Highlighting at home – 53 photos, step-by-step instructions on how to make highlighting do it yourself

If you have a sufficient knowledge base, then at home
You can make highlighting no worse than the salon. What are the
coloring techniques? How to work with tools and dyes?
How to choose a color that matches the color type? Read on in our

TOP 5 of the most popular hair dyeing techniques at home

The content of the article:

  • TOP 5 of the most popular hair dyeing techniques at home
  • How to do highlighting at home on the foil?
  • Highlighting the house yourself without foil
  • What do you need for highlighting at home? Required
  • Popular sets for highlighting TOP 3
  • Paint for highlighting hair at home – TOP 5
    the best
  • How to test for allergies?
  • How to choose a good color?
  • How to achieve color without yellowness?
  • Common mistakes
  • Photo after highlighting at home
  • Care after the procedure
  • TOP 5 Tips
  • Toning hair after highlighting at home
  • Conclusion

20 years ago the highlighting procedure did not differ
variety. Everyone who went through it, got about
the same result: bleached, light yellow feathers, which
strongly stood out among the total mass of hair not only in color, but also
stiffness Now the situation has changed dramatically. Among all
The variety of techniques most popular following

Venetian highlighting

A great option for dark-haired beauties who prefer
naturalness Highlighting is a chaotic staining
strands in natural shades 2-3 tones lighter than the main. Due to
this manages to recreate on the hair the effect of natural light
modulations and glare.

California highlighting

The method is based on the classic highlighting with stretching
colors. Coloring is carried out in the open air (without foil and
cellophane) so that hair does not deteriorate as much as when
standard techniques.

Fits almost all types and shades of hair, but most often
used on light blonde, blondes and brown-haired women.

Reference! Often, to facilitate distribution
pigment, dye mixed with beeswax based paste,
which also has a beneficial effect on their condition.


Dark roots and a smooth, gradient transition to lightened
The tips – this is the specificity of the ombre. Roots tinted
one color, and the tips – another. The transition between shades can
be both soft and smooth, depending on the wishes
client The most advantageous staining looks long,
curly and thick hair.


Shatush, coloring, imitating sun-burnt curls, with
smooth transition from the dark root zone to the bright
tips For a natural effect, the master is pre
combing lightened strands, and only then inflicts on them
dye. If the hair is badly damaged, then instead of
used thorough brushing. To effect was
the most realistic hairdresser chooses 2-4 shades in one
color scheme with the main hair color.


A variety of staining originally from France. Differs from
predecessors engaging a ammonia free compound. Fits
for blondes and brown-haired women who have not dyed their hair before.
The technique became especially popular after it began to actively
enjoy the famous blondes of Hollywood.

Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

How to do highlighting at home on the foil?

Foil is a very handy tool if you want to get
clear result, traditional, zonal or partial
highlighting without having experience staining.

Reference! Food foil not suitable for use.
for hairdressing purposes.

To meet your expectations, stick to
The following step by step instructions:

  1. Wash and dry hair.
  2. Divide the hair into 4-8 zones, each of which fasten
    rubber band or clip.
  3. Throw a peignoir or put on an old T-shirt that will not
    Sorry to get dirty.
  4. Start from the back of the head: dissolve one “tail” and
    select the first thin strand for highlighting.
  5. Take a strip of foil that fits the size of the strand, and
    form a kind of open “envelope” matte side
  6. Carefully coat the inside of the strip with dye and
    Put it under the strand. On top of the hair also apply the composition.
  7. Wrap the strand in foil, fix if necessary
    clamp and leave for the time required for exposure.
  8. After time, remove the foil from each strand. Not
    hurry, wash each curl one by one.
  9. Apply an indelible protective balm on hair and give them
    dry naturally.

Note! Use colored foil if
plan to do multi-color highlighting. So you
be able to mark every color.

Highlighting the house yourself without foil

If the foil does not suit you, you can use one of
following ways.

Through the cap

The cap is a tool that even a novice can handle without
having experience staining.

