Highlighting on straight hair – 33 photos, TOP best techniques and types of hair of different colors and types

This method of coloring, as highlighting, has a special
popularity among women for several years. This technique
is a painting of individual strands, and not the entire head of hair.
Consider what it looks like highlighting on straight hair, its
advantages and disadvantages, types, and methods of staining in
home conditions.

Features of highlighting on straight hair

The content of the article:

  • Features of highlighting on straight hair
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Contraindications to highlighting
  • Types and options of highlighting on straight hair
  • We select the type of highlighting
  • Depending on hair color
  • Depending on the length of hair
  • The most appropriate shades and techniques for straight hair
  • Highlights on straight hair at home
  • How much is highlighting on straight hair
  • Care after highlighting

All kinds of straight hair look good.

All varieties look perfect on straight hair.
highlighting. Colored strands make your hair more
voluminous, textured, gives the image of charm. After all, not every
the owner of straight hair boasts density

Advantages and disadvantages

Highlighting has several advantages

This dyeing technique has a number of
benefits. These include:

  • not all curls can be exposed to the dyes, but only
    separate strands, due to which their structure is practically not
  • regrown roots are not at all striking, do the basal
    highlighting can be 1 time in 2-3 months, which can not be said about the full
    painting the head;
  • helps to visually increase the volume, gives a natural
    shine hair;
  • thanks to this technique, you can hide minor flaws
    hairstyles, highlight the virtues;
  • You can do on the hair of any length and structure;
  • suitable for women who want to disguise
    gray hair

As for the shortcomings, there are not so many of them compared to
advantages of highlighting. And they appear only when
improper care for hair:

  1. Hair fragility. Observed with too frequent staining –
    strands fade, lose their healthy shine. Avoid the appearance of this
    problems can: you should not completely paint the strands on each
    the entire length. It is enough to make basal highlighting.
  2. Difficult recovery with inept procedure.
    Young girls like to experiment by coloring their hair
    on their own. But the result does not always meet expectations.
    Incorrectly chosen paint, incorrect procedure
    may damage the hair, after which its restoration will be required
    a long time.

Important to remember! First strand coloring better
do in the cabin of a professional.

Contraindications to highlighting

Highlighting – the most gentle method of painting

In spite of the fact that highlighting is the most gentle way of painting
curls, it still has certain

  1. Dry brittle hair. Dyeing strands largely
    worsen hair condition.
  2. Perm. Many girls with straight locks want
    have perky curls. But after such a procedure, dye your hair
    strongly discouraged.
  3. The hair was dyed with henna. Although it is a natural paint,
    the result after applying on such hair will be unpredictable,
    and in a negative context.

Important! If the girl still decided on
highlighting, ignoring contraindications, she should be aware of
regular hair care. It includes the use of
moisturizing, nourishing shampoos and hair masks.

Types and options of highlighting on straight hair

There are many types of highlighting to direct
hair. Any girl can choose your favorite technique.
from the list.


Classic highlighting

This method involves staining the strands throughout
length. Shades are usually taken light that are perfect
in harmony with the natural color of the hair.


Venetian highlighting

Such highlighting is applied mainly to dark
curls. Strands are painted in a chaotic manner. AT
the result is a more voluminous hairstyle with a slight effect
sun-bleached curls.


California highlighting

This method creates the effect of burned out
sun hair. Curls in a chaotic manner are lightened up to 2
tones. A smooth transition will give a natural shine to your hair.



For coloring this technique are selected as much as possible.
shades close to natural color. Strands
arbitrary widths are painted over the entire length, creating
spectacular transitions tones.



Note! This technique is suitable for those girls who are not
ready to drastically change the image.

The essence of balayazh is that curls are painted
arbitrary strands from the middle. Should use
2-3 shades in harmony with each other.



This technique provides a smooth transition from dark roots to
light tips. Ombre adds extra volume

Highlighting in the veil technique

Highlighting in the veil technique

Veiling is a special painting technique that
It is a brightening of the upper layer of hair. The rest
the hair remains untouched.

Partial highlighting

Partial highlighting

This technique is the perfect solution for owners.
short haircuts. Only individual strands are lightened.
the area of ​​the neck and near the face are also painted tips. Hairstyle
with partial highlighting becomes more textured, clear.



This hairstyle involves the use of contrasting
colors for coloring curls. For example – black and white
highlighting, bright strands on dark hair.

It is important to know! Highlighting majikontrast should
conducted only by a professional. Perfect contrasting shades in
home conditions are almost impossible to achieve, especially on
dark strands.

Diagonal highlighting

Diagonal highlighting

The most advantageous diagonal highlighting looks at
short curls, although his long hair can also be
do. A distinctive feature of this technique is that
strands for dyeing recruited by the vertical parting, under
angle of

We select the type of highlighting

Depending on the thickness of the painted strands, highlighting
subdivided into several types.

