Highlighting for blondes – a detailed review, TOP 5 fashionable shades and hair care after the procedure

Many owners of blond hair are pleased that their nature
rewarded with such beauty, but after a while I want to change without changing
while natural hair color.

In such situations, fashionable women resort to highlighting. It helps
dilute the image without significant changes.

Features highlighting white hair for blondes

The content of the article:

  • Features highlighting white hair for blondes
  • The most popular types of highlighting for blondes to white
  • We select the appropriate type of highlighting for white hair
  • Depending on the characteristics of the hair
  • The most appropriate shades and techniques for white hair for
  • Highlighting white hair at home
  • How much is highlighting on white hair
  • Hair care after highlighting

The main feature of highlighting for white hair is that
they do not require additional clarification, unlike all
others. on white hair for blondes

Blondes’ hair is naturally more fragile, so in
paint selection must be especially careful.

The most popular types of highlighting for blondes to white

There are many variations of highlighting, consider the most
popular and effective.

Classic highlighting

The name speaks for itself, it has been tested for years and does not lose its
relevance even now. The main purpose of the procedure is to create
the contrast between the natural hair color and the individual strands.

The procedure is performed using a rubber cap,
which are passed by locks, or foils in which hair is wrapped
after the brightener is on the hair.

Many girls prefer the classic highlights, because
It is an effective way to change hair color, but
while looking as natural as possible. Classic

IMPORTANT! Consider, the thinner the strands you take, the
more natural effect (up to 1 cm).

For blondes the following palette is offered: mocha, sand,
pink, ashy shades, pearly, light beige.

California highlighting

Any kind of Hollywood celebrity. Many resorted
to him, because with the quality performance it is not only
will be able to visually adjust the shape of the face, but also rejuvenate.

Contains 2 techniques – ombre and, in fact, highlighting.
The main technique is a smooth gradient that blends harmoniously with
natural hair color.

One of the main advantages – you do not need
tint the roots every month. This is due to the fact that the technique is not
suggests work near the roots. Californian

IMPORTANT! For blondes it is recommended to choose
shade to highlight the same subtone that their hair color (warm
subton or cold). Otherwise, the hairstyle will look
not harmoniously.

Venetian highlighting

Ideal for girls who want to give their hair
additional volume. This kind of implies a chaotic
coloring strands with sharp transitions. When dyeing from the roots
retreat a few centimeters, which also allows not to think every
a week about regrown roots. More about basal bleaching

IMPORTANT! Due to the shade used
very different from the natural hair color, strands will be damaged
even stronger.

French highlighting

It got its name from the fact that a special paint for
Its implementation was developed in France. It does not imply
sharp transitions, bright colors, but only a game of pastel shades,
creating beautiful highlights. Looks very gently and naturally.
Due to the use of special dye, the hair is not
damaged as in other types of highlighting, on the contrary, they
will become more brilliant. Violet


Involves the use of two colors. Paint should be applied
over the entire length, evenly distributed in such a way that
It turned out a smooth transition) in the classic version of a dark color
at the roots to light at the ends of the hair and vice versa). Ombre
involves the use of different shades, but the technique remains
one The main thing is to create the right transition.


The technique is similar to ombre, involves the transition from one color to
to another. The main difference is when the transition is horizontal (
paint is not allowed at the root), and not vertical as when
obmre The transition is moderately clear and sharp.


A great way to slightly refresh the look of your hair without exposing
their burning paints. The result is very natural.
since the strands are taken very thin and only closer to the tips.

We select the appropriate type of highlighting for white hair

  • Frequent highlighting on the car. Supposed to
    use one or more shades. To create more
    natural effect choose shades that differ from
    natural hair color on several tones. Frequent highlighting
    involves painting from 40 to 60% of hair. Frequent
  • Rare Staining method involves
    color change in several strands. For rare highlighting
    take a wide strand that attracts more attention.
    It creates a bright contrast, accents are placed.
  • Small. For painting the hair is divided into very
    small strands (0.3 cm approximately). The effect is not obtained
    intrusive and rather natural. Small
  • Large. Fulfilled faster than small
    you only need to select a few strands of 2-3 cm. Large

IMPORTANT! This kind of highlighting is better not to try.
repeat by yourself. Exactly paint wide strands can
only master

Depending on the characteristics of the hair

On curly hair

The following techniques are very nicely emphasized by wavy hair.

