Highlighting long hair: classic and avant-garde

A simple idea of ​​highlighting to highlight individual strands
allows you to radically change the image.

Highlight long hair

More than half a century of existence of highlighting appeared
many different techniques that will help to understand
this article.

  • 1 Types of highlighting
  • 2 Technique
  • 3 Types of highlighting
    • 3.1 Classic
    • 3.2 American
    • 3.3 French
    • 3.4 Partial zonal
    • 3.5 Balayazh
    • 3.6 Diagonal
    • 3.7 Flipping
    • 3.8 Contrast
    • 3.9 crazy colors
  • 4 Highlights on long blond hair
    • 4.1 California highlights
    • 4.2 Brazilian-French coloring
    • 4.3 Venetian (amber or milanese) highlighting
    • 4.4 Ombre or degrade
    • 4.5 Shatush
    • 4.6 Balayazh
  • 5 Highlighting on dark long hair
  • 6 How to care for melirovanny hair

Types of highlighting

Depending on the length of hair, the thickness of the colored strands, color
Curls and paints distinguish several types of highlighting. The one
who easily goes on experiments with appearance, can try
all options with proper care.

bleached hair

If you decide to change is difficult, then start better with
classical methods.

It is important to consider some factors:

  • Healthy or damaged structure.
  • Hair length
  • Haircut model.
  • Natural or colored hair color.
  • Skin color and eyes, color type.

Highlighting long hair more rationally carried out in the salon
Beauty, where with the choice of a suitable color and method of coloring
A competent stylist should help.

Performance technique

  1. With foil. Easy and quick to use foil,
    on which the selected strands are stained evenly. With
    need to use multiple shades, colors are not
    are in contact with each other, wrapped in separate strips
    foil. In this way, structured, beautiful is obtained.
  2. With foil

  3. Through the cap. Through a special cap
    crocheted stretch painted areas. The process is long,
    poorly amenable to visual control. This method is acceptable for
    the so-called highlighting “feathers”, when they are painted only
    tips of short hair strands in a chaotic manner.
  4. Through the cap

  5. Using a special comb. Composition
    applied to the hair with a comb, having the appearance of rare teeth with
    forks at the ends.
  6. With a special comb

  7. Hands To highlight curly curls,
    paint put hands on lightly dried hair. Such a way
    highlighting is called ˝line˝. With the palms paint is also applied when
    Glazing short hair. With this pre-hairstyle
    fixed with mousse and dried, and the application of paint is repeated


This video shows how to make light highlighting on
long hair:

Types of highlighting

A variety of types of highlighting gives free rein to
experimenting with your appearance.


Coloring the entire length in 2 – 4 light shades, evenly
distributed between the strands. Choosing a different thickness and frequency
painted strands, you can change the image.



Differs in brightness of the used shades: red, red,
brown. Style is similar to Hollywood because of preference.
This is a method of movie stars.



Priority method with damaged structure of curls.
The advantage in the non-ammonia composition of dyes. Color solutions
are chosen among the shades close to each other, creating
natural hair color with modulations.


Partial zone

The name itself reveals the essence of technology, consisting in
lightening the zones of the occiput and near the face;
only at the tips.

Partial zonal


The color transition is created vertically, from dark roots to light
tips The intensity of the transition is chosen to taste, as well as
color solution.



Strands stand out in a special way at an angle to each other,
creating a more pronounced volume and overflow.



Performed by experienced craftsmen able to arrange correctly
accents in color without abrupt transitions. Glare effect is created
sun in your hair in any light. Gives the image freshness,
playfulness, preserving the naturalness.



For bright girls who love attention, this method is suitable.
Performed in a classic technique with a difference between shades up to 10
tones. It is also called the method “Zebra”.


Crazy colors

On the streets now, passers-by with extreme
hair color: green, blue, pink, orange. That’s what it is
bold staining method, suitable only extraordinary

Crazy colors

Highlights on long blond hair

Light brown color is most common among European beauties, but
highlighting will be perfect for adding brightness and volume to the hairstyle
option. The harmony of the final result of staining depends on
original color and tinted shades.

Dark blond beauties fit gamma brown and
gold. A light-blond girls can be made into the hair
creamy, milky shades, silver or platinum colors.

California highlighting

Perfect coloring for light brown hair, in terms of even
Hollywood stars. It creates the effect of burning hair on
the sun as if just back from the hot
countries. Colors are chosen close to natural without sharp
transitions, which allows you to save the natural image.


Brazilian-French coloring

This view involves first straightening and subsequent straightening.
staining. Best suited for blondes.

