Highlight highlights – the pros and cons, photo before and after what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Beautify any hairstyle and emphasize the beauty of natural
hair colors can be done using a procedure called “glare
highlighting “. This method of coloring is very harmonious
Looks on any curls, creating the effect of light solar
shine and glare.

What is highlight?

The content of the article:

  • What is highlight?
  • Pros and cons of glare highlighting
  • This is best suited to highlight glare
  • Types of highlight highlighting
  • Description of the highlight technique
  • Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting
  • How often can you make such highlighting
  • Effect after the procedure
  • Hair care after the procedure

This type of coloring looks natural and impressive due to
lightening only a few strands and the correct selection of tones in
which is painted selected curls. This shading is not
weighs the image and very harmoniously fits into any
style. Highlighting

Strands with this method of clarification are most often selected in
chaotic order to create the effect of maximum naturalness.
While the color palette is determined very carefully, often
by mixing a lot of colors in order to
pick up an individual, absolutely unique shade.

Clear, sharp and too contrasting color transitions in a given
case should not be. The basic rule of glare
staining – smooth, soft and natural. Where
Want to highlight? In the salonHome

Pros and cons of glare highlighting

Due to the special technique of applying the clarifier, this method
considered to be one of the most gentle and delicate ways
staining, which is an undoubted and huge plus of such


  • safe and gentle lightening;
  • a spectacular view of the hair after the procedure;
  • universality – you can make such a melio absolutely any
    woman, regardless of age, hair color, haircut and
    color type;
  • highlight does not require constant correction,
    updating the color and coloring the grown roots;
  • because the staining of the strands is usually done randomly, and
    colors can mix, the image is incredibly interesting and
    individual. A hairstyle with similar coloring is unlikely to work.
    to find.

original hair


  • cost, especially for long hair;
    (more about highlighting for long hair)
  • competently and professionally such clarification will be able to perform
    only an experienced master, so the task is to find a decent
    a hairdresser with a sense of style in this case is

Another positive feature of such staining
is to minimize the damage done to curls. Small
There is a risk of drying out the hair, of course, but compared to other
methods of clarification, in this case, the risk is almost
reduced to zero.

This is best suited to highlight glare

This type of highlighting is ideal for any type and color.
hair, as well as for any haircut. Both short and long
hairstyle will sparkle in a new way with such coloring, therefore
There are no restrictions for this procedure.
not. beautiful highlights

However, the most successful such melirovka will look at not
too dark curls short or medium length. On black and
dark brown strands of soft transition will be achieved somewhat
more difficult, whereas on light, blond and chestnut shades can
create the most natural highlights.

Types of highlight highlighting

There are several types of this clarification, each of which
has a number of features.

  • American With this method, emit
    natural tone of curls, slightly diluting it with light strands and
    add hairstyle volume; American
  • shatush Smooth and at the same time contrast
    transition tones along the entire length; shatush
  • Venetian. In this type of highlighting
    leave intact hair roots; Venetian
  • Californian. In California lightening
    about four to six types of paints are mixed; Californian
  • balayazh. Lightening at the roots followed by
    gradual darkening towards the tips. Effect
    gradient; balayazh
  • french Light brightening, best
    suitable for fair-haired ladies.

In addition to the main species, sometimes more exotic methods are used.
lightening highlights. For example, with multitonal and color
colors are chosen brighter and more contrasting, which, nevertheless
less, form smooth color transitions from one to another.

Description of the highlight technique

Creating shades of sunlight on your hair is important
be guided by a sense of style and distinctly capture even the most
slight shade changes that can completely
transform the image.

Glare highlighting scheme:

  • preparing curls: combing them carefully
    comb with frequent teeth;
  • random selection of several strands of medium width;
  • applying brightener on selected strands,
    trying to make strokes easy, smooth. Bottom zone composition
    not processed;
  • after a certain amount of time (usually about half an hour)
    paint is washed off with warm water and mild shampoo;
  • repeat if necessary, but
    already a different shade;
  • At the end, as a rule, moisturizing multifunction is applied.
    mask and produce drying and styling.

technique melirovki

Features of such highlighting depending on the color

  • on dark hair. For dark curls can
    used non-standard shades, such as eggplant, cherry,
    currant. For a more classic highlight apply
    golden palette; dark hair
  • on the blond hair. Almost all known shades
    brightener, close to natural color, perfect
    fair-haired women: caramel,
    honey, wheat, as well as ashen and bronze; Brown hair
  • on light curls. On the light strands of the master
    most often they put light caramel and nut tones of paints,
    trying to create the smoothest transition and soft contrast with
    natural shade. light curls

Most often with this type of clarification neither foil nor special
cap for staining are not used.

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting

Preparing for the highlighting procedure, the head is best not
wash for three to four days. Make it worth
in order to protect the curls from drying out, without washing off
these are a natural moisturizer produced by the sebaceous glands
Washing head.

It is especially important and urgent to postpone washing the head.
before dyeing the owners of thin curls, as well as
shaggy prone to dryness.

Two to three weeks before this event.
It is recommended to start using additional funds.
moisturizing and protecting curls: air conditioners, balms, sprays and
thermal protection.

The cost of the procedure in the beauty salon

Highlighting is a rather complicated method.
clarification, therefore, to carry out such a procedure is desirable in
specialized salon from a good master.

The cost of this type of staining starts from 5 000
rubles. The specific amount is determined directly
master after assessing the state of the curls, their length and wishes
regarding clarification.

The duration of the procedure is about 2

How long does the effect last

The result of such a melioration is usually kept around 3

How often can you make such highlighting

Repeating this procedure too often, as a rule, no
necessary, since in this case it is not necessary to control
growing tips. Optimally refresh such staining
once every 3-4 months. pretty haircut

Effect after the procedure

The effect of glare staining directly depends on the width
colored strands, selected shade of paint, natural color
hair and, of course, the length of the curls.

  • on short hair the result will look
    as a natural burnout in the sun, or light highlighting
    sun glare. Asymmetrical hair with bangs effect
    will be doubly original and interesting; short hair
  • average length, besides a fresh radiant look,
    acquire pomp and bulk; medium length hair
  • long hairstyle glare will give
    the volume and appearance of slightly lightened hair in a natural way.
    long hairstyle

A variety of shades allows you to translate into reality the most
different ideas without changing the main natural color

Hair care after the procedure

After the bleaching procedure, curls are recommended.
nourish and moisturize, especially after washing your hair and before
using a hair dryer, curling iron or ironing. All care and
Cosmetics should be soft, not be part of
potent chemical components and being targeted
for colored hair. More about hair care after
highlighting procedures

Dazzling highlighting transforms any hairstyle, giving
hair shine, pomp, refreshing them and adding to the image of his
unique “highlight”. Fashionable effect of iridescent solar
Glare harmoniously fit into any style and image.

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