Highlighting large strands – the pros and cons, photo of what it is, how much is held and to whom it goes

Today, the most popular is the way to lighten
hair, when stained individual strands. This technique
hair dyeing is common among women of any age. Than
can we explain the popularity of hair highlighting? Via
lightening hair can drastically change your appearance.
Similar coloring is carried out on hair of different lengths.
Looks great on light and blond hair.

Large highlighting, history of creation

The content of the article:

  • Large highlighting, history of creation
  • To suit highlighting large strands
  • Wide highlighting – pros and cons, is it harmful?
  • How to make highlighting wide strands, description of technology
  • Photos after the procedure
  • On short hair
  • Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting wide strands
  • How much is highlighting large strands in the cabin
  • Beautiful shades and colors
  • How to make a wide highlighting at home
    to myself
  • What you need for broad highlighting, step by step instructions
  • What tools are used
  • Hairstyles with highlighting
  • Hair care after highlighting

Popular technology appeared thanks to the famous Jacques
Desange – hairdresser in the second generation. Using elegant
Dyeing Brigitte Bardo on the hair, a hairdresser made a real

Celebrities made highlighting bangs under the natural
burnt curls in the sun. Large highlighting

Wide highlighting implies straightening. In the data
purposes can be used:

  • brightening tone – the most gentle look
  • powder for bleaching (will allow
    whiten curls on 7 tones);
  • special paste (render delicate
  • wax paint (structure not
    spreads out).

Highlighting wide strands is made much easier –
you just need to pick up strands of 2-3 cm and paint
them in all sorts of tones of the selected color. Thick
staining implies clarification of curls by 5–6 tones and
dyeing 70% of hair in the desired tone. When executing data
conditions, you will expect amazing results.

To suit highlighting large strands

Highlighting the hair will be a great solution for those girls
who want to make a difference in their own image. But,
It must be borne in mind that the result in most cases
depends not only on skill, but also on the chosen paint and technique
execution. who is suitable Where do you want to highlight?

Wide highlighting – pros and cons, is it harmful?

Highlights – pluses:

  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Performing a dyeing technique on hair of different lengths.
  • Do not need frequent adjustments.

beautiful girl melirovka

It’s no secret that staining has a negative effect on
the position of the curls. Therefore, as with any method
coloring, lightening hair milirov also harmful. But worth
note that this is the most gentle method of lightening hair,
since the paint affects partially, only single strands.

How to make highlighting wide strands, description of technology

How to make a great clarification? Today there is
a large number of ways to perform this procedure. They
differ in the methods of application and paints of different
composition. The following are the main methods of clarification:

  1. Mazhimesh – bleaching strands using
    soft dye. The composition may be cream and wax. Mazhimesh
  2. Balayazh – in the process of dyeing used
    soft elements. This method is used when it is necessary to clarify.
    strands of short hair. Balayazh
  3. Naturel is a great option for blond hair.
    On the tips, the hair remains of a light shade, and at the roots the hair
    darker color. Naturel
  4. American – technology is indispensable for thin
    hair. Considered very laborious, however, effective
    procedure. Suitable brunettes. American

How much time is done

Usually the oxidizing agent acts in the range of 45-50
minutes for fair-haired and light shades of natural
hair. Ashen chestnut need more time –
about an hour

How often can you highlight

The best option is to lighten it once
month. This will be absolutely enough to
the staining looked great.

Photos after the procedure

More details about the effect after highlighting by wide

On short hair

Highlighting is a great option for short
hair. Thanks to this clarification technique you can hide
some minor imperfections of appearance – to tear attention from
very large nose or narrow lips. short hair

On medium hair

Due to highlighting on the hair of medium length can
make a vivid image in which part of the strands are highlighted. it
the so-called contrast method – strands will differ from
main hair color for a couple of tones.  medium hair

Long hair

It will look beautiful highlighting and long
hair. The best option would be a way to lighten the strands.
Most girls with long hair do not want to damage the curls,
therefore use a more gentle way to lighten hair –
highlighting. For long hair

On dark hair

When highlighting, you must be very careful
since you can not only spoil the curls, but also make an image
vulgar. Highlighting dark hair should perform
competent colorist, colors must be selected in a cool range,
suitable copper-bronze and currant tones, brown,
reddish yellow, brown colors. dark hair

On light brown hair

Most of the girls consider light brown to be very pale, losing
expressiveness. Highlighting will provide an opportunity not only to highlight
natural beauty, but also to make accents, highlights, lightening tone
skin and correcting the shape of the face. Brown hair

On blonde hair

A popular version of lightening strands –
classical. Painting the strands along the entire length.
The result of the use of technology are clarified by 1-2 tones.
hair of different widths. It is considered more tempting to have a thick lightening with
thin strands. blonde hair

