Highlighting long hair – the pros and cons, Photo before and after, to whom the TOP 10 best technician

Long hair looks luxurious, spectacular and very
feminine. However, the same length may soon get bored. For
In order to refresh and update the usual haircut, you can
use highlighting procedure that will add bright
shades, expressiveness and volume.

Features highlighting long hair

The content of the article:

  • Features highlighting long hair
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Contraindications to highlighting
  • Types and options of highlighting for long hair
  • Selection of the type of highlighting
  • Highlights depending on the characteristics of the hair
  • Highlights depending on the hair color
  • The most appropriate shades and techniques
  • Highlighting long hair at home
  • The cost of highlighting long hair
  • Care after highlighting

Highlighting visually make the hair more thick and

Coloring the curls below the shoulders will emphasize
the beauty of the natural color of the hair with a soft
contrast with painted strands. In addition, this method will allow
Visually make hair more thick and well-groomed.

Long haircut will make it possible to use almost any
highlighting technique, creating sharp contrasting lines or
on the contrary, smooth, imperceptible transitions of tones. Such a head of hair
ideal for gradient staining and meticulous
shading and pulling color that helps give the highlighted
curls natural look.

The main features of such coloring

  • the possibility of staining with various methods, including
    ombra, balayazh and gradient tactics;
  • in this case, a cap is used quite rarely;
  • It is recommended to refresh before the lightening procedure.
    haircut and remove the bitten ends;
  • the best option for many types of highlighting are long
    cascading hairstyles;
  • Suitable for lightening bangs.

! Important Easy lightening of medium-sized strands on the face
will rejuvenate the face and make the image more expressive,
light and spectacular.

Advantages and disadvantages

Long hair highlighting has many

The main positive point in this type of staining
is its safety, which is very important for long hair,
which tend to be prone to dryness and brittleness.


  • a result that transforms the hairstyle;
  • adding pomp and volume;
  • delicate effects of coloring agents;
  • the ability to create a new image without a fundamental change
    primary color;
  • minimizing damage to the hair during the procedure.


  • cost For coloring long curls, as a rule,
    more dyeing composition is required;
  • duration Coloring such a head of hair can take quite
    for a long time;
  • risk of drying curls;
  • regular use of professional moisturizers

Long haircuts usually require special attention, so
care for hair after the procedure of coloring should be
especially thorough, always including moistening steps
and nutrition.

Contraindications to highlighting

Highlighting on long hair looks very

Highlighting is a fairly safe and gentle method.
staining, so the list of contraindications is small.

  • idiosyncrasy of any of the used means
    or its components;
  • irritation or excessive dryness of the scalp;
  • loss of curls;
  • recent staining in any way;
  • recently conducted perm.

In order to reduce the risk of overdrying the curls, it is recommended
well in advance, two weeks before the procedure, start feeding and
to soften hair with silicone-free oils and balsams.

Types and options of highlighting for long hair

There are huge staining options for long haircuts.
quantity, so pick up your ideal will not be
great labor. Each coloring method has its own
features and some differences in the final result.

Types of highlights:

  • classic. The classic way highlights
    strands of medium width along the entire length, filling the fringe too,
    which creates a contrast effect;

    Classic highlighting for long hair

  • Venetian. Easy brightening of several
    curls helps add a head of hair shine and look naturally
    burnt hair. The colors of the color scheme in this case are similar to
    primary color;

    Venetian highlighting for long hair

  • Californian. California coloring
    involves highlighting small areas to achieve the effect
    overflow and light discoloration in light shades;

    California highlights for long

  • shatush Gradient method that stretches
    color over the entire length, making soft color transitions that looks
    harmonious and stylish;


  • balayazh. Interspersing the dark hair
    light, sunny pryadok add tenderness and make haircut more
    romantic and feminine;


  • ombre Gradient technique with fairly clear
    boundaries. Often used to dye the lower part of the curls,
    closer to the ends, bright, unusual tones;


  • highlighting in the “veil” technique. Veil
    the technique paints over the main upper part of the hair thanks to
    what is the effect of a light veil, which, like a wig,
    covers your hair color;

