Highlighting on the extended caret – photo before and after, popular types and techniques

Kare with lengthening – the original version of the popular haircut,
perfectly matched with highlighting.

What techniques of highlighting will help give the image of impudence, and
what – elegance. How to choose the right shade, and why it is important
take into account the color type of appearance? All the answers you will find in this

Types of highlighting on the caret with lengthening

The content of the article:

  • Types of highlighting on the caret with lengthening
  • Long caret with highlights for different hair colors
  • Selection of shades of highlighting on the extended caret
  • How much is highlighting on the extended caret in the cabin
  • Highlighting the extended caret at home: tools
    and step by step instructions
  • Hair care after the procedure

Properly selected highlighting technique will help emphasize
the beauty of the pitch hairstyle and make the right emphasis on
features of appearance.

Long caret goes well with many types


Highlighting in the classic style involves the coloring of individual
strands over the entire length. Most often light shades are chosen,
which differ from the main hair color by 3 tones. Optional
client master can select narrower or wide strands, do
highlighting frequent or leave more of their own, natural

Classic highlighting of caret with

On a square with a lengthening, classic highlighting helps visually
increase the volume of hair and slightly rejuvenate the image. Where you want
to highlight? In salononema


California highlighting is more
discreet version of the classic. During the staining
the effect of burnt strands is achieved – the hair is slightly brightened
on the tips, and at the roots remain darker. Also added
individual strokes throughout the hair, resembling a sunny

California highlighting a caret with

Important! California staining is carried out in an open way.
without foil, cycling up to 5 tones of dye.


The French technique is a gentle and involves
coloring only parts of the hair with special dyes. They are made on
the basis of wax, do not burn hair, but rather care for them. AT
image with a long caret such highlighting helps to make a face
more expressive and younger.

French highlighting of the caret with lengthening.


Veiling differs from classic highlighting more
fine selection of strands up to 3 mm thick. With this processing
exposed only the top layer of hair, and the bottom remains
intact. Veil perfectly disguises gray hair, looks elegant,
giving the appearance of sophistication.

Highlighting the veil is done only on the upper


With partial highlighting, a maximum of 40% is subjected to staining.
total hair volume. Sometimes only curls are edged, framing
face, bangs or nape. You can lighten just one strand by doing
expressive emphasis on the geometry of the haircut. More radical
Option – highlighting the right or left half of the head.

Partial highlighting of the caret with lengthening.


“Feathers” – ideal for ultra-short car with
highlighting a variety of contrasting strands for all hair.
Coloring is carried out through the cap, observing the selected frequency and
density of “feathers”.

Highlighting in the technique of “feathers”.


This technique seems to be created for all types of caret, including
with lengthening. Its essence – coloring the lower third of the hair in
Contrast dark or bright shades. If hair is provided
bangs, you can safely paint in the selected color and her.

Highlights in the style of Peek-a-Boo.

Crazy colors or bright strands

Crazy colors – the choice of brave girls who want to stand out on
general background. Variants of shades – the most diverse. From
fiery red to raspberry, from acid green to
Blue-black, from purple to gray.

Crazy Colors
Highlights in the style of crazy colors.

Tip! For highlighting “bright strands” you can choose not
only permanent colors, but also tonics, tinting balms and even
crayons for hair.


This is another option for a short square but in more restrained
classic tones. The principle of coloring is the use of two
basic shades. They should contrast with the base color.
hair, but at the same time in harmony with each other. Most
pigments belonging to the same color look advantageous

Highlighting in the Two-tone style.

Long caret with highlights for different hair colors

When selecting the technique of highlighting on the caret with lengthening you need
take into account the original hair color. Some staining options
the most advantageous look on dark hair, others – on light
or fair-haired.

On blonde hair

Natural or dyed blonde hair is an excellent base for
veiling. The veil technique looks especially subtle and original.
Ice tint. Cold icy blond successfully shades the main color
hair, giving the appearance of grace, sublimity and weightlessness.

Highlighting blond hair.

Highlighting blond hair.

An example of highlighting blond hair.

It will look good French highlighting with chaotic
dyeing strands. Classic highlighting is also suitable
option, and shades can be chosen as darker than the base color,
so lighter than him.

For brunettes

You can achieve a beautiful shade on dark hair
either by pre-bleaching either with
using aggressive oxidizing agents. Slightly revive
Partial, dark hair without dramatic changes will help
French and Californian highlighting.

An example of highlighting dark hair.

Violet highlighting of dark hair.

Ashy highlighting of dark hair.

One of the interesting options for brunettes – balagaz. During
hair treatments are done with a few strokes of paint close to
base tone. As a result of the caret with lengthening on dark hair
gets playful and natural, the curls seem to shimmer on

On light brown hair

Light brown hair of any shades is fertile ground for all
variations of highlighting. Strands are responsive to any type of dye.
– it is enough to correctly calculate the exposure time.

Highlights blond hair blond

Highlights blond hair.

An example of highlighting brown hair.

California, Zone, Classic, Two-tone, Peek-a-Boo,
“Feathers”, veil – all these techniques on light brown hair will look
chic. Here you can competently combine different colors of the palette,
to achieve beautiful transitions, to allocate individual strands from the face.

Selection of shades of highlighting on the extended caret

The basis of the palette when choosing the shading highlighting on the caret with
lengthening should be the female color type. For color types “winter” and
“Summer” will be appropriate shades of a cold palette, for “spring” and
“Autumn” – warm.


The cool shades of the blond category are silver, pearl,
ashen, mother-of-pearl, caramel, nutty. Warm tones
the choice can be stopped on wheat, gold, honey and

Light highlighting of the elongated caret.

