Highlight thin strands – the pros and cons, photo before and after, what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Fashionable lightening hair with thin strands looks on any
her hair is very impressive, natural and natural. Via
This method of highlighting can create a very gentle, elegant
and an elegant look that will suit a woman of any type
appearance and any age.

What is thin highlighting. Features and differences from others
types of highlighting

The content of the article:

  • What is thin highlighting. Features and differences from others
    types of highlighting
  • Who can use fine highlighting
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Phased thin-strand highlighting technique
  • Effect of the procedure
  • Preparation for fine highlighting: whether you need to wash your hair
  • Cost in the cabin
  • Beautiful shades and colors
  • Highlight independently, at home
  • Hairstyles with highlighting
  • Hair care after highlighting

This type of highlighting is a special technique.
clarification of curls, which is also called frequent highlighting.
Thin, frequent colored strands look very gentle and neat,
Perfectly fitting into any style. thin

The peculiarity of this method is to clarify
large percentage of hair. Often after this procedure
lightening is done by toning the curls to create the most
soft and natural color transitions. However, toning
not always used, because to achieve the effect
maximum contrast tinted softening will

Thin staining technique looks very impressive,
like a natural light burnout in the sun and fits
most women. Shades of highlight are selected based on
from natural color of a head of hair, with distinction in couple of tones to
staining looked soft and at the same time quite contrasting.
Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

Who can use fine highlighting

This type of highlighting will suit a woman almost any
appearance and with any hairstyle. Depending on the hair color effect
from the procedure you can get quite different, from soft
iridescent halftones, turning into each other, to contrast
shade with a clear bleaching.

The result will be most noticeable in the middle curls
lengths of dark and dark shades. who suits

Women who prefer a strict business or discreet
office style, this type of staining gives charm and

Subtle highlighting will emphasize facial features and add to the image
softness, femininity and tenderness. Best of all this kind
brightening will look on the square, elongated and oval
face type.

The best way to do this highlighting in the following

  • if necessary, refresh your hair without drastic changes, with
    bias in naturalness;
  • in case the hairstyle lacks volume and pomp;
  • if you want to disguise gray hair without resorting to
    classic staining;
  • if you want to update your usual image, which
    would fit into any style;
  • with a tendency to rapid contamination of the hair, highlighting will help
    get rid of oily hair while keeping curls fresh
    for a long time.

Thus, subtle highlights will suit women with
short, medium or long hair. Wherein
curls should be healthy, not overdried and not

Advantages and disadvantages

Fine highlighting, like any type of staining, has some
the risks of a negative impact on the hair, but harmful to this
procedure can not be called.

Thanks to the delicate lightening of thin strands and
the use of moisturizing and emollients after highlighting, all
negative effects are minimized.

Advantages of this type of clarification:

  • natural and natural look of curls;
  • hairstyle looks visually more luxuriant, well-groomed and
  • stylish and fashionable way to disguise gray hair;
  • there is no need to adjust the growing roots often;
  • fairly safe and gentle compared to normal
    highlighting and standard staining;
  • the uniqueness of this method allows you to apply this type
    highlighting on curls of all colors and any length;
  • fashionable transformation of the usual hairstyle.


Cons of such highlighting:

  • duration and hard work;
  • the price can be pretty impressive especially for long
  • contraindications: highlighting even thin strands will not work
    with increased dryness of the hair, irritation of the skin of the head, and
    also with loss and fragility of curls.

It is undesirable to conduct thin highlighting immediately after
perming or coloring hair with henna paint or
Basma. In this case, before the clarification procedure,
go at least 2-3 months.

Phased thin-strand highlighting technique

Lightening by this technique is pretty
time-consuming process requiring high skill and skill
specialist hairdresser. Therefore, the choice of a good master is
very responsible and important task.

The duration of the procedure usually takes from one and a half to
3-4 hours, depending on the length of the hair;

This staining lasts about four months and does not require
careful adjustments as the roots grow; thin-highlights technique

The frequency of such a measurement depends on
strand lengths. On average, refreshing such highlighting is necessary
once every four to five months.

The technology of thinning strands:

  • training. Hair comb comb with
    frequent teeth;
  • wear a special cap with small holes,
    through which strands are gently passed. Percent
    bleached strands should be about 50-60% of the total
  • departing from the roots about one to two centimeters, on
    curls applied pre-cooked brightening
    composition. Drawing scheme: from the ends to roots, then
    strand combed. Similarly, do the rest
  • on the hair, with the composition applied on them, is put on
    polyethylene cap and marked the time that follows
    stand according to the instructions on the packaging brightening
  • hair is released from polyethylene and hats with
    holes and thoroughly washed with warm water
    using a mild detergent for dyed hair;
  • final stage. Drawing on clarified
    strands of moisturizing balm, after which the head again carefully

Often, for the convenience of applying a clarifier, foil is used,
especially while working with long curls. In this case, each
the strand is carefully wrapped in a piece of foil as in an envelope, and
also left until the completion of the action of the funds, after which
the foil is removed and the strands are washed.

Effect of the procedure

The main result of the procedure is the effect of “solar
glare “or slightly strand in the hot sun, which
refresh and rejuvenate the image, giving the woman refinement, charm
and stylishness.

