Highlighting on dyed hair – photo before and after, suitable highlights and tools

Sometimes staining is unsuccessful, and its result
disappointing. One way to change color is

When can re-dye hair? What consequences can
be? How to care for melirovanny hair. Answers can be found in
this article.

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Suitable types of highlighting

The content of the article:

  • Suitable types of highlighting
  • Is it possible to do highlighting on dyed hair
  • What could be the negative effects after
  • Negative effect of the procedure on dyed hair
  • How to avoid bad consequences
  • What are suitable tools for highlighting colored hair
  • How to perform the procedure yourself at home
  • How to care for melirovanny hair
  1. Classic (straightening over the entire head)
    using a special cap or comb). Fits
    blondes Classic
  2. Californian (discoloration in the open
    the air, which allows you to get the effect of strands burned on
    the sun). Perfect for blond colored hair. Californian
  3. Venetian (staining strands in different
    shades without a sharp transition). Suitable brunettes. Venetian
  4. Color (toning in contrasting strands
    colors). It will be advantageous to look at red hair. Color

Is it possible to do highlighting on dyed hair

The period of time through which you can color previously painted
hair depends on several factors: their condition, type
dye, desired shade.

The most important factor is how much time has passed since
previous staining?

The best time for bleaching strands –
1-1.5 months after the last dyeing. If it was
non-ammonia staining, during this period it is completely
will wash off. In the case of resistant paint, pigments will not have time to clean up,
but the hair will be restored after the previous exposure.

If you can’t wait that long, you must endure it.
would be a period of 2 weeks. During this period it is important to actively nourish
hair masks to prepare them.

Attention! It is highly undesirable to re-dye
hair in a few days! They can become dry and brittle and
start breaking off the entire length.

What could be the negative effects after

  • dryness, brittleness, “lifeless” appearance;
  • breaking of strands in length, hair loss;
  • obtaining an undesirable shade (most often yellow or
  • dull color, lack of gloss, “gloss”.

the effects of melirovki

Negative effect of the procedure on dyed hair

To get the highlight of a beautiful shade, it is important to consider
original color.

On blonde hair

With a very light shade of blond level 10 and above, discolored
strands will not be visible on the main background. In addition, this
The procedure will further damage.
Highlight blond hair makes sense when their tone
is at level 8 and has honey, sand or caramel
shades. On blonde hair

On dark hair

On the previously painted blond and brown hair, the most
beautiful streaked strands. Based on black or
a dark chestnut color turns yellow or reddish

In this case, you should not strive for a very bright
strands, it is enough to choose nut, bronze or caramel
shades. dark hair

On red hair

If the red shade is obtained using a natural dye
(henna), subsequent staining may give unpredictable results.
(green, swamp hue).

On the red strands, stained with persistent dyes, will
Amber, copper, peach, caramel,
reddish shades. On red hair

How to avoid bad consequences

  1. Make a trial highlighting – paint
    first in an inconspicuous place to see how it will lead
    dye itself on the original hair.
  2. If possible, choose your own powder and
    oxygenator and not use ready-made kits for
    highlighting. For example, to bleach previously dyed hair
    enough 6-9 percent oxidizer. Often used in finished
    paints 12 percent oxigent extremely detrimental effect on
    hair structure.
  3. Before highlighting, actively nourish masks
    tips for at least a week.

hair nutrition

Important! Do not forget to take an allergy test before
using dye.

What are suitable tools for highlighting colored hair

  1. Brightening powders (for example, Matrix Light
    Master, Schwarzkopf Igora Vario Blond Plus, Concept Lightening
    Powder) or powder (Londa Blondoran, Schwarzkopf BLONDME),
    used with oxidants of the same company.
  2. Kits for home highlighting (firms
    L’oreal, Schwarzkopf and Garnier).

L’oreal Preference Glam Lights

How to perform the procedure yourself at home

Use special highlighting kits,
eg L’oreal Preference Glam Lights or L’oreal Colorista

Coloring occurs with a special comb, which
included in the set. It is enough to put with it cream paint
on separate strands and hold for 25 minutes.

Using powder or powder for highlighting – more
professional approach that is also feasible at home
conditions. The powder is mixed with an oxidizing agent in a certain
proportions and applied to the hair.

It is convenient to use a cap for

  • put a hat on dry unwashed hair and fasten on
    the back of the head;
  • pull the selected strands through the holes in the cap using
    special hook;
  • apply the mixture and hold according to the instructions;
  • after the time has elapsed, wash off the paint without removing the cap.

hair cap

Powder or powder coating on foil with
brushes for highlighting.

This method requires some experience or help, especially when
staining on the back of the head.

The stages of highlighting:

  1. cut the foil in advance into strips equal to the length of the hair;
  2. prepare a coloring mixture;
  3. separate the selected strand from the rest of the hair, put it under
    base the foil sheet and apply the paint, departing 1 cm from
  4. wrap the foil so that the strand is inside and
  5. repeat the procedure with all selected strands;
  6. after time, remove all foil strips and rinse hair

How long does the effect last?

Since the basis of the highlighting procedure is the reaction
oxidation, which destroys the pigment of previously dyed hair,
the effect persists until the next

Possible mistakes

  • non-compliance of the proportions of the powder and oxidizer
    when preparing the coloring mixture;
  • wrong paint exposure time
    (insufficient or excessive);
  • lack of consideration of the original color (what color,
    shade have dyed hair; how long have they been painted);
  • improper application of the blend
    (uneven distribution, especially when staining on
    the back of the head);
  • use of poor-quality dye.

What to do in case of failure?

  1. With uneven staining strands – reapply
    dye only on uncolored strands.
  2. When getting an ugly yellow shade on the hair –
    make toning ashen or silver
    shades of tinting paint. Another variant –
    self-tint your hair with fine shampoo or
  3. The most cardinal option is full coloring throughout
    length in its natural color (shade as close as possible
    to the color of the roots).

unsuccessful highlighting

Important! With unsuccessful highlighting, the most optimal
the solution is to turn to a professional. Since the hair is short
time have been subjected to powerful effects (staining and
subsequent highlighting), there is a risk of permanently damaging them and
to dry up

How to care for melirovanny hair

  1. Care begins immediately after washing off the dye.
    – it is necessary to apply a nourishing mask that will stick together the damaged
    Scales of hair and make them smooth and docile.
  2. In the future, it is advisable to apply a hair mask for at least 2-3
    times a week after washing.
  3. After each use of shampoo, be sure to use
    balm or hair conditioner.
  4. To further nourish dry ends, you can
    use means “for the tips of the hair.” Usually they
    presented in the form of cream, serum or drops based on
  5. Experts recommend using a ruler
    special means “for dyed” or “for melirovanny” hair
    one manufacturer.
  6. After the highlighting procedure, it is extremely important to limit or
    completely eliminate the use of a hair dryer and ironing, which contribute
    further release of moisture from porous hair and their
    to the withers. In the case of styling devices
    It is advisable to use heat protection sprays or creams that create
    invisible film on the hair.
  7. It is important to pay attention to the process of combing wet
    hair, as they are the most fragile. Comb
    their comb with wide teeth must be carefully, previously
    untangling the strands with your fingers.

Read more about hair care and restoration after highlighting.

Thus, the procedure of highlighting previously dyed hair
possible to spend at home, subject to all rules,
first of all, it is competent daily hair care.

However, to obtain a guaranteed result
It is advisable to consult a specialist.

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