    Highlighting in the “veil” technique

  • partial staining. Partial Lightening
    helps to paint over gray hair and add to the image of brightness and color;

    Partial staining

  • majorcontrast. The way to highlight small
    strands ammonia-free soft dye is ideal
    owners of bright hair. Can run as with
    contrast clear edges, and with feathering;


  • diagonal coloring. Staining by
    diagonal gives you the opportunity to get very original and unusual
    kind of curls that seem to shimmer and shine from the sun

    Diagonal Coloring

! It is important to know a variety of techniques and methods
lightening strands makes it possible to make a spectacular coloring
women of any age, depending on personal wishes,
the main color of the hair and hair type.

Selection of the type of highlighting

The type of coloring is usually selected based on the primary color.
shag, as well as the desired result to be achieved
when coloring.

Select the type of highlighting:

  • frequent staining on long curls. Usually
    it is applied on light curls, adding dynamism and brilliance;

    Frequent coloring

  • rare. Rare view allows
    emphasize the beauty and richness of the basic shade of curls,
    therefore, it is most commonly used on dark hair;

    Rare highlighting

  • small. Fine staining is often used.
    in the “veil” technique, ideally combined with any type of hair, for
    except black;

    Fine staining

  • large. Major brightening is applied in
    the classic version of the highlighting and fits any type of curls.

    Large highlighting

The width of the strands allocated depends largely on the type of appearance and
face shapes. So, for an elongated shape, it is better to make a choice in
the benefit of wide staining, and the round type, on the contrary, is best
fine straightened strands fit.

Highlights depending on the characteristics of the hair

The structure of curls plays an important role in determining the methodology
staining, as well as for the correct selection of the thickness of brightened

  • on long curly curls. Curly hair
    It is worth highlighting rather large, wide strands, and shade
    It should be chosen so that it is not lost in
    bulk shovel. For this you can use the classic method
    lightening or mazhimish;

    Highlight on long curly curls

  • on straight hair. Straight curls are great
    can be combined with any type of staining, from gradient methods to
    partial or minor clarification.

    Highlight on long straight curls

Curly curls usually take less time
keeping the coloring composition, since the porous structure is much
better absorbs the remedy.

Highlights depending on the hair color

The end result and type of coloring, as a rule, in many respects
depends on the correct shade, which in turn
is selected on the basis of the basic natural color of the hair.

Coloring on hair of different colors:

  • highlighting on dark hair. Transforms
    haircut, making it brighter, more contrast and original. For
    a natural effect is best suited Venetian
    method, and for a more colorful result,

    Highlights on dark hair

  • on light. Light curls can be given
    glitter, radiance and saturation with the help of California or
    partial highlighting;

    Highlights on blonde hair

  • on red. Brightness and beauty of red hair successfully
    emphasizes frequent or classic staining,
    giving the head of hair brightness and dynamism;

    Highlights on red hair

  • on dark blond. Dark blonde color will be more
    richer and more interesting thanks to a contrasting ombre or voile

    Highlights on dark blond hair

  • on the blond. Blonde hair will get
    refinement and sophistication thanks to the addition of contrasting
    light strands in California technique, or in gradient
    Shatush method;

    Highlights on blond hair

  • on gray. You can hide gray hair with
    partial or small staining, matching strands to match the base
    color or a little lighter.

    Highlights on gray hair

For dark curls, nut and honey tones are commonly used, and
for light caramel and beige. In the bright image of the dark hair
effectively diluted with purple hues, and light – pink and

The most appropriate shades and techniques

The choice of shade in this case is the most
responsible task. To create natural
a spectacular image of sun-faded curls is recommended
use shades close to the main hair color, with
a difference of two or three tones.

Long hair with highlights look very

Popular shades:

  • light staining. Used to create
    natural effect and is considered the most versatile and practical.
    Fits all hair types;
  • ashen. Ash palette includes
    silver and graphite tones, which are often painted over
    gray hair;
  • red. Red color goes well with
    dark shade of hair, creating an unusual contrast;
  • purple. Purple is usually applied on
    black or dark blond hair, adding to the hairstyle of originality and
  • pink Pink coloring on light
    Ombre curls will make the haircut brighter and
  • redder Highlighting the strands with a red color suit
    blond curly hair. It looks pretty shading
    interesting and gives a spectacular golden shine to hair.

