Highlighting hair on the square – photo before and after, suitable types and colors

Haircut square is perfect for highlighting different
ways, highlighting the strands of bright contrasting or muted soft

The method of coloring and the tone of the color is determined individually,
coming from a natural shade of hair. The result can
be dynamic enough, with clear boundaries, or natural,
with the smoothest color transition.

Types of caret with highlighting

The content of the article:

  • Types of caret with highlighting
  • Types of highlight haircut caret
  • Four different hair colors
  • Selection of highlights highlighting on the caret
  • Highlighting on the caret of different lengths
  • Cost of hair highlighting in a beauty salon
  • Highlights on the car at home: tools and
    step-by-step instruction
  • Top 10 highlights care tips

Different types of hairstyle make it possible to use
different staining methods that gives the image
personality and brightness. With the help of highlighting succeeds
emphasize the natural color of hair and give the volume of hair,
making the hair visually thicker.

Highlights car makes hair and individuality

Popular types of haircuts for highlighting:

  • caret with lengthening. Extended version with
    staining in cold tones is ideal for dark curls,
    adding contrast to the image and hair pomp. Perfect tones
    in which this haircut is often painted are: chocolate,
    cognac, copper and coffee;
  • quads with bangs. Classic view of highlights
    emphasize the beauty of the hair, and a slight coloring bangs will give
    spectacularity, harmoniously combined with any hair color. Most
    A good option for such clarification is the selection of wide
    strands on the sides and thinner curls on the bangs;
  • bob quads. Contrast Highlight Original
    hairstyles “bob caret” transform the head of hair, making the image enough
    bright and not provocative. Colored strands may be
    saturated color, or strongly shaded, almost
    blending with a basic natural hair color;
  • kare on a leg. This option is excellent
    It is combined with the classic wide coloring when strands
    brighten about 3 centimeters thick and alternate with
    naturally unchanged tone, which gives the hair a volume and
  • on graded square. Coloring on such
    hair style will refresh the image and highlight beautiful features
    face, slightly rejuvenating and smoothing skin imperfections. Original
    haircut resembles cascade models that blend harmoniously with
    many types of staining. This type of haircut is perfect
    owners of a round face shape, since the side ones are elongated
    strands visually pull the face;
  • on asymmetrical car. Highlighting
    an asymmetrical square will be the perfect solution to create a bright,
    original and bold image. This coloring gives color
    and definitely arouses interest.

By changing the color of some strands using highlighting, you can
transform and refresh the usual hairstyle without its full
repainting. Such selective coloring will help
minimize the risks associated with painting curls. For
melirovki usually used quite soft and safe
means, and the technique of application involves careful
effects on hair and their structure. Where do you want to do
highlighting? In salonone

Types of highlight haircut caret

Universal hairstyle allows you to apply completely different types
staining, obtaining various effects, differing by degree
brightness, smooth tonal transitions and the method of application.

Various types can be used on a car.

Actual types of melirovki for cutting a car:

  • classic. The classic method is to
    the selection of individual strands in a white tone along the entire length of the curls.
    Frequency and width can be any, depending on individual
  • Californian. Using fashion
    Californian coloring can create a natural effect slightly
    sun-bleached hair that looks very impressive and gentle. AT
    In this case, the shades shade as much as possible, due to which
    create soft, smooth transitions. Radical area of ​​hair with
    this kind of coloring is not clarified. Most often, to achieve
    the effect of burnt strands, different shades are used
    caramel, light wheat and honey;
  • french The French method suggests
    the delicate lightening of some curls, giving the head of hair
    pomp and density. This method looks best on the blond,
    light and brown hair. In addition to the bulk, this technique
    visually rejuvenates the face and hides minor imperfections
  • American American isolation technique
    strands includes combining several shades at once,
    close to the main natural color of the hair. Wherein
    The thickness of the strands being painted is usually quite large.
    Despite the width of the stained areas, mixing tones of similar
    color scale allows to achieve a natural and soft effect
    lightening curls;
  • mazhish. A way that looks great in light brown
    shag In this case, the staining is very thin.
    strands, and the composition is applied not only for clarification, but also for
    power curls. So, many paints for coloring mezhimish have in
    the composition of beeswax, which lightens the strand and helps to fight
    with dryness, eliminating the problem of split ends;
  • multitonal Result from multitonal
    the dyeing is reminiscent of the sun glare on the hair that
    gives the hairstyle brightness and looks very impressive. Most often
    used on blond and chestnut strands;
  • low contrast. Option suitable for
    short type of caret with clear lines. This coloring will add
    tenderness and highlight the natural color, rejuvenating the face and
    focusing on beautiful features;
  • balayazh. The effect of sun-scorched curls can
    be achieved with the help of balayazha. This technique is suitable for all types.
    quads, with the exception of shortened versions. Especially interesting and
    originally such coloring looks on wavy ringlets;
  • veil. Vulal highlighting allows you to add
    types of curls, as if covered with a weightless veil-veil, and
    the shade for coloring the top layer of the hair can be like
    natural shade, and bright. This type looks great on
    elongated and graduated car;
  • the opposite. In some cases, not required
    lighten, and, on the contrary, darken some curls. To do this
    possible by reverse staining. This method is most often
    applied on blond hair;
  • diagonal or majorcontrast. Diagonal
    weaving is carried out on dark shades of blond and chestnut
    hair decorated with an asymmetrical bob or graduated
    hairdo The effect is very bright and dynamic due to
    highlight contrasting tones;
  • partial Partially selected for clarification
    strands will suit any type of caret, emphasizing the beauty and richness
    natural color of a head of hair and creating effect of highlighting and
    glow curls;
  • “feathers”. One of the easiest options
    highlighting is the “pen” way in which stand out
    fairly thin sections and stained with the standard method. More often
    a barber shop is used for this type of dyeing
  • peek-a-boo Original painting method
    peek-a-boo is to change the color of the lower, inner strands
    in contrasting bright tones, due to which the hair gets
    additional visual volume and perfectly refreshed;
  • crazy colors or bright strands. Allotment
    hairstyles with bright strands will create a very bright and bold image, which
    suitable for lovers of extravagant style and various kinds
    experiments. The colors here can be very different – from
    orange and yellow to blue and purple. The peculiarity of this
    staining is its fast washability when used
    tinting means;
  • two-tone. For a shortened version of the car you can
    apply a highlight using two tones of similar color
    palettes. This will create a spectacular contrast with the mainstream.
    natural color of a head of hair that will add pomp and color.

To correctly determine the shade and selection method
highlighting is recommended to contact an experienced master who
will not only be able to carry out the procedure qualitatively, but also create
perfect color tone.

To achieve a natural effect, it is often mixed
several colors of paint at once, which allows to get completely
unique shade.

Four different hair colors

Certain types of haircut car look especially impressive and
attractively curled a certain shade that stands
to consider when making hairstyles and highlights.

The most successful options for caret on the different hair

  • on light. Blonde hair is perfect
    model with bangs, as well as asymmetric and graduated
    a haircut;

Hairstyle quads on blonde hair.

Hairstyle quads on medium blonde hair
are long.

Hairstyle quads on blonde hair.

  • for brunettes. Owners of dark hair
    You can select options for lengthening and cutting bob car;

Hairstyle quads on dark hair.

Hairstyle quads to dark medium length

  • for brown hair. Light brown curls perfectly decorates
    hairstyle “square on the leg” and the classic square.

Hairstyle quads on light brown hair.

Hairstyle quads on light brown hair.

Highlighting is also worth choosing based on the natural tone
curls. Blondes fit Californian, Venetian and
reverse type staining. Blonde curls decorate technique balazhij and
American coloring. Dark hair will suit the voile and
partial staining.

Selection of highlights highlighting on the caret

The choice of color and their harmonious combination with the base color
head of hair and a common color type of appearance will be one of the most important
factors successfully carried out highlighting.

The selection of highlighting shade should be combined with the overall
color type.

In order to choose the right shade, it is important
decide on the desired result.

So, for a natural effect and give
a head of hair freshness without dramatic change in style is recommended
choose shades of wheat, caramel and nut. AT
case of desire to create an original image in bright contrasting
tones should pay attention to the burgundy, reddish and purple

Actual shades:

  • light Light tones are most often combined with
    ordinary, asymmetrical and elongated car. Haircut with bangs also
    very effectively lightened with a suitable shade;

Highlights squares in light tones.

Highlights squares in light tones.

  • dark. Dark gamma is commonly used on
    graded models, as well as bob car and hairstyles with

Highlights squares in dark tones.

Highlights squares in dark tones.

  • ashen. Ash has
    ability to effectively paint over gray hair, so this tone
    can be used on any type of vehicle;

Ashy highlighting of a car.

Ashy highlighting of a car.

Ash highlights short bob-caret.

  • redhead Red tones are usually selected
    asymmetrical and graduated haircuts;

Reddish highlight squares.

Reddish highlighting of the caret with lengthening.

Reddish highlight short car.

  • red. Red color will emphasize
    originality asymmetrical car;

Red highlights on dark hair.

Red and purple highlights of the caret with

  • purple. Purple tone can successfully
    combined with the option “bob square” and “square on the leg.”

Color highlighting on a bob haircut.

Any shade can be a colorful interesting addition.
each haircut, so the division is very conditional. Exact choice
determined primarily by the sense of style and desired
the result.

Highlighting on the caret of different lengths

Haircuts of various lengths are usually painted
a little different, because each technique melirovki
takes into account including the length of the curls. Depending on the length may
vary as the method of application of the composition, and the duration

Coloring on hair of different lengths:

  • on a short square. Short hairstyle will be
    more vibrant, dynamic and stylish thanks to the classic,
    Venetian or reverse staining, as well as balayazhu. This type
    the hairs are usually stained with the help of a hairdresser’s cap
    pretty quick time;

Highlights for short haircuts square.

Highlighting short light haircuts

  • on the caret of medium length. Medium length decorate
    American and Californian lighting in trendy caramel and
    honey tones;

Highlights haircut squares medium length.

Highlights on dark haircuts are medium
are long.

  • for long. Add long hairstyle volume and
    shine can be using the classic type of clarification, as well as with
    using the diagonal and partial method.

Highlights long hairstyle square.

Options for highlighting long hairstyle caret.

Options highlighting long hairstyle caret, light

Californian or Venetian selection of thin strands
relevant for any length of hair, so these options
is universal.

Cost of hair highlighting in a beauty salon

The cost of the staining procedure in this case depends
on the specific type of highlighting, as well as on the
tools and professionalism of the master.

On average, the classic and Californian way of coloring
will cost about 3-4 thousand rubles.

On average, highlighting a caret will cost about 3-4
thousand rubles.

For more complex staining, with a mixture of several tones,
the amount will be slightly higher, around 5-6 thousand rubles.

In this case, the duration of the procedure will take no more than 2-3 hours.

Highlights on the car at home: tools and
step-by-step instruction

Highlighting on the square can be done independently, at home
conditions. Such staining is usually not particularly
difficulty and save a substantial amount of money.

Tools for home highlighting.

There are two ways of coloring: on the foil and through

If you need to make strands contrasting and avoid
smooth color transitions, you can do without these
tools, having carried out melirovaniye in the simple open way.
However, to achieve the effect of naturalness and shading
shade is best to use foil.

Melirovka on foil:

  1. Prepare your hair by combing it and dividing it into sharp strands
  2. Prepare the staining solution as instructed.
  3. Put a piece of foil under the strand and apply the agent to the whole
    length except for the root region.
  4. Wrap a curl in foil as in an envelope and wait for about 30
  5. Remove the foil, washing the head with warm water, after which
    Use a mild shampoo and balm.

Melirovka on foil.

Melirovka on the cap:

  1. Comb your hair and put on a dye cap.
  2. Print a few strands through the holes in the cap with
  3. Prepare the paint and apply it on the selected strands of flat
  4. After the necessary amount of time, wash the hair,
    remove the cap and wash my hair again, this time with
    sulfate-free shampoo with balm.

Painting should be started from the end, advancing
upstairs After applying the paint strand recommended
to comb.

Important. Carry out the staining procedure
Recommended in a well ventilated area. All strokes should
apply with neat, fast, smooth movements. Before
using a tool it is advisable to apply it in a small
quantity on the wrist, making sure there are no allergic

Top 10 highlights care tips

Proper care for melirovannyh hair will strengthen
curls, relieving them of dryness and tingling, nourishing and moisturizing
structure. In addition, regular care will permanently fix
effect obtained and add a head of healthy shine, elasticity and

Proper care for melirovanny hair allow
strengthen curls and prevent fragility.

  1. It is recommended to use products for colored hair,
    avoiding potent aggressive chemical components in
    composition, such as parabens, sulfates, silicones.
  2. Reduce the time and frequency of use of the hair dryer.
  3. Apply moisturizing oil masks 1 time per week, paying
    special attention to the tips of the hair.
  4. Be sure to put on your hair soft moisturizing balms and
    conditioners every time you wash your hair.
  5. Keep the hair out of direct sunlight and frost.
  6. As far as possible use soft water for shampooing.
    without chlorine.
  7. Combing hair must be very carefully, trying not to
    damage strands.
  8. If the use of a hair dryer cannot be completely excluded,
    It is recommended to apply thermal protection agents every time before drying.
    and styling.
  9. Cut cut ends in time and follow common
    state of curls.
  10. Include in your diet more vegetables, fish and fruits.

You can emphasize the beauty of the bob hair using
highlighting individual strands in various ways.

A variety of techniques, colors and types of such staining
allows you to find your ideal any woman. Thin curls
will gain volume and pomp, and a thick head of hair procedure
highlighting will give shine, radiance and brightness.

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