Highlighting dark hair – photo before and after, popular species

Today, there are a huge variety of species.
highlights that are suitable for dark hair. This coloring
It was popular in 2000, and today it is back with new
ideas and also enjoys rabid demand. What coloring
suitable brunettes and what care is required, about all this further.

Who is it – indications and contraindications

The content of the article:

  • Who is it – indications and contraindications
  • Options and types of highlighting for dark hair
  • Beautiful shades and colors of highlighting on dark hair
  • Cool shades
  • Highlights on dark hair of various types and lengths
  • Haircuts for dark hair
  • How to make highlights on dark hair at home
  • Hair care after highlighting

Your attention to the list of indications and contraindications to


  • If you have a large amount of gray hair, then it is easy
    can be hidden by highlighting; On graded and graded
    hairstyles that are colored in highlighting, looks spectacular;
  • Harm from highlighting will be minimal, since
    only part of the hair is colored;
  • If you plan to go from dark hair to light and
    on the contrary, highlighting is your way out;
  • If your hair is prone to high fat content, then highlighting
    allow them to look fresh longer;
  • Coloring by highlighting will hide the regrown
    the roots.


  • It is forbidden to color hair on previously dyed hair with henna or
  • It is impossible to highlight hair after a perm;
  • It is not recommended to highlight too thin and
    damaged hair;
  • If almost the entire head is covered with gray hair, then
    highlighting will not help;
  • If there is inflammation or wounds on the scalp;
  • If allergic reactions occur;
  • It is forbidden to dye hair in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The highlighting technique appeared a few decades ago, but
Only recently this procedure can be used.
owners of dark hair. And all thanks to the fact that there were
improved formulations of dyes that can give dark hair
beautiful shades and no harm.

A large number of gray hair, it is easily possible
hide highlighting.

Highlighting dark hair is a great way
give your hairstyle versatility and depth. This
the procedure will revitalize your hair color, add visual volume and
spectacularity to your image. What types of highlights are suitable
brunettes and what shades to use for this – consider below.
Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

Options and types of highlighting for dark hair

The following are the most popular and successful types.
highlighting on dark hair.


Venetian and Californian highlighting is considered practically
the same. Only stylists prefer to call Venetian
the highlighting that is applied to dark hair, and
Californian on light. This procedure is performed without foil,
paint stretch with a brush along the length, creating the effect of burnt out
under the sun hair. Usually used several shades.

Venetian highlights on dark hair.

Ombre on dark hair

For several seasons, the ombre remains one of the popular
types of coloring among fashionistas. This type of highlighting is excellent.
suitable for dark hair. Smooth transition from dark roots to
light tips will look very impressive, and you do not
need to go on staining adjustments as often as
for example with classic highlighting.

In addition, in this way the hair is less damaged, because
only part of the head is colored. Also ombra can be bright
flowers on dark-haired girls will look great
transition to red and purple hues.

Ombre highlights on dark hair.

Light highlights on dark hair

Light or partial highlighting is suitable for those who are afraid
large-scale changes in his image. Try to lighten strands in
a couple of places, and believe me, the hairstyle will play with other colors.

Light highlights on dark hair.


This type of highlighting is quite simple in execution, you
you only need to take a few strands of width 3 or 5
centimeters and paint them in the color that suits you.

Large highlighting on dark hair.


The owners of dark hair, it is best to make a rare
highlighting on the upper surface of the head. In this way,
coloring will give your hair dynamic and bright.

Rare highlighting on dark hair.


With small highlights, a lot of thin and frequent strands are drawn.
If your hair does not have volume or structure too
Thin, then this method of staining you just need. For
dark hair you need to pick a few suitable tones, and
then the hair will appear lush, thanks to the iridescent

Small highlights on dark hair.

Highlighting on regrown roots

Radical highlighting can be done absolutely on all colors
hair, because its essence is to adjust already
regrown hair and hairstyle freshness. Many specialists
recommend in this way to tint your hair, because
Frequent exposure to paint has a bad effect on the condition of the hair.

