Highlighting short cut: the pros and cons, before and after photos, price and TOP 11 best techniques

Highlighting looks better on long hair – this is
fact. But the owners of short hairstyles are also not worth it.
refuse such staining. Especially now, when
hairdressers offer interesting beauty novelties highlighting,
allowing a short hairstyle to look magical.

Features highlighting for short hair

The content of the article:

  • Features highlighting for short hair
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Contraindications to highlighting
  • Types and options of highlighting for short hair
  • We select the type of highlighting
  • Depending on the characteristics of the hair
  • Depending on hair color
  • The most appropriate shades and techniques
  • Short haircuts with highlights
  • Highlights short hair at home
  • How much is highlighting on short hair
  • Care after highlighting

Highlighting short hair is faster than
long, because you have to handle a smaller amount
strands. But at the same time, the procedure represents some
difficulties since it is more difficult to handle short beams than
long. They are difficult to separate, require frequent
pinching and fixing clamps.

! Important Besides, on short hairstyles almost
it is unrealistic to implement gradient coloring techniques. No that
space for the master brush, which would allow to achieve
multicolor smooth modulations.

Advantages and disadvantages

Short highlighting for short hair has its own

The advantages of highlighting short hair:

  • requires less staining drug;
  • allows you to give hairstyle expressiveness, emphasize
    haircut structure and geometry;
  • using bright pigments helps to make interesting
  • most of the hair remains intact and not exposed
    the action of chemicals;
  • Suitable for all ages, hair types and shades.

Cons of technology:

  • lightening agents can damage the strands, even with gentle
  • short hair is not suitable for creating multi-level
    color stretching;
  • It is difficult to conduct subsequent basal highlighting;
  • requires regular correction because the growing roots
    become visible after a few weeks.

Contraindications to highlighting

In some cases, highlighting is carried out

In some cases, the melirovka can not be carried out:

  • if hair is exhausted, weakened, badly damaged, splitting and
    break off at the tips;
  • if a chemical perm has been previously performed;
  • if the curls were painted with henna or basma – it will be difficult
    get to the right tone of paint;
  • if a client takes hormones, recently
    suffered a serious infectious disease.

It is recommended to discard staining for all pregnant women.
lactating women. The danger is chemical fumes
reagents, the inhalation of which may be harmful to health.

Reference! When pregnancy is allowed to use
only ammonia-free paints that do not create hazardous fumes.

Types and options of highlighting for short hair

Owners of short and short haircuts are available more.
a dozen fashionable highlighting techniques. Each one in its own way
good, but should be chosen based on the maximum
available hair length and natural shade.

Classic highlighting

Classic highlighting

Highlighting is considered classic when staining is performed.
with alternating strands all over your head. In this half
the volume of hair remains “its own”, natural shade, and
the rest is given the desired color from the selected palette.


Venetian highlighting for short

Venetian highlighting – a complex type of staining with clarification
strands 2-3 level. Paint is applied with chaotic strokes, without
respect strict geometry. This type of highlighting is good.
suitable for brown-haired because it allows you to achieve the effect
sun-bleached dark hair.


California highlighting short

Californian highlights also have an effect.
burnt strands. But in this case more are highlighted.
the tips, while the root zone remains very dark.
The master tries to achieve a result in which the transition
between shades barely noticeable.


Two-Tone highlighting for short hair

The Two-Tone technique is specifically designed for short and
ultrashort hairstyles. The procedure uses two
shade from one palette – but with the original hair color they
must contrast. All hair treated after dye


Peek-A-Boo highlighting for short hair

The Peek-A-Boo technique involves applying a dark or
very bright colors on the tips of blond hair. Such
highlighting allows you to emphasize the geometry of the haircut and
correct the shape of the face by highlighting the strands of the temples.

Bright strands

Bright strands on short hair

Bright are the strands that give the image
extravagance. These are shades of green, pink,
purple, yellow, blue and orange that will create
pronounced contrast with the main hair color. And highlighting
can be performed both according to the classical technique and with staining
single strands. There are several curls in the face, on the fringe
or on one side of the hairstyle.

Tip! Especially spectacularly bright strands look with
makeup, made in the same color palette.



Highlight balayazh allows you to create the effect of regrown
hair roots. If the hair is naturally blond,
the root zone is slightly obscured. Dark hair is the opposite.
– the roots remain intact, and the rest of the hairstyle
brightens. When choosing this technique for short hair will have
carry out frequent color correction, otherwise highlighting will be
look untidy.



Veiling by the method of execution resembles
classical highlighting, but with one condition –
dyed strands must be very small, literally
shine on hand. Highlight veil look good
on a bob haircut, it successfully disguises regrown roots and hides
gray hair


Partial highlighting on short hair

In partial highlighting for painting stand out
certain areas that need to be emphasized.
Strands are painted only on these areas, and the rest remain.
intact. Technique well emphasizes asymmetrical haircuts,
allows you to interesting to highlight the bangs or strands of the face.