The effect obtained from fine highlighting:

  • on short hair. Melirovka thin strands on
    short length, including the hair with bangs, will look
    very bright, original and stylish. Especially impressive is
    highlight will look on asymmetrical hairstyles;
    short hair
  • on average length. Medium long hair
    This procedure will give volume and shine due to clarified
    thin curls; medium length
  • on long hair. Special charm, pomp and
    the contrast of the streaked long strands will transform the image and
    will favorably emphasize facial features; long hair
  • on dark curls. Subtle lightening is beneficial
    will emphasize the saturation of the natural shade of hair;
  • on the blond. This type of highlighting gives blonde
    curls look spectacular, gently refreshing them; fair-haired
  • on light. Effect on blond hair
    it will turn out as natural as thin strands themselves
    burned out in the hot sun; light
  • on red. Lightening red hair will give
    the fair sex of freshness and charm; red
  • on gray. Rejuvenate the image and hide gray hair
    possible using this type of highlighting; gray
  • on brown. Lightening thin strands
    chestnut hair, you can transform the image, giving it
    refinement and refinement;
  • on curly. Curly ringlets effect
    lightening will turn out incredibly voluminous and multifaceted,
    contrasting with natural color and creating interesting color
    transitions; curly
  • on straight. Direct hair will be visually
    more lush and well-groomed thanks to the thin
    highlighting. straight

For soft, smooth lightening, especially for hair
dark shade, after highlighting is often used procedure
toning, applying a toner on the clarified areas, which
will create spectacular color transitions.

Preparation for fine highlighting: whether you need to wash your hair

It is not necessary to wash your hair just before lightening.
It is advisable to come to the procedure on the fourth or seventh day after
washing, as the natural subcutaneous fat exuded by sebum
glands will help protect the curls from the negative chemical
lightening exposure. washing head

A few weeks before highlighting, it is advisable to add
hair moisturizing through the use of soft safe
emollients and moisturizers, especially after washing
heads. It can be air conditioners, balms, sprays.

Moisturizers are recommended once a week.
nourishing masks based on natural coconut oils, argans or

Proper preparation for highlighting will help not only to keep
hair health, but also to achieve the most spectacular results
after the procedure.

Cost in the cabin

The cost of such staining in the cabin varies from
4500 to 6500 rubles depending on the length of hair and
mastery of experience. Some hairdressers work on-site,
in this case, the price can reach 7-8 thousand

Beautiful shades and colors

The most juicy, rich and contrasting shades fit
dark hair, while gentle, light and sunny colors
optimal use on curls of light colors.

When choosing a color palette, it is important to consider the color type.
appearance and style, which adheres to the woman.

Shades for dark curls:

  • cognac;
  • walnut;
  • copper;
  • honey;
  • coffee;
  • creamy and nutty;
  • chocolate.

Shades for the dark

Shades for a fair hair:

  • caramel;
  • beige;
  • light blond;
  • golden;
  • ashen;
  • milky white;
  • beige and brown.

Shades for a fair hair

The right color scheme will help emphasize
revive and give brightness to natural color, and also very gently
refresh the image.

Highlight independently, at home

If you carry out this procedure yourself at home
conditions, you can save a substantial amount and gain experience in
staining. However, it should be remembered that thin highlighting
itself is quite a complex exercise, which
better to trust a professional.

Step-by-step instructions for self-thinning:

  • gently comb your hair, dividing them by
    a parting, and slightly combing back;
  • put on a hairdresser’s hat for highlighting,
    not tight fixing it on the head;
  • using the hairdresser’s hook gently pull out
    curls through the holes in the cap, making sure
    the width of the strands was about the same and did not exceed half
  • comb the stretched strands and start applying in advance
    cooked clarifier;
  • it is most convenient to apply the product from the bottom up,
    staining the curls along the entire length except the very roots;
  • after applying the clarifier strands recommended
    gently comb again;
  • cover your head with a regular hat with a rubber band and wait
    the required amount of time according to the instructions on
    packaging with the facility;
  • rinse curls under running warm water, then remove
    highlighting cap and wash your head again, this
    once with a mild, sulphate-free shampoo, then apply the washable
    moisturizing conditioner or balm for colored hair.

highlighting yourself

Required tools:

  • comb with rare teeth;
  • a hat for highlighting and a simple cellophane cap;
  • hook for stretching strands;
  • plastic dishes for mixing the composition.


Means used:

  • ready clarifying agent without ammonia;
  • soft safe shampoo and emollient balm or
    air conditioning.

Before applying the lightening agent, it is desirable to test
its on the wrist, making sure it is not allergic.

Hairstyles with highlighting

Types of hairstyles, organically looking with this type of lightening,
there is a huge amount that allows any woman
pick up what’s perfect for her.

The most common for highlighting hairstyles and

  • short Four of a kind, pixie, bob, asymmetrical
  • middle length. Cascade haircut, ladder,
    straight hair, elongated bob, high horse tail, loose
  • long curls. Model haircut, extended
    bob, hairstyles with light curling, braids, high tail.

With medium length and long hair, you can constantly
experimenting, spinning, braiding and re-laying
their. In each hairstyle bleached strands will look
in a new way, making the image spectacular and memorable.

Hair care after highlighting

Proper care of your hair after the lightening procedure
It is sufficient hydration and nutrition curls.
Lightening can slightly dry out and thin the curls, depriving
necessary moisture, elasticity and softness. hair care

You can prevent this problem with regular
use of soft products for dyed hair based on natural
extracts and oils. These tools are primarily
properly selected cleansing shampoos without sulfates, parabens and
aggressive chemistry, as well as conditioners, balms, masks and sprays
without silicones and strong fragrances.

The positive effect gives the application of oil masks on
tips of strands that avoid their fragility and

Thin highlighting is a fairly universal procedure that
will suit many women. The lightening of the finest strands will refresh
head of hair, creating the effect of sun glare, and comprehensive care
hair after the procedure will give the curls a healthy silky look and

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