Highlighting on brown hair – photo before and after, suitable hairstyles and best techniques

Highlight the natural color of light brown hair, making it more
expressive and deep, you can use the procedure of highlighting.
Such staining looks especially impressive on the curls of this
shade creating a colorful vivid image using a clear
staining or, on the contrary, gentle and maximally natural look
thanks to soft, smooth color transitions.

Should I do highlights on light brown hair

The content of the article:

  • Should I do highlights on light brown hair
  • Highlights blond hair, depending on their length
  • Types of highlights for light brown hair
  • Actual shades
  • Color highlighting
  • Highlighting in 2 colors
  • Hairstyles suitable for streaked brown hair
  • Highlighting on blond hair at home

All shades of hair of this color is definitely worth
such staining, adding contrast and saturation strands.
Hair of any length will be transformed and refreshed due to such

The technique itself and the staining composition used are usually
fairly mild and do not contain aggressive chemicals
components that allows you to apply this kind of color change even
on thin and loose curls.

Light brown hair can be any kind of highlights.

There are tremendous ways for melioration for this type of hair
quantity, as well as shades, in which strands are painted. Selection
determined by personal preference, as well as the length of the haircut,
natural hair shade and appearance features, including
color type.

The main positive points in carrying out this
procedures are:

  • safe, gentle color change, in which the main part
    the curls remain untouched;
  • spectacular appearance as a result of such coloring;
  • a variety of shades in which you can paint curls – from
    natural to bright tones;
  • many types of highlights and techniques of such highlighting;
  • effective masking of gray hair and tarnish correction
  • fixing the result for a long time;
  • universality – suitable for any shade of light brown hair and for
    haircuts of any length;
  • gives volume, pomp and well-groomed.

The result of highlighting blond hair – spectacular exterior
kind of hairstyle.

The procedure is contraindicated in case of any damage.
or irritation of the skin of the head,
hair loss or allergies to any of the components in
composition of the means used. Where do you want to highlight?

Highlights blond hair, depending on their length

The color change method is often chosen besides
other things, based on the length of the curls. For each length
There is a most successful type of staining, to which more often
just resort professionals:

  • on short curls. During the melirovka
    short strands usually use either foil or hair salon
    hat The ideal selection of strands in this case
    Gradient ombre staining or tip flashing is considered

Melinating blond short hair.

  • on average length. Average length paint
    either in an open way, without foil, or using foil, but
    almost never use a hat. The best way
    the highlights here will be the clarification of a small number of strands,
    including curls that frame the face: for example, Venetian or
    french kind of staining.

    Highlights blond hair medium length.

  • for a long haircut. With long hair
    combines almost any type of staining ranging from
    thin, almost imperceptible and ending with bright color
    by contrast. Venetian, Californian, and
    gradient, and clear wide highlighting.

With long blond hair goes well
virtually any type of staining.

Highlighting long blond hair.

It is recommended to entrust a long dense head of hair
professional master, so as to qualitatively change the color without
help in this case may be difficult.

Types of highlights for light brown hair

Many existing staining methods and techniques allow
achieve a different effect on curls of any type: from
natural look to bright color. The methods themselves are different
from each other by the degree of complexity of execution, duration, technique
applying a coloring agent and of course finite
the result.

Many of the highlights are perfect for the blond

Types of highlighting:

  • classic. The classic method is to
    lightening the curls along the entire length, mostly in one shade.
    For brown-haired, white discoloration is most often used. Such
    type looks quite contrasting, refreshing haircut and rejuvenating
  • Californian. The way to achieve
    natural and natural effect of sun-bleached hair.
    Shades maximally shade, trying to create smooth
    transitions tones. Colors for coloring by this method are used.
    mostly warm: caramel, wheat, honey;
  • Venetian. Venetian lighting
    involves the creation of soft shades and giving the effect of hair
    sunshine thanks to easy coloring. Hair roots when
    this is virtually unaffected, which gives the locks even more
  • balayazh. The method includes a combination of
    several tones at once to achieve a natural color
    transition. Paint is applied with light movements from above.
    way down. The best way this way looks on a dark shades of blond
  • ombre In this case, when painting
    the gradient method is used without affecting the roots. So
    This way a very effective and well-groomed look of a hair with
    contrast or soft transition of shades;
  • lung. Light look changes color to
    a couple of tones, making the strands lighter, against which the base
    color looks richer and brighter. This clarification is considered one
    of the safest and most benign;
  • large. When coarse staining curls
    wide enough are selected and lightened along the entire length,
    which creates a contrast effect. This type fits
    owners of curly or thick hair;
  • rare. In this type of highlighting applied
    a way to change color, usually lightening or discoloration,
    fine strands located at a considerable distance from each
    a friend. Due to this location and properly chosen
    shade, the effect is very natural;
  • small. Small clarified plots attach
    hairstyle volume and pomp that is ideal for owners
    fine hair;
  • frequent Frequent lightening adds curls
    shine, gloss and gloss. With this technique is usually painted
    only the top layer of hair, and the tone of paint should ideally
    match with natural color;
  • wide. Wide shading is usually done with
    using a cap or foil on curly strands, or in the case of
    the desire to add hairstyle contrast and color;
  • straightening thin strands. Neatly
    lightened thin strands transform the image and make the haircut more
    original. This method is suitable direct curls of any length;
  • melirovka tips. Coloring one tips
    It looks perfect on a short hairstyle, adding to the image of brightness and
  • superficial. Surface mode of highlighting
    is to color the top strands to the maximum
    smooth blend and merge with the main natural color.
    The result of such work looks very impressive, especially on long

Owners of blond hair are perfect for both white and
color, with shades ranging from one to
five to six. The more types of paints used, the more original
and the result will be more interesting.

Actual shades

A variety of colors allows you to choose the perfect
a shade that either blends seamlessly with the natural color, or
will be a bright, contrasting decoration of the hair. Selection
made on the basis of personal wishes, as well as taking into account the state and
color curls.

Tones and shades of highlighting:

  • gray. A gray tone will add to the effect of a short
    haircut light color. At the same time strands should be enough
    thin and frequent;

A gray tone adds to the lightness of a short haircut.

  • gray hair You can hide the starting gray hair with
    using a neat coloring several curls in a gray tint.
    Thanks to this method, the hair will get a very stylish look, and
    the shade of gray hair itself will look interesting enough and

Thanks to the gray highlights, the hairstyle will become very
stylish look.

  • ashen. Light blond hair and cold
    color type of appearance perfectly complemented by partial ash
    staining. The result will give the gloss curls and visually add

Ash highlights will give hair

  • black Contrasting with black is usually
    It is practiced on dark blond hair, with curls trying
    color with the designation of a clear boundary of the transition of tones. More often
    the width of the strands with this method does not exceed 1 centimeter;

Black highlights on light brown hair.

  • caramel The most popular shade,
    which allows you to achieve the effect of sun-bleached hair or
    sun glare playing strands. This option is suitable
    almost all owners of light brown hair except those
    cases when it is necessary to disguise gray hair;

Caramel highlighting will give the effect of burnt out on
sun hair.

  • white White staining most often
    used in classic highlighting when highlighting curls by
    their entire length. The width of the straightened strands can be from
    1-2 to 4-5 cm;

White staining is most often used in
classic highlighting.

  • platinum Fashionable platinum brightening
    gives shine to hair and emphasizes the beauty of natural tone
    hair. Best looks such a shade on fair-haired

Platinum highlights highlight beauty
natural hair tone.

These shades help to create the effect of naturalness and
naturalness when coloring or soft contrast, which
will give hair volume and pomp.

Color highlighting

Color coloring is more suitable for young brave ones.
girls who love to experiment and give
to its image a bright, original and memorable look.

