Highlighting on medium length hair: pros and cons, photo before and after, price and TOP 7 best technician

Medium length hair is ideal for highlighting.
in various ways, allowing you to use different techniques and
shades. Coloring such a shag transforms the hair,
adding volume, brightness and pomp. Universal length gives
the ability to use both a hat and foil, therefore
staining can be safely carried out at home.

Features highlighting medium-length hair

The content of the article:

  • Features highlighting medium-length hair
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Contraindications to highlighting
  • Types and options of highlighting for medium hair
  • Selection of the type of highlighting
  • Highlights depending on the characteristics of the hair
  • Highlights depending on the hair color
  • The most appropriate shades and techniques
  • Highlighting hair of medium length at home
  • The cost of highlighting for medium hair
  • Care after highlighting

This coloring is distinguished primarily by its
versatility: a wide range of coloring techniques and shades,
used to lighten such curls, allows you to pick
ideal for any woman.

The length of the strands is considered average if it reaches
about 20 centimeters. Such a hair is
optimal for many types of highlights, ranging from bright
contrasting selection of curls and ending with soft transitions and
modulations of shades.

The main features of such melirovki:

  • suitable for women of any type of appearance and age;
  • ease and speed of coloring;
  • wide color palette of color schemes;
  • gives you the opportunity to hide gray hair;
  • a gentle method of coloring, thanks to which only the
    some individual strands.

! Help With the help of careful painting,
owners of curls to the shoulders can add their haircut
brightness, shine and volume, as well as, if necessary, effectively
paint over the starting gray hair without changing the basic shade

Advantages and disadvantages

This coloring has several advantages that make
This staining is so popular.


  • universality;
  • availability;
  • masking gray hair;
  • a variety of coloring techniques;
  • does not have on the structure of curls strong harmful
  • lasts for several months;
  • the ability to highlight strands both bright and muted
  • natural and spectacular look of colored hair.


  • the difficulty of selecting the right shade;
  • the need for regular care after the procedure;
  • self-paint curls with a comb can be
    difficult enough, especially in the absence of experience.

This coloring avoids frequent refreshment.
stained areas due to the fact that during such a procedure
the root zone is usually not highlighted, so monitor
growing roots are not required.

Contraindications to highlighting

The main contraindication to this procedure
is excessive dryness and fragility of the hair.

Main contraindications:

  • hair loss;
  • recent staining with paint, tinting agents or
  • perm, less than a month ago;
  • over dryness of strands;
  • irritation or any injury and microtrauma of the scalp;
  • allergy and idiosyncrasy of any
    component in composition.

Before applying the paint for the first time it is recommended to hold
testing, making sure that all is well tolerated

Types and options of highlighting for medium hair

Different types of coloring make it possible to create different
effects, emphasizing the beauty of natural color and creating
contrast transitions shades.

Popular types and options of melirovka:

  • classic. This method assumes
    highlighting of curls of various widths over the entire length, including the bangs.
    Visually adds density and pomp;

    Classic highlighting on medium hair

  • Venetian. Using multiple
    tones of paint allows you to achieve the most natural and
    a natural look slightly strand on the sun. Applied
    most often on dark curls;

    Venetian highlighting for medium hair

  • Californian. California coloring
    produces a small amount of strands, making them a couple of tones
    lighter than the base color of the hair that looks very stylish and
    naturally. Looks best on a bright head of hair;

    California highlight on medium

  • highlighting in the “veil” technique. Original
    technique allows you to achieve the effect of shining highlights on the haircut
    different type. In this method, the color changes only at the top.
    a layer of hair, leaving the inner strands unpainted;

    Highlighting in the technique of “veil” in the middle

  • partial staining. Partial method
    suitable for masking gray hair and adding saturation
    natural shade of curls. The method is to highlight
    certain areas of hair;

    Partial dyeing for medium hair

  • majorcontrast. Major Contrast allows you to create
    vivid image with contrasting strand with clear
    borders, without transitions and smooth color stretching;


  • diagonal highlighting. Highlighting under
    a certain angle. Visually makes the haircut more voluminous and

    Diagonal highlighting on medium hair

! Important A variety of staining methods allows
create a unique image, and mixing a few colors tones
make the hair really spectacular and original. For
natural effect is recommended to use
several tones close to the base color of the hair.

Selection of the type of highlighting

When selecting the method of staining must take into account the natural
hair color, as well as the desired result, as some techniques
will not be able to lighten too dark hair.

Choosing the type of coloring:

  • frequent melirovka on hair of medium length.
    Frequent method will suit owners of light and thin hair,
    adding volume;

    Frequent melirovka on hair of medium length

  • rare coloring. Rare way you can
    use to add shine effect to dark curls

    Rare coloring on hair of medium length

  • fine staining. Small clarification is not uncommon
    used for painting gray hair;

    Minor staining on medium length hair

  • large highlighting. Large highlighting will make
    haircut more dynamic and spectacular.

    Large highlighting

The most optimal type of highlighting is frequent highlighting.
fine strands, as well as coarse staining to give
contrast ratio.

Highlights depending on the characteristics of the hair

The structure of the curls plays an important role in choosing the method of clarification,
the method of dialing the strands and colors used colors.