Bright colors allow you to create a very unusual and original image in
youth style. Most often, staining in such colors occurs.
with the help of tinting agents or soft non-ammonia dyes.

Highlighting long hair at home

Coloring by any method is quite possible.
on their own, at home. In this case, you can
use different staining tools: from
hats to comb and foil. The choice of subject depends on the result,
which needs to be achieved, and also from experience: to lighten
comb or foil may require some skill and
practical skills, whereas with a hat even that will cope
a woman who had never painted herself before.

How to make melirovka – execution technique:

Foil weave

on the foil. Foil allows you to perform
lightening in any way and is considered the most versatile and convenient
subject for a long head of hair.

  1. comb curls, getting rid of confusion;
  2. divide the parting and highlight strands in a checkerboard or chaotic
  3. fix the selected curls with small hairpins;
  4. dilute the coloring agent, following the instructions on the package;
  5. take the first strand, put the foil under it and, with
    brushes, apply a brightener on your hair, trying to make lungs,
    smooth movements;
  6. after applying the paint, the strand should be combed and wrapped in
    foil as an envelope;
  7. paint over the remaining strands in the same way and wrap them
    all in foil;
  8. after a certain amount of time which is determined
    indications on the paint bottle, as well as the type of hair and themes
    rinse off with warm water
    paint, simultaneously turning the foil;
  9. each strand should be released alternately, washing it under
  10. after all the strands are washed, wash your hair with a soft
    use a safe shampoo and apply a moisturizing balm.

! Important Foil should wrap matte
side inward.

Highlighting on the cap

on the hat. The cap is most often used for
dyeing short curls, since the elongated strands are pretty
It is difficult and long to pull through the holes. However, this method
suitable for those who have no experience in painting.

  1. comb the hair with a comb with fine teeth;
  2. put on a hairdresser’s hat, trying to press her tightly to
    head. Fix, making sure that it does not move;
  3. using the hook, gently pull the strands, then again
    comb them. The number and width of the strands is selected
  4. to prepare the painting structure;
  5. apply the composition on the selected curls;
  6. after about 20 minutes wash off the paint with warm water
    shampoo mild cleansing action and apply balm.

Highlighting comb

comb Comb will allow to select immediately
several strands of equal width, which is very convenient and saves a lot
time during the separation of curls for painting.

  1. brush hair;
  2. using a special comb for painting with teeth
    select several curls and fix them. For this follows
    hold the comb in curls, trying to take a strand deeper, then
    pull the tool up slightly, after which the strands stand out
  3. prepare the staining solution according to the recommendations on
  4. apply brightener on strands and wait for the required amount
  5. wash off the paint with warm water and shampoo and moisten the curls
    air conditioning.

!Important. Before first using the coloring
means you must ensure that there are no allergies to it, causing
small amount at the wrist or inner elbow fold.

The cost of highlighting long hair

The price of dyeing long hair depends on the type

The price of coloring long curls in the cabin depends on the type
melirovki and experience of the master. On average, the cost of a standard
coloring on an extended haircut is about 4-9
thousand rubles.

If you do the coloring yourself, the price will be
depend mainly on the chosen paint and color schemes. Usually
full cost varies from 500 to 800 rubles.

Care after highlighting

Care after highlighting is to apply on a regular
based moisturizing and emollients for colored hair.
At the same time, it is recommended to completely eliminate the use of shampoos and
balms containing parabens, silicones, fragrances and
strong flavors. Avoid products that have an effect.
drying curls.

To prevent split or dried ends
it is recommended to apply oil masks from coconut oil once a week,
argan or almond.

Improve the condition of the hair after dyeing will help

A positive effect on the state of curl reduction
using a hair dryer and other electric appliances for drying and
laying, and before each application it is advisable to put
thermal protection in the form of a special cream or balm.

To transform long hair, making it even more luxurious,
thick and voluminous possible with the help of light highlighting.
Contrast selection strands add brightness and pomp, and ideally
Selected shades will create the effect of radiance and brilliance.

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