The name of the technology speaks for itself – during the procedure
Need to achieve maximum contrast strands. Special
popular combination of white and black colors, so highlighting
majorcontrast can be recommended to brunettes. But you need to keep in mind
that in this case you have to use aggressive clarifiers,
which will damage the hair.


Diagonal highlighting for short

The peculiarity of this technique is in a certain
sequence of set of strands. Bundles of hair are selected
either strictly on the vertical, or on the horizontal parting.
Especially advantageous diagonal highlighting looks exactly on
short hair By changing the parting and styling, you can force
hair look every time a new way, play in the sun and
create soft transitions.

We select the type of highlighting

The effect, which is obtained at the end of highlighting, depends on
the thickness and width of the strands selected master hairdresser.

Frequent highlighting

Frequent highlighting on short hair

With frequent highlighting on short hair stands out
several thin bunches. They can be located by
the entire volume of hair or affect only the top layer, visually
making the hair more lush and multi-layered.


Rare highlighting on short hair

With a rare highlighting of natural hair color remains
more than stained. This creates a general background,
on which bleached or darkened strands stand out.


Fine highlights on short hair

In the fine highlights are very thin
strands consisting of literally several hairs.
Coloring looks very natural and advantageous as on
short and long hair.

Reference! For fine highlighting, additional
can be applied toning, smoothing palette hairstyles.


Large highlighting on short hair

Wide colored strands are created in two ways with
using foil. In the first method, each wide
strand stands out comb, covered with a dye composition and
wrapped in foil. In the second method, the foil is wrapped
“Their” hair, and the rest paint.

Depending on the characteristics of the hair

Depending on the structure of the hair, the mending techniques are selected,
able to look the most successful.

On short curly hair

Highlights on short curly hair

On curly short hair looks interesting
highlight “frost” when paint is applied randomly
fingertips. Peek-a-Boo and veiling too widely
common as is the use of a natural palette

Straight hair

Highlights on straight short hair

On straight short haircuts are used almost
any technology. If the hair is very short, fit
Two-Tone or colored strands. If the hair is a little longer, you can
experiment with multi-tone highlighting with a banner

Depending on hair color

Depending on how light or dark it is
original color may need prior brightening

Highlights on dark hair

Highlights on dark short hair

Suitable techniques for dark curls – coloring with
using several contiguous tones. Right
placed highlights will help refresh and rejuvenate the image. Light
highlighting on dark strands looks contrasting and bold, but after
staining may need toning which will hide
potential yellowness.

On blonde hair

Highlights on light short hair

Blond hair does not require prior
processing – they fit perfectly any tone. Color
highlight classic and california with dimming
Bottom zone suitable for short square and bob hairstyle.

On light brown hair

Highlights on short blond hair

French, Venetian and diagonal highlights are the most
suitable options for short blond hair. Divert attention from
split ends will help light strands, and disguise gray hair
can be with the help of silver and gray scales.

On gray

Highlights on gray short hair

Highlighting will be appropriate in the case when gray hair
Covered hair no more than 40% for the original light
hair and 30% for dark. The most impressive looks two-tone
highlighting the “salt and pepper” in black and ash colors. Also
Recommended classic technique, coloring and shatush.

The most appropriate shades and techniques

There are no restrictions on the color of the short hair for short hairstyles. Need to
just stick to the principles of color types – “warm” and
“Cool” to make shades look harmonious.

Bright highlighting

Light highlighting for short hair

Light tones for highlighting are considered the most
universal and common. “Cold” color types
“Winter” and “Summer” are suitable shades such as platinum blond,
silver blond, ashen and pearl. For “warm” color types
“Spring” and “Autumn” are considered the most winning shades of natural
blond – caramel, straw, sand, honey, golden,

Reference! Cool shades successfully lie only on
very light or completely discolored curls.


Ash highlights on short hair

“Summer” and “winter” color types are the ideal “canvas” for
highlighting in ashy shades. These include
silvery, gray, smoky, graphite, pearl and ash colors and
cold vanilla.


Red highlighting for short hair

On short haircuts it is recommended to perform red highlighting.
in classical or venetian technique. Red strands well
asymmetrical haircuts are emphasized. To disguise gray hair can
use shades of mahogany, brown-eyed fit shades
copper and cherry, burgundy looks good on a background of chestnut and red


Purple highlighting for short hair

You can color the tips with bright purple pigments or
make balayazh. For muffled and deep
Eggplant shade fit classic highlighting. In the blond
or blond hair can use several shades of violet,
which will create additional volume on the hairstyle.


Pink highlighting for short hair

Recommended shades for “warm” color types –
peach, rose gold, rosewood. “Cold”
Color types look good with pink shades of pearls, blond and


Reddish highlight on short hair

Reddish highlights are considered “warm”, so
for spring and autumn color types. Dark brown
hair is in perfect harmony with copper chestnut, coffee, brandy, dark
honey and hazelnut. Blondes fit monochromatic brick and
coral pigments.

