Highlighting in pink – the pros and cons, photo before and after, what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Highlighting is a technique for dyeing individual strands of hair. AND
if earlier it was mostly blond coloring, then
today are increasingly used diverse and unusual
colors. The greatest popularity among lovers of bright hairstyles
found a pink color.

Highlighting in pink can be any shade, as
fuchsia and ghostly pastel. It all depends on
original hair color and general hairstyle idea.

Who is suitable?

The content of the article:

  • Who is suitable?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Blonde hair
  • Dark hair
  • Brown hair
  • Short hair
  • Medium hair
  • Long hair
  • Preparation for highlighting
  • Highlighting with a pink tint at home
  • Hairstyles with pink highlights
  • Care after highlighting

Pink highlighting is an excellent option for those who want
try on yourself this bright color, but not yet ready to repaint
completely. Pink strands are very refreshing and rejuvenate the face.

Highlight pink can be any shade, as
fuchsia and ghostly pastel.

About pink shades you can think blondes, avoiding
ashy, gray, gray shades.

Highlighting this unusual color is possible

  • light;
  • blond;
  • red;
  • gray;
  • dark hair.

Any hair color will play with new colors at high quality
staining in pink. Only one thing should be remembered.

Important! The darker the hair, the brighter should be
shade of pink.

However, as for the skin, here to the question of a new hairstyle is worth
approach more responsibly.

Pink strands are very refreshing and rejuvenate.

Pink highlights suitable:

  • fair-skinned girls;
  • owners of a golden skin tone;
  • girls with cream skin.

Also, when choosing a shade, you can focus on
color types of appearance. Highlighting with pink color fits
all color types, but everyone should stick to the one that suits them

Reference! For example, girls of warm color type
warm shades of pink will do. Cool girls should
pay attention to the cold, pearl shades. Where you want to do
highlighting? In salonone

Advantages and disadvantages

So creative coloring has a mass

  • looks stylish and bright, regardless of age;
  • fits any look. It goes well with both casual
    wardrobe, and with a classic and informal;
  • refreshes the skin with warm highlights;
  • paints yellow after discoloration;
  • You can dye your hair at home;
  • a variety of shades of pink;
  • popular with Hollywood stars;
  • It is not necessary to dye all the hair.

Pink highlights look stylish and creative beyond
depending on age.

But despite the fact that such staining is so
universally, it also has its drawbacks:

  • pink shades do not fit dark skin with olive
  • such bold staining will not suit people with workers
    dress code;
  • also pink is contraindicated for girls with rosacea;
  • acne and post acne will stand out even more with pink
    highlighting on the hair;
  • when painted with persistent paints or with preliminary
    bleaching – the quality of hair deteriorates;
  • pink color highlights skin imperfections like bruises under
    eyes and age spots.

In the case when no contraindications stop from
dreams of pink curls, you just need to pay more attention to
tonal means and concealer.

Blonde hair

On light hair, pastel looks most advantageous.
shades of pink.

Pink highlights refreshing skin warm

Dark hair

Dark hair looks completely different in different ways.
shades. Pastel shades look stylish, but discreet. Bright
shades of pink look most impressive on dark

Bright shades look most impressive on dark

Brown hair

The darker the hair, the brighter should be

Light brown hair is the most unpredictable. When choosing a shade, you need
remember the rule – the darker the hair, the brighter the color.

Short hair

For short haircuts look great unusual shades.

Pink highlighting on short hair.

Pink shade on light short

Medium hair

Highlighting adds volume to hair of medium length.

Highlighting gives volume to fair hair
are long.

Examples of pink hair highlighting medium
are long.

Long hair

Pink shades on long hair give the image fabulousness and

Pink highlight on long light

Pink highlights blond hair.

Preparation for highlighting

The most common question that arises before highlighting –
how much should clean hair be?

Wash your hair before highlighting not

Experts firmly state that wash your hair before the procedure
can not. Depending on the type, hair can not be washed 4 to 7 days before

Why is it so important staining exactly on
dirty hair?

The fact is that sebum protects hair from brittleness,
overdrying, damage that will inevitably arise in case
if dyeing will take place on clean hair. Paint
burns unprotected hair, causing the hairstyle to lose its
health and shine. And curls can only be cut.

Reference! Fears that the paint will fall worse on dirty
hair – are groundless. On the contrary, highlighting on dirty hair
will be more effective.

Highlighting with a pink tint at home

Highlighting is not advisable to carry out non-professionals, because
there is a danger of getting an unexpected result. But those who despite
risks decided to conduct the procedure yourself at home, should
know the technique of its implementation.

Highlighting in pink can be done

Highlighting can be done as with pre-lightening,
and immediately dye. The technique depends on the original hair color and
from the result that I would like to get.

Required tools:

  • paint mixing bowl;
  • gloves;
  • foil;
  • hairbrush;
  • towel;
  • paint brush.

What tools are used?

Special pre-bleaching is used for pre-bleaching.
bleaching powder mixed with oxide at the desired concentration.

Tools for highlighting.

As for the paint, their manufacturers offer
Several variants:

  • Temporary paints. It is not resistant
    a dye that holds until the first shampooing. For today
    day there are many options for this type of paint. Sprays, crayons,
    carcasses – all this can be purchased not only from companies
    specializing in hair products, but also in other
    manufacturers of cosmetics.

These paints have a large palette of colors, are easy to apply and
Do not harm hair. But on dark hair may not appear very

  • Unstable or tint paints. It is
    the most harmless option that does not contain ammonia and
    peroxide. These paints are suitable for damaged hair that
    chemical agents are contraindicated. But this type of paint has
    a couple of flaws. They are not able to color gray hair. And also they
    can not change color more than 1-2 shades.

Paints for highlighting Loreal.

  • Semi-permanent paints. These are paints,
    containing hydrogen peroxide. They are able to paint over
    Gray hair, if it is less than 50%, and also lighten the hair by 1-2
    tones. These paints give a rich color and do not damage much.
    hair. And can and care for curls, if added to the composition
    caring components.
  • Persistent paints. They give the longest
    Effect. Completely paint over gray hair and can change hair color to
    4 tones. They contain peroxide and ammonia, which is not
    very good effect on the condition of the hair.

The choice of paint for depends on what result I would like to

Which oxide to highlight?

The main task of oxide is the oxidation of melanin in the hair. Connecting
with dye, the oxidizer gives the original color the desired
saturation, facilitating the penetration of paint under the scales of hair.

Oxide is selected depending on the source color

There are oxides of different concentrations. how
the rule is: 1.8%, 1.9%, 2.1%, 3%, 6%, 9% and 12%.

  • Oxide 3% gives clarification by 2-3 tones.
  • Oxide 6% gives a clarification of 4 tones. Such concentrations are suitable.
    for clarification of blondes and light brown-haired women. And also for the lung
    highlighting of dark hair.
  • 9% oxide is suitable for coloring gray hair.
  • 12% oxide is the strongest and is suitable for Asian dark hair.

Important! While working with oxidant in
Concentration of 12% should never be allowed to contact with skin.
heads, as this can lead to severe burns.

  • Low concentrations, such as 1.8% -2.1%, are used to
    toning of the melirovanny hair.
  • If highlighting is performed on dark hair without
    pre-bleaching, for a mild optimum effect
    there will be a concentration of 3%.

How is the product applied?

For highlighting short and medium hair is most convenient
use a special cap with holes. Via
the crochet hook pulls out strands of the desired width and are covered

On dark hair, foil is most effective.
Strands are separated with a comb handle. Applied to them
Composition with a brush and wrapped in foil.

For long hair is best to use.

For frequent highlighting the paint is distributed frequently

Tinted paint is applied to pre
bleached strands with a brush. Dyed hair is necessary
wrap in foil and wait for the time specified in the instructions for
achieve the desired effect. Next you need to wash off the paint and apply
mask or balm.

How long to keep highlighting in time? Paint
keep on hair from 10 to 60 minutes. Depending on the type of hair and
desired effect.

Price highlighting in pink at home.

Price depends on the selected dyes. From 150 rub. when choosing
inexpensive temporary dyes, up to 3500 rubles. when choosing darling
professional paint with pre-discoloration.

Home highlighting will cost from 150 rubles. up to 3500

How much is highlighting with pink strands in the cabin

The cost of highlighting in the cabin depends on the level of the cabin and its
region. In addition, the cost varies greatly depending on
length and thickness of hair. In the province, the procedure can
cost 500-1000 rubles. In the center the price can go up to 5000
rub. and higher.

price in the cabin
In the cabin highlighting will cost from 500 to
5000 rubles.

How long does the procedure take?

On hair of medium length, highlighting takes about 2 hours.

The whole procedure of highlighting will take about 2


Durability staining depends on the type of dye and
highlighting techniques.

  • The temporary dye is washed off after the first hair wash.
  • Shading means to keep up to 6-8 water procedures.
  • Semi-permanent paint lasts from three weeks to three
    months, gradually fading.
  • Durable paint has an “indelible” effect that requires
    only root tinting.

Durability staining depends on the type of dye and
highlighting techniques.

Pink pigments are considered moderately persistent. Brighter
color, the faster it fades. Pastel shades hold in
the original form longest.

Reference! To keep a bright color longer, not
worth washing your hair every day. Enough to hold water
procedures every 4 days, in between using dry shampoo.

How often can you highlight?

Between highlighting, you should take a break 1-3 months before
repeated clarification or persistent staining.

The frequency of highlighting depends on the rate of growth
hair and washout dye.

To maintain the same shade, you should refresh the color after it
washout, depending on the dye. Best to choose
caring, sparing modern compositions.

Hairstyles with pink highlights

Hair with pink highlights can be the most

Curls and waves look especially airy on pastel
shades, recalling cotton candy.

Hairstyles with pink highlights.

On straight hair looks particularly effective frequent

Highlights balayazh on straight hair.

Various types of braids emphasize color transitions.

Braids emphasize the transitions of pink in

The braids look very beautiful on the hair with pink

With pink highlights it looks great like a sloppy bunch,
and elegant wedding hairstyle.

Solemn hairstyles also look beautiful with pink

Care after highlighting

Highlighting is quite a strong stress for hair. After
procedures need to be responsible for hair care.

First of all, you need to understand how persistent staining and
bleaching affects hair structure:

Reference! To bleach hair and dye
penetrated inside, when staining creates a highly alkaline environment,
which raises the scales of the hair cuticle.

Unfortunately, this process is irreversible. Dyed hair more
never be the same. But thanks to competent care you can
improve the appearance of damaged hair.

After highlighting, it is recommended to use masks for
hair restoration.

First of all, attention should be paid to a variety of masks,
balms and oils.

It is worth remembering the basic rules of hair care, so
how damaged hair reacts more to negative

  • do not comb wet hair;
  • do not sleep with a wet head;
  • being in the sun it is necessary to protect the hair with a hat or
    special means with SPF protection;
  • You can use the hairdryer only with special heat protection
  • in no case can not use the iron or curling on
    wet hair;

Salon rehabilitation procedures make sense
pay attention to procedures such as:

  • keratin prosthetics (not to be confused with straightening);
  • botox for hair;
  • hair curaplasty;

When using only light toning agents without
pre-clarification, no special care
required, since such dyes act superficially and not
destroy the hair structure.

Pink highlighting is a universal procedure,
refreshing hair color. This is an opportunity to experiment without
exit from the comfort zone. Today this type of staining is possible.
do with a variety of techniques and tools. And the breadth of the palette
Pink shades will provide a large selection for every taste.

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