Highlight rare strands – the pros and cons, photo of what it is, how much is held and to whom it goes

Rare highlighting is the safest, most gentle and
delicate way to dye hair. Such a way
suitable for any type of curls and allows you to give your hair a spectacular
and stylish look with partial coloring of individual strands
in various colors.

Rare highlighting

What is rare highlighting. History of creation

The content of the article:

  • What is rare highlighting. History of creation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Performance technique
  • Suitable shades for rare highlighting in various colors
  • Coloring technique depending on the length of hair
  • Rare highlighting depending on the type of hair
  • Suitable hairstyles for rare highlighting
  • How to make a rare highlight at home
  • Cost of rare highlighting in a beauty salon
  • Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure
  • Hair care after highlighting

Highlighting looks quite natural and

This staining method consists of bleaching separately.
selected, rarely located, areas of the hair bright or
bright shades of color scheme. The end result depends a lot on
selected paint colors, as well as from the technique itself and
applying the coloring composition.

Most often, such coloring looks enough
naturally and gently, refreshing any haircut and rejuvenating

This way of clarification appeared as an alternative to the classic
highlighting, with a more gentle and mild effect on the hair for
through the allocation of relatively small areas of curls and use
safe coloring agents.

Almost always during such a highlight.
stained with thin strands framing the face that
transforms the whole image as a whole. In addition, this technique
allows you to create on the curls soft modulations of various tones that
gives a head of hair naturalness and shine.

In some cases, the boundaries between the colored strands
leave quite contrasting and bright and sometimes paint
try to shade as carefully as possible, creating smooth
color transitions.

It depends on personal preferences and wishes, as well as on the length
curls – on a long haircut to make a color stretch, as a rule,
much simpler than short-haired.

Advantages and disadvantages

Highlighting has its pros and cons

This type of clarification is very fond of many
the fair sex for her
versatility, after all, such colorings are suitable for women
any age and type of appearance.


  • safe gentle dyeing that does little harm
  • spectacular result, animating any hairstyle;
  • the hair gets volumetric and magnificent view;
  • masking gray hair;
  • the universality of this method allows you to apply it on
    curls of any type and color;
  • ease and speed of the procedure;
  • opportunity to paint curls in this way
    on their own.

Coloring the strands in light colors helps to emphasize the beauty and
the depth of the natural color of the hair and also hide some
lack of appearance, for example, irregular oval of the face or small
wrinkles and other skin imperfections.


  • the cost of the procedure, especially when using complex
    shades and coloration of long strands;
  • the difficulty of choosing the right area and color matching tone
    to highlight.

Best of all this coloring looks on thick dark
curls that are lightened in chocolate and nut tones with gold
shimmering, making the hair shining and well-groomed, and the natural color
dark strands – more vivid, contrasting and saturated.

Performance technique

Foil weave

For clarification of curls this method is usually used.
foil. Sometimes strands lighten the open way. Barbershop
cap for rare staining, as a rule, is not used.

Technician perform such a melirovka exists

  • lightening feathers. Suitable even for
    ultrashort haircuts. Chaotic staining is performed.
    selected strands, while the boundaries may remain contrasting and
  • dyeing hair tips. Tip coloration
    strands transform haircuts of any length, adding a shine effect.
    The paint is applied in smooth strokes on the ends of the hair and aged.
    about 20 minutes outdoors;

    Coloring hair tips

  • coloring bangs. Coloring bangs usually
    It is made with the help of foil, and the color is shaded. View
    it turns out quite bright and naughty;

    Coloring bangs

  • superficial rare coloring. With
    surface thinning paint the upper thin strands using
    open method. Paint can be applied both with a brush and
    comb stripper;

    Surface rare coloring

  • zonal rare highlighting. Allotment
    individual sections adds a head of hair thickness and volume. Paint
    applied with a brush, after which the strands are wrapped in

The zonal method as well as feather painting are the most
popular and universal ways to change color. These two
classic techniques are performed by a similar technique, with
using a few leaves of foil.

Universal classic technique:

  • hair divided into straight or beveled parting;
  • select the desired area to highlight, which are selected
    few strands;
  • on the selected curls applied brightener suitable
  • dyed hair wrapped in foil;
  • the paint is washed off and styling is done.

Painting should be carried out on the parting contour, highlighting
strands half a centimeter wide. If necessary, staining can
produced by several shades of color scheme to achieve
natural effect and smooth color transitions.

Suitable shades for rare highlighting in various colors

Shades for highlighting are selected depending on
natural hair color

Shades used in this type of painting are selected in
depending on the natural color of the curls. Practically
any shade of hair can be refreshed thanks to properly
matched color tone.

Shades for coloring on hair of various color:

  • on dark hair. Beneficially emphasize the beauty
    and the depth of the dark hair is possible with the help of a rare highlight
    some strands in nut and honey tones;

    Shades for highlighting dark hair

  • on light brown curls. Fair-haired beauties
    fine shades of beige and soft
    champagne, ivory and clarified milk clarifier;

    Shades for highlighting blond hair

  • on dark blond hair. Dark blond curls
    will gain brightness, pomp and color due to staining in
    caramel and coffee tones;

    Shades for highlighting dark blond hair

  • on blonde hair. Owners of light
    hair can use creamy and milky beige shades;

    Shades for highlighting blond hair

  • on red. In order to add dynamism
    and originality of red hair, it is recommended to paint small
    strands in copper and bronze tones;

    Shades for highlighting red hair

  • on gray. Gray hair and dullness effectively
    masked with silver, ash and graphite shades

    Shades for melirovki gray hair

  • on brown. Chestnut hair can
    add brightness and saturation with caramel and honey
    Kolerov with gold or beige tint.