The only condition that follows
Observe: Do not dye hair longer than
35 cm – otherwise you can get mats and “spotted”

The cap can be bought in the shop of hairdressing tools:
a rubber product will cost a little more, but you can
reuse many times. Polyethylene cap is designed to
disposable and perfectly fulfills its function if you
plan to experiment. So, to make highlighting
through the cap you need:

  1. Carefully wash, dry and comb your hair – it will help
    avoid you nodding and tangling.
  2. Put on a hat and straighten it on your head.
  3. Using the hook (you can use knitting) pull out strands
    from the holes. Try to measure the same distance (2-3 cm) and
    chess order.
  4. Paint the curls with paint and leave for impact.
  5. After time, rinse with running water and apply

With a hair dryer

This method is also known as Airtach. Its essence
is to separate the weak and thin hairs from healthy when
blowing aid.

  • Divide the hair into several sections, fixing tails
    or clamps.
  • Start from the back of the head: free one strand, take it from
    base and direct the air stream. Hairs that are knocked out
    strands – remain intact. Remaining stain selected
    dye with a brush, departing from the roots of 2-3 cm.

Important! Blow out hair with warm or cold air.
– This will make the staining process less traumatic.

Hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide clarification is the most economical, but at the same time
one most harmful way to lighten hair. Use this
method only when you are confident in health, strength and
strength of its hair.

Repeat all the same steps as in the cap method for
highlighting. Instead of coloring pigment, use 3% solution
hydrogen peroxide. If you do not have a cap, then permeate with peroxide
cotton swabs and twist hair on them, like hair curlers. You are holding
for 30 minutes, then rinse with water and apply indelible

How to highlight the roots?

Radical highlighting is different from all of the above
techniques that only the zone is exposed to coloring
regrown roots. Coloring method depends on the original.
It is rather difficult to freshen the roots on your own, because
repeat not only the shade of paint, but also the location of the order.

Highlighting scheme Fir-tree

This technique can be used to
smooth transition from light brown to blond. Suitable exclusively for
straight hair of medium thickness. For curly, curly and thick better
choose a different technique.

  1. Divide hair into a parting with a hairbrush with a narrow
  2. With the help of the same comb, begin to separate the strand layers with
    left and right sides, moving from the center to the side and down as
    would draw a Christmas tree.
  3. Using a brush, coat each strand with dye, backing off
    a few centimeters from the roots.

Note! Highlighting “Fir-tree” advantageously
Looks on such asymmetrical haircuts, as well as on the hair
bob, bob-square and gavrosh.

With the help of tails

Tails are perfect to facilitate the work with
short and curly hair of the same length.

  1. Divide hair into equal squares 3 to 3 cm in a checkerboard
    order and secure with a rubber band.
  2. Repeat until all hair is
    collected in ponytails.
  3. Wear gloves and fingertips distribute the clarifier
    by the tails and leave for the time necessary for exposure.
  4. Remove the gum and rinse your hair with running water.

With lemon juice

The procedure is quite mild and therefore suitable.
Exclusively to owners of light and thin locks of nature.
Do not wait for the result immediately – the acid acts more slowly than ammonia
and the result will be noticeable after 2-3 procedures.

Reference! For home brightening juice is best
100% industrial lemon juice without pulp and
Sahara. It can be purchased at the nearest supermarket in the department.
sauces and spices.

  1. Wash hair and blow dry.
  2. Put on a hat or take a few tails.
  3. Using a dyeing brush, apply the juice to the strands and give
    to dry
  4. Rinse with warm running water and apply indelible
    air conditioning.

Coloring hands without auxiliary items

If you have enough experience in coloring, and you know how to work
with dyes, you can try to highlight without
auxiliary devices. You only need disposable gloves.
and some free time. Using this technique you can
conduct local highlighting, highlight the bangs or a pair
strand framing face.

  1. Spray clean hair with a spray bottle and carefully
    comb it.
  2. Select the strands that you want to dye.
  3. Type a little dye in the palm of your hand and spread it over your hair,
    like a mask or conditioner.
  4. To speed up the effect, you can cover the head with cellophane
  5. After time, wash off the dye with water and apply a balm.
    for hair.

What do you need for highlighting at home? Required

For clarification at home you need
prepare the necessary tools

If you regularly dye your hair at home – get a set
basic hairdressing tools. It will speed up and diversify
staining process. You will need:

  1. paint brushes – 1 thin and 1 wide;
  2. comb comb with a narrow handle;
  3. ceramic or plastic bowls for mixing coloring
  4. cap with holes;
  5. hairdresser foil.