Short haircuts with highlights

Short hair is most often cut using bob-cut and pixie techniques.
as well as asymmetrical and cascade styles.

Short bob car

Highlight on a short bob car

All kinds of highlighting look great, but
especially harmoniously short bob-caret will look with
veiling and low-contrast technicians. In some cases
it would be appropriate to make bright highlights or bright strands.

Asymmetrical haircut

Highlight asymmetrical haircut

Geometry of asymmetrical haircuts, such as extended on
one side quads, pixies and oblique bangs, underlined
creative types of highlighting. Highlight bright strands, zoned,
Diagonal and partial highlighting will allow haircut to play
in a new and competently frame your face.

Important! Highlight haircuts with asymmetry desirable
in the cabin, because an incorrectly chosen technique can make
hair ridiculous.


Highlight cascade

All multi-colored techniques with cascading haircuts
smooth transitions and modulations curls. California
highlighting, balayazh and mazhikontrast will make hair color natural
and make the strands gently flow. Particularly pleased with highlighting
owners of thin hair with a shortage of volume.

Highlights short hair at home

To highlight short hair at home under the force of each. But
only if we are talking about more simplified techniques, such as
classic highlighting. Difficult multitonal coloring is better
spend in the cabin where you can use the services not only
a hairdresser, but also a colorist. Household coloring technique
conditions will vary depending on the underlying instrument –
foil, hats or combs.

The technique of highlighting the foil

Foil weave

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Foil cut into wide strips of 8-10 cm, which will
    2 times longer than the strands.
  2. Hair divided at least into 5 zones – temporal, parietal, frontal,
    right and left temporal. Each of the five received beams chipped
  3. Prepare the coloring composition according to the instructions.
  4. On the first strip of foil to make a broad brush stroke,
    dipped in paint.
  5. Separate the first strand on the back of the head.
  6. Put the foil under it and make the foil backing out on
    centimeter at the roots so that the paint does not leak.
  7. Brush the hair with dye, wrap with foil on all sides in
  8. Toss the strand aside, separate another unpainted and
    pin up to the first.
  9. Proceed to coloring the next strand on the same principle.
    Should move from the neck to the crown and temples. At last
    processed bangs.
  10. After the paint exposure time specified in the instruction, remove the foil
    and wash your hair.

On the hat

Highlighting technique on the cap

Highlighting technique:

  1. Wear a special cap with holes on the head, tight
    press it so that the distance from the roots is minimal.
  2. Hook to stretch the strands through the holes. Depending on frequency
    highlights use every hole or make skips
  3. When all the beams are removed, you can prepare the painting
  4. The paint is applied immediately to all the hair, making strokes right on
    cap and not forgetting to paint the ends well.
  5. When the dwell time is over, wash your head twice – in
    hat, and then without it.

Important! All painting work should be carried out
wearing gloves, and wrapping her shoulders and neck with a cape.


Combs for highlighting simplify the process

Highlight short hair comfortably stripper – this
professional comb with vertical teeth and a spatula for

How to highlight stripper:

  1. Prepare the paint, hair comb.
  2. Select one strand about 5 cm wide.
  3. Close to the scalp to press the stripper, holding it with teeth
  4. Apply a dye to the scapula and one sure
    Movement hold stripper from the roots to the ends of the hair.
  5. Drop the colored strand to the side and proceed to
    next one.
  6. The paint is kept on the hair in an open way and washed off through
    set time.

How much is highlighting on short hair

Highlighting in the salon from 1800

Salon highlighting is most often carried out using
foil. Its cost for short hairstyles starts from 1,800 rubles.
– for hair up to 10 cm. Highlighting hair about
15 cm will cost from 2000 rubles. This is the average price for
classic technique in metropolitan barber shops. Complex
multicolor highlighting using professional preparations
can cost twice as much.

Care after highlighting

Hair after highlighting needs additional care,
let’s consider the recommendations of professionals in more detail.

Principles of care:

  • do not wash your hair for 3-5 days after the procedure so that
    pigment stuck in the hair;
  • use only a special care series for
    melirovanny hair – here enter shampoos, conditioners, balms,
    masks or oils;
  • homemade masks from natural ingredients nourish hair well
    with essential oils – they can be done every 7-10 days;
  • in the summer, hair should be hidden from the sun under a hat,
    so that the pigment does not burn out;
  • at least use styling tools and a hairdryer,
    styling should be carried out only after applying a thermal spray;
  • Do not comb your hair after washing in the wet – this is very
    injures the curls.

3-4 weeks after highlighting can be done
keratinizing hair. The procedure will make the strands shine,
make them more alive and silky. Following staining and
color correction can be carried out no earlier than 15 days
after keratin straightening.

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