  • Balayazh;
  • Venetian;
  • “Rime” – a technique specifically designed for owners
    wavy hair. A feature of technology is that
    paint is applied by fingers without prior straightening
  • Partial staining. Does not affect the lower layers
  • “Illuminations”. Only lower strands are painted, steamed
    tones lighter than the base color. Due to this, it turns out
    effect of highlighted hair.
  • Through the braid. A great option for climbing
    hair. Hair plaited in several braids, paint
    brush applied lengthwise. The result is colored lines.
    which are harmoniously intertwined with natural waves.

curly hair

Straight hair

On straight hair, almost all of them will look winning
types of highlighting:

  • Classic;
  • Californian;
  • Shatush;
  • Balayazh;
  • Ombre;
  • Beybilayts – technology lightening hair.
    The result is natural, as for staining
    very fine strands are used;
  • French
  • 3D highlighting is a complex technique subject to
    Only qualified craftsmen. Blond is created with its use.
    with a level of more than 2 tones;
  • Brondirovanie – and staining strands in the dark
    color against a light main. There is a sharp contrast;

straight hair

The most appropriate shades and techniques for white hair for

  • Ashy Not the first year enjoys
    popular use of gray, ash tones. Main
    the pitfall of such a highlight is that such shades are not
    are universal and fit not every girl.
    Ash highlights will look great on a cold girl
    color type. Ash
  • Red It will look great
    the use of red paint in Californian highlighting.
  • Violet. Will give the image of mystery and
    fabulousness. Color is not recommended for blondes.
    paints when painted using balabazh and ombre techniques. Violet
  • Pink This kind of highlighting is capable
    decorate each image. The girl will look doll and innocent.
    It is for this reason that the owners of blond hair choose this
  • Reddish For blondes especially winning
    there will be coral and brick shades. red

Highlighting white hair at home

How to make highlighting – execution technique

To make you happy with the result, follow the following.

  • Do not buy the cheapest brighteners
    means, their composition can greatly harm your hair.
    Carefully read whether the composition matches your type.
  • Avoid skin contact.
    hands Be sure to use gloves.
  • Soak the dye on the hair until
    they will not get the desired shade. But time should not
    exceed half an hour.
  • After highlighting, it is worth seriously
    hair restoration.

Foil weave

To do this you will need: a brush for applying paint, composition
for bleaching, foil, 2 combs (for separating strands and with
narrow long handle), gloves, glass or plastic
paint tank, towel. Foil weave


  1. Throw a towel over your shoulders.
  2. In case of using food foil, cut it into pieces,
    that are 20 cm longer than your hair, the edge should be bent inward on
    1 cm to prevent paint from entering the skin or adjacent ones
  3. Following the instructions, prepare the hair dye.
  4. Divide the hair into zones, each of which fasten
  5. Take a long comb and separate the thin strand.
  6. Put a foil under the strand (the wrapped part should be at
  7. Apply paint to the hair strand.
  8. Foil can be folded in half or attach a new one on top.
  9. Climb up a little and paint over the next strand.
  10. Perform these actions over the entire head.
  11. After 30 minutes, unfold the foil, but do not remove,
    rinse hair with running water.
  12. Remove the foil. Now wash your hair with shampoo.
    and balm.
  13. Leave the hair dry.

On the hat

The easiest way to paint at home. You
you will need all the same as for highlighting on foil, for
except the foil itself. It uses a cap with
small holes. cap


  • Put a towel on your shoulders.
  • Put on a hat, using a comb, remove through the holes
    small strands.
  • Prepare the paint.
  • Apply it on hair.
  • Depending on the desired effect, hold the composition for 15 minutes (
    for a slight effect) or more than 45 (for a strong one).
  • Without removing the cap, wash your head with water.
  • Remove the cap, wash your hair well with
    cosmetic products.


To do this, you need a special professional comb.
This method is used to recreate the famous Californian
highlighting at home. Comb coloring

About the procedure itself:

The comb should be dipped in paint and then carried
pre-combed straight hair parting.

How much is highlighting on white hair

The cost depends on the skill level of the master, on the selected
techniques, from the hair itself (their length and thickness). Prices
fluctuate around 1.500 – 8.000. cost

If you have the necessary skills, then carry out the procedure
more profitable at home.

Hair care after highlighting

Any coloring to a greater or lesser extent harms the hair. For
Their recovery needs to be carefully looked after by them. For this
Suitable shampoos for colored hair. Do not neglect
using balm. After dyeing your hair like never before
need nutrition.

Depending on the degree of damage 1-2 times a week
make a hair mask. Exclude from daily
use hair dryer, curling iron, iron.

As an extra care that will only enhance the effect,
You can use the serum for hair fillers and so

Highlighting is suitable for absolutely everyone and this is his main
advantage. There are options for those who want more
fundamental changes, so for girls who want only a little
highlight the natural beauty.

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