Shades of multi-colored melirovki:

  • Violet. Violet coloring attached
    mystery and depth when applied to dark curls, then
    as the light hair gets very bright and colorful

Violet coloring gives mystery and

  • red. Light brown hair with reddish tint
    perfect painting in rich red, transforming
    any hairstyle;

Blonde hair suitable for painting in rich red

redhead Red tone will decorate a thick shock of dark
curls, making the image fabulous and interesting.

Reddish highlight blond hair.

Color solutions can be made as partial, thin or
wide staining, and fashionable method ombre. Especially good
gradient method suitable for painting strands in purple

Highlighting in 2 colors

Two-tone coloring is fairly new.
in a manner that achieves the effect of merging two
shades. This method transforms the head of hair and gives
only brightness, but also density.

The main types of two-color highlighting:

  • pink In this form, as a rule, the roots
    painted in a dark or light tone, depending on the base
    colors of curls, and the tips are painted in a delicate pink shade. With
    In this, masters try to achieve a smooth transition of these two colors.
    into each other;

Pink double blond hair

  • blue. Blue staining will do.
    owners of a dark shade of blond curls. When conducting
    This method can be used as an ombre method, and
    the alternation of light and blue strands in a checkerboard pattern.

The blue color will suit the owners of dark
shades of blond curls.

The color method requires a fairly concentrated and quick
work when performing, therefore such painting is recommended
hold an experienced master.

Hairstyles suitable for streaked brown hair

Highlighting is quite versatile and careful
a way to lighten or darken the hair, so pick up
the ideal way to change the color in this way can be almost
for each hairstyle.

The most successful types of hairstyles, harmoniously combined
with melirovku:

  • the hairstyle allowing to carry out highlighting.
    Short pixie, elegant bob and elongated cascade options
    hairstyles will be transformed and refreshed with the help of a light highlight
    strands of face;

Pixie short haircut is well suited for

  • With a bang. Long classic haircuts, and
    also short asymmetrical models and stylish bob is excellent
    suitable for clarification with the help of melirovki;

Haircut with bangs.

  • kare. All types of cars are in perfect harmony with
    any type of staining, including color.

On any hairstyle, you can make beautiful

Long hairstyles without bangs fit the effect of a light flicker.
and burnout in the sun, but on a short haircut and bob very well
look more contrast and bright options.

Highlighting on blond hair at home

This type of staining can be done independently.
houses. For this you only need to stock up on necessary
objects, as well as decide on the tone of paint, which is better
just fit to the natural shade of the hair.

Highlights blond hair can be done at home

Required items:

  • two combs with frequent and sharp teeth;
  • foil;
  • paint;
  • suitable plastic dishes and brushes for mixing and
    application of funds;
  • sulfate-free shampoo mild action.

Foil rational use for long hair. On short
hairstyle will be more convenient to use a hat.

Foil is better to use on medium and long


  • prepare the hair by gently brushing your hair;
  • dilute the lightening agent, guided by the indications
  • starting at the back of the head, separate several strands of thickness approximately
    0.5 cm and fasten them with hairpins;
  • taking a piece of foil, put it under the strand and fast
    apply smooth paint movements;
  • wrapping the dyed curl in foil, go to the next
  • after 30 minutes, rinse off with warm water and a mild shampoo,
    then apply a moisturizing balm.

Important. Whiskey and bangs are usually stained in
last turn.

What kind of paint to use. Paint is best
use high-quality, ammonia-free, gentle exposure.
Acquire the tool preferably in specialized stores.
It is easiest to use the so-called “cream paint”, which
convenient to apply at home. An example of a company that produces
such funds is the American brand Matrix.

Transform and revitalize the hair, adding brightness to it, you can with
using the highlighting procedure. Variety of paint shades and
methods of its application will allow you to create your own unique image without
harm hair.

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