Example of highlight elongation


Dark highlighting is performed using
mostly natural shades. And staining
It is carried out both on blondes and on brown-haired women and even

Suitable colors:

  • chestnut;
  • dark blond;
  • mocha;
  • coffee;
  • chocolate;
  • caramel;
  • cognac.

Dark highlights elongated caret.

An example of dark highlighting elongated


Ash color refers to the light color palette cold
gamma. It will suit owners of fair skin, blue, gray and
dark brown eyes.

Shades of ash:

  • ash brown;
  • ashen pink;
  • dark ashen;
  • pearl ash;
  • Gray;
  • ashen-purple;
  • ash blue;
  • ash-caramel.

Ash highlights will suit girls with light

Ashy highlighting of the extended caret.

Ashy highlights on dark hair.

Tip! Ashy shades are well suited for masking.
gray hair, but only in the case when gray hairs are no more


Reddish highlighting is a warm palette in which there are
such halftones:

  • copper;
  • fiery red;
  • red-brown
  • golden copper;
  • amber;
  • red-pink.

Reddish highlights on dark hair.

Reddish highlight elongated caret.

These shades will look good on the hair, whose original
color is not darker than blond. Perfect eye color – green, gray,


Bright red strands – the prerogative of the owners dark-skinned
skin, green and brown eyes. You can stop at
Red amber and mahogany. With white skin
perfectly contrasted shades of pink and crimson. Neutral
muffled options – cherry, mahogany, bordeaux,

Red strands are not dark hair.

red highlighting on medium hair
are long.

Burgundy strands on dark hair.


Violet is one of the most daring and extraordinary.
It is recommended to use for partial highlighting.
or emphasizing individual strands. Exactly all
purple palette falls on natural blonde hair. But
unequivocally say how young ladies this shade will be to face
Impossible – practice will decide everything.

Violet strands – stylish and extraordinary

Purple is best used for highlighting.

Purple highlights of the caret with lengthening.

Purple strands on dark hair.

Experiment is worth with shades:

  • light purple;
  • ashen purple;
  • brown-purple;
  • bright purple;
  • blue-violet.

How much is highlighting on the extended caret in the cabin

Long caret is medium length hair for which
highlighting on foil will cost between 1500-2000 rubles
depending on the complexity of the technique. In the price list as
As a rule, only the price of the service without materials is indicated.
The coloring composition costs about 500 rubles per tube along with
oxidizing agent.

For a caret, carefree highlighting on foil will cost
within 1500-2000 rubles.

Highlighting the extended caret at home: tools
and step by step instructions

There are two basic techniques to highlight hair medium
lengths – with the use of foil and with the use of a cap.
The last option is recommended for short car.

Highlighting can be done at home

On foil

What tools need to prepare:

  • bowl for mixing the dye;
  • paint with oxidant;
  • brush or sponge for applying paint;
  • comb with a fine handle for the selection of strands;
  • massage comb;
  • foil cut into wide strips;
  • pelerin;
  • gloves;
  • hairpins or hair clips;
  • Balsam, shampoo, optional – tonic.

For highlighting, you will need a foil or special

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Shoulders wrap cape, hair comb.
  2. Divide all hair into several zones – at the temples, on the crown, on
    the back of the head and in the area of ​​the bangs.
  3. Each zone is secured with a separate clip.
  4. Mix paint with oxidant, mix thoroughly until
  5. With a thin comb handle, separate one strand, pin up.
  6. Apply a little paint to a strip of foil in a couple of strokes and
    put under the selected strand.
  7. At the roots, make a bend so that the paint does not leak.
  8. Process the strand completely, wrap in foil in the form
  9. Separate another bundle, leave it uncolored and pin up
    to strands in foil.
  10. According to the above scheme, sweep through all the hair.
  11. To sustain the paint recommended in the instruction time. Desirable
    periodically turn off the foil to evaluate the result.
  12. Remove the foil, wash off the dye.
  13. Wash your hair with shampoo and apply balm.

Tip! When highlighting in light shades on dark hair
There is a chance to get yellow. In this case, better
additionally process hair tonic with purple pigment.

On the hat

When highlighting a cap, the list of tools will be
slightly less:

  • a bowl under the paint;
  • brush and massage comb;
  • special cap with holes;
  • hook for pulling strands;
  • Drape and gloves.

From materials you will need paint with an oxidizing agent, shampoo, mask
or balm, tinting agent.

Step by step instructions highlighting with


  1. Hair to comb, to avoid tangled curls.
  2. To put a hat on your head, pressing it well to your head.
  3. With a special hook, remove strands of equal thickness through
    the same gap of holes (every first, second,
  4. When all the intended strands are extracted, prepare
    dye according to the instructions.
  5. Wide strokes paint everything on the surface of the cap
    extracted strands. If the hair is long, the tips are stained with
    palm in glove.
  6. Withstand the dye in an open way or in another
    waterproof cap.
  7. After the allotted time, the dye is washed off in
  8. The cap is removed and the head is washed again, this time with shampoo and
  9. If desired, the procedure can be completed by applying a tonic.

Hair care after the procedure

After highlighting you need to hold a course of reducing

Hairdressers recommend sticking with such

  • after highlighting conduct a course of recovery procedures with
    masks and oil wraps;
  • wash your hair with shampoo intended for dyed or
    spouted hair;
  • use a balm or rinse after each wash
  • finish every second wash
    nourishing / moisturizing mask;
  • avoid direct sunlight on curls – they dry
    and destroy the pigment;
  • as rarely as possible to style the hair with a curling iron and an iron;
  • do not comb curls when wet;
  • light highlighting periodically refresh silver or
    purple shampoos – they neutralize red and yellow.

On the square with lengthening badly graduated
dyeing techniques with a banner. Therefore varied
highlighting options will be for owners of such hairstyles
the perfect solution. The right shade and competently
The implemented technique is two components of successful highlighting.

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