Frequent highlighting on straight hair

This is the most common type of staining that is relevant.
for many years. Its essence is to lighten about 60% of all
curls. Typically, this technique is performed with a cap.


Rare highlighting

A small amount of light is exposed to clarification.
strands. It creates the effect of slightly sun-bleached
hair. Does not radically change the image, but refreshing hairstyle.


Small highlights

Many strands are stained, as in partial
technology. But very thin curls are separated.


Large highlighting

For dyeing, wide strands are taken that are lightened by
the entire length.

Depending on hair color

When choosing a technique and shade for highlighting, you should consider
base color.

Highlights on dark straight hair

Highlights on dark straight hair

Many dark girls dream of lightening up
refresh color. In order to highlight the dark
the hair looked harmonious, lightening is done up to 2 tones.

On light

Highlights on blonde hair

Natural light curls do not shine brilliance
so highlighting for blondes is the perfect solution. And for
the freshness of the image does not need to pick up aggressive colors, enough
slightly lighten some of the curls.

On redhead

Highlights on red hair

Red-haired beauties are quite difficult to lighten curls due to
hair thickness. Therefore, highlighting is better to trust
a professional On the red curls, except for the straightened strands,
effectively look brown and chocolate shades.

On dark brown

Highlights on dark blond hair

Dark blond curls better not to paint dramatically
shades different from the base color. Rare gentle
lightening is perfect.

Light brown

Highlighting on light brown hair

Owners of fair-haired strands can experiment as with
color, and with technicians performance. On such a good hair
It looks any highlighting. It turns a girl out
“gray mouse” in a spectacular lady.

On gray

Highlighting on gray hair

The best option to disguise gray hair is a contrast
black and white highlighting along the entire length.

Depending on the length of hair

Techniques for coloring strands of different lengths of hair have their own

On short straight hair

Highlights on short hair

It is enough to paint individual strands on short hair.
simply. On such haircuts will look spectacular
highlighting bright colors. But smoother natural transitions
look no less beautiful.

Medium straight hair

Highlights on medium hair

Actual techniques of coloring curls of medium length
are: classic, venetian, shatush, veiling. But you can
also choose a method depending on the style of clothing and image
of life.

Long hair

Highlighting long hair

Gliding long hair – rather laborious
process. For coloring it is better to choose techniques with a smooth
transition from one shade to another.

The most appropriate shades and techniques for straight hair

Selecting a palette for coloring strands is a matter of taste, although
Colors also have their own characteristics.

Bright highlighting

This is a classic strand coloring, so lighten the curls
possible using any technique.


Ash highlights

This shade is suitable for girls who have appeared
such a problem as the first gray hair. You can hide them
for ashy strands, painted throughout the length.


Red strands look most impressive on the dark and
dark blond curls.


This image is suitable for resolute girls who love
to attract attention to itself by appearance. Better if
The base color will be dark.


Pink highlighting

Pink curls will give tenderness and a certain fabulousness blondes.
None of such princesses will pass
the man.


Refresh hair and give volume reddish highlights will help
brunettes and brown-haired women.

Highlights on straight hair at home

The first time for coloring strands is better to turn to
a specialist. But if there is no possibility or desire, you can try
change the image yourself. There are several techniques
partial hair dyeing at home.

How to make highlighting – execution technique

Highlighting can be done at home

For painting at home should get these

  • tassel;
  • paint tank;
  • coloring composition;
  • comb with a long narrow handle for the distribution of strands;
  • clips for hair;
  • polyethylene gloves;
  • cape on the shoulders.

On foil

Separate strands are separated from each other using foil.
It helps to use multiple shades when

Foil weave

On the hat

Special hat for highlighting can be purchased at the store
cosmetics. For the procedure, you should wear it,
pull strands through the holes, paint. This method is more
suitable for girls with medium or short haircuts.

Highlighting on the cap


Highlighting comb

The dye is first applied to the comb, then
distributed over the entire length. This way is suitable for girls
which change color by 1-2 tones.

How much is highlighting on straight hair

The cost of painting in the cabin depends on the thickness and
hair length

The cost of the staining procedure in the cabin depends on the selected
techniques, the number of shades and the length of the hair. Average
pay for changing the image will have about 2500

Care after highlighting

Hair after highlighting requires additional

Despite the fact that highlighting is a gentle way
staining curls, they still require additional

  1. Immediately after painting use
    balm-rinse for colored hair. It will help
    restore the water balance of bleached strands.
  2. Always use shampoo and balm designed
    for melirovannyh or bleached curls.
  3. Re-painting done no earlier than 2 months. For that
    time curls completely bounce back.
  4. Try to use a minimum hair dryer, curling.
  5. Do not comb the wet strands, and also do not dry them with
    friction with a towel.
  6. In the heat, be sure to wear a hat in the sun.
  7. Regularly make nourishing masks.

Highlights on straight hair – a great solution to refresh
hairstyle, update the image, without spoiling the hair full

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