Highlighting blond hair – a new look at natural beauty

highlighting on brown hairNow all over the world highly valued
natural beauty, and therefore in the epicenter of the creation of fashionable images
there are blond hair. Many girls rush to change their color
hair, trying to give them such noble light shades. But,
in parallel with the fashion for color is rapidly gaining popularity and
highlighting on light brown hair, with which you can refresh
image and make the curls shining. Now there are several types
such coloring, allowing owners of light brown hair to make
your hairstyle is luxurious, stylish and original.

California highlighting

In 2014, Californian highlighting of light brown hair became
a real hit. Many world famous models and Hollywood
the stars shone on the covers of magazines with their gorgeous hair,
painted in this way. Significant benefits
Californian highlighting is considered the naturalness of hair color
after staining, no need for constant correction,
effective painting of gray hair and the use of gentle painting
formulations with a mild action.

The technique for doing this kind of highlighting is distinctive and simple.
but still requires the experience and skill of the master. The main difference from
traditional methods – when staining is not used at all
foil. During the procedure, a special composition is applied on
individual strands, after which they touch the rest
hair, blurring the lines between different colors
natural and colored curls. The result is
magnificent effect of soft transition between light and dark
tones, and hair sparkle and shimmer in the sun.

California color does not use white.
Lighten strands mainly dyes coffee, honey,
beige and brandy shades. It is used exclusively
natural brighteners that do not damage hair and preserve
their healthy appearance.

French highlighting

French highlighting allows you to visually increase the volume
hair and create on their surface a spectacular game of glare. By its
Essentially, this method of coloring is a careful clarification, while
which does not allow sharp transitions of tones between natural and
processed strands. And the most important thing is that they do it only on
light hair. French highlights on dark blond hair not
apply, since the result on them is hardly noticeable and looks completely
not impressive.

The technique of this type of staining is based on
innovative ammonia-free dye on wax “Mazhimesh” from
famous company L’Oreal. This tool allows you to lighten hair
on a few tones, creating the effect of thin golden threads and slightly
burnt strands. For one procedure usually used immediately
several shades ranging from light golden and ending
milky white. The result of such highlighting is luxurious.
long hair with iridescent sun strands.

During this procedure, the hair is not exposed to
aggressive chemicals, which allows them to keep
healthy and beautiful. Ammonia-free dye gently brightens
curls and nourishes them with beneficial substances, which makes the process
staining safe and even beneficial. About such highlighting on
Brown hair reviews are always only positive, because with it
You can not only refresh the color of your strands, but also take care of them

Small highlighting (“feathers”)

small highlightingToday is petty
highlighting on brown hair has become a classic hairdressing
art. Despite the complexity, duration and complexity of all
process, this type of staining is very popular.
A characteristic feature of this highlighting is the contrast
shades of strands, so the result looks very impressive on
dark blond hair.

The technique of carrying out small highlights looks like this: on
a special cap is put on the head;
The required number of strands and put on them brightener.
Having kept the dye on the hair for a certain time, the hair is washed.
In this case, the cap is not removed, so that the paint does not hit the rest

The way of highlighting through the cap is suitable for owners of thin
hair, but for thick and long hair is used mainly
foil. This technique has proven itself very well and
enjoys great popularity among professionals. Principle
staining remains the same, only strands are pre
are separated from the total weight of the hair, dyed and wrapped in

To mitigate the transitions between colored and natural
strands, a few days later hair tinted. However, at the same time
the contrast between the strands remains very noticeable, which is why
type of highlighting received the second name – “feathers”.

Reverse highlighting

Many fair-haired beauties at one time became blondes. Alone
find your natural hair color “boring”, others just
sought to follow the fashion. However, now that the brown shades
are at the peak of their popularity, these girls are trying to
return your natural color. It is for these purposes that there is
back highlighting.

This variant of coloring allows dyed blondes
Smooth and safe for hair to return them to their natural color. For
This bright strands are painted in light brown shades, which allows
smooth the transition between the growing dark roots and the main
a lot of hair. In addition, when reverse highlighting is processed
only part of the hair, which makes this procedure a real salvation
for scorched and weakened clarifiers hair.

Regardless of the type of highlighting and its technique, this
the procedure is more gentle for hair than complete
staining. And, if we take into account the talent of modern masters in
creating original colors and high popularity
highlights all over the world, fair-haired beauties get
the ability to keep hair healthy and look at it
stylish and irresistible!

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