You can purchase the oxygent and the brightening powder separately.
Oxidants (oxigents) differ in the degree of acidity, where:

  • for blond and thin curls – 3%;
  • for brown-haired women and brunettes – 6%;
  • for hard and black hair of Asian type – 12%.

Popular sets for highlighting TOP 3

A set of tools will greatly facilitate your task, if you are
new to staining. It already includes everything you need:
oxygenator, powder, gloves, and most importantly – detailed instructions.
Get a decent result will be much easier. The greatest
The following three sets are popular.

Kapous Special Meshes

Cosmetics from the Italian brand Kapous is famous for its beautiful
the ratio of affordable prices and decent quality. Thanks
sparing composition and ease of use, Special
Meshes quickly moved from salons to home arsenals

The manufacturer presented a wide palette of warm and cold
shades – every girl can find something for herself

Reference! Despite the intensity of exposure to hair
remain alive – all because the coloring composition does not contain
ammonia. Balsam helps to bring the result to perfection.
adding protein to liquid silk.

Schwarzkopf Professional

Pure blond with a lightening effect on 8 shades at home
conditions? Now it is possible with the “Igora” toolkit from
“Schwarzkopf Professional. Unique powder formula
provides intensive clarification of each hair, and oxygenator with
Anti yellowing prevents undesirable yellowing
and greenery.

Estel play

These highlighting kits appeared on the shelves not so long ago,
but already managed to win a wide consumer thanks
diverse palette of unusual colors and affordable price. If a
do you want to experiment with color by adding to your hair
red, purple, yellow or even green highlights are what
you need.

Paint for highlighting hair at home – TOP 5
the best

Majimeches from Loreal

Manufacturer: France

Paint compares favorably among others with the presence of a special
comb for highlighting. This greatly facilitates the process.
the application of the coloring composition in the technique mazhimesh.

The products have a soft and gentle composition, which means – he
suitable for thin and weak hair.

Price: from 770 rubles.

Revlonissimo NMT Super Blondes by Loreal

Manufacturer: France.

Another quality product for home brightening from
Loreal. The palette includes 7 luxurious blond shades, using
which can be easy to highlight and hide the first
signs of gray hair.

Price: from 720 rubles

Wella magma

Manufacturer: Germany

Functional set of tools for simultaneous clarification and
color toning. In the line you can find 10 shades of different
intensities that can be mixed together and get new
color solutions.

In the package you can find coloring composition for highlighting and
color stabilizer, which is enough for 3-5 uses.

Note! The set is not suitable for hair,
clarified to level 7 and above.

Price: from 2000 rubles.

Schwarzkopf Blondme Lifting

Manufacturer: Germany

Lightening cream, suitable for both full color and
for highlighting. Presented by the manufacturer in 6 different shades.
blonde from the coldest to the warmest. Plus means in that cream
provides clarification and toning at the same time.

Price: from 480 rubles.

Hair Company Inimitable Blond

Manufacturer: Italy

Cream-paint for lightening and tinting hair 2 in 1.
Provides a clean brightening of 4-6 tones and intense
coloring in one of 9 noble shades of blond. Contains
silk peptides and white pearl extracts.

Price: from 420 rubles per pack.

How to test for allergies?

The coloring composition is a combination of various chemicals
one of which may well cause skin allergies. Express yourself
it can be different: from light redness, to severe rash and
heat. In some cases, the allergen can even cause a local
baldness. That is why, manufacturers strongly recommend
conduct a preliminary test for an allergic reaction.

  1. Apply a small amount of dye to the ear go to
    elbow bend.
  2. Wait 40-60 minutes.
  3. After the time, check the condition of the skin – if it appears
    at least minimal redness and itching from using it
    product will have to refuse.

How to choose a good color?

The result of unsuccessful dyeing is immediately visible: hair color is strong
resonates with a touch of skin and eyes, making the face visually more
tired, red or “age”. If you do not want to get
the effect is opposite to your expectations – find out your
tsvetotip and push off from him, when choosing a pigment.
There are 4 of them: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.


