Highlighting on regrown roots – photos, reviews, prices, pros and cons

Streaked hair only then will look well-groomed,
when the difference between painted and regrown areas is not too

Maintain the original showy look of hairstyle and lightly
update staining will help basal highlighting.

Radical highlighting – what is it

The content of the article:

  • Radical highlighting – what is it
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The effect of the procedure, photo regrowth
  • Highlighting options
  • Why do I need to perform radical highlighting, and not
  • Radiolation techniques
  • Difference from ordinary highlighting
  • Tips and features to avoid mistakes
  • How often do you need to do radical highlighting
  • How to make basal highlighting at home?
  • What tools are used?
  • Price in the cabin and at home
  • Reviews
  • How to grow your hair color?
  • How to care for basal highlighting?

Radical highlighting – dyeing technique, with
which pigment processed only the regrown part of the hair
the very roots. The procedure is aimed at smoothing the border.
between “their” and previously gilded strands. Although even the most
competent basal highlighting cannot completely “blur” this
the border, the hairstyle becomes more neat and gets

At basal pigmentation is processed
only part of the hair at the roots

Advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of basal highlighting:

  • hair gets extra volume due to alternation
    strands of different colors;
  • the main hair length is not affected and is not exposed
    exposure to the dye, so the technique can be attributed to
  • the procedure takes much less time than the traditional
  • depending on the technique of applying the dye can be achieved
    ombre or balayazh effect;
  • When using a clarifier, the new color will not be washed off, but the effect
    will remain for a long time.

Radical highlighting has its advantages and

Disadvantages of basal technique:

  • it is very difficult to completely blur the boundaries;
  • difficult to pick up the initial frequency and density
  • hair still spoils, even if not as much as
    full staining;

Important! When conducting basal highlighting
you need to observe not only the frequency of the strands, but also to choose the right
tint coloring agent.

The effect of the procedure, photo regrowth

On hair of a different shade, regrowth will look great.
differently. The greater the contrast between the original and the “new” color,
the growing roots will become more visible.

Look on hair of different shades
highlighting will be different

On dark hair

Very dark hair before bleaching will have to discolor at
the help of the clarifying structures. Depending on how
dark original shade, choose a stronger or weaker oxide.
Brunettes will have to repeat highlighting more often to make the difference
shades not conspicuous.

Brunettes need to repeat highlighting more often

On light brown hair

Light brown hair can be processed well and dyed faster.
dark and black. Radical highlighting is performed in light
shades followed by toning.

Brown hair lends itself well

On dark brown hair

On dark blond hair is most often performed light.
bleaching using bleaching compositions.

On dark brown hair, only light is done.

Due to the large difference in hues, correction of regrown
roots will have every 6-8 weeks.

On blonde hair

Blonde hair is suitable for both light and dark
highlighting. Light dye must be selected so that it
differed from the original by at least 2 tones. Highlighting blondes
runs faster because the hair is very responsive to any

Grown highlights on blond hair

On red hair

Radical highlighting on strands of red color can be either
dark and light. Too lighten redhead is not worth it – hair
This type of nature is too fragile and porous, therefore
the clarifier can severely injure their structure.

The clarifier can severely injure the structure of the redhead.

On gray hair

Hair with gray hair involves the search for an individual color
solutions. If the task is to emphasize the noble gray hair, for
highlights should choose cold tones such as gray and
ashen. If gray hair needs to be masked, more
expressive shades, and strands are streaked with high frequency.

For hair with gray hair you need to find an individual color

Important! If the gray hair on the head is more than half,
stylists recommend to abandon highlighting in favor of the full

On brown hair

The beauty of brown hair highlights shades of walnut, milky
chocolate and caramel. Depending on the intensity and durability
pigment may require prior discoloration

For brown hair may be required
pre-bleaching curls

Highlighting options

Highlighting is a generic name for staining, which can
conducted in different types of technology using different
fixtures and chemicals. One or another option
coloring master selects depending on the expected
result, type and shade strands.

