Highlighting hair: how to make your hair “live” and “dynamic”

highlighting hair photo

Highlighting rapidly broke into the world of beauty and immediately became
extremely popular. Today this dyeing technique
is over 10 years old. And if before she was
extravagant novelty, today hair highlighting can be safely
call the classics.

This technique helps to create a unique, every time a new
bright image. Highlighting hair at home is also
realistically, however, at least some kind of
hairdressing experience, otherwise achieve the desired result
complicated. If you surrender to an experienced master,
the result will exceed all your expectations: you can drastically change
image and adjust as a haircut and facial features. And also
become fresher, younger, brighter.

To conceived the change of image was held without disappointment,
read a little about hair coloring – study photos, select
what you like and would like to see at home. However remember
that exactly such a result, as in the picture, is not always achievable. TO
example, you are interested in highlighting on dark hair – photos
You have chosen and want to get a similar effect. What you end up with
see on your hair depends on the skill of the hairdresser and on
the tint of your strands, and on their structural features, as well as on
paints that are used for dyeing.

Highlighting dark hair is generally considered more complex, so
as, as a rule, we do not want it to be strongly contrasted, but
only a good master can make soft transitions. That’s why
Such staining is best done at the hairdresser. However as
and in the case of other shades.

Predicted results can only guarantee
professional approach.

Keep this in mind, and do not experiment on your hair!

Today, sometimes we hear that highlighting comes out of
fashion, and that the main trend of the current year – juicy solid colors.
However, this is not quite true. We can safely say that highlighting
will never be out of fashion, it’s too good effect.

Only the technique can change, some ways of highlighting hair
will become more fashionable, others recede into the background. But
in how much this service is in demand
modern women, you can see for yourself by typing in any
Internet search query “hair highlighting photos 2014”. Abundance
links will amaze you! At the same time you will see exactly what tricks
The staining is the most popular this season. Maybe you
want to shine in the summer sun overflow shades!

Basic principles of hair highlighting

The technology of highlighting the hair is quite simple. In fact,
highlighting is the clarification of a strand. Undoubted advantages
This type of staining is the fact that the chemical
we are not working on the whole head of hair, but only on individual strands,
the effect is remarkable. Spinning moves
play in the light, achieved a specific illusion of dynamics. If a
strands are not only brightened, but also tinted later,
there is a toning of the hair after highlighting.

How to choose a color for hair highlighting

Color, you can choose the most diverse, in the end, you can
emphasize and change the appearance that you simply wonder what
small strands can play such a large role in shaping
image. The main advantage of this type of coloring is its softness,
original, but at the same time natural look. If you are interested
hair tinting after highlighting – photos will help you determine
which colors will suit your appearance type: downloaded
Take the pictures with you to the master and he will help you

There are cases when highlighting and toning hair
contraindicated. The main obstacles are the recent coloring
hair: highlighting on dyed hair does not produce
It is recommended, it is better to postpone it for a month and a half. Similarly
It is impossible to dye hair after a perm, it may
adversely affect their condition and give unpredictable
result. Well, as usual, henna staining implies that all
other strand manipulations are prohibited. Your hairdresser himself will say
you how much time should wait.

Also a specific hair highlighting technique may be needed.
in some other cases, but you will definitely be informed
master. The main thing you need to know – highlighting perfectly hides
Gray hair and looks spectacular on the hair of any length.

What paint is needed for highlighting

Special dye for highlighting the hair is not needed. If you
want to perform the procedure at home, use
tips barber and embody them yourself. Also on sale you can
Buy a special set for hair dyeing at home. It is convenient and
will save you from searching all “personal belongings”, such as a cap with
holes, foil and others for the procedure.

We recommend lovers of independence
video lessons. If the service we are describing you order in
salon, the master will use paint or a mixture of professional
paints that are used for ordinary coloring,
oxidizers, etc. Pay attention to the fact that
melirovanny hair require special care.

Highlights of hair of various shades

Be sure to purchase cosmetic care products.
such hair and use it regularly! Types of hair highlights:
photos will help to decide! Your hair is long or short,
red, brown, black or some other shade – all this requires
different highlighting and will have different effects on the result
procedures. It can be said that the main parameters that
take into account when highlighting the technique, are the color and length of hair.