Highlighting on the grown dark roots

Attention! Radical highlighting is necessary
paint absolutely in the same technique and in the same colors as before
painting. Otherwise, the result will be unsuccessful.

California highlights on dark hair

California dyeing method is just right for
dark hair. The essence of this coloring is that the hair color
remains the same, but only some of them are lightened, creating
effect of “solar” hairstyle.

California highlights on dark

Frequent highlighting of dark hair

Without undue slyness, frequent highlighting is considered one of
universal staining methods. The main condition, pick up
suitable shades for this procedure.

Frequent highlighting on dark hair.


What can we say, but most girls choose the classics.
This procedure from year to year is considered one of the top
staining with a beauty salon. Classic highlighting
involves the coloring of the strands over the entire length in one color.
For dark-haired ladies, the width of the strands takes 5-6 cm, and after
highlighting necessarily tinted to achieve the desired

Classic highlighting on dark hair.


This type of highlighting is different from all others in that
paint used sparing, ammonia-free pigments. Dark haired
such shades as cherry, cognac,
chocolate, honey and golden.

French highlighting on dark hair.

Attention! If you want to paint the strands in more
light shades, you will have to use 6% oxygenator.


This technique, unfortunately, is not suitable for brunettes, as
creates a sharp transition from a natural color to painted, and in
This procedure is the most important naturalness.

Hollywood highlighting on dark hair.


In double highlighting 2 tones are used.
dye. These colors are carefully matched to your
original hair color so that the end result looks like
harmoniously. For dark hair are suitable shades: amber,
red, honey, copper, bronze, chocolate and classic

The technique of double highlighting.

Beautiful shades and colors of highlighting on dark hair

The most beautiful and suitable shades for highlighting
dark hair are considered:

  • cognac;
  • copper;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee;
  • caramel;
  • golden;
  • nut;
  • honey.

The hue of the strands must be chosen depending on
original hair color.

The hue of the strands must be chosen depending on the source
hair colors. In order to get the effect of beautiful
expensive hair color, the strands should not be contrasting and
get out of the bulk of the hair. Enough differences in 1-2 tones,
that hair looked uniform, but at the same time new shades
created a depth of color.


Chocolate strands on dark hair will give your hair
dearness and elegance! This is one of the most successful combinations.

Chocolate highlights on dark hair.


Highlighting in shades of brown is a standard base for
dyeing dark hair. Choose similar shades and enjoy
your way!

Brown highlighting of dark hair.


Copper shades on dark hair are perfect for women in
age Expressiveness and elegance will appear in your appearance.
and refinement.

Copper highlighting of dark hair.

Reddish highlights on dark hair

If you want to add playfulness to your image, then choose
red color. This is a great mix for brunettes!

Reddish highlights on dark hair.

Caramel highlights

Who prefers naturalness and naturalness in his
appearance chooses caramel shades. Besides caramel on
dark hair for several seasons is considered to be
favorite among fashionistas.

Caramel bleaching of dark hair.

Color highlighting for dark hair

Performing this technique is suitable for women who are confident in
yourself and love extravagant images. In the hands of the master your hair
can literally play with new colors.

Color highlights on dark hair.


Pink looks not so advantageous on dark-haired
young ladies Therefore, from this combination we recommend

Pink highlighting of dark hair.


Highlighting in red shades will not leave you without attention. This
expressive and bright contrast will keep enthusiastic
looks very long.

Red highlighting of dark hair.


Another trendy and expressive combination in the piggy bank
brave women!

Variants of blue highlighting of dark hair.

Purple highlights on dark hair

You just see how rich and beautiful they look.
lilac-purple shades on dark hair. This is similar to some
precious stone, unmatched technique!

Purple highlights on dark hair.

