Highlighting red locks – the pros and cons, photo before and after, what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Refresh hair and make hair bright with
red highlighting. By dyeing some strands in reddish
shade achieved a very showy and racy look which
adds natural color depth and saturation.

To suit highlighting red strands

The content of the article:

  • To suit highlighting red strands
  • Pros and cons of red highlighting
  • Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting
  • How to make highlighting red strands at home:
    performance technique
  • The cost of red highlighting in a beauty salon
  • Suitable hairstyles
  • Hair care after highlighting in red color

This type of staining is not as common as other types.
melirovki, so that such a selection of curls will be
look very unusual, bright and original. More harmonious
all this coloring is combined with a dark shade
curls, adding hairstyle contrast and dynamism.
However, and the bright head of hair such a highlight is very transformed,
giving hair not only brightness, but also volume.

Red shades in highlighting give color
natural hair color.

This type of staining is ideal for women who want to
transform your usual image, adding sophistication and charm.
In addition, the shade of red color itself looks very attractive.
and like many of the fair sex. However not
all are ready for the complete repainting of this color and cardinal
changing your image. In this case, an excellent alternative to complete
changing the color of the curls will be a partial selection of strands in
liked tone.

This method of highlighting successfully emphasizes the beauty of any
haircuts and refresh curls, adding them well-groomed and
color. Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

Pros and cons of red highlighting

Such an original way to highlight strands has some
features that are important to consider when changing colors in
reddish tint. So, for dyeing dark hair
partial or subtle view is preferable
melirovki, whereas for light curls can be brightened
strands wider, carefully shading with color borders and

For dark hair it is better to use a fine way.

Advantages of such coloring:

  • original, bright and spectacular look hairstyles of any length;
  • giving hair volume and shine;
  • allows you to hide skin imperfections and smooth out irregular features
    face, moving attention to contrasting areas of hair;
  • the ability to create an original image without changing
    its main style;
  • procedure safety


  • the difficulty of selecting the right shade;
  • the risk of overdrying the hair even though minimized, but it is still
    there is;
  • the need for ongoing supportive home care,
    which will provide hair shine and healthy appearance.

Despite the negative moments, with proper care and
correct staining, this mode of highlighting is
one of the safest, most delicate, original and

Reddish highlighting is one of the most original.
types of hair dye.

Selection of shades of red dye and technology selection
strands carried depending on the natural color of the curls and
their lengths. The result of this method of dyeing hair of different
The type may differ significantly:

  • reddish highlights on blonde hair. This
    Coloring will add lightness to the saturation and brightness. With
    In this case, carry out such staining on curls of light tones.
    much simpler and faster than the dark, because the highlighting in this
    The case is held without clarification. Sometimes masters combine immediately
    several shades of red, which gives the hair a pomp and

Reddish highlights on blonde hair will add
saturation and brightness hairstyle.

  • on dark curls. Dark strands will become
    richer, and the haircut itself will acquire brilliance and radiance due to
    blotches of reddish-sun glare. With a gradient staining
    the hair will look more tender due to the stretching of the color.
    In general, such repainting strands will give the image
    contrast and dynamics;

  • on the blond hair. Gentle milky-red
    lightening will add blond hair of refinement and brightness. Besides
    of this, the hairstyle will become visually more lush and thick;

With red highlighting, blond hair will be more lush

  • reddish highlight on a short hairstyle.
    A short head of hair will get a very gentle natural “highlight”
    due to zonal selection or staining of tips in
    coral or light red. Especially impressive with this view
    highlight will look short cut with bangs or
    asymmetrical haircut;

Short haircut looks especially beautiful with red

  • on hair of medium length. Medium Shag
    lengths will look more voluminous and colorful. However, if
    separate thin strands were exposed, the view will turn out
    quite natural and gentle;

Medium long hair looks more voluminous with red hair

  • for long. Red ombre on long hair
    It looks luxurious and original, but light subtle coloring,
    on the contrary, it will add a contrasting naturalness, harmoniously combining
    with primary shades of curls.

Reddish ombre will make long hair

Too bright tones of red, like too dark
shades, it is best to try to avoid them, as they are
It is difficult to organically combine with the main base color of the hair.
The most practical and versatile shades are
coral, brick, and also tones with dairy and light
low tide.

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting

Immediately before melirovanie any kind of head
it is recommended not to wash to avoid flushing
natural protective layer of curls that is secreted sebaceous
glands of the scalp.

Washing before staining can have a negative effect on how
on the condition of the hair, and on the very result of coloring, because
overdried curls are not recommended so

Immediately before highlighting, wash your hair not
need to.

The best option is to wash your hair 3-4 days before
carrying out the procedure, and after washing it is recommended
apply a mild moisturizer that does not require rinsing. it
soften hair, making it supple and elastic.