Contrast, bright and catchy appearance. Skin tone can
to be both very light and as dark as possible. Same
also concerns the color of the eyes: the iris may be coal black, or
on the contrary, to be as transparent as blue. Hair like
usually expressed dark. If you belong to this color type,
pay attention to cold chocolate shades, as well as ashy
and silver.


The appearance of people of this color type is as warm and gentle as
spring itself. The eyes are often blue or green, the skin is warm,
light pink or peach color. The shag can be red,
sandy, golden or white. Color shades are also better.
choose from natural, warm colors: light brown,
golden and natural red.


Light eyes, cold skin, medium blond hair and
low-contrast appearance – these are the hallmarks of Summer. Girls
can safely experiment with all shades of blond from
natural to platinum.


Warm and contrasting color type, distinguished by the eyes of warm
green or brown color, olive skin and hair from natural
red, to brunet. Suitable for coloring honey, golden,
chestnut and dark blond shades.

How to achieve color without yellowness?

By following these simple rules, you can save yourself.
from the perennial problem of “chicken” yellow hair:

  • If the hair needs to be cut, cut it first, and
    only then paint. The same goes for treatment. From healthy
    hair pigment is washed out much slower than porous
    and dehydrated.
  • Do not prepare the coloring composition several hours before application.
    this will lead to oxidation, and as a result, to a yellow shade in
  • Dye your hair from the back of the head. The nape is the coldest
    scalp and, accordingly, the coloring composition
    will start to act later. Therefore, the result of staining was
    uniform – paint this area first.
  • Do not save the coloring composition – each strand should be
    evenly coated with clarifier.
  • Do not lighten hair immediately to 6-8 shades – otherwise
    You will get a dirty result and dried up strands.
  • If your hair was dyed dark – make a wash,
    and only then proceed to the discoloration.

Note! On sale you can find special
“anti-yellow” shampoos and tonic purple, pink, blue or
silver color.

Common mistakes

Yellow is not the only problem that occurs during
home highlighting time. Waiting from staining can completely
do not coincide with reality, and the hair can simply deteriorate and
turn into straw. Why is this happening? let’s
to understand!

  1. You do not adhere to the instructions – you mix
    ingredients “by eye” and also maintain the mixture on the hair as much
    please you. This may affect the intensity and
    the purity of the color obtained.
  2. You neglect the allergy test,
    justifying their decision by using it before
    dye and nothing happened. Consider the fact that
    Manufacturers often change the chemical composition of their products.
  3. You are not trying on hair color – you decided to
    change the image, relying only on the image in your head or
    picture on the package with paint. You can not predict
    the result and, therefore, it turns out not the way you expected it
  4. You do not wash off styling products. Of course, paint
    go better on a stale head, but this applies only to those
    cases when the hair is not styling. If not wash off the varnish or
    styling foam – staining will stain.
  5. You paint eyebrows and eyelashes with hair dye. Eyebrows
    should be in the same color scheme with the hair color, but this is not at all
    It means that they need to be dyed with the same paint as the hair. Leather
    The faces and hairy part of the scalp are very different.
    sensitivity. because of this, allergies can occur

Photo after highlighting at home

Dark hair

Black, brown and dark blond hair are the ideal base for
Venetian highlighting and ombre. Color transitions look like
contrasting, but at the same time – the most organic.

On blonde hair

Blond hair often lacks visual volume and
invoice. This problem can be solved just by highlighting. Total
several color strokes several shades lighter – and the image
It becomes much more refined and well-groomed.

Light brown

Brown hair is a real gift for lovers
experimenting with style. With Californian highlights you
You can give your hair a romantic negligence, and you will give
you true french chic where simplicity is combined with

On redhead

Natural red hair is a rarity, and it would seem that
can make them even better? However, if working on the head of hair
real pros of color – rest assured your hair

On short hair

Short haircuts are bold and bold. So why even more
Do not emphasize your unique style by staining? Winning
looks local highlighting on bangs or a barely noticeable spiderweb
on the back of the head.

Medium length hair

Medium length hair is the best option for demonstration.
the result of any staining. Don’t be afraid to experiment and
try something new! The main thing – do not forget about the care.

Long hair

Long and soft hair is a luxury and the result of a long and
careful care. Highlights in natural shades can
to give them precious tints, and staining in catchy,
Neon colors – to emphasize your fervent and naughty temper.

