Highlight with a purple tint – the pros and cons, photo before and after, what it is, how much is held and to whom is coming

Who is highlighting purple

The content of the article:

  • Who is highlighting purple
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Highlights with a purple shade on blonde hair
  • On dark hair
  • On light brown hair
  • Highlighting purple on short hair
  • On medium hair
  • Long hair
  • Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting
  • How to make a purple highlight at home
  • Hair care after highlighting

Nowadays, it is quite popular to focus on
hair and shock the surrounding shades. Everyone
to stand out from the gray mass use a variety of bright colors, causing
them on your strands.

Thanks to innovations in the beauty industry, you can get
desired hair color in one hour and dye them at least every day.
This season the most popular are purple.
shades, from bright burgundy to rich plum color.
Such options are suitable for all, owners of light and dark
hair. They will add brightness and individuality to any girl. Where
Want to highlight? In the salonHome

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any coloring, purple highlighting has its
Advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

  • Suitable for all hair types and colors.
  • Allows you to choose a lot of shades.
  • Highlight the owner of this color from the crowd.
  • Give the image a bright and rich colors.

Violet highlighting fits all types and colors.


  • Inability to perform the procedure yourself at home.
  • It is quickly washed away and becomes faded.
  • The high cost of staining.

Highlights with a purple shade on blonde hair

Owners of blond hair can experiment with
shades of purple, choose brighter colors. In such
they will not look vulgar if they are

Owners of blond hair can experiment
with shades of purple.

Purple strands on blond hair.

On dark hair

Dark shades look gorgeous on dark hair.
purple. Such saturated colors complement the effective
the image of brunettes and beautifully framed face. Pretty paint pretty
easy to apply on black hair colors.

Dark shades look gorgeous on dark hair.

On light brown hair

Owners of blond hair are very lucky, they will fit
both bright and dark shades of purple highlighting.
It is worth paying attention to the fact that this color is able to visually
to give youth to its owner.

Both light and dark hair will suit blond hair.
shades of purple highlighting.

Highlighting purple on short hair

Often girls with short hair want to somehow diversify
your hairstyle The length of the hair does not allow to make a new styling or
curly curls, so highlighting comes to the rescue.
Violet shades give short hair spectacularity and
draw attention to them.

Purple shades give short hair

Purple highlights for short hair.

On medium hair

This is a standard length that is best suited for dyeing.
Violet highlighting can visually lengthen such hair and
make them more magnificent.

Violet highlighting visually lengthens the average hair
and make them more magnificent.

Violet highlights on hair medium
are long.

Long hair

Undoubtedly violet colors will only decorate long hair,
emphasize their natural wealth and beauty. It will be beautiful
watch a variety of braided hair in braids, then they will

Violet colors will decorate long hair, will emphasize them
natural wealth.

Purple highlights for long hair.

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting

Leading experts and colorists do not recommend washing your hair
before highlighting. Explaining this to being dirty
the head accumulates a large amount of fat, which is completely her
overlaps. This layer is able to protect the hair structure from
negative effects of paint and its harmful components. Therefore, in
beauty salons are advised not to wash their hair at all for two or three days,
to create the necessary protective layer.

Experts and colorists do not recommend washing your hair in front of

If you wash your hair before coloring, it can burn
your strands, as they are not protected by anything. Such hair will be
look scruffy and dry. The ones that suffered the most
likely to fall out.

How to make a purple highlight at home

Experts advise to conduct purple maliirovaniya
visit a beauty salon, but not for all this is possible. Therefore, many
girls carry out this procedure independently at home. If you
never painted your head yourself then it will be difficult to do
highlighting yourself.

Violet highlighting can be done at home

Also it will be hard to do on very long hair.
Remember that high-quality and beautiful painting to do
quite difficult at home. This requires some
skills and great experience. Therefore, if you are not confident in your
best you can use the services of a beauty salon where you
find the right wizard.

Coloring technique:

  • Comb your hair well. So that nowhere is tangled
  • Depending on how thick hair you need them
    divided by strands (from 4 to 10).
  • Tie each strand with a rubber band, fixing it on
    The level to which you want to get the result.
  • Dilute the clarifier, as it is said in the instructions,
    which is in the package.
  • Apply a brightener to the hair with a brush and wait about 20 –
    30 minutes.
  • Rinse hair well, flush bleach.
  • Prepare the paint and apply it on the hair. Main part
    should fall on the tips, then it needs to be stretched across
    length. Do not make any clear boundaries, as this will be
    look ugly.
  • Wait 40 minutes and wash off the paint.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use a nourishing hair mask.