Highlights on blonde hair

highlighting on blonde hair photo1. Highlighting on light
hair. To be a blonde is very feminine and beautiful.
Owners of blond hair are just adorable. But im like
all women want a change in their appearance. Intense shades
can look at them vulgarly. And drastically change the image and
I don’t want to say goodbye to blond curls. What to do? Will help
highlighting. Lighter than the bulk of the hair, strands
will give your hair an extra “bucket”, volume, shine. Wherein
the naturalness that blondes are so proud of will continue.

It looks very stylish highlight blond hair immediately
several shades, and ashy blonde shades should
choose from a cold palette, and golden blond will enliven the strands
honey. Not natural blondes can take advantage of more
dark shades – hazelnut or caramel color. By the way, and regrown
the roots of such highlighting will hide perfectly. Extravagant
girls this summer prefer to emphasize their blond color
fuchsia or green strands.

Highlights on blond hair

highlighting on brown hair photo2. Highlighting on light brown hair.
If you are the owner of blond hair, consider yourself lucky. AT
This season, blonde is very fashionable. And even blondes do so.
called blond highlighting, to slightly “tweak” your
blond color. Highlighting blond hair is very lively image, but
subsequent toning will also help. Since the blond is
intermediate shade in color, then lighter strands,
and darker will be to face the owners of light brown hair.
Golden, red, honey and even red – they all give shape
new notes.

Highlights on dyed dark hair

highlighting on dyed dark hair photo3. Highlighting on
dyed dark hair. Dyed dark hair is usually
hair of intense chestnut color. As in the case of the Rus
hair, they can be revived and lighter strands, and more
dark (in the latter case we are talking about toning, and in the first – about
clean highlighting). Highlighting dark hair is sometimes
quite challenging task for the master, because you need to perform it
softly, after all not all women like to see contrast painting on
your hair.

There are many methods of working with dark hair. And one of
These are the American highlights of dark hair, they are also called
Californian and they often use Hollywood stars. Special
looks so elegant highlighting for long hair. Technique itself
American highlighting is complex enough to state it in
review article, we confine ourselves only to the fact that here applies
a multi-colored foil and similar in color various dyes.
The result is stunning! Remember at least Victoria
Beckham, she uses this type of highlighting, Californian
or american.

Highlights on black hair

highlight on black hair photo4. Highlights to black hair.
This type of highlighting is not recommended especially at home.
conditions, if you do not have at least a minimum hairdressing
experience. Black pigment is the strongest. Therefore a hairdresser
should pick the right oxidizer or paint maybe on
tones are lighter or darker than desired, given the characteristics of your

In addition, the highlighting technique is important: to not look
sloppy or vulgar, the frequency of the strands and their location should
be carefully thought out, no less than color. Highlighting on
short black hair looks especially extravagant and
spectacularly. Coloring and toning will suit your hair any

Highlights on red hair

highlighting on red hair photo5. Highlighting on red hair.
Red curls – a real highlight. But if you want it even more
emphasize – helps highlighting. It and additional volume
will add, and will give special expressiveness. Color palette
highlighting for red beauties is rich: here and light strands, and
brown, and even black.

Extravagant can advise shades of red and
blue black. Also, as noted above, a huge role in
highlighting plays the length of the hair. In addition to the length and color technique
highlighting depends on the thinness of the hair, their thickness, structure and
brittleness, and even growth lines.

If you decide on the procedure of highlighting, experts advise
before you go to the hairdresser, do makeup in those
shades that you usually use. This will help the master to take into account
all the nuances when choosing means. The right choice is also important.
equipment: “Fire in the jungle”, “Glazing”, “Mazhimesh”, “Mad
colors “,” Glare “,” American-style “,” Scandinavian-style “- all this
terms that speak a lot to the master, and to ordinary people
nothing. So be sure to capture the photo you like.
highlighting with yourself or select from the catalogs in the barbershop,
After all, explaining on the fingers where and what you want will be quite

To the main trends, each new season adds something of its own. TO
For example, the “Sun Kiss” technique has appeared,
imitating the burning of strands in the sun (the focus is on
parietal zone), as well as the “Honeycomb”, in which the oval face
turns out to be illuminated on both sides, which is very refreshing
the whole look.

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