How to make highlighting red strands at home:
performance technique

This type of coloring can be done at home, which
will save a significant amount of money and allow yourself
create exactly the effect that was thought of.

Important! Dyeing in reddish tones is sometimes
do with henna. However, like many natural dyes,
henna can give a completely unexpected shade, so better
use professional paints that have
designation of a particular tone.

Required tools:

  • comb with frequent teeth;
  • hairdresser hat with holes for painting;
  • strand hook;
  • plastic tank for mixing the solution and brush;
  • gloves.

A set of tools for highlighting.

If desired, the cap can be replaced by foil. It is justified in
cases of painting long thick curls.

Means used:

  • paint a suitable tone;
  • brightener;
  • soft shampoo and balm.

What oxide to do highlighting. Selection
oxide is due to the natural color of the hair: for fair-haired
a weak low-percentage composition of 3% is taken, for light brown curls
6-7% solution is used, and is suitable for the darkest hair
9-12% remedy.

The choice of oxide depends on the natural color.

How to apply the tool. The composition is applied
neat smooth strokes from the bottom up, dyeing gradually
the whole strand. The root area is left unpainted.

How much to keep on time. Duration
the impact of the agent depends on the chosen shade and is calculated
based on the directions on the package. On average, it is about 20-30

The phased technique of performing classical coloring
red color:

  1. comb curls and put on a hairdresser’s hat;
  2. making sure that the cap is firmly fixed and nowhere
    shifts, pull out through the holes with a few hooks
    strands. The width and number as well as the frequency of the strands is determined
  3. mix the oxidizer with the paint, mixing the solution thoroughly until
    obtain a uniform mass;
  4. apply the remedy on the selected curls fast but smooth
    movements, followed by combing the painted strand;
  5. wait the required amount of time and wash off the composition with warm
  6. take off the cap and wash the head again with shampoo;
  7. Moisten the hair with a soft balm.

When painting it is important to strictly follow the specified
instructions, in any case, not perederzhivaya composition.

When painting it is important not to overdo it.

Price red highlighting at home.
Home coloring is much cheaper than salon
procedures. The exact price depends on the paint chosen and its brand, but
usually the price varies from 1.5 to 2 thousand rubles.

The cost of red highlighting in a beauty salon

The approximate cost of such a procedure
in the cabin starts with 3-4 thousand rubles and ends with 8 thousand.
The specific figure is determined by the master after assessing the condition of the hair
and voicing the desired effect.

The duration of the procedure in the cabin is usually
is about 3 hours.

How much is holding up. The result of this
coloring will be fixed for 3-4 months. How often can you do
such highlighting. Such staining is recommended not to repeat
more often than once every 3 months in order to avoid drying out and thinning

The result of coloring keeps 3-4
of the month.

Suitable hairstyles

Hairstyles best suited for such coloring,
there is a lot. Almost any haircut will look
very effective when selecting strands in such a bright shade.

The most common red color are the following

  • Kare, bob, pixie and asymmetrical haircuts. Painting individual
    strands will give this hairstyle volume and contrast. Special
    It looks spectacularly highlighting this shade of short light
    haircuts. In this case, the most appropriate tones will be
    red-orange and red with a reddish tint;

Red ends on dark hair
Short hairstyles with red-red locks.

  • elongated cascading stitches can be decorated with a red ombre or
    weave in curls a few thin golden-red locks that
    will look very impressive, adding to the image of charm;

Cascading hairstyles with red locks.

  • simple straight hair with bangs and without transform and liven up
    using this staining, becoming more voluminous and lush.

Reddish highlights on straight hair.

Asymmetrical haircuts of any length are successfully combined with such
bright colorings, however in this case, to achieve
harmony and naturalness, the width of the allocated strands should not
exceed two centimeters.

Hair care after highlighting in red color

Coloring the curls in a bright shade will require some care,
the moisturizing and nourishing hair and especially
hair ends that are most susceptible to drying and

  • moisturizing balms, conditioners and sprays must be applied
    every time after washing the head;
  • it is recommended to apply oil masks with oils on the tips
    coconut or argan;
  • the first 2-3 weeks after highlighting is recommended
    eliminate the use of a hair dryer and other electrical
    devices for drying and styling.

After highlighting it is necessary to use masks in
hair care.

After this procedure, all care products for curls
must be selected with the note “for colored hair”.
In addition, you should carefully read the composition, choosing
products devoid of heavy and aggressive chemical
components such as parabens, sulfates, silicones,
fragrances and strong flavors.

Highlighting the red color will allow you to transform the hair, adding
hair not only brightness, contrast and shine, but also the volume and
pomp. The original appearance of the effect will allow you to stand out
from the crowd, without changing their usual style and natural
hair color.

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