Brazilian-French coloring

Venetian (amber or milanese) highlighting

Also creates the effect of sun-bleached hair due to
use a shade a couple of tones lighter than natural color.
Strands are selected at random in contrast to
classical technique, preserving the naturalness, creating beautiful
modulations in the light.


California and Venetian highlights are similar in effect, but
with amber coloring composition is applied from the middle down, and to the roots
shaded to create smooth transitions. Venetian is called
dark hair coloring, and California – light.

Ombre or degrade

Pretty fashionable equipment for fair-haired beauties, in which 3-4
shades transform into each other from the roots to the ends throughout the volume

Ombre for blond hair

The color scheme is chosen at will, from natural shades.
to extreme.


It resembles the previous technique, but without a clear color gradient.
Several shades of “stretch” throughout the hair, which creates
smooth transitions. The image becomes soft and expressive.



Differs in a feature of applying paint on strands: from
the middle in the form of the letter V, first stained by the side, and then
the ends. Several shades create smooth transitions, and
the principle of dark roots and light tips is preserved.


Reverse highlighting is used more often to correct unsuccessful
painting. Strands are painted in dark shades, often close to
natural color. You can use one shade, or several
to give volume.

Highlighting dark long hair

The owners of dark-colored natural hair are often considered
strong, domineering, and sometimes bitchy natures. For giving
image highlighting and femininity is perfect.

Classic highlighting on dark hair is better
hold in natural colors to avoid sharp
contrasts. Dark color is more difficult to repaint, you may need
pre-brightening with toning in the desired shade.

Classic highlighting on dark hair Would need
spend a long time in the cabin for quality
result. Dark curls will look better highlighting
in the colors of caramel, coffee, amber, walnut.

California technique is more harmless for
condition of hair, creates soft overflow of color with effect of burning out
in the hot sun. At the roots of the strands are not painted, so the correction
required less often.

California highlighting for dark hair

Partial highlighting on dark hair is intended to
draw attention to individual zones and hide flaws. Will allow
visually adjust the shape of the face or add accents
structured hairstyle.

Partial highlighting

Highlighting long hair with bangs can only be done on
bangs, new fashion trend. Depending on the tone chosen,
can create a soft or, on the contrary, extravagant image.

Reservation looks favorably on the dark
hairstyles, creating a unique color with light tints.
The secret is to choose a few shades, maximize
close to natural color. Between themselves, they differ no more
than 2 tones.


Ombre creates a blurry transition from the dark color of the roots to
light shade tips. You can paint only the ends, which is less
damage the hair.

Coloring for dark hair will give the master
show all your talent. Strands over the entire length are not painted
in less than 4 colors, alternating with each other. You can paint the whole
a lot of hair, and you can leave half with a natural color. For
bold are selected red, red and even purple paint.

Coloring for dark hair

Blonding as a method of gradual transition
into the blonde. Gradually lightening strands in several procedures.
will turn into a blonde. Lets get used to the new
image and choose the appropriate color. It is important to entrust this procedure.
a professional with high-quality dyes, because the procedure is very
traumatic for hair.


Окрашивание “salt and pepper” перенес пик
popularity Dark and ash contrast effect is dangerous
getting the image of a gray-haired woman. Another thing if needed
disguise gray hair fashionable staining. Suitable cold
tsvetotipam appearance, with white skin without tan and light

соль и перец

Brighten the appearance and stand out will help
highlighting bright shades of red and yellow.
Choosing the right color, this method will go almost every

Owners of bright eyes and skin is better to stop the choice on
cold light range. Copper shades will suit dark and
brown-eyed girls.

highlighting for red

Highlighting on long black hair can even be held
shades of red. From color intensity and frequency to stained
strands will depend on the brightness of the image.

highlighting on black hair

Highlighting dark long hair with bangs allows
create additional emphasis. Oblique bangs will give
expressiveness several thin strands, barely lighter than the rest
colors. Straight or round bangs emit thick light

It is important to understand that the highlighting technique is not as simple as it seems.
Attempts to make yourself at home staining can
spoil the whole image.

Therefore, when deciding to try to change the color of the hair contact
you need to masters in beauty salons.

How to care for melirovanny hair

Any coloring to some degree damages the structure
hair, so they need careful care.

  • washing headUse of professional
    cosmetics will relieve from the hassle. Special products for
    melirovanny hair contain all necessary components for
    maintaining a healthy state and beautiful color.
  • Careful protection against harmful effects
    ultraviolet will not allow to dry and break off
    tips Less use of thermal styling hairdryer or
    ironing, and if this is not possible, then do not forget about the means
  • Wash your head in warm water, rinsing at the end.
  • Do not comb wet hair.

girl in the hat Multiple highlighting options for long
hair will help to create your own unique style.

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