There are several options for highlighting

Radical highlighting

Traditional basal highlighting is carried out in the same
technique that was used along the entire length of the strands. Master
selects the same strand selection step, same thickness and base
shade. Each strand is separated from the total volume, lubricated
prepared with the preparation and wrapped in foil.

By the time the procedure takes about one and a half
hours for hair of average density. Bright highlighting
practically not washed off, so you only need to tint
roots about 1 time in 2 months for dark hair and 1 time in 3 months
for light.

Radical highlighting takes about 1.5 hours to
medium thick hair


New highlights will help radically alter the hairstyle.
The update is carried out with the help of dyes, which for several
tones are different from previous ones. You can darken them
radical zone or make it lighter, seeking
contrasting gradient.

A new highlight can completely modify

By the time the session takes 2 hours. Tint frequency
The roots will depend on the transition contrast. With strong
In contrast, the color will have to be updated every month, with a weak one – every
two months.


If the hair has grown back more than 5-6 cm, it makes sense to hold
full highlighting. It will cover not only the root zone, but also
the bulk of the hair, with the exception of the tips. New highlighting
It takes longer because you need to handle a large area.
It will take about 2 hours, while the staining resistance will be
depend on the selected drug. Dark ammonia free paint
wash for 1 month, ammonia will hold 2 times longer.

Full highlighting is done when hair is grown
more than 5-6 cm


Coloring, combined with highlighting, is carried out longitudinal
in a way. For the procedure selected a few close in range
shades that alternate with each other throughout the hair.
Coloring is considered a difficult technique and takes more than 2.5

If for coloring are selected tones close to the original,
sprouting roots will not be visible for a long time. Color correction can be
will be postponed for 2 or even 3 months, especially if
used resistant paints.

For coloring is selected a few close
range of shades

Why do I need to perform radical highlighting, and not

The technique should be used in two

  • hair is less injured by chemicals contained in
  • the transition between the regrown and previously painted zone will be less

If you make a full highlight that will cover all areas,
the stained roots at the roots will be less than the rest of the length
hair. Therefore, the root zone will look darker (or
lighter) than the total length of the hairstyle.

When basal melirovanie hair less injured

Radiolation techniques

The most convenient way to conduct basal highlighting with
foil. Dyeing techniques using hats or combs in
This case will not work. With their help it is difficult to paint over the root
zone, leaving no light spots on the skin or large dark gaps
at the roots.

Foil allows you to act more accurately – the master can select
even the thinnest and shortest strand, process it carefully and
separate from others. This is especially true for clients who want to
frequent and thin highlighting – the foil allows you to perform any

Important! Many masters prefer to apply
dye on slightly moistened strands so that the composition is distributed
easier and more evenly.

When basal bleaching stained only
the roots

Difference from ordinary highlighting

What is the difference between basal highlighting and

  • only roots are stained, the main length remains
  • takes less time;
  • requires less coloring agent;
  • The procedure does not use a cap, but a foil.

Tips and features to avoid mistakes

In order for the staining to be successful, it is important to avoid
major mistakes

  • Mistake number 1: strands became yellow, appeared
    redhead Reason: the oxidizer is too weak for dark
    hair. How to avoid: use the correct concentration of oxide –
    the lighter the hair, the weaker the oxide should be.
  • Mistake number 2: the alternation of colors turned out
    uneven. Reason: sampling frequency not met
    strands. How to avoid: to study the features of the previous highlighting,
    try to carefully follow the same technique.
  • Mistake number 3: colors merged, highlighting almost
    imperceptibly. Reason: Too much “stock” on earlier
    chalked strands, selection of curls with great frequency. how
    to avoid: at a minimum to intercede on the “old” strands, do not
    too thick staining.
  • Mistake number 4: highlighting turned out spotty, with
    by divorce. Reason: too liquid dye, strands were
    carelessly wrapped in foil (the paint just flowed out) was not respected
    indent from the roots. How to avoid: observe cooking techniques and
    applying the composition.
  • Mistake number 5: hair has deteriorated, become stiff, dry,
    porous. Reason: Dye has been overexposed.
    on the hair and “burned” them. How to avoid: strictly follow the time
    extracts specified in the instructions to the drug.