    Shades of brown hair

The most popular and universal tones of the clarifier, which
fit curls of any color, are shades of beige, honey
and caramel.

Coloring technique depending on the length of hair

Technique staining curls depends on the length of the hair.
So, the elongated strands can be given a natural and natural
by stretching the color of the brightener, and short
the hair is usually stained with sharper, more contrast and bright

  • for a short haircut. Owners of short
    hair suitable rare feather and zonal dyeing. Special
    chic will give paint bangs;

    Highlighting short cut

  • on curls of medium length. Average length
    is the most optimal for any kind of clarification, therefore
    such strands are often dyed with both partial and surface

    Highlighting on curls of medium length

  • for long. A long hairstyle will decorate the feather,
    surface and zonal staining, adding volume, lushness and

    Highlight on long curls

Headwear with an asymmetrical or multi-level haircut is best
Rare lightening ends of hair will do.

This type of highlighting will add dynamism and highlight the beauty.
head of hair, focusing on the originality of hair.

Rare highlighting depending on the type of hair

Features such as curls and hair structure allows
decide on the type and method of staining, which will be
look the most impressive and harmonious.

  • on curly. Curly strands fit
    zonal lightening, and staining of curl tips. With
    In this case, areas for painting should be of medium width in order to
    the dyed zones are not lost in the shock of wavy hair;

    Highlights on curly hair

  • on straight. Direct curls optimally do
    the choice in favor of the pen and surface coloring, which
    will add a head of hair volume and make the hair visually more thick and

    Highlights on straight hair

For coloring wavy, curly and curly strands, time
keeping the paint on the head is desirable to reduce by several
minutes, since the porous structure is much faster processed
paint than straight type of hair.

Suitable hairstyles for rare highlighting

Any haircut is transformed with

Virtually any haircut will change and become much brighter
Contrast and more original after this type of coloring.
The universality of this method of highlighting has practically no
no contraindications and decorate both long and short
a head of hair. However, the best result, as shown
practice, it is noticeable on the thick dark curls average

Suitable hairstyles:

  • short Classic and elongated squares,
    bob haircut as well as short asymmetrical options are excellent
    suitable for a rare type of clarification;
  • average length. Graded model
    haircuts and hairstyles with clear, straight lines and bangs
    can be variegated and emphasized with a pen or
    zonal staining;
  • long Long layered haircuts
    blend perfectly with superficial or partial

For a stylish contrast effect, on the hairstyles
of different lengths, only one bang is often highlighted, which
adds dynamism to the hair and the whole image as a whole.

How to make a rare highlight at home

Highlighting can be done at home

This type of coloring is easy enough in
performance, so this painting can be quite well
do it yourself, at home.

Phased Instruction:

  1. hair comb comb with frequent teeth, getting rid of
  2. divide the parting that is used most often and is suitable
    a specific type of person;
  3. prepare a coloring agent, diluting the solution according to
    packing instructions;
  4. choose a few strands 0.5 cm thick for painting.
    It is most convenient to select areas with a sharp comb;
  5. gently placing a piece of foil under the first strand, start
    apply paint;
  6. repeat similar actions with each curl;
  7. wait the required amount of time, usually half an hour after
    why wash off the coloring composition with warm water;
  8. shampoo your hair and apply a moisturizing balm.

! It is importantPaint the curls at the temples should be in
last but not least

For staining need some

Necessary tools.

  • combs for combing and separating curls;
  • foil;
  • gloves, brushes and plastic mixing container

When coloring the tips, the foil is usually not used, and curls
remain open for the duration of the clarifier.

Used means.

  • paint and oxide;
  • mild paraben-free shampoo and a safe balm without

What oxide to do the staining on? Oxide
for painting is selected based on the natural color of the curls: for
light and thin hair is recommended to use 3-5% oxide,
For fair-haired people, 6-8% composition is suitable, and for dark and thick – 12%

The method of application. Coloring
the product should be applied with smooth movements from the bottom up, not
affecting the roots. At the same time, you should act quickly and carefully,
trying to color each strand an equal amount of time.

Apply the composition for coloring you need to quickly and

How much time to keep? Composition usually
lasts about 30 minutes, however time may increase or
decrease depending on the desired result, as well as on the color
and hair structures. So, for dyeing wavy hair usually
15-20 minutes is enough, and owners of dark straight curls can
take about 40 minutes.

Price at home. Home cost
rare staining directly depends on the paint used. AT
on average, such a procedure would cost about 500-700 rubles.

Cost of rare highlighting in a beauty salon

The price in the beauty salon is usually around 1500-2000

The duration of staining will be from 1 to 2

The duration of the procedure varies from 1 to 2 hours.

How much is holding up. The effect will be noticeable in
for 3-4 months.

How often can you do this staining.
Re-coloring can be done as needed, but not
more often than once every 3 months.

Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure

It is best to wash your hair 3-4 days before

Wash head before sparking.
so as not to wash off the natural protective layer of subcutaneous fat,
which makes the curls elastic and resilient.

It is best to wash your hair 3-4 days before the procedure.

Hair care after highlighting

After staining is recommended to further moisturize

After coloring it is recommended to moisten and nourish
long hair balms and oils and also reduce the frequency
use hair dryer. Means it is desirable to use soft and
safe, marked “for colored hair”, without drying

Highlight the beauty of any hairstyle and add brightness to the image, not
repainting completely, with the help of a rare
highlighting. This procedure does not spoil the hair structure, but
The result looks very stylish and spectacular.

More about how to care for hair after
highlighting procedures

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