Color highlighting

In recent years, color highlighting has gained unthinkable
popularity. You can make explicit color accents or
to paint only the lower layers of hair on the back of the head, thereby hiding
rainbow strands from prying eyes.

Ash color

Noble, silver highlights in the hair no longer
associated with gray hair and old age. Ash strands profitable
shade the skin and eyes of cold shades.

Reddish highlights

Copper, gold, honey, amber, red strands – is this not
real flame in your hair? Red hair attracts attention and
collect a lot of compliments.


Gentle, doll, girl – how else can you describe the pink color?
Pink curls emphasize your romantic disposition and childish
immediacy. In addition, pink strands are great as
brunettes and blondes.

Black white

“Zebra”, “Watermelon”, “Striped” – all these are numerous names
monochrome, black and white highlighting. It looks pretty


Red color – the decision of the brave and confident young ladies.
The stretch from dark roots to
fiery red tips.


Purple hair has long ceased to be a lot of grandmothers.
Soft, plum, or flashy neon play
on girls with dark hair of “warm” color type – Autumn or

Reference! Violet strands can be obtained perfectly
accidentally if you use undiluted anti-yellow tonic on
bleached or gray strands.

Care after the procedure

Highlighting, however gentle it is, drains and weakens
hair rods. To your curls quickly “come to life” and
When recovering, follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not wash your hair the day before the procedure and 3 more days after it. So
    the water-fat balance of the scalp will recover much
  2. Get special shampoo, balm and indelible care from
    series “for melirovannyh, dyed and bleached hair.” Besides
    nutritional and regenerating components they are also saturated
    formula against yellowing and leaching of color.
  3. Give your hair a “rest” month, until the next coloring.
    Remember – the more often you dye your hair, the more creases and sections
    formed in length.
  4. Do not use a hairdryer and curling iron unless absolutely necessary – this
    deprives hair of residual moisture.
  5. Do not rub the hair with a towel – just enough
    squeeze and blot them from excess moisture.
  6. Do not brush the curls while they are wet – so the hair shafts
    strongly stretch and tear.
  7. Apply indelible masks on slightly damp hair, giving
    great attention to the tips. Wet hair is better absorbed
    nutrients and as they dry they are sealed

More about hair care after highlighting

TOP 5 Tips

If the above care recommendations did not help you, then
it is time for active and decisive measures to restore

  1. Do a massage. Massage the root zone with your fingers,
    special massager or massage comb. It will strengthen the local
    blood circulation and improve nutrition of hair follicles.
  2. Give preference to natural materials. Proven
    that natural pile or wood comb does not electrify
    hair and much less confused.
  3. Take care of your diet – add to your diet
    as much as possible protein-containing products. If necessary
    Take special vitamin supplements for hair with calcium and
  4. Try cowing – washing your head with just one
    conditioner rinse. According to the reviews – it helps
    restore the natural water-fat balance of the scalp
    short time.
  5. Consult a doctor. If your hair started to fall out,
    tear and break and all the above tips do not stop
    this destructive process – a trichologist will help you.

Toning hair after highlighting at home

Toning is a must step for
order to close the scales, devoid of natural color
pigment after staining. Otherwise brightened strands
very quickly fade and become much tougher than the main mass

Reference! Highlighting, as well as toning – this
severe stress for the hair, so wait a few days between

As a rule, after highlighting all hair is tinted – this
the process is not much different from the usual coloring. If
highlighting should be a contrast – entrust this process
professional or use compositions for highlighting and toning
2 in 1. Below is the average home instruction

  1. Spray the hair out of the spray bottle and comb.
  2. Using a comb with a narrow comb, divide the hair on
    Multiple sectors and secure with clamps.
  3. Spread the hairline and ears with a greasy cream.
  4. Cover with a dressing-gown or put on an old, unnecessary one.
  5. Wear protective gloves and mix the dye.
  6. Dissolve the “tail” on the back of the head, and start coloring,
    moving from the nape to the temples, from the temples to the crown and forehead.
  7. Allow time to rinse and rinse.
    shag water.


Highlighting can dramatically change the image or make hair
visually thicker and well-groomed. And for that at all
It is not necessary to go to a beauty salon and give large sums.
It is enough to master the basics of color and learn how to work with

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