How often do you need to do radical highlighting

There is no universal recipe for hair color correction.

The frequency of re-staining depends on the speed
hair growth

The frequency of re-staining depends on:

  • durability of the dye;
  • the contrast between “native” and melirovanny hair;
  • hair growth rate.

Correction of light highlighting on
dark hair is preferably carried out once
one and a half to two months.

Light highlights on light blonde and blonde
hair can not be updated for 3-4 months
roots will not be noticeable. If for highlighting light curls
benign ammonia-free drugs were used, they will be washed off quickly.
The color will have to be updated in about 8 weeks.

How to make basal highlighting at home?

Radical highlighting can be done at home.

Radical highlighting at home
can be carried out according to such instructions:

  1. Divide hair into 4 zones – forehead, back of head, two temples.
  2. Work starts from the back of the head – one strand is separated with a thin handle
    combs and put a foil under it.
  3. The coloring drug is applied to the root zone, retreating by 2-3
    mm from the bulbs and making “allowance” on the colored zone of 1-2 mm.
  4. The same actions are done with strands on the remaining zones. For
    Convenience they can be cleaved with clamps.
  5. By the time of exposure of paint you need to focus on the instructions
    manufacturer. It can vary from 15 to 60 minutes.
  6. When the hair gets the right shade, the foil is removed, and
    head washed with warm water twice. First time without shampoo until complete
    wash out the paint, the second time with shampoo and balm.

Important! In the process of aging the composition on the hair
It is recommended from time to time to unscrew the foil and look at
result. The hair reacts differently to coloring, so there is
risk of over-exposure or under-exposure of the drug.

What tools are used?

To choose the right means for basal highlighting,
need to know which drugs were used the previous time. Simpler
all with a light shade – any brightener will do,
professional or mass market series. Refresh dark
highlighting is more difficult – the pigment will have to be selected “by eye”,
1-2 tones of error are allowed.

Devices for highlighting

From devices will need:

  • several strips of foil 10 cm wide;
  • capacity for mixing paint (any, except
  • comb with a fine handle;
  • massage comb;
  • tassel;
  • clamps.

Also do not forget about the cape on the shoulders, shampoo and balsam.
At desire hair can be toned at the final stage with any
toning drug suitable range.

Price in the cabin and at home

The price for basal highlighting in the cabin is about
2 thousand rubles excluding paint. One tube
professional dye will cost about 500 rubles. These
prices are given for the capital, in the regions may be lower.

At home, the costs of highlighting are much

At home, the cost will be only for paint and foil –
it is about 200-500 rubles, depending on the type of drug.

Source zoon.ru


Reviews from popular resources irecommend.ru and Otzyvy.pro

How to grow your hair color?

The only way to return the natural color of hair –
growing strands. Even with a high rate of hair growth on it
can take at least a year and a half – provided that
short haircut. The process can be a little faster – help
cosmetics, masks and serums designed to
hair growth stimulation. They speed up hairy metabolic processes.
parts of the head, and strands start to grow faster.

To grow your hair color – you need to grow

If you wait for a natural result of patience, you can
get smarter. Give curls to grow at a sufficient length (about
5 cm) and then using paint to create a blurred transition between
boundaries. The result is a new-fashioned gradient coloring effect under
called “ombre”.

How to care for basal highlighting?

Basic principles:

  • nutrition and recovery – the use of masks, balms,
    oils and reconstructive sera;
  • color protection – special shampoos will help
    washing out the pigment;
  • protection from high temperatures – before styling a hairdryer and curling iron
    apply special sprays to hair.

The main rule of care for melirovanny hair –
high temperature protection

Many cosmetics manufacturers produce whole series for
colored and streaked hair. Several of them have already been collected.
basic tools for phased care.

Competently performed basal highlighting will give hair
“Second breath” – will make the color more vivid and bright, and the overall appearance
as well as possible.

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