Cool shades

Cold shades are chosen most often by girls with
discreet temperament. For this you need to clarify
strand into several tones, and then toned in the desired color.


One of the best highlighting options, since there is no need
in lightening hair.

Black highlighting of dark hair.

Ashy highlights on dark hair

Coloring in these shades is chosen for three reasons: hide
the presence of gray hair, stand out from the crowd, or just love this

Ashy highlights on dark hair.


The popularity of gray highlighting came to us from America. So what
speak, but fashion is dictated to us from this very continent.

Gray highlighting of dark hair.

White highlights on dark hair

Most women choose white strands on their dark hair,
but it is worth remembering that this procedure can cause serious harm
your hair, because they have to repeatedly discolor.

White highlights on dark hair.

Highlights on dark hair of various types and lengths

On dark short hair

For short dark hair, the stylist is recommended to use
classic coloring with wheat or honey notes.

Highlights on dark short hair.

For medium length dark hair

On the average length, you can apply any highlighting technique, this
length is considered standard.

Highlights on dark hair medium

Long hair

On the long hair the master is where to roam! The most successful
There will be Venetian, American and French highlights.

Highlights on long dark hair.

On thick hair

Owners of thick hair do not need to dye their hair
frequent highlighting, as they already have a natural
volume To refresh your hair – choose Venetian, partial
or zonal highlighting.

Highlights thick dark hair.

Straight hair

Initially, highlighting was invented for straight hair, so
here is a matter of taste!

Highlight straight black hair.

Highlights gray dark hair

To disguise gray hair, you can try the fashionable technique of salt and
pepper “, where the transitions from white and light gray to black are obtained
imperceptible thanks to a set of thin strands.

Highlights gray dark hair.

Haircuts for dark hair

With a bang

If you have long dark hair with a bang, then you will fit
highlighting by the ombre method. Medium length with bangs – try
Venetian coloration.

For long dark hair with a bang, then you will fit
highlighting by the ombre method.

On the car with lengthening

With such a hairstyle, dark-haired beauties will suit petty and
frequent highlighting. It will give pomp to hair and beautiful
emphasize the oval face.

For short hair fine

Bob car

Absolutely any technique is suitable for such a haircut, but more profitable.
all will look equipment “veil”.

On bob caret any technique will do.

How to make highlights on dark hair at home

Attention! Home Lightening
must be done extremely carefully. If you are not sure about the final
result, it is best to turn to professionals.

You will need: capacity for paint themselves
dyes, towels, foil, barrettes, tinting, tassel,

Tools for highlighting.

If you have decided on the method of highlighting, then follow
this instruction:

  • Hair must be divided into several parts and fastened.
  • Next, fine comb to select from the hair the necessary strands,
    put these strands on the foil and paint them in with
  • Then fix the foil so that it does not fall from the hair.
  • The following steps should be done absolutely also;
    back of the head, and finish on the parietal part.
  • Next, wait for the time according to the instructions and remove the foil, my
    hair shampoo under warm water.

Step by step instructions highlighting with

If you want to achieve a different shade, then on the brightened strands
apply tint. After washing hair, be sure to use
nourishing mask.

Hair care after highlighting

After any dyeing the hair needs
leaving. To do this, you must purchase a special shampoo
for colored hair. Also do not forget to apply nourishing masks.
and use hair balms.

How to toned highlights on dark hair

Hair toning is done in the same way as
staining. Special tinting agent is applied to
dyed strands waiting for a certain time. Then washed off

Hair toning is done in the same way as

How to fix unsuccessful highlights on dark hair

If you absolutely do not like the result of your
staining, then this matter can be corrected with a benign, ammonia-free
tinting dyes. But the best will be to visit
experienced professional, he will make you re sparing
highlighting. Learn more about fixing unsuccessful highlighting.

There is a lot of variations of highlighting on dark hair, not
be afraid to experiment, because with this coloring you
get a unique unique color that only you will have!

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