Step-by-step instructions highlighting at home

Required tools:

  • Crest.
  • Hairbrush.
  • Gloves.
  • Towel – 2 pcs.
  • Scrunchy.
  • Shampoo.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Cape on the shoulders.
  • Paint.
  • Brush.
  • Capacity for paint and clarifier.
  • Brightener

Tools for highlighting.

What tools are used

You can purchase in the store a complete set for
purple highlighting, which will immediately all
necessary. It is also possible to purchase funds separately.
It will be even better, since you can choose different ones that you like.
firms. For the highlighting procedure you will need
brightener and coloring matter.

You can also use different pastes and creams,
they are safer and less expensive than others
facilities. If your plans include dyeing your hair
long term, then in that case it is better to use paint with
ammonia. Also, it will suit the owners of dark hair, because
able to paint well even black strands.

Pastes and creams for highlighting are safer and worth
not expensive.

How much to keep highlighting in time

The time to keep the dye on the hair depends
on what shade you want to get. Than
he is more intense, the longer is the dye on the head.
Also note that brunettes also need to
sit with paint on the hair a little longer. Due to the fact that
dark hair she takes longer.

Keep the paint you need from 10 minutes to 1 hour
depending on the desired saturation.

Price at home

Highlighting at home will cost
cheaper than carrying out this procedure in salons
beauty. You will only need to purchase brightener and paint.
The prices of the clarifying powder are different, depend on its manufacturer, and
means quality and mass.

Usually ranges from 600 – 2000 rubles.
Purple paint with ammonia will cost from 600 rubles and
above. Its price also depends on the quality and the company that
manufactured. A little more expensive will cost paint without ammonia,
its minimum cost is 800 rubles.

The cost of home highlighting is approximately from
600 – 2000 rubles.

How much is in the beauty salon

The price depends on the qualifications and experience of the master. The better
the master and the salon in which he works, the higher the cost
procedures. The minimum cost of highlighting in the cabin with
average estimates is 1500 – 2500 rubles.

In the cabin, the cost of highlighting depends on

How much time is done

The time for which you can make highlighting depends on the source
hair color and desired. Do brunettes this procedure is usually
takes longer than blondes. Since the first need
lighten up for a long time. To perform this type of painting will take from 1.5
hours and more. It also depends on the experience of the master, who
will perform the procedure.

It takes about 1.5 hours to perform the highlighting and

How much is holding up

Depending on which remedy you choose,
so much will keep highlighting. If you
used a paste or cream for the procedure, then they
stay on your hair just a little longer. Such components quickly
washed away and do not leave shades.

The duration of the color preservation depends on the selected
coloring agent.

You pass in that case with highlighting no more than 30
days When using ammonia dye, hair will be
a long time to keep your color. He will be gradually, on
throughout 4 – 5 months to wash out. However, its light shades
can stay on your strands for a year.

How often can you highlight

Experienced colorists advise not to blend.
more than twice a year. Since when doing this
procedures used clarifier that negatively acts
on the hair structure and destroys its top layer. Frequent painting
lead to the fact that strands become weaker, more fragile, and in
eventually the hairs themselves begin to fall out.

Experienced colorists advise not to blend.
more than twice a year.

Suitable hairstyles for purple highlights

If you have long hair and made purple
highlighting, then in this case, you will fit different
braids. This may be a regular spike or fishtail,
also afrokosichki quite unusual look. They will fit on –
truly brave girls who love to amaze. Those who do not
likes to stand out too much, you can make a variety of curls
with a hair curler. It may be small curls or
light, smooth waves.

Hairstyles for purple highlighting can be the most

Hair care after highlighting

After highlighting the hair requires special care, recommend
use a special shampoo that is designed to
colored hair. Experts advise after each shampooing
use conditioner, putting a large amount of it on the tips,
so they do not split. Also need to do twice a week
nourishing masks. You can cook them yourself or
buy in the store.

After highlighting the strands should be regularly moistened with
help oils and masks.

For home cooking, use honey, dry mustard and
sugar, mix and apply to the hair roots. Such a mask
nourishes and strengthens them by activating cell growth. Alternate it with a mask
based on egg yolks, it moisturizes the hair well and gives it
natural shine.

In order for the strands to be strong and strong, you can drink
course of vitamins. Most often bought in a pharmacy group B vitamins or
their whole complex. They need to be consumed twice a day at
throughout 21 days. If necessary, you can increase the course.

Remember that hair after highlighting is in
weakened state and therefore you should not use too often
ironing curtains and hairdryer. It is better to keep them once again.
Brush wet hair slightly and let it dry completely.
only after that comb them completely.

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