Highlighting comb at home – detailed manual, photo before and after

Virtually any kind of staining can be done with
special comb. This item will significantly reduce
the length of the procedure for selecting strands, as well as help
hair tangles before and after highlighting. Home coloring,
with the use of such devices as combing,
will become even more professional, convenient and fast.

Comb for highlighting

Pros and cons of highlighting comb

The content of the article:

  • Pros and cons of highlighting comb
  • How to choose a suitable comb for highlighting
  • How to prepare the hair for the procedure
  • Step by step instructions for highlighting the comb
  • Effect of the procedure, photo Before and After
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Due to its special form, this item will facilitate the procedure.
dyeing, easily highlighting the necessary strands and allowing carefully
shade the coloring agent, stretching the color along the entire length.

Comb for highlighting will make the procedure more


  • convenience, speed and ease of preparing curls to
  • reasonable price of such tools;
  • the ability to feather colors and achieve a gradient effect when


  • These items are not universal, so each
    the comb can be painted over either a specific section of the hair, or
    make a set of strands only one specific width;
  • it may take some time to get used to
    working with these tools.

With the help of such items you can perform enough
subtle delicate coloration, including basal, and
tint the hair roots if necessary. Where you want
to highlight? In salononema

How to choose a suitable comb for highlighting

When choosing the right tool you should decide
with the type of staining that is planned to be carried out by her, and
also pay attention to the manufacturer, trying to make a choice in
favor of reputable, reputable firms.

When choosing a comb for you need to rely on a specific
kind of highlighting.

Popular types of brushes for melirovka:

  • classic comb for the selection of strands.
    The classic version has on one side a regular comb with
    small frequent teeth, and on the other – a sharp end, which is very
    it is convenient to separate fine strands. With this kind of make
    diagonal staining as well as many types of contrast
    lightening, including asymmetric. Common models:
    Dewal (Germany), Fine Handle Comb (Czech Republic). Cost about 50

Classic comb for highlighting.

  • combs with hooks. Model data
    designed mainly for the selection of curls of different widths. So
    tool tend to start slightly combing the strand,
    getting the hair deeper behind the hooks, then curl slightly
    lift and grab the obtained strands. Popular brands: Hair
    Picker (China), Dewal (Germany). Price from 70 rubles;

    Comb with hooks for highlighting.

  • combs “fence”. Original form
    This item allows you to quickly separate the strands for later
    staining by simply inserting a tool into the hair below
    up, closer to the roots. Then the strand itself is divided into
    equal parts. This model is very convenient for independent
    lightening. Firms: Harizma (Italy), Sibel (Belgium). Cost of
    about 120 rubles;

    Comb a fence for highlighting.

  • blades for highlighting. Shoulder blades usually
    used to create a natural effect and stretch the color in
    Californian, Venetian and melange coloring.
    The lightening product is applied to the scapula, after which it is carried on
    selected strands, receding a little distance from the roots. Brands:
    Dewal (Germany), Eurostil (Spain). Price category in the area
    300 rubles;

    Blade for highlighting.

  • strippers. Tools that look like
    the most common combs with a small feature – at one end at
    there is a special cavity where the paint is poured. Will fit
    This option is for short haircuts and medium length hair. Paint
    applied to one side of the subject, then gently
    combing the right strand. Production: Dewal (Germany), Harizma
    (Italy). Price: 200 rubles.

    Stripper suitable for short and medium

When choosing this type of items for coloring
It is recommended to take into account the type of hair and their
structure. So, for thin curls ideal
the classic version with a sharp end, and for curly and thick
strands is better to choose strippers.

Important! All tools for coloring
must be made of plastic and in no case

How to prepare the hair for the procedure

In order to get the desired effect from
coloring, it is recommended to do a few days before the procedure
oil mask for moisturizing and nourishing the hair and
reduce the use of electrical appliances during drying and

Masks hair growth
Prepare hair for highlighting with the help of
oil mask.

Wash your hair before melirovanie not recommended.
The main reason is the leaching of the natural moisturizer in the form
subcutaneous fat that makes the curls resilient and elastic.
In addition, the newly washed strands tend to push and
it is easy to disintegrate, so it can be quite difficult when melirovki
to lay them exactly at selection and coloring.

Step by step instructions for highlighting the comb

The procedure for clarifying curls with these tools
significantly reduced in time, because this item will help
select several strands at once.

Comb for highlighting significantly reduces time

Tips for coloring. Apply the agent
It should be fast, accurate, but at the same time soft and smooth.
movements from top to bottom. After applying the paint, the strand is desirable
Combing to avoid tangling. Coloring agent
It is recommended to choose a mild effect, without ammonia. Start off
painting is from the back of the head, gradually moving to the temples.

Combing technique for short comb

  • using a classic comb comb the curls and highlight
    the sharp end is several strands;
  • fix selected strands and apply lightening on them
  • comb strands again and wait for the required amount
    time according to package directions;
  • wash off the paint with warm water with a mild shampoo and balm.

Short hair coloring with

Highlights on curls of medium length:

  • tool with hooks highlight the desired number of curls,
    trying to keep the same distance between “visits”
  • fasten the selected areas with hairpins and distribute
    hair coloring composition, avoiding the root zone;
  • wrap each strand in foil and wait about 20
  • rinse off with warm water, remove the foil and rinse the head
    cleanser with humidifier.

Medium length hair coloring with

Brightening long hair:

  • dilute the lightening agent and apply it on
  • randomly selected strands gently comb with a spatula
  • wrap the painted curls in foil;
  • wait until the end of the paint and wash the product warm
    water with shampoo.

Coloring long hair with

What determines the time of aging curls?

Keeping the tool on the headpiece costs so much time
how much is indicated on the package. It should be remembered that
overexposing such a composition is very harmful. For dark curls of time
it may take a little more than staining a light or
light brown hair. on average, time depends on the paint itself and its
active ingredients as well as hair color and desired effect.
For a natural result on blond hair 15 minutes
may be quite enough.

To retain the coloring composition is harmful to

Useful recommendations

When initially using these tools
it is recommended to first select strands and after that dilute
coloring composition. It is desirable to carry out the procedure in good
ventilated or outdoor.

Before using paint for the first time, it is worth testing the tool.
for the absence of allergies to him, inflicting him in small quantities on
wrist. A thorough clarification is recommended after the bleaching procedure.
regular moisturizing strands and especially the tips of the hair. For this
You can apply moisturizing soft balms, conditioners, mousses,
sprays and oils.

After highlighting the strands should be regularly moistened with
help oils and masks.

How to avoid mistakes

In order to avoid mistakes when coloring is worth
prepare the hair correctly and choose
suitable tools. For the first coloring thick or curly
shovels of hair it is advisable to seek help from someone
relatives or friends, so as to paint over the back of the head in
alone without experience may be somewhat difficult.

Duration of the procedure

The duration of such an event lasts, as a rule, about
one and a half hours. Time may increase with long brightening

Comb for highlighting
Highlighting last about one and a half hours.

How often do you need to do this

Repeating this staining is recommended as necessary.
but no more than once every three months. Exactly
so much time is necessary for curls in order to recover
after the color change.

Effect of the procedure, photo Before and After

The effect of such staining on the curls of different shades can
vary slightly.

  • on dark hair. Dark color gains
    saturation and depth due to good contrast with
    highlighted areas;

Highlights comb dark hair.

  • on light curls. Light hair
    change and become even brighter, and the right shade
    paint will give your hair the original effect of highlighting;

Highlighting comb light hair.

  • on fair-haired strands. Make a light brown shade more
    alive and interesting can be with the help of a light natural
    highlighting individual curls for a couple of tones. This coloring
    Visually add hair pomp and density.

Highlighting comb blond hair.

A hair of any shade will look much brighter,
Original and spectacular after a successful paint with

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expert opinion Ester Hairdresser-makeup artist from Jerusalem

How to care for hair after highlighting
comb? After highlighting the curls will need
extra moisturizing and delicate care. Permanent use
light moisturizing products for colored hair will help keep
hair elastic and shiny, and drawing on the tips of the strands
oil emulsions will save from rupture and fragility. All means
after coloring should be safe and not have in their
the composition of potent aggressive components such as
sulphates, parabens and silicones.

Can I do the procedure during pregnancy? In
Partial and mild staining during late pregnancy
not contraindicated, but it is undesirable to hold it in such
position yourself. Exposure and chemical inhalation time
funds should be reduced as much as possible, therefore rationally
contact a beauty salon where a professional master for
minutes to do the job.

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting? Before
highlighting the head wash is not recommended, so as not to deprive the hair
natural protective layer when applying the brightening compound.
The optimal time for washing the head – 4 days before

The variety of available brushes for highlighting makes it possible
professionally paint the curls at home, reducing the time
on the selection of strands and painting itself. Hair of any color can be
transform by adding them brightness, dynamism, volume and pomp
using various ways of highlighting combs.

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