  • on curly curls. Curly hair
    best to highlight large strands using classic
    staining method;

    Highlights on curly curls

  • on straight hair. Straight curls often
    lack of volume, so small or frequent coloring will become
    An excellent solution that will add not only brightness, but also density.

    Highlighting on straight curls

Curly shock is best to brighten with classic
method or major contrast, without stretching the color and creating soft
transitions, while straight head
natural effect sunburned strands –
Californian, Venetian, diagonal highlighting.

Highlights depending on the hair color

In determining the method of staining should definitely take
into account the natural color of the curls in order to pick
the most suitable way of coloring and, of course, the very shade

Coloring on hair of different colors:

  • on the dark. Dark strands stand out favorably
    Venetian clarification, as well as diagonal and veil way,
    adding hairstyle brightness and shine;

    Highlight on dark curls

  • on light. Light curls optimal
    select a light flash by the California or partial method;

    Highlight on light curls

  • on red. Red hair should be used
    low contrast and fine coloring, emphasizing beauty
    natural color;

    Highlights on red hair

  • on dark blond. Dark blond hair perfect
    Both Venetian and Californian lighting will do,
    transforming hair and making it contrast;

    Highlights on dark blond hair

  • on the blond. Brighten and originality
    fair-haired strands can be made with the help of a veil

    Highlights on blond hair

  • on gray. It is possible to paint gray hair partly or
    in a small way.

    Highlights on gray hair

! Help Almost all shades of curls can
revitalize with a soft California dye, adding
a head of hair effect slightly hairs that had burnt out under the hot sun.

The most appropriate shades and techniques

Shades for highlighting can be like natural, soft tones,
and quite bright, unusual and original.

Highlighting can be done in different color

Actual colors:

  • light staining. Classic highlight
    will help to achieve a natural effect, giving the locks of shine and
  • ashen. Stylish ash tones are often
    used to get rid of dullness and disguise gray hair.
    Most often used in small or partial
  • red. Red gives brightness and
    Suitable for creating an original youth look. Suitable
    equipment – major contrast and diagonal highlighting;
  • purple. The hair gets mysterious
    and showiness due to rare or veil coloring in
  • pink Pink tones made in the technique
    majorcontrast, look great on blond hair;
  • redder Auburn colors go well with fine
    eviction on light brown hair.

Light tones help create a natural effect and smooth,
soft transitions of shades. Bright colors, in turn, beautifully
refresh any haircut and are now among the most trending
and fashionable in many types of staining.

Highlighting hair of medium length at home

The coloring procedure can be successfully carried out at home.
conditions using any convenient staining method.

How to make highlights – the execution technique

on the foil. Foil allows you to achieve
smooth color transitions, so for California
or Venetian highlight is worth using it

Highlighting hair on foil

  • comb the hair and parting;
  • select several strands for dyeing and fix them
    small hairpins for convenience;
  • prepare the clarifier following the directions on the package;
  • place a piece of foil under the strand, apply the product to the curl and
    neatly wrap it in foil creating something like
    an envelope;
  • in 15-25 minutes remove the foil, washing away the product with warm
  • rinse your head with a mild cleanser;
  • apply a nourishing balm or mask.

on the hat. The cap method is the most
simple and easy that everyone can do.

Highlighting hair on a hat

  • comb your hair and put on a hat, firmly fastening it on
  • using special hooks, stretch the strands of the desired width into
    staggered order;
  • Prepare the staining solution according to the directions.
  • apply the agent on the selected strands and wait for the necessary
    amount of time;
  • rinse off with warm water, then remove cap and rinse
    head again, with a mild shampoo, then apply moisturizing

comb Using a stripper, you can pretty
quickly paint over the strands in the technique of “veil”.

Highlight hair comb

  • comb curls;
  • to prepare the painting structure;
  • put paint on the stripper comb and gently hold it on
    top layer of hair, painting it evenly;
  • repeat the same action with the entire top layer
  • after a certain amount of time, it’s usually 20 minutes,
    rinse off with warm water and shampoo, then apply
    moisturizing balm.

! Important Highlighting on the cap and comb will allow
create a bright contrast, so often these hairdressers
devices are used to apply pink, purple and
other bright tones.

The cost of highlighting for medium hair

The cost of this procedure depends on the density

The cost of this procedure in the cabin is approximately 5,000.
rubles. When painting with complex shades, the price can be
increase to 8-9 thousand rubles.

At home, such coloring will cost about 500

Care after highlighting

After highlighting, you need to additionally care for hair,
consider in more detail how to do it.

To preserve the spectacular appearance and brightness of colored
hairs, it is recommended to periodically apply moisturizing and
nutrients: balms, conditioners, masks and
sprays for colored hair.

Balms and masks it is desirable to use whenever
after shampooing, and masks based on natural oils
It is necessary to apply 1 time per week, warning the cross section of the tips and
overdried strands.

During the heating season, when the indoor air is too
dry, it is recommended to moisten additionally
hair suitable sprays.

Before each use a hair dryer or ironing is desirable.
apply heat protection agents that protect curls from
negative effects of hot appliances.

Strands are recommended to protect from direct sunlight, as well as from

Beauty curls can be emphasized with the help of delicate
highlighting. Different techniques will diversify the usual
image, adding brightness, vividness and color. Ease of holding
procedures will make such staining possible even at home

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