On red hair

By varying the number of colored strands, saturation
staining can get different results: drastically
change the image, decorate the haircut with colorful color accents
or create the effect of burnt natural strands. Red hair

On gray hair

The name “salt and pepper” – it implies a smooth transformation
from pale gray (salt) to dark (pepper) tone. White hair

On brown hair

This hair tone is universal.
Brightening brown hair implies a strong bleaching
individual order. To make a really trendy color,
occur after bleaching, use tonic. On brown hair

On curly hair

For long and wavy hair, bronding is suitable –
alternately painting the strands in tones, similar in color range.
As a result – the natural beauty of the hair. On curly hair

Straight hair

For such hair Ombre is often used.
The technology involves applying several colors to the strands.
From the roots, usually 5-7 centimeters recede. Next, make a smooth
transition from dark to light shades. straight hair

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting wide strands

Most hairdressers speak out against washing
head Arguments:

  • on unwashed hair, a skin layer is formed
    fat that neutralizes partly the harmful effects
  • an alkaline solution is used when washing,
    inhibits oxidation;
  • hair drying during hair drying

wash your hair before highlighting

Arguments for:

  • on unwashed head to hold the paint has a long
  • if you do not use balsam conditioner, fragments of alkali
    will stay on the hair;
  • it is not comfortable to work with strands of greasy dirt.

Best to wash your hair the day before.

How much is highlighting large strands in the cabin

Cost differs, taking into account the length of the hair:

  • For short curls prices start from
    1000 rub.
  • For medium hair cost vary
    from 1,750 to 2,500 rubles.
  • For long hair over 25 cm cost
    starts from 2600 rubles.


Beautiful shades and colors

To get an elegant hairstyle after highlighting, the main thing
choose the right shade. Best staining falls on
light curls. You can choose different shades,
depending on customer preference.

Every woman can experiment with colors, most importantly,
so that it considers its color as the main one, and other colors should
differ by several shades. For example, you can choose a color from
light-brown, contrasting dark, finishing with rich colors.
beautiful hair shades

For dyeing dark hair are considered the best tone
Slightly lighter or darker than the main color. Perfect
the option is a shade of chestnut, chocolate

How to make a wide highlighting at home
to myself

You can do the procedure at home. Stages of implementation:

  • Should pick and buy paint or paste.
    Usually buy a hat for highlighting. Lighten up
    as well as coloring, it is recommended for not washed curls.
  • Strands do not have to be one and a half wide
    centimeter. Otherwise the hair will have
    unnatural look. To leave a wide strip, you simply need to
    pick up a pair of them on the same length and alternately
    lighten up
  • Time on any package
    holding – twenty to fifty minutes, in
    depending on the selected tone.
  • When time passes, be sure to wash it off.
    paint. Use moisturizing shampoos,

wide highlighting in the home

What you need for broad highlighting, step by step instructions

What means to lighten the strands you need depends on
selected dyeing technique. When to lighten
dark strands, you will need not only paint, but also a means for
pre-lightening strands. % Marked on packaging
brightener content:

  • for dark strands the best concentration
  • for the most light – 6-8%;
  • for exhausted – 4%.

Required tools

tools for highlighting

The toolbox includes:

  • coloring composition;
  • gloves;
  • tassel;
  • hat with holes;
  • hook;
  • means to anchor color.

What tools are used

If highlighting is done with the purpose of clarification, then
purchase a lightening agent that often consists of
brightening powder and oxidizing agent. When highlighting
held on previously painted curls or simply thin and
exhausted, then the oxidizer must be weak, not more than
3%. oxidizers for hair

Hairstyles with highlighting

A short haircut can be a good base for shaping.
stylish look. The caret will look more voluminous when several
strands stain in a brighter tone.

Haircut “Gavrosh” fits almost all young
to women. Chaotically clarified strands will look
larger than it actually is. highlighting

When a woman has few strands, highlighting is her salvation.
Bangs, you can choose any. It will be in harmony with
melirovannymi strands. Cascading haircuts can be updated just
by an interesting coloring.

Hair care after highlighting

To restore curls after lightening,
It is necessary to remember about nourishing and moisturizing masks. Behind
hair needs care because strands now though not
entirely, however painted. It is necessary to wash your hair with special
with shampoos, regularly moisturize and saturate the locks with cosmetic

In comparison with the classic staining, highlighting
has the advantages of:

  • helps revive curls without a sudden change
  • It helps to return to a natural color after
  • increases the volume of hair, so visually they become more
  • hides gray strands;
  • the roots that grow back become less visible;
  • brings less harm;
  • does not require intensive updates;
  • the perfect kind of clarification that women can afford
    any age category.

Hair Mask

When you want to improve the condition of the hair, you need
carefully select shampoos and balms. Therefore worth
choose only cosmetics on a natural basis.
It is natural cosmetics that are thoroughly checked for the presence of chemicals.
composed and certified.

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