
30% covered with gray hair.


Color balayazh

Balayazh is a coloring technique which implies
chaotic lightening of selected strands. Can
create both natural and extravagant color contrast on

We select the appropriate type of highlighting color strands

If you doubt the choice of the type of highlighting, we suggest
you consider the next selection of photos.

Frequent highlighting

Frequent color highlighting

This type of coloring implies bleaching hair.
more than 40%. The rest of it either stays
untouched or tinted color scheme. For the purity of the result
Use a special rubberized cap or foil.


Rare color highlighting

The dyeing method, when only a few strands change color and
called rare highlighting. At the same time curls look
as bright, catchy and expressive.


Shallow highlights are often used by girls with
thin and sparse hair. Dyed strands attached
head of hair extra volume, harmonizing the image.

Wide strands

Color highlighting wide strands

Wide colored strands look great on long
thick and slightly curly hair. With broad highlighting
strands are lightened by 4-5 shades or completely discolored
for subsequent toning.

Highlight two colors

Highlight two colors

Dyeing with two shades is most often used when
Ombre, however, it can also be used with classic
techniques – rare and frequent highlighting.

Tri-color highlighting

Tri-color highlighting

Highlighting of three or more shades is easiest
realize long hair. Permissible execution as
in one color scale, and in contrast shades.

Depending on the characteristics of the hair

The hair structure also solves a lot – on straight hair there will be
better to look through a complex pattern, on curly – colored strands
underline the texture and volume.

Color highlighting on curly hair

Color highlighting on curly hair

Colored curls are a great way to shape
mischief, childish spontaneity and coquetry. On
dark hair looks favorably contrasting and catchy shades –
blue, red, purple, green. On light – soft,
pastel and delicate: pink, blue, green.

Straight hair

Color highlights on straight hair

Healthy, thick and straight hair is the perfect canvas.
for barber colourist.

On such a head of hair you can recreate complex and hermetic drawings,
make a “hidden” highlighting on the back of the head or with
stencil inflict print.

TOP 8 most suitable shades for color

Some 15-20 years ago, the shade of mahogany was considered
as creative as possible. Now the palette
limited to human fantasy. And as you know – what
the larger the range, the harder it is to make a choice. Maybe our
A selection of photos will help you decide?


Red color highlights

Scarlet highlights especially elegant look on black
or red hair. Execution can be any: as
small and large strands will look bold and catchy.


Violet color highlighting

Purple, depending on its saturation can
to be both warm and cold. It is worth considering when
choosing a shade. Cold range suitable for girls of summer and winter
tsvetotipa, warm – to representatives of autumn and spring.


Pink color highlights

Delicate pink tones rejuvenate the face, as if
drawing on it a healthy blush. It looks especially good on
girls of cold color with blond hair, pale skin and
blue eyes.


Copper and orange shades look great on red,
chestnut and black hair. The main thing is to take into account the contrast
skin with fiery “flashes” stained pryadok.

Red color highlight


Blue color highlighting

Blue strands are the perfect choice for your hair color
black wing, pale skin and light eyes. Such
staining allows you to rethink the image of the Snow Queen on
modern twist.


The color of fresh spring grass fits almost
all The brighter the person’s appearance, the richer
be a shade of green.

Best of all, he looks at girls of the autumn color type with green
or olive eyes.

Highlighting with green strands


Burgundy color highlighting

Bordeaux is a symbiosis of chestnut and
red, which does not suit everyone. He can
make the face more pale and “age”, and maybe vice versa
highlight and make it more fresh and youthful. Looks great on
warm-colored girls with dark skin and hazel


Blue color highlighting

Shells like Malvina are great for blondes with
pale skin and blue eyes. They emphasize depth
look and make the look more youthful and perky.

How much is highlighting colored strands?

The cost of color highlighting depends on the density and
hair length

The cost of color highlighting depends on the set

  1. need to bleach hair;
  2. used dyes;
  3. coloring difficulties;
  4. beauty salon reputations;
  5. region of the country.

The average cost of color highlighting in the Russian Federation varies from 1500
up to 15 thousand rubles.

Reference! Before contacting the master –
Be sure to check out his portfolio and read reviews from others.

How much time is being done?

Highlighting can take from 1.5 to 8 hours

The highlighting of hair of medium length and thickness takes from
1.5 to 8 hours. The exact term can only name the master,
estimating the amount of work to be done. Make highlights at home much
harder, and accordingly – longer. Consider this before
make plans for the day.

How much is holding up?

The more intense color when highlighting – the faster it
will wash off

In color highlighting, it all depends on two factors:

  1. The initial state of the hair is from porous and
    bleached hair color dye washed off much faster. Than
    more damaged hair – the greater the likelihood that the color
    “peeling” stained.
  2. Colour. The more intense the color is, the faster it is.
    washed in pastel shades.

Reference! There is an opinion that the fastest
warm shades of the red spectrum are washed away: orange, pink,
salmon, etc. But at the same time, they leave under the hair
scales yellow pigment, which is quite difficult to withdraw.

How often can you highlight?

Color highlighting is recommended to be updated once a day.

Experts recommend updating staining each
month, and in the intervals between corrections use
colored tonics and shampoos for color renewal.

If you like the color that comes out as you wash it.
and do not confuse the growing roots – you can carry out the correction no more
once every three months.

Color highlighting at home

Careful preparation for any home beauty procedure is
half success. You need to understand what technology is
staining what tools are needed and what
be guided by the choice of paint.

Color highlighting can be done at home

How to make highlighting? Performance technique

Color highlighting requires special diligence and purity.
result. That is why it is very important to learn correctly.
use hairdressing tools. How to work with everyone
of them? Let’s figure it out!

On foil

Foil is used in both classic and modern
highlighting techniques, including balazyazh, shatush, brondirovanie
and ombre.

Highlighting with foil

The strips of shiny paper perform immediately 2 important

  1. Accelerate the chemical reaction of the paint.
  2. Separate dyed hair from the total mass.

The staining procedure is as follows:

  • comb your hair;
  • using rubber bands (clips) divide them into several
  • dissolve the “tail” on the back of the head and highlight the strand for
  • lubricate the layer of foil brightener or paint, put on it
  • smear the curl with paint again;
  • wrap it in a foil envelope;
  • maintain the paint needed for the exposure time;
  • wash each strand separately.

Note! Foil need to be wrapped
glossy side out. If you are planning to make multicolor
dyeing – get colored foil for easy labeling.

On the hat

Highlighting on the cap

Cap is easy to use.
a tool that even a beginner can master. it
fixture made of cellophane or thick rubber with a lot
holes through which it is convenient to pull thin strands for

The optimal length of a head of hair for using a cap is
hair up to 20 cm

Instructions for use is as follows:

  1. comb your hair;
  2. put on a hat and straighten it on your head;
  3. use the hook to remove the strands – make sure that
    between them was the same distance;
  4. cover hair with brightener;
  5. allow time for exposure;
  6. wash off the dye, and then remove the cap;
  7. dry your hair and do the usual styling.

With a comb

For open staining is used special

Barber comb with a narrow handle is used to
open staining. Most often it is used
professionals, but with proper skill you can use a scallop
at home. There are several varieties.
hairdressing tool:

  • Stripper. Double-sided tool with a comb on one side and
    teeth on the other. Teeth are convenient for separating strands for
  • Comb with hooks. In this case, the comb has two rows
    cloves hooks, directed in different directions. Tool
    suitable for separating strands of different widths and densities.
  • Spatula. The shape of the tool resembles a scoop with teeth. is he
    used to create gradients and fuzzy contours. For this
    it is enough to pass a wide strand through a scoop and paint only
    those hairs that remained sandwiched between the teeth.
  • The fence. Perhaps the most popular of all comb. In form
    reminds turntable wooden fence. Using it is easy to do.
    classic highlighting.

Photo before and after color highlighting

Before and after pictures are the best indicator.
mastery barber colourist. See for yourself!

On short hair

Color highlighting effectively looks short

Short hair is not only convenient and practical, but
also beautiful. Especially if you arrange the right color
accents. Sometimes, only a few strands on the crown or at the top
faces can drastically change the image.

On medium hair

Color highlighting for medium hair

A shag of 15-25 centimeters is the optimum length for
hairdressing experiments: styling, haircuts and of course
same – staining. Care for color highlights on hair
Medium length is quite convenient – the color is easy to update, and the growth
the roots are not as noticeable as on short haircuts.

Long hair

Color highlighting on long hair looks

Undoubtedly – color highlighting on long and well-groomed hair
looks just awesome. Colorist can
experiment with technique using from 3 and more
color accents. However, be prepared for the fact that the cost
such staining will pour you into a round sum.

Popular hairstyles with highlighting on colored strands

Color highlighting can be implemented almost on
any hairstyle Let’s look at the photo and try
understand – which haircut color strands look the most


Color highlighting on the car

Kare, a pretty popular haircut – she emphasizes
the shape of the cheekbones, the long neck and in general – focuses attention
on the face. Colored strands can only enhance the effect, for example –
emphasize eye color or highlight natural

Bob car

Color highlighting on bob caret

The highlight of bob-cut hairstyle – tightness and clarity
lines. If you can arrange the color strokes correctly
create a bold and somewhat futuristic image.

Long caret

Color highlighting on the extended caret

If you want to do color staining on an elongated car –
allocate elongated locks on the face. Just remember to check with
color type.


Color highlighting on the cascade

If you choose from all the techniques of staining, highlighting
– the best option for cascading haircuts. Bright curls
emphasize the texture of hair, adding her airiness and


Pixie haircut makes the image boyish
bold, but at the same time – does not deprive a woman of individuality
and sexuality. Colored feathers on such a hairstyle soften even
the roughest features.

Pixel color highlighting

With a bang

Color highlighting on the hair with bangs

Bangs – a rather capricious element in terms of coloring
haircuts In some cases, it is best left untouched,
in others, on the contrary – to focus attention on it. It all depends on
face shapes, hairstyles and color types.

Hair care after the procedure

After highlighting, hair needs extra

If you want to save the result of color highlighting for a long time
– adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Change the line of care products. Shampoo mask
    and air conditioning must not contain sulphates and heavy silicones.
    Choose products marked “for stained and highlighted
  • Do not wash your hair every day. So the pigment
    longer persist on the hair.

Note! If you often get fat roots
– Get yourself a dry shampoo and refresh their hair in
interval between bath procedures.

  • Cut off forked tips. The cross section often extends along
    the entire length, making the hair more porous, and as you know – from
    porous hair dye is washed out much faster.
  • Reduce the number of hot packs to a minimum.
    If you need to dry your hair before going outside –
    Put the hair dryer on the mode of cold air.
  • Replace the plastic comb with a wooden one. Natural
    materials do not stratify the hair cortex, which means dye
    last longer.
  • Prevent cross-section. The tip is the most fragile part.
    hair shaft. Section and damage are primarily noticeable.
    it is on it. So do not forget to use indelible
    emulsion during each installation.

Note! If you have color highlighting
– Refuse oil-based care products. They
contribute to the leaching of pigment from the scales of the hair.


Color highlighting is a great way to freshen up the usual
image and add to the life of new colors. Do not be afraid
experiment and go beyond the usual, and you will see –
bright hair color, it is a magnet